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Circleville Herald Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 1

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Circleville Herald (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Circleville, Ohio Weather showers tonight and tuesday. Cooler tuesday. A two telephones business office f7qo editorial Foi i Oli rooms o�1 world National and state news by International news service forty sixth year. Number 102.circle Ville Ohio monday May 8, 1939. Three cents. Coal 1nine chiefs resume Parley a Ltd it a it it a # it it nazis consider anti War pact with soviet a Quot a fuehrer Calls von Ribbentrop to map course British offer to mediate crisis Over Possession of Danzig poles face persuasion ii Duce May take Steps to Force Warsaw to accept hitlers program Berli May a indications that Germany plans to sound out Moscow on the possibility of a Mutual non aggression pact to a sensational move to thwart Brit Ash led efforts to Ereath a bloc against nazi expansion were discussed in authoritative political quarters today. Chancellor Hitler summoned foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop for a conference at tomorrow presumably to scrutinize the International situation in the Light of new factors which have developed Over the weekend principally the effects of announcement of the Axis military Alliance. London. May great Britain today formally offered its a Good offices for amicable solution of the Danzig crisis to Poland and Germany. The offer was voiced in the House of commons by undersecretary for foreign affairs Richard Butler while other key ministers of the Cabinet met to Ponder plans for stiffening the Stop Hitler Block with inclusion of the . Rome May 8-immediate solution of the Danzig problem on Chancellor hitlers terms was sought by the Axis Powers today As the initial move of the newly formed Italo German military Al Liance. Also it was Felt following the Brief but momentous meeting in Milan Between foreign ministers Joachim von Ribbentrop of Ger Many and count Galeazzo Ciano of Italy Japan May be invited to join the Alliance. Germany in gaining the Alliance with Italy emerged with a major Victory Over the democracies and their so called a encircle ment policy a a yet Premier Musso Lini is understood to be counselling Hitler to be moderate in dealing with Poland for Italy has no desire to be involved in War Over a port so Remote from this country. Authoritative sources said the two foreign ministers decided that Poland must be a a persuaded to give Danzig to Germany and to Grant the Reich a strip for a German extra territorial Highway across the polish corridor. Poland however would retain continued on Page two our Weatherman High sunday is. Low monday 66. Forecast showers and thunderstorms and cooler monday tuesday Cloudy in North and West showers in East portion. North tempera hire elsewhere High Low Abilene Tex. 88 68 Boston mass. 68 54 Chicago 111. 64 Cleveland. Ohio. 66 Denver Colo. 42 Des Moines Iowa. 76 62 Duluth Minn. 74 52 Dos Angeles Calif. 72 52 Montgomery Ala. 66 68 new Orleans. In. 82 64 new York n. Y.88 72 Phoenix Arix. ,. 58 san Antonio Tex. 82 68 Seattle Wash. 64 50 mistos n. Dak. 88 46 bituminous miners w walkout affecting 21 states Trio appointed Duke writes l Lis 1 enter dispute \ Foj to final touch in parole Board to address Lima and Cleveland men chosen Delaware judge to keep position Windsor goes on air with talk to United states politics evaded Myrna Smith replaced Jewell to be chairman of organization under governors plan London May 8�?the British broadcasting company which has a radio monopoly in great Britain decided today to a a Boycott a peace Appeal which is to he broadcast tonight from Verdun. France by the Duke of Windsor. Columbus May 8 the new three member Pardon and parole commission comprised entirely of men was appointed today by gov. John w. Bricker under pro j visions of the recently enacted a a Ripper Bill abolishing the old four member parole Board. Those appointed were for a 2-year term Emmett Everett. Lima a former common pleas judge and a Democrat. For a 4-year term Harrison Vav. Jewell Delaware Republican. Verdun France May 8 in order to put the final touches on the speech he will broadcast to the United states tonight the Duke of Windsor today cancelled his plans to visit the battlefields he worked late last night on the draft and started again Early this morning assisted Only by his american born Duchess and a Secretary. At u docketing along Miles an hour Fritz a Vendee Early agreement imperative president tells Steelman his representative eight May hold Fate clearer picture May provided for Public during Day be 24, German airman pilots his Messerschmidt save de plane to a new worlds Speed record for straight flight. On Landing. Field marshal Hermann Goering i made him a Captain in the air Force. London. May s authorities of the British broadcasting company which is government con farm program contest opens for a 6-Vear term Lawrence of trolled and has a monopoly on Cinderella Story bad for Little girls feet. Chiropodists declare Detroit Mav a cinder a v Ella today More than Ever before needed a Champion. The fairy tale which has for generations beyond number charmed and delighted children of Many lands stands condemned by the Michigan chiropodist association. The organization declared Reading the fairy tale encourage girls to Wear shoes sizes too Small for them thus causing numerous foot ailments. A Resolution condemning the Story of Cinderella was approved by association members yesterday. The greatest National labor walkout in 17 years takes place As More than 450.000 miners in 21 states become Idle following breakdown of negotiations Between mine Union leaders and Coal operators Over new contracts. Fear is expressed that the Industrial East with rapidly diminishing Xoai supplies May he seriously hit due Vij the impending fuel shortage. Map. Above showing states affected by the walkout is a View of a typical bituminous Coal staff. Payne Cleveland negro Republican. Broadcasting in great Britain met in a closed conference today to attack counter petitions ready in school controversy Jewell was the Only member decide whether a a peace Broad of the old parole Board to be Nain East scheduled by the Duke of de to the new group Windsor would be picked up Here. As resentment Over the Dukes expected As appropriation Bill reaches Senate big Plana a Pread in British quarters it was Learned that the former Washington. Mav 8 the mrs. My a Smith former governor Marlin l. Davey. Mrs. Smith charged that Myrna Smith loses the Appon taunt Marks the retirement from the parole Board of now in Crance s greatly administrations farm program was Secretary to sure cd and disturbed by the re a on the spot today As the Senate action j began consideration of the $1,216. A a. Windsor is due to talk from the 528,52 agriculture department the Ripper Bill was put through battlefields at 4 n m Over 1 appropriations Bill it the legislature for the purpose of National Bro Adastine sv9tem i Senate leaders were confident ousting her and made a futile Ofa tilt a the huge Bill increased $381.409, fort to Block the measure s enact a in Ine a Quot 8 ,. 959 by the Senate will eventually a. In a speech scheduled to last. A. Ment by appearing before a sen a �?z�?z-,1 be approved in substantially its Tupi Only ten minutes the Duke will,., a ate committee to oppose me present form but not before con a j make an Appeal to All nations to f. ,., i counter or Tillona to attack the proposed Transfer of sections of the Choice use reason rather than Force in j Gra m have in debated. Oppon Muhlenberg school District to the Jackson District monday were for chair Tian of the commission settling their q the present program and. J Leady for circulation. Bricker said. Talk non political j fitted there was Little Chance of the counter petitions contend a that the detachment of this part of the appointments will go to the it Wili be altogether of a non a getting anywhere with Susti the said school District from said township will eventually be a con Sena cornm1 a p0liucal nature jul not mention tubes during consideration of an ,. 1 and the terms of the new commis continued on Page two appropriation Bill of such Magni i Tributino Factor which May cause the removal or closing of the Gion Niem Bers will become effect 0 j tude. But nevertheless expect to present elementary Tive immediately after confirm speak at length. They ask that the county Board ignore the petitions filed recently j mation. Members will receive blast shatters controversial sections of the Ronota of Len Eitner to a i___$6,000 a year salary. I measure particularly the $113,- the commission succeeds the Home of minor 000,000 Senate increase for Dis son school District. 17 admit guilt four member Board which was postal of surplus commodities and i in raps the two counter petitions one abolished by the Bill of sen. Fred in strike area $225,000.000 for parity payments attacking each of the petitions in Philadelphia Seibert a St. Marys and rep. J Are certain to provoke vigorous prop a and a of were prepared by the county Henry Metcalf a Franklin. Debate. The Cotton bloc one of re a a. I a Art rur Vrr tin a a o. The most powerful in the Senate. Prepared by the county j Henry Metcalf a Franklin. School office. Although the county murder inquiry Payne is a Cleveland Council Philipsburg pa., May 8 British nation i office provides Legal information Man and former assistant Cuya two dynamite blasts one shatter is divided Over surplus removal for the Benefit of residents of the District it takes no part in the Dif-8�?accusing j Ferencek involved in the territory. A request for the counter Peti hoga county prosecutor full or partial confessions it Wras announced today As detectives prepared to exhume four Addi Detroit May great Britain of flooding Ameri Ca with propaganda for War the Tiona was made Friday night at a Rev. Father Charles e. Coughlin j meeting of Daryville Folk held in j today pleaded for provisions in j the township House. A committee Ance neutrality legislation to throttle consisting of John Hill chairman propagandists. Cecil Caudie and Floyd Brigner the radio priest in his regular wa8 appointed to conduct the re sunday afternoon broadcast yes Mons trance against the proposed tonal bodies ter Day quoted at length from a Transfer of territory Book a the next War a w hich he j petitions asking the Transfer of said was printed privately for the territory to Jackson school Dis leaders of British diplomacy As a to dict followed the action of the Guidebook for tactical Maneu vers Ohio High school Board in annul during the next War. Ling the High school charter effect Machiavelli at his Best or his j Tive june 30, due to Small enrol worst a said father Coughlin ment. The Board recommended Quot was an innocent Amateur we Hen the Muhlenberg High school pupils 6u More Are under suspicion compared to his Lineal descend be sent to Monroe. Meanwhile City chemists Philadelphia 8 All i Everett went to Lima from Home the other damaging a Drift ing an Independent operator s subsidies for foreign and Domestic markets. The fight will be touched off but four of 21 persons seized As Iowa where for a year he taught mine intensified feeling in Central suspected members of Philadel in the state Reform school. Be i Pennsylvania s Moshannon Valley we Hen senator Bankhead d of phia a bizarre Quot murder for incur fore being elected to the common bituminous Coal Field today. on Page two pleas Bench he practice Law in George Hartshorn Small non of conspiracy have submitted Lima he Ofta judge for eight Union Philipsburg operator found non came years. The i padlock broke on the Entrance ref i a Bolno during his judgeship he pre t0 mine near Coldstream this try p n a 1\4 continued on Page two morning and the Drift Mouth by Keo Cuil r k u Lvi Pennsylvania motor police today Florida swamp Dis interment was sought of the bodies of mrs. Lena Winkleman Bricker faces also were investigating the Dyna i Abraham Sherman Louis la vec Nui Ayiam �v.�,��, mining of the Home of Raymond a Chio and an unidentified fourth greatest test Schnars at hawn run. Schnars Miami fla., May 8 person believed to be victims of heard the explosion and saw an a persons painfully but not sen arsenic poisoning. Approximately in Relief vote to Mobile speeding away As he was etpsduring0 a forced tand 40 deaths have been attributed to machinations of the ring while returning Home from his shift in guarding the mine he operates j with ing in the Everglades 25 Miles an Columbus May 8�?whether the Bricker administration still amp gee in ants in deceit who at this moment j the action of the High school bounced traces of arsenic were j of Ture a be demonstrated dynamite wrecked the porch Are operating on you for your de Board had no effect on the Grade found in the exhumed bodies i a is Eek when the us get. Of poor waa uninjured Romualdo 41, whose m a 1-----, West of Miami were recovering four Brothers. His wife. Today after to o aviators had the House at the time a a a Kir a 1 risked a Reckmo their own ships struck Ion you who digested the school. Transfer of territory in j Antonio lying propaganda of democracy valves the grades. Twenty years o propaganda is being spread _., ,. Chiefly through the movies and death penalty by speeches of British leaders the. N radio priest said adding Lumb Ruk Ouin already Hollywood has sue d m i i combed to the pressure of prop Var w Lii i la in Jylli in Ganda a citing the new Warner Brothers picture a confessions of Knoxville tenn., May 8�? a nazi spy a As an instance. Of Relief comes before the two tw0 Del is earlier it a mine tipple in rescuing the Trio. They were rescued by pilots Wade Coleman and Karl Holder wife Josephine is under arrest j branches of the general Assembly. Anci scale House near Osceola Mills 0 ran the risk of wrecking and Romaine Mandiuk w Hose the govenor is to fulfil his property of w. L. Todd Philips their n planes or being unable we Ife is also being held. The pro Nugg 0f a no new taxes a Hurt and j. J. Ernest Osceola take off again due to the chemists found no arsenic in the $20.000.000 program for the by j Mills burned to the ground. Spongy Clearing in which they body of John Wolosyn who died Enn Jum is the answer observers in an allegedly faked a hit run thieves. But should the metro i a or of automobile Accident. Politan solons insist on $23.000 Bride 16, Faulb Herman Petrillo 49-year-old too and the Rura Lites balk at re Lang Home Man accused with during the vote on Relief levies Morris Bolber self styled a to a majority it would tie the Robert m. Burgunder jr., soft-1 Cal artist As paipals a a a a Iol into knot. 0 ring was Given an a a airing Sun hat the legislature does with spoken 22-year-old collegian son d Quot Reward for inform the Relief problem and the Columbus a numbers Man of a prominent Seattle Wash., 1 Tion he purportedly gave chief $318,000,000 general appropriation suffers loss of is 000 Awyer expects to hang for the of county detectives Quilliam j. Bill is important to Brickers 1 slaying of two Phoenix ariz., j Connelly. Political aspirations. Grilling after were forced to land for the Rescue. The three victims of the forced Landing were Jackie May night club entertainer Ben Terry retired business Man and George new York. May 8�?amid recurring reports that president Roosevelt May take action unless an Early Accord is reached deadlocked bituminous Coal operators and mine Union leaders met again in joint session today with or. A it in r. Steelman. Federal conciliator directing the discussions. It was reported that or. Steelman who first persuaded the negotiators to renew their collapsed discussions and has kept them at work under White House pressure would make one final attempt during the Day to obtain a Compromise agreement. Secrecy with which the conferences have been shrouded since their inception two months ago continued at the initial joint session this morning but there were intimations that the a Public interest a stressed by president Roosevelt and Steelman As Paramount might soon result in a Fuller understanding of the proceedings in the Star chamber meetings. Many negotiations secret it was believed that Steelman feels that the Public is entitled to a clearer picture of the subject matter and procedure at the conferences which thus far have been in great part matters of speculation and conjecture due to exclusion of the press. Reports were that Steelman at the conclusion of the meeting might either invite the newspapermen into the conference room to obtain first hand information from the negotiating subcommittees or that he might Issue an authorized statement portraying the up to the minute situation. Details of the formula by which Steelman Hopes to end the idleness of 450,000 or More soft Coal miners replenish the nation s fast emptying Coal bins and give the Industry a new contract for peaceful labor relations were closely guarded. His plans were to submit it to an All powerful i subcommittee of eight men four representing the United mine workers and headed by the Adamant John l Lewis and four representing the mine owners and represented by Charles of Neil. Under a telegraphic exhortation from president Roosevelt saturday when a breakdown in negotiations was All but an accomplished fact both sides agreed to prolong their Parley and clothe the sub committee of eight with executive Powers to conclude a contract without referring it for prior approval to j their full delegations of 32 from each Side. Statement repeated symbolic of the cleavage Between the two sides were the separate conferences held sunday. I or. Steelman maintaining an unflagging air of optimism among continued on Page two of a Hiir Ryn death Wells in amp it club manager. Nut let 1 a i a they were on a pet azure ride when the fuel Little boy once feared doomed gains strength a passive Rural attitude in the i House will mean smooth sailing for in Terry a plane Cincinnati May 8�? police Supply was exhausted and they were to question Blanche tinker were forced to come Down in the 16, today about the death of her swamps. Husband Harold tinker 20, the plane turned Over when it after a Beer party although struck the Earth. Tinker told general Hospital at \ of Columbus May 8 a police automobile salesmen it was re. Today were seeking three armed sealed today by chief Deputy de $ Wenrich escapes the governor men who climbed up a fire is c. Stewart of Washington county we cd cd Pacu the governor s a Bower so in the tenants before he died that he Cape to the 10th floor of a Down Tennessee who participated in the injun Fco ii a i u Naom Bouse speaker William Mcculloch sil0t bims ii town hotel and escaped with More youth s arrest. I and floor Leader j. Harry Mcgre-1 officers said the Young Bride than $1,000 after trussing up Paul the boy even offered to bet the the Rev. S. M. Wenrich of Gor were believed to be capable of told diem in scr cared her o Leslie Columbus and a compan officers $5 he would hang the Stoutsville. Escaped injury about 6 preventing any concerted uprising shoot him with a Ion. The room was said to have chief Deputy said. A p. M. Sunday when a Blowout in the House when Relief comes Voier aft a she took the gun away been rented to Tom Mills les a a they be got enough evidence caused his car to swerve off the to a vote. Jiom aim when e Lea or o lie s Uncle who was away at the at Phoenix to hang me for the Stoutsville Road just East of if sen. Frank Whittemore sen shoot himself. Time. Mills reputed operator of murders a the officer quoted the route 22. The car turned on its ate Leader can keep the upper rhe couple was living on Unzem a a a numbers game was to talk boy As saying. A sure i la hang. Side. House under control the adminis ploy ment insurance the girl said with police today about the Rob but done to think i wont fight the the Rev. Or. Wenrich was rid traction s general program will be they were married m Kentucky Bery. I Case when i get ing alone. 1 considered quite a Success. \ 18 months ago. Collision kills Man Columbus May 8 a police marked up another traffic fatal-,22-Calibrc re \ Ity today following a collision that resulted in the death of v. R. Horne 33, purchasing agent for the White Castle system inc. Columbus yesterday. The crash occurred in the Arlington residential area while Horne was returning from a Golf match. New York. May 8 a Harold Holt two year old Monongahela pa., youngster who was taken to the new Rochelle Hospital for treatment of a tumor that had threatened his life today is a up and about and doing Hospital authorities said the child seems to be very Happy and is now leading a Normal life. He is staying near the Hospital and is brought in each Day for treatment under the direction of or. Alexander Chilko. They were unable to state when Harold would be Able to return to his Home

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