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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jun 4 1964, Page 2

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - June 4, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaJune 4, 1964 Page 2 ready Horatio Al Ger fans. Commence Gridley. Time for Success Aiger Story one of my favourites. Once upon a time at the Edge of a dumpy deciduous fore St near a rapidly Pete ring out Graphite mine there lived an indolent and sullen who earned his daily wheat by whittling Pine branches hollowing them out and filling them with Graphite affixing Snappy slogans on their sides and sell ing the finished pro duct in the nearby Village. His name the Young Pencil maker was Horatio us Cess. His father be for him unqualified Success and his father before that dubious Success had All plied the Trade of Pencil maker with dignity if not enthusiasm and had built up a tolerable Mea sure of accomplish ment and Comfort in their chosen profession. One would have imagined Horatio following in the foot Steps of his fore bears would have quietly taken up the Trade and passed his life prosperously yet modestly and Unsung As the twentieth generation of Suc Cess Success. But the Calm and unheralded life of a Pencil maker and purveyor was not for Horatio. He was As we mentioned an indolent and sullen youth but As it is so often the Case in cies of that ilk an ambitious Rouge to Boot. Well in the quiet Woods there was Little if any place for a youth of Horatio s Promise to Manu Ever. What opportunities there were in that quiet part of the Woods for a lad to make a name were to be found in Elm Falls the Small nearby Village where once the youth had plied the Pencil game. And so the youth told his father and his aging Grandfather what they could do with the Pencil Busi Ness he suggested that they try writing a novel or two or building minature Eiffel towers and made his Way toward the glittering lights of the Village. ghz boy that he Horatio Lead taken a part of his bid life with Hini in Hope s of smoothing the path for the new life he had chosen. In a Slung Over his shoulder the youth carried several boxes of pencils that he had carefully made during Odd hours in the Woods. Neatly carved on the Side of each of the pencils glimmering in Gold Ink the Mot to Horatio Suc Ces wants to help had been painstakingly affixed. Strange to behold the youth sought no gainful occupation in the Village closing instead to live on his savings and to roam about the Village ingratiating himself to All who saw him with wide and courtly bows a Large Crest smile and acts of Gal Lantry and goodness at every Opportunity. Following each of the Young Man s Noble deeds Hebo Efrom the Waist waved away proffered thanks and gave each of the objects of his gallantry one of the pencils from the pack on his Back. Horatio Success wants to help. In t that they would invariably say and pocket the pretty Pencil As a Momento of their enchanting encounter with the helpful youth. Soon Horatio s name was on every lip and shortly the tales of his gallantry and goodness spread to the court and the King ordered that Horatio be brought before him so that he could have a look at the Young Man that everyone was speak ing so highly about. The King while not an outstanding Mon Arch did have a Good memory for faces and when Horatio was brought before him the King was some what incredulous. Why you re the Pencil the King said and As i recall you were always kind of Anast y Young Fink. Surely there is some mis take. You can t be the Noble youth whose gallantry has won the admiration of the Vil Lage. Tis indeed i the former Pencil maker said and indeed i once was the truculent and onery Fink you spoke rightly of. But that s All changed now sire. I be changed my ways wish Only to spend my Days in the service of the King Dom. With that the Young Man whipped out an exceptionally delicately carved Pencil bowed Low and with a flourish presented it to the now beaming King. It s a wondrous thing to a Young Man so remarkably the Mon Arch said and de Creed by Royal pro claymation that Hor Atio be Given a room at the Palace the title of Viceroy and his own daughter s hand in marriage. Needless to say the Village was delighted. But soon a disturbing train of events began to take place. The old Mon Arch s health began to fail and soon he toddled off to a Home for old regents Leav ing the former pen cil maker and sales Man to Rule in his Stead. A strange change came Over the new Young Monarch. Taxes were raised until the villagers were reduced to life on the Edge of Pov erty cottages were torn Down and the materials used to build splendid edifices of the new King in every Quarter of the Village. Horatio the Young and seemingly amiable Pencil Salesman who had said that he wanted to help now snarled at the villagers and castigated them for the Lack of Public spirit when the pro tested the new and staggering taxes. One Day a disgusted villager who could stand life in Elm Falls no longer stomped to his bedroom and began packing. As he rifled the drawers and Flung i their contents suitcases he Camea across a Pencil the Young Monarch had once Given him. I with an irony born i snort he broke the Pencil and prepared to fling it across the room. He stopped f or a. Moment and in half Light of the dim-1 by lit room a part of the Pencil seemed to glow fluorescent by. I Horatio Success i wants to help read in the shiny Gold letters he had seen before. But now he saw another word one that he had never seen in the Daylight and now the motto read Horatio Suc Cess wants to help and so indeed he had the villager never told anyone a bout the Pencil. He was in too big a hurry to leave. And As far As i know to one else Ever took a look at the Pencil maker s gift in the dark. But the Pencil maker knew and he went to his grave with a secret and a satisfied smile on his lips. I never told a he muttered to those few who sobbed softly by his last bed. And depending on the Light in which you viewed it perhaps he never did. Robs Home building site a Brazen their working in Broad Daylight last week made off with a num Ber of cumbersome articles from a Home construction site on Jacolyn drive new. A Foreman for the Skogman construction company told police that someone had driven up to the site and helped them selves to a crafts Man table saw four sheets of Redwood plywood and 15 squares of shingles. A Workman on the project gave police a description of a car seen in the area and believed to have been involved in the theft. The Foreman said that o ther items had been taken from the site on other occasions but that they had not been reported. Gone but not a boat motor and trailer reported Sto Len by a Cedar rapids Man last week turn de out to be missing alright but not stolen. Felix Ramirez who gave his address As the pull Man hotel told police that his boat motor and trailer laundry loony Cedar rapids police Are searching this week for who annoyed a woman at a laundromat on fifth. Avenue. . The woman r. Told Detec Tives the Man approached her while was doing her laundry and inquired if there we re any sin Gle girls living in the neighbourhood when told no the Wash and Wear Romeo made indecent remarks to the woman and left. described him As about 30 with Light Brown hair Stocky build and wearing dress pants and a plaid shirt. Damage stored autos cars parked on a lot at eighth Street and c Avenue be were vandalized Over the weekend according to a complaint filed by the Miller wrecking service of Cedar rapids. George Miller reporting the vandalism told police that four of the cars had headlights and Tail lights smashed and that seat of a 1956 Mercury had been set on fire. He also reported that a radio had been Sto Len from one of the vehicles. Forgotten were missing from behind the Melody inn tavern orig twelfth Avenue and. Fourth Street . Where he had kept it parked while police were dutifully searching for the missing Craft it was Learned that the boat had been re posse used by a local sporting goods firm. Souvenirs a Northwest. Cedar rapids Man told police this week that someone had entered his rage and made off with seve ral souvenirs. Richard Cilek 4323 Midway or. New told investigating officers that the thief had taken a .31 calibre japanese Rifle with a sanded Down Stock and two ceremonial swords. He described the swords being about four feet Long and encased in Brown leather scabbards. He could place no immediate value on the missing items. Sought Cedar rapids police Are still looking i this week for a Man web attempted Tice two children in to his car in the 2600 Block of first Avenue new. Parents of the two children aged 5 and seven told investigating officers that the Man stopped the children in front of their Home and offered to give them some Candy if they would go with him to the Highway. He left when the Chil Dren refused to go. The children said the Man was driving a dark Green car and wearing a Black suit White shirt and tie. Hogains Mower shop Headquarters in rapids for All Small engine and Lawn Mower parts 215 third ave. Empire 6 0 481

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