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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Apr 30 1964, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - April 30, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCitizen times april 30. 1964 Page 5 the oppose for valid reasons citizen times amp Eltor a magma editor. . James books contributing editors citizens viewpoint William Rex Rivao cooking cues. Christy Grant entertainment b. Photo Bauhr j. Grant or. Financial. Fish and game. A citizen publications. Us. 819 3rd Avenue South West a number of signify values will ultimately cognizant of the need proposed freeway is cant areas. They have prevail when the need to begin As soon As the answer to our pro questioned the report for civic development possible As the City bless. By patiently when it has acted and makes it demands Council and none Are and thoroughly weigh advised on assume what weight will be Jnore sincere in their ing each objection and Tion not valid data when it has gone beyond the Point of credibility in order to de fend the bulk of its Given to Engineer ing desire to effect need either refuting it or judgements and How de solutions with As allowing for it we can heavily purely human Little dissent and As achieve both an ans dispatch As is wer to our transit pro feasible. But letting bless and a climate factors shall count. They wonder As o in Point is the Assumption that no Motorist would drive a few blocks beyond we can t recall a i flow problems today lines to gain vie project that has and in the future. Access to the freeway been More widely Dis the report has not judge cussed than the pro been received with in ment stoutly maintains posed Cedar Valley Versal enthusiasm. They would not but no Roadway. The disc most notably and most supporting data to that proposals. A Case ther generations have our haste hurry understanding bet wondered before them hand seems the the government have wondered whet her what we build is As Good As that which we must destroy to f Dom and we err and the governed. Organized opposition our Zeal has articulated the re behind their accommodate it the n is remain Irre Yoca objections. Ther in our haste and a seem to our fear of being left Maxim that behind we pay too dear makes waste. We it would us that haste it should be incumbent upon government or an have outlined organization favourably Sion began with the understandably those effect has been have paid at some the reasons inclined toward the announcement of the who have found them seated. In Short they Jau of those who oppose project to reply corridor route an has selves in the corridor fave maintained they have asked fur the route the a Community and its shown no signs of i have expressed their these Blue prints were ther the drover press Way certainly government that can finishing. Those wishing to re intent to fight the sex but Here on Earth by Minate or perhaps to press Way As now pro human hands capable argue were Given a posed. If not of error of being great Deal of data to does this mean in Able to offer by Way of no More sub inese Niue prints were ther the Prover Tuiai Cucui opposition and their not drawn m heaven Bias there Are those who intelligently discuss my _ our for Tase d both today take us Tomm 8elfish reasons who positive elements of blindly Aad a proposal that effects morrows to follow. Whom reason will Nev the very Fibre of its peruse and digest at the face of our Opin conclusion the first City wide Ion that the report was than has Cedar project into its few Are More we decide whether the Are Many More who too High a Price for meeting held on the objective that those Istance of their inquiry. On the grounds Progress and its i project. Arguments opposed to the that research that Der How it shall face we have Mizens can for the project based Way Are foes of pro investigation has not the onerous tra and for other valid out or sushi on engineering judge Gress or unenlightened taken every facet and fic problems that reasons and it 1s Cion by decisions ments and Cost fac or acting on suspect ramification of the every burgeoning City 6se objection8 that we made in concert and tors were presented motives.? project into its must examine in the open authoritatively and emphatically not. Side ration it must convincingly by re in 9ur opinion the stand today As less preventatives of the opposition is sincere Hail Complete and its Engineer Par nov off c m. What the freeway Obj Julu null a inc ii enters. Electronics equip that Unity. Sectors Are doing ask and Smau Aree Samih looking at with press and by the City Council n in detail what Cring methods to Cope Blem and looking at pubic present Loble Drew heavily from an press Way route have Tereon has been used with Youthful off the Law judge Loble sentenced the two earlier study made in not to our Soj to determine the route Enders. A recent a decided that the Only youths to the Montana red Cedar shavings Cedar rapids by the questioned either the How broadly Taa Edthis Ticle state Highway comm integrity of the Capa criterion has been if legion Mission. The comm ability of the Engineer it has considered any lat american Way to Magazine juvenile put Teeth in correction later condensed in a was to change the Law children s Home. The local paper gave considerable coverage to the comm. Mission undertook to de my firm who deter Otner facets beside in Reader s digest be to permit publicity for the trial reporting the Termine where City mined the corridor Meering judgements Lection describes How juvenile offenders. He proceedings verbatim traffic was originating and one Community the set out to have that Loble knows that Many people feel that his approach is too rough and that lie is not the most popular v j. 1 1 y of. Ocl and where it was bound Ted quite correctly considerations that rough the initiative to Law changed on an Given Day in the that this is not the May have played no City by super in first time that reports role that final de posing the results of and studies have been Casio in in so doing their Survey on a map made suggesting Var they have exer i a desire line routes id solutions to trans sed their right to know amazing results. Ken by a juvenile court judge is problem of Juve Nile delinquency with taking the Motorist problems and asked their from where he was present and future in government to sex to where he wished Cedar rapids. They excise the compliment to go were noted. The have cited the Delew to that democratic be route of the Cedar gather report made pro native the duty to expressway is in the fifties which inform a tangible expression proposed a quite while admitting the Helena Montana was plagued in the Middle in 1959 Loble got his Law into the legislature but it was killed in a tree. Sifting commit Man in Montana but Loble continued he views it with in his Battle by carrying troubled Candor. I m it to the people of Mon not trying to win any fifties by an alarming Tana. During the next popularity contests Rise in the rate of two years he visited with juvenile Law juvenile crime. Judge and spoke in every Breakers or their p Lester h. Loble newly county in the state to Arents. Assigned to the Capi farm trying to restore of the results of these integrity of the Corri Tal Cit yes District ions Church groups some sanity court found that More . S and to any Nice crime Preven have asked Ann 1o" inor irn r based on engineering and if Long than half of his time one willing to listen considerations that Gic Aljy. So if pro the sex wag spent m trying smally m 1961 the How we most closely and juvenile offences. Jul weight of Public Opin Loble s methods question that goes graders roamed Ion brought Loble s worked 18 months after the adoption of the sterner method of handling juvenile off Enders felony cases so Lav Rex acct Itimus 111 f it the Road should follow today will proposals Pond the sphere of streets of Helena Law before the legis relation to where today still be to Square the slide Motorist had stated Best possible so Rule and the transit they were going and Lution to. These pro a question that is every from where they had Lution ten years hence bit As important Asen they have said in e Gine ering judgements there seems Little essence not that statistical a doubt that this report a a. Awn outlining the most de a objective or part of asked what Price they so right after with the new per cent. Local Law fun a n j raising havoc and de lature once More. Destroying property and Gisla tors looked into endangering private what Loble was try citizens. The Climax ing to do agreed and have dropped by came when Helena passed his Bill by an per cent and traffic found itself Ebarra overwhelming singly in the nation Jority. Violations have gone Down an astonishing 75 soley on engineering that the considerations and what nature what open court Praise for the new Way Iri the bad with the Public and the of handling juvenile o judgements and used the data which shape what direction Light of National att press in attendance offenders. They have the sincere intention the recommendations that Oro Eress will of finding a solution were made was less take to the City s traffic than Complete in they Progress wonder what mention the culprits Loble tried the first reported that the eff who had put them there Case to come up in were protected from Der the new Legisla

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