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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1964, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - June 11, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCitizen times and t.w.icumcl.oiweks4puw.hhi8 time citizen pump cation. _ 3ni Wal second class postage Aid at Cedar rapids Iowa citi2en times june 11, 1964 Page 5 a citizen s viewpoint Are we for we have stated in from recent weeks our opposition to some of the plans being ried out arid some that Are being contemplated by the pre sent City Council. We have been asked if in god s Green Earth there is any thing that we Are for or if our seemingly negative posture reflects a jaundiced View toward proposals for civic betterment. In Short some. Have asked what it is we stand for not what it is we rail against. It seems to us a fair we should like to Exa mine broadly this week and probe More 1 specifically in the weeks to come. Firstly we must reject the thesis that ours is either an irresolute negative Ness or that its inspiration comes from a desire create controversy for the Sake i Troverso or Sentio n for the Sake of Selling news papers. We Are not negative in All aspects we have not opposed in Blanket proportions. In Soine areas we have led the positive discussion in others anything any Corner. Controversy for the Sake of controversy would be a fru Stra we believe that every Man has something to offer his Community and that there can Ting path for any Edi be no meaningful or Tor. Like most he real Progress unless has the mans we would rather be amicable than pugnacious and take no particular Joy in disliking and being disliked. Were we to seek ways of sell ing More news papers without re Gard for conscience we would not make that bid on the editorial pages. A look at the daily tabloid press of any Large City could provide us with the pattern for Success we Are not interested in re porting to blood sex pathos or titillating the glands of the sexually unstable in order to Foster our growth. Most of ten the controversy we have found ourselves engaged in has taken place on the editor a of this pub hit nation and As any Dis editor can Tell you there Are More advantageous portions of a newspaper that can be used to boost circulation. If this is a fair def Ense of our opposition on occasions. It does not say still every Man Opportunity to be heard respectfully and knows that what he has said will be Given courteous consideration before final decisions Are made. This is no defense of the rights of the classic common Man we Don t know any common men or anyone who fits that haughty and Erron ious description used by those who Rule with contempt. We Are for full free Frank pub lic discussion of any Issue of interest to any citizen. We Are for the harmonious Exchange of ideas and Points of View and for thorough explanations when needed of the Mer its and any far reaching pro Miracle of miracles. The City Council Over ruled a planning com Mission recommendation and denied a request for rezoning. Congratulations gentlemen. Hope and Faith have once again been justified. There has been Little Public comment on the pastel coloured Light ing fixtures now under evaluation on 1st St. Downtown. They Are Nice looking and do a outstanding Job of lighting. If approved they will fit in quite Well especially on streets with More modern building. That remains is for the citizenry to be told the Good and the bad considerations of the Issue. To my know ledge it s never been said just Why . Would want to Annex Hiawatha. Rather it s always been assumed that this was the Way to go and we re on the Way. Now we should slow Down and consider the basics of the question. We have Lent our of essentially we feel forts once the Dia to Nate stand for the Logue _ was every ours has not the average Cit a history of imply Izen As Well As the Cable unreasoning or unchangeable opposition to any project or person. We have remained Mut Able. We have remained open to convincing argument Washington mighty and near mighty citizen must be an informed participant in the events the proposals the happen Ings that effect this City and their lives. And Small business a great Deal of attention is being focused on the plans for a so called War on poverty. Yet so far there really has not been developed by those who think big on the Public payroll any reasonable guide As to just what constitutes poverty. R ne1 then Bave any reasonable an a Swirs been Given As to i Why some people a 1-1 ways seem to be afflicted with poverty. Now As Well known c. W. Harder and widely acknowledged by All except by some of these pub lic paid big thinkers Many people Are afflicted with poverty due to Lack of Opportunity. And of coarse it would be heinous heresy for some of them of Point out that a big labor monopoly of jobs and apprenticeships have barred employment to Many or. That concentration of economic Power into fewer hands with the resulting automation has Cre ated the Lack of Opportunity which leads to poverty. Neither would it be politic for hem o Point out that big government farm programs have driven Many family farms out of bus iness and so on it Al it Al. But what about the people afflicted with poverty because they fail to fit in with any so Cial order. As every Small town resident knows there Are Al ways people who jul. Cannot be responsible. There Are those who become addicted to drugs there Are he we nose i Here Are those who just cannot seem to get out of bed in the morning. Any one who has lived in a Small town where All aspects of life Are More evident to observation has often wondered on this Point Why Are there those folks not vicious and in fact often most amiable but who can never fit in Are the town s Neer do Wells or sometimes described As just shiftless. Big City dwellers Are not so familiar with this element Al though it does exist in the big cities. For example Over the in spite of the out standing Job the coun cil has done on in forming the Public was greatly impressed with the Way the new modern structures have been blended in with the old historic buildings statues and the like. Seeing Struc Tures that have stood for More than 200 years next to Glass and steel architecture leaves no doubt As to the Success of the past and the Confidence in the future those peo ple have. A question came to mind what did we have Back Home in Cedar rapids that told anything of our City s history. The it has now. Been deter mined that there Are no insoluble problems involved with annexing Hiawatha to Cedar rapids. Assuming that about the Cedar Valley Only thing could think Road it would be Hoove of wag the them to Bend a Little which stood in Greene further backwards and Square it was torn. Participate in a Public Down recently a discussion with the Shamet taxpayer s association As the latter has suggested. Such an airing could go a Long it was a pleasure to the Issue will be put breaking read that penalties for before the people to the hard Core of Dis drunk driving vote one As recon Dent that yet remains. Henceforth include jail mended by the invest r just. Returned f rom sentences in action Ligating committee All Philadelphia where i fines the urge to Quill we believe in the right to speak out and the duty to listen when others speak out. We believe that the real Cornerstone of this City this state the nation and the world is an enlightened and free citizenry who need not fear intimidation or ridicule As the Price for exercising a fundamental right. Of course we re for much More than this but in capsule it s where we stand and we re proud to say so. Nation there bus been a series of so called civil rights demonstrations. Most them Are conspicuous by the Small percentage of any racial minority participating with most of the clamor raised by the misfits who while in Small towns stand out in the big cities Are never recognized As existing until some occasions such As have recently occurred bring them together at some rallying Point. This Clement of course Fig ures Large in any government statistics on poverty. Yet All the raining retraining and re retraining programs hat can be devised will not help a substantial part of this ele ment become affluent citizens. With the benevolent compassionate sense of reality that tvs to exist Only in Small people have Long Char a these social misfits me old homily you can t make a silk purse out of a sow s e it is quite apparent that the United states Treasury will never be Able to perform any miracles with sow ears either. This is a Point that should be borne in mind when plans Are debated to end All poverty. A number of people have queried us recently about the ser ies of fables we have been writing and presenting in this co Lumn. While Many have chuckled snor Ted and guffawed appreciatively quite a few have asked us bluntly just what in hell we Are talking a bout or trying to say. Some have wondered and asked who the Burge Meister is and who the lion the Leopard or the Pencil maker Are supposed to re present if they re present anyone at All. Perhaps a word or two of explanation is in order. Firstly yes the cast of character in the fables do represent real life some times hilarious mortals that Domi Nate the local scene. I Don t feel it Neces sary nor. Think it Wise Rich farther than that by Way of identification mainly because if i did i would probably find my self writing Classi fied ads for the Sheboygan Bugle under another name., secondly perhaps most importantly is what the fables Are All about. Forgive me timidity More Likely a Lack of Talent have made them a trifle too opaque. What i thought was thinly veiled satire apparently was wearing More cumbersome garments than i had imagined. Principally i think we have been talking about How people govern themselves and conduct communal affairs and per haps More Ger Mairi by How too of ten they choose not to govern themselves or to wait until it is too late to act in their own interest. Too we have talked about the ambitious the Cunn ing and of course the naive without whom cunning and ambition would be Dull past times. We have examined in an environment of our own closing certain human and municipal characteristics that apply universally to Forest Village propolis arid me even rapids. We Vespo fed and lampooned certain individuals projects and attitudes that we have found in the Forest in the Village and not too surprisingly right Here in River City in the Hopes our readers might find them not Only Amus ing but pertinent As Well. We had strive and hoped for two Levels of humor in each of the Little offerings. To our Delight we found that while some enjoyed Only the Supe facial humor in Herent others Del ving a bit deeper enjoyed them even More and that of course is fuel enough to warm the cockles of any Ama Tuer Aesop s heart. Watch for another fable next week or maybe for the Best classified Advertis ing Section the she boy Gan Bugle Ever put out. Fellow asked me the other Day if a did t think the bathing suits girls Are Wear ing nowadays Are Dis Graceful. I agreed but told him that the Law requires that they Wear something

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