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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Apr 9 1964, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - April 9, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCitizen times and . Be two. managing editor citizen times april 9. 1964 pages a citizen s viewpoint a look of free Enterprise d Pflum Furj an old problem no one can accuse this City of a Lack of a building spirit. We Are presently contemplating a massive pro Gram to solve traffic problems present and future pondering new ways to provide for parking vehicles on our congested streets and in general taking a Good look at the big picture and for the most part planning wisely and Well for the Cedar rapids that is mushrooming up a round us with almost breathtaking Speed. This is of course things ought to be. Unless we take a Long look now the tomorrows that we will shortly face will pre sent ever., More plex problems. R but sometimes in the Rush to keep up with the Cha henges posed by traffic and parking be was made by a group and recommendations were made. But the studies so far have not really been put to use in a concerted pro Gram to improve living conditions in the area Oak Hill is not an irredeemable slum there Are Many Homes in the area that Are Well kept and sturdy lived in by those who own them and who take Pride in the owner ship. But there Are a Large number of dwell Ings that almost no repair can Salvage. Yet they stand and not empty landlords have no trouble rent ing the shanty town hovels to negroes let s be honest Haven t Many other places to go in this we do. Not. Mean to imply that nothing at All is being done in the Oak Hill area to enforce liable Condit by William d. Rexroad the newly formed Junior police corps which was organized through the efforts of the optimists and the police seem to be a worthwhile Endeavor. The idea could be expanded on too. Other cities have established juvenile courts for the Pur pose of handling minor juvenile delinquent problems. Qualified teenagers serve As the judges who try Youthful offenders and impose upon them the punishments known by the teenagers to be meaningful. Such a plan could be As effective in Cedar rapids As it has been elsewhere throughout the country. Remember the local editorials that recently criticized cities which required their stores to Post signs if they sold goods. To hear them Tell it such a practice was in american bigoted contemptuous of Law and order meddling in foreign policy and interfering with free Enterprise. It seems rather Peculiar that we Haven t seen similar editorials regarding the new Iowa Law which requires stores to if they sell imported meats. Prise arid its role in system a Cedar rapids trucking firm was recently ordered by the Iowa Commerce commission to cease offering scheduled freight service Between certain Points be cause the firm had endear ored to create a regular route the commission Felt the firm was encroaching Orr the services provided by regular route motor carriers. Perhaps the _ Commerce commission should Brush up on the theory of free enter two interesting news items came out on the same Day a week or so ago. The first Story was about a murder which took place in new York. A woman was chased up and Down the streets for a period of thirty five minutes and was stabbed until she died than thirty eight people were witnesses to the event yet no one offered any assistance or even so much As called the police. After the woman was one Brave soul mustered up the courage to notify the police but Only after being assured by a Friend that he would t become involved. The second Story took place in Cedar rapids where a Man held up a store and was chased by a 14 year old Girt who saw. Him leaving. She caught and wrestled with him until she was struck Down by the thief. Then the Man was chased by a 15 year old boy who was also knocked to the ground. He was then apprehended by the Law Al though he might have escaped had it not been for the efforts of these worthy Young citizens. Quite an interest ing contrast in t it the chairman of the state Highway commission was quoted recently As saying that the commission favor either Cement or Asphalt Over the other for our major highways. Certainly one material must be better than the other and after ing which is it should be favored. Further in making that determination consideration should be Given to the Long term expenses and not just the initial Cost. Red Cedar shavings local groups work por youth to Helb civic concern and while this maybe understandable it is not Good and the projects though More glimmering per haps should be Meas ured Only of what we have accomplished but what remains to be done As Well. A Case in Point we feel is some o in the Oak Hill Section of Cedar rapids. While we busily break ground for new super highways and parking lots a number of residents of this area live in conditions of almost unbelievable squalor. Exorbitant rents Are being charged to those who must pay the Price for they have no other place to go for App artents that Are Little More than Crim Inal in their Lack of safety and health standards. Families Are being reared in these slum dwellings under conditions that must be seen to be believed. Certainly bad Condit ions in parts of Oak Hill is no new prob Lem. It has been the subject of consider Able study. As recently As 1962 a report Tenna fsr a few of the very worst and no longer Rentable hovels have been pull Down. But what is being done is pitifully Small in comparison to the monumental efforts we Are making other areas of civic better ment. We Are aware that the Council has Given consideration to and expressed concern about the blight in Oak Hill and we know that the concern is genuine. But we would urge the Council to bring this matter to its attention again the sooner the better to see what eff Orts might be under taken at once to bring sub Standard rental units up to the City code and up to More tolerable health stand before the crush of continued planning for City Progress begins to mount we should take a Good Long look into our Back Yard to see what consequences our indifference and preoccupation might be inflicting on those who pay a constant and much higher Price for Progress than we plump an prosperous Busy architects of a Bette to Morow. Better that is for some. To the editor the Cedar rhapsody chapter of Sweet Adeline inc. Would like to take this Opportunity to thank you for the newspaper coverage Given to our organization. It has helped us to promote _ _ _ Public interest m women s for the past sixteen officer of the Cedar Are needed Barbershop sin gig and in years gum Ball Mach rapids kiwanis club carry out the no. 6 Mes placed by the i told the citizen Timea program All warns Youta welfare that machines anti do note services Are bringing in an ave for the apis have been quietly col age of annually everything i the Cedar Are letting pennies in bus to the local service deeply indebted to you for 111688 establishments group since they were red theses favors and we wish m Cedar rapids. At installed they were in Contact the to express our sincere a pm sent there Are a stalled they have Bro and help in bout 300 of the Emch ought in a total profit n operation. Fred of and any we be ordered one for information Way you look at it that the citizen times. A lot of gumballs. Proceeds from the recitation. A Mardell Kohl publicity chairman wa5hin ton and Small business by c. Wilson harder readers inquire As to Why there is trouble in Panama in Vietnam in Zanzibar it Al it Al and it Al. The Basic problem is that perhaps too Many in the u. S. State department Are avid television viewers. On to the Good Gryf l always wins. I the bad Guys May open up with a multitude of guns Butl in the end the i Good Guy i does not shoot b a throws away c. W. Harder his weapon and armed Only with virtue uses his fists to chastise the bad Guys who then see the error of their ways. Hot that is to. While virtue May Triumph on to it is unfortunate International relations do not quite work that Way. The Panama incident is a perfect Case history. The governing clique of Panama has Long wanted to Bootjack a bigger Cut out of the canal s revenues. On the basis of sound business they have no argument. So they conveyed to their people a poverty stricken excitable mob with a High degree of illiteracy that somehow their National Honor is involved. In dealing with Castro . Has compromised paid out ran som feeling virtue will reap rewards. Over in the Kremli they do not watch amerkan to Cuba gave them a perfect Opportunity to train a if a Craft Bow raise Cane other than the some of these trainees go it Hjul non to Panama where their leaders had already created ill against the . As a bargain ing tool to get More Money. But they had succeeded in keeping the mob in Check. However the Castro Kremlin agents built on this basis further exciting the poor wretched panamanians no doubt helped by Good Strong cheap Panama rum. It seems apparent the Pana Manian government did not want things to go so far. This is evidenced by the fact that when ten Castro agitators wore spotted by . Security offi cers. The Panama military Force did not hesitate to take them into custody. Thus it was purely a Case where for eign politicians hoping to gain dollars sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind. And immediately Domestic crackpots who tried to establish the Castro Loving Assassin of a president was motivated by a right Wing sought to sell idea americans were responsible for the murderous attack. Some have tried to establish that it was wrong for american youngsters to take Pride in the american Flag. Some have tried to impute by maintaining de cent living standards . Officials in canal zone enrage panamanians. Thus to avoid this situation they Loo should live like peons. And so the Story is repeated All Over the world wherever there Are Dollar hungry politicians Over illiterate there is a time to negotiate and a time to stand firm. When Ever gangsters aflame a illiterate mob Force not Legac needed to preserve peace. Machines go to cover a wide variety of youth needs in the Community. Underprivileged welfare month joining with More than 600 american legion auxiliary children get free Den units throughout the the Tal care glasses Hanford unit no. J. shows Hospital costs serve child welfare month and hearing aids just unit president mrs. Donald to name a few of the Goodwin announced today. Good uses to which the at the present me the pennies Are put. On american legion auxiliary occasion the Money is through its loca1 state and j l f National organizations is used to pay for special concerned with the illegal operations. Last use of Pep pills by year of the . The development of was used to perform an Community facilities for the operation for a boy diagnosis education and with heart trouble treatment of mentally Handi Cerny said. The Money capped children and the creat is also used Occas Osly of Community programs for other than medical aimed at reducing school necessities. At times drop outs and improving youth employment opportunities. These measures Are part from the coloured Little gum balls has meant a boy of a o provide a scout uniform for a boy Square Deal for every a Dill an Moll of who would never worn one and a to summer Camp that otherwise could never had been made. As Well As the child Ren of veterans. During this trip month set aside by legion groups for study of these prob lems the Hanford unit has planned a special program Cerny noted that Al for the april meeting under though 300 of the machines Are now in operation another 100 the direction of mrs. Edward r. Kuba unit child welfare chairman

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