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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Apr 16 1964, Page 4

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - April 16, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCitizen times april 16. 1964 Page 4 our readers write to the editor. Of statistics showing expressways in Ali ties raises the foil four kill line above. Favor a ties raises the Fol but or vetoed it lowing question however cities under was Over being 150years veto Public accommodations to this effect experience has Gratifying. Their aldermen were in of the ordinance to the editor in the 1962-1963 school in a Cedar rapids news year custodian helpers they fear being penal paper on tuesday april received per sized if they act on their 7, there appeared an hour. In the 1963-1964 own. And for the very article disclosing the a school year it amounts same reason business mounts of salaries paid to per hour. A men both North and and raises granted to drop of just Over three South Are More and different employees of cents per hour because More in favor of Cedar rapids of one added work Day passage of the civil Community school dist with no increase in the ordinance his rights Bill including there was no Vio title Vii without Crip be noted that so far i Rich. I think it should wages. Build an a Shap Lence there were Node pling nearly All employees sex custodians de expressway through Mons rations. Ajia Ulli ah1 Blair engineers instead Senate action would in cent the custodial staff and assistant engineers their City thereby de the hotels Heaters and deed help to received raises Cost of living is just As stroking old established restaurants of e1 Page our country s economic i in some cases As those with High mis Nesses churches accepted the Law. Most growth to annual raises or incomes. Also our schools and residences of their senior citizens theater managers Brea it is most important to thed a sigh Relief note that the proposed because the Law was now corridor press Way run the for the sex proposes to Road Between two existing Bridges which Are no More than two blocks apart and in close proximity to a Bridge that is now being completely repaired widened and Able to handle through traffic East and West better than at any time heretofore. It certainly seems to Good on the Side iness. In september 1962 the Council of economic advisors claimed that if negroes educational achievements were fully used by ending discrimination in employ ment our Gross Nat ional product would show a 2.5 per cent in crease. Moreover if non Whites came to have this writer that the pro a much As posed expressway might and employment be a pleasant dream for barriers Gross a Small minority but a National product would real Nightmare for the Rise by 3 2 or cent and property or Dis owners of this common Crim nation s heaviest Ity and one that will Cost however is in impose upon future Gen terms of human dignity rations Burden a consideration we can from a never . That is wholly senator Hickenlooper without need and in is to be commended for founded to go through More according to the pro action and discussion on posed location. Title of the civil All of the members of rights bil1 this is the this Community should take a Long sober and hard look at a propos Al that will destroy kill line above. Al that will destroy millions of dollars Worth of private and Public property. Leslie Anthony 2215 o Avenue new to the editor senator Hickenlooper is reportedly asking How Senate passage of the civil rights Bill will affect the . Economy. The july 1963 Issue of Chain store age says that a Federal Law for bidding racial discrimination in retail stores would be helpful in localities where Segre gation is still required by local Law or custom. Once segregated Public accommodations Are no longer possible Amer ican customers will obey the Law. Then retailers and restaurant operators will not have to take sides and Busi Ness will improve. Richard Marshall an Elpaso attorney has remarked on the effect of i paso Texas re cent comprehensive Section on equal employment opportunities much like part of the present code of Iowa. This title is a vital part of the Bill which was reported on favourably in december 1963 by seven Republican Mem Bers of the bourse Judi Ciary committee. These House republicans were me Tulloch of Ohio Lindsay of new York Cahill of new Jersey Shriver of Kansas Mac Gregor of Minnesota Mathias of Maryland and our own Congress Man James Bromwell of Iowa. Many farming and Labouring jobs at which a great Many negro Citi Zens have been employed for a Long time Are now being eliminated by automation. We therefore should make certain title Vii of the civil rights act of 1964 is passed by the Senate. The future of America s negroes will thereby be brighter through the ending of Bias in the personnel practices of some labor unions and employers. Many labor Union Lead ers would like to have open hiring practices prevail right now but Russell w. Nash Washington and Small business by c. Huson harder c. W. Harder re now emanates out _ Washington a great plethora o figures on the subject of unemployment and also the need Lor a War on poverty. Some _ these computations Are mighty Box car in scope. T but perhaps h is most 1m port ant to Bear in mind the sad Case of the govern ment statistic c i a n who drowned while seeking to Wade across a River with an a v e r a g. Al depth of three feet. It would seem logical before any vast sums Are voted to help the poor to retrain for employment to do Many other proposed things that some study be made of the situation. A continuous year Long held Survey on he situation started the first of the the National federation of Independent business so far seems to indicate that a great Many of those who Are unemployed have no skills to Offert of Are these questions. How Many of these have the mental ability to learn a skill How Many Are too shiftless to learn a skill also when it conies to at tacking poverty with fax Money there has been no convincing studies made of the Basic questions involved. What is Pov erty Why is there poverty to some poverty Means by ing forced to be Content with a Chevrolet instead of a Cadillac. To others poverty Means having enough to eat. Here again is a wide area where in formation is needed. If unemployment and poverty is due to Shefl Tessness if it is due to a fondness for stay ing in a fog with the Aid of cheap potent practically tax free fortified wine if it is due to a Complete Lack of individual responsibility that is one thing. On the other hand if it is due Lack of Opportunity that s an entirely different matter. If the majority of the unemployed and poverty stricken Are in that position due to the ask of Opportunity then it is High time that the political orces of the nation quit staling and face facts. A Job is Only created when someone hires a. Person. With out an employer there can be no employee. Huge corporate complexes automating As rapidly As pos Ible Are not expanding their ranks of employees. Thus rapid oui by Independent business 1 needed to Supply jobs f but so As the govern ment continues la let the spirit of free Enterprise which is the that causes new employ is to Rise be Hamstrung by destructive tax Laws by a Abor relations Bureau by Ordes of other meddling by Cauca to the nation will con inc to have not Only the poor who deserve to be poor but also unfortunately the poor who do not deserve such a condition. Taxes jump whenever there is a raise granted and we should have a raise to help us to pay these taxes brought about by higher wages for everyone but us. A school employee kills crabgrass feeds lawns1 i Nitro crabgrass killer and Lawn food if crabgrass made a mess of your Lawn last summer look out millions of seeds were deposited. Kill crabgrass before it sprouts with nuts crabgrass killer and Lawn food. Contains Daythal for near perfect pre emergence crabgrass control. A special High nitrogen formula makes lawns Green up to a hurry. 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