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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Jul 30 1964, Page 2

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - July 30, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaPage 2 1964 citizen times citizen times minting editor editor j. W. 6rant or. . Kuncl contributing editors Burianek Lund woman s editor Meg Blair labor. Eth Anakin sports Hammill teens. Leni Stasny Dennis Malone interta1nment Grant photography office manager. Barbara Elam Art advertising layout dept. Kay Brock circulation department. Dick Harvey Billy Pulda sex. 2 published weekly by Ettien publications inc. Second postage paid at Cedar rap ids Iowa Iowa subscriptions 6 Baths 1 year out of state subscriptions 6 months 1 year 50 no Issue the race developing for the congressional beat in the second District is rapidly becoming As hot and turbulent As the Wea ther we have been experiencing of late. Charges and counter charges Are being hurled like summer lightning Balta by the incumbent and the challenger and j there seems no sign of setup until the rewarding november Rains finally resolve the contest. While no one enjoys a political free for All than we can t 1 Fulp noticing and feel need for commenting an irrelevant Issue has been raised in the heat of debate by the incumbent congressman Jim Bromwell. Bromwell has accused his opponent John Culver of being import alluding to the fact that Culver served Kennedy s legislative assistant and implying that Culver is Here As part of a Kennedy machine to effect some kind of nefarious democratic takeover in the second District of course the charge is utter nonsense. At Bot Tom we would imagine that. Congressman brom Well is As aware of that As any other intelligent voter but finds the argument too politically Tan Taly zing to resist. It would seem to us that the Battleground for the second District seat profitably be a rational discussion of the problems that face the District and How each candidate proposes to re Spond to them. An Exchange of innuendo and personalities would be a poor substitute and one that we doubt the second District s voters Are in a mood to stand still for. There Are too Many important issues that need to be resolved Here. All of them Are More important than the Alfalfa of either candidates hair or his Longi Vety be Hind an Iowa mule in a crooked Furrow. We would Hope that spleen venting can be put aside for an intelligent discussion of the District s problems and positive statements of the alternatives that each candidate proposes All the rest is some Cheally Hoo it s received As such and is no credit to any Campaign for the High of fice at stake. Ahtha we talked to a fellow the other Day who made a interesting observation about the Plaza bet Ween City Hall and the court House. He opined As How it might be an Ideal and centrally Loc ated site for a Central fire department offer ing easy Access to two main arteries of City traffic. We had t Given the idea any thought but it is an interesting proposal. Common Sot St byd4.ni. Cedar rapids Parks glibly explains the employment of. City workers for private work on the land of a City citizens should note this City s expenditure for Whitewash rises sharply this month boobs americans does t like to see his cherished traditions violated change your Brand of cigarettes or drink Beer from a Coffee cup and he has a vague feeling some article of the Constitution has been infringed i hear the Chicago Northwestern and the Chicago great Western railroads Are planning to merge Combine two Railroad managements and you have the greatest concentration of neanderthal think ing since the Republican convention. Congressman James Bromwell apparently feels the Best Way to make this District Prosper is to pass a Law to forbid his Able democratic opponent John Culver from asking pointed questions about Bromwell s anaemic voting record in Congress. Boobs americans does t like the idea of mrs Murray suing to deprive the churches of their tax exempt status imagine that woman suing quoth he. Republicans Don t like the new civil rights legis lation very much. After All with the negro Ori a basis of equally we b does a Republican have left to look Down upon Washington and Small business thu in i ii i i id whirl i he. In Ark Noah ural r w hit urn h by c. Wilson harder i i Jill Slu r i ii Nyiri no in ii ii. Vivas billion. Sit Bill ii i. Two. By Fri Viiar. Purin be Ilu is s40 Billon. Net1 tin1 delude. Some of the Nin iils Ipp Iii a so thu Anllo i is version. Not Lutt staph Iii Olio he thought in ii is id r i i ti1 of others in their shoving. It a Ohms Remur Lisle to m i i it s his t u a i e nil la of ii u i ill in t n i u to in y tin 1 you i i this is s u m i n i 11 a w vhf Akin to the statement n Hep Karl Wilsie ill Pov Sun this in x poverty runes Noi Ihil up t Tili to nut Isiah lir or is in Abri my s41 by Lynn Linn spent i to Al White poverty nil in shtu1. S tonic Orivl i lit 001 billion is not a or in in farms in a Ion. In a. him ran Iii Ither Nierri mls a Uii Asi of in i-r-1 if in dollars the Job there i Lido Noi hut another billion ran Ihor in into m Hen Bill inn its born , to do t of ii recently dry he us Nell in the the a Cpl. Of re leases a or porn unit ont Liiri ill Thill a Merit an ivies rep a Nti in inn i poverty Arr Lanai Iii Ali s. Linn tin Hij than Iii it the i Ijas fru Rev. I 1 i in Penisini ii . A Jill tin ii is Len sums f i Jill Tnp plan. -5m Krip in with sin h skip Ali in million. V k thin nil just tons. It May he in juju inn so d it Quinn. Stu or Reid rat d to ii it Lonn six Mai Uhink Man in uni a sent Pri Voegli Uridil i Iris task Nore Mil no ish Hilm million Nul Ilii k a in seek nut Vii Nihin sj14 ill lion. Ilki Ami his Hui err i a to Velo Pini in Hiu Kint. Firm jul i or an Ihui a Mijalli in Pihir Norv Man. Int perhaps Bolti Siul if Liiri in Ilion lir i plan to Tiomi of i twin modifies Loulion in inv a Rosmis Johlic v rats on the Anil. Nil n Polisin a i. . The nation i i sural n is i Mil at i Mhz. 11011 put a lion orb in 1 Iii Liu i in Tarm , .1-. w r. Thill de in i his i Iii o ii i is Pri la it v Tiitu ii the editor s notebook Intro spation How the negro fares in our Southern states has been a subject of wide and Tounge Cluck ing discussion Here in the North for almost a daily topic for discussion in recent months. The fact is that the negro has suffered abysmal economic and social conditions in Dixie for a Long Long time. No mistaking it life for the negro in the deep South has not been rewarding or pleasant but before we castigate the South for its intolerance for which it rightly Deser ves censure we might take a look Here in our own backyard to examine just How far we have allowed the s negro to Progress in what we imagine to be the piously tolerant North. The fact is that while Many o f us pay lip service to the idea of1 i i racial Equality and. Justice not Many of us have really put those principles to work or taken them to heart. The negro in the North re Mains a second class citizen for All of our pious denials. Job opportunities and mobility Are still rigidly stratified. Save for the relatively few areas where the Federal government requires it employers do not in fact give negroes e qual Job consideration. The Northern negro has fared Little better in providing himself with decent housing. The Northern ghetto is every bit As real As its Southern counter part every bit As de meaning and heart breaking. We in the North right fully deplore the indignities the ruthlessness and inhumanity with which negroes have been subjugated in the South. Their plight out for our help and understanding. Men of Good conscience work ceaselessly in North and South to Are jus Tice but before we or it our Sph Pii on ought to take a Long look around our own part of this nation to see just How much better things Are Here. The absence of police dogs and fire hoses Are not to be construed As Liberty. While silent and sinister unwritten Laws keep the Northern negro in his place and we remain a will ing part of a conspiracy by our inaction we Point the Finger South Ward to ease our own conscience More than in a serious desire to see Justice and human Ity served. It s a Sham that really does t fool anyone not the South Erner certainly not the even ourselves. The crisis is being brought to the fore with increasing fury each Day. It is a fury that could destroy More than it accomplishes but per haps it will sound the Claxon that will Rise us out of Pur pious slumber and Call us to the task of every Good american seeing that every citizen enjoys every Blessing of Liberty that All men Are equal before the Law and that the dignity of no race or Creed can be denied without under mining everything that we stand and have stood for. A tip of Bur Derby this week to the Cedar rapids Junior chamber of Commerce whose name seems to be com ing Over our desk with increasing frequency in connection with some worthwhile Community undertaking. The s Are to be congratulated on the splendid Job they the second annual soap Box Derby and for another attraction visit ing Cedar rapids this week the air Force Thunder Birds and the show slated for the municipal Airport this weekend. While the two projects mentioned Are primarily of an entertaining nature it says nothing of the Many other worthwhile projects undertaken continually by the . S about who h there is Little fan fare met Small thanks. Xvi d like to say Well

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