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Circleville Herald Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Circleville Herald (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Circleville, Ohio Warmer fair and warmer inlay to night and tomorrow. High yrs today 79 Low. 52. High today it Low 55. High tomorrow 85, the Circleville Herald full service associated Pretor leaved win lot state. National and world new Central Presa picture a Revire. Leading columnist and artists Tull local news coverage. Saturday May i 1965 to pages 10c per copy 82nd year�?103 big red Viet weapons Cache is captured Iet n Ani Viet Cong were captured and 42 Cache of captured communist suspects rounded in Long arms included prod up the government said Sion lightweight name throw. South vietnamese casualties ers presumably furnished by j were Given As three killed and communist China the Vietnam-1 eleven wounded est army announced today. A a. A most of the communist dead also discover were East apparently resulted from air German heavy machine guns strikes by helicopters and fight Des Cril ted As especially suited or bombers. About 60 guerrillas or use As antiaircraft weapons were machine gunned by . The announcement came As helicopters As they tried to Saigon girded itself for possible swim across a Small River trouble during the May i labor civilians in the area were Quot a Day. Warned of the air strikes by the arms Cache was found leaflets and loudspeakers and Friday during a three Dav Oscr some 4,000 were said to have Adon in coastal mangrove poured into government con swat about go Miles South of trolled areas the capital. Flying squads for combat the government saw 152 Vici j police headed off trouble belong were killed Dun la the a tween two dissident labor unions in Saigon today. There were no injuries or arrests. About 1,000 members of the vietnamese Christian confederation of labor the most powerful Union in tile country gathered in a downtown Park to hear May Day speeches. A dissident group gathered several blocks away and police took up positions Between the two groups. The rallies broke up after several hours. Police were armed with shotguns and sub machine guns and reinforced by fire trucks with Washington apr it was pressure hoses. Authorities no sure thing today that All the feared Viet Cong terrorists senators who want legislation to might carry out bombings or ensure negro voting rights will stir up a riot to celebrate May line up behind a new draft Day. I worked out by the democratic the South vietnamese govt and Republican leaders eminent protested Friday the substitute Bill introduced against a soviet description of Friday does not include an out liberals Are slightly Cool on voting rights Bill Tion. Including 52 at the site of the weapons Cache. Another 25 a a red chinese Hail Viet reds fight against . Aggression urged Tokyo apr communist China called on foreign delegates in peking for May Day celebrations to support the red guerrillas in South Viet Nam and continue the struggle a Quot against a let its drink a Toast to the Victory of the vietnamese peo-1 the Viet Cong s National libera right ban on state poll taxes so pies patriotic struggle against Don front As a the sole Legal several of the liberals in t h e Augress on a Victory j representative of the South Viet Senate Aren t committing them of the struggle of the asian of namese serves yet. Rican and latin american court-1 the protest was made in a tries against imperialism a message to the three nation in communist chinese Premier ter National control commission h. It Chou in Lai told a reception in on Indochina supported \ in nubile an l and peking v her Everett m. Dirksen. Plans to re Keg i North Viet Nam denied that. A a., t. ,. A _ hold overtime sessions next his remarks were reported by us planes were dying night air the new China news Agency i drop missions Over communist week a an Effo ,0 Lhoir a fall peace Loving nations and held territory in Laos. Us 1 11 a it a people throughout the world the laotian government had the new draft differs from the should unite to smash the Crimi i claimed planes belonging either version recommended by the Nal plan of . Imperialism to to North Viet Nam or Conru Senate judiciary committee escalate the War in Indochina a nist China have been dropping chiefly in that it would provide Chou said. Supplies to the pro communist for a court test of the cd Matitu he said that tile . A peace it Fahet Lac forces talks scheme was aimed at a a forcing tile vietnamese people j d i a Sci iroc to yield to a Ujj Rob bulb Liu Ning i president of the ajl China federation of Trade unions called for the launching of a an powerful mass movement on a worldwide scale to compel the United states to get out of Viet Nam and a fall other places they have Liu also said the chinese peo j lion pie a were determined to Liber tons dominican cease fire going unheeded heavy fighting is continuing one Marine killed 14 other go hut soviet wants . Hopes Oas a probe by ii to bring truce Sticky going in met Nam a on patrol with a unit of the 2nd battalion. 3rd u. S. Marines Hunting out Viet Cong guerrillas around Ila Nang air base in South Viet Nam a Marine slashes through deep mild. Result in no action at All being taken a he said. Mansfield said he thought this and other changes made by the substitute we Ould Strug Nuben the legislation. Dirksen also said the new draft represents real attempts of the government dominican crisis May go to Council Moscow Al a the soviet Union accused the United states today of armed aggression in the dominican Republic and demanded an emergency meet ing of the United nations Secu Ruy Council. A it is completely obvious that the Landing of . Marines in the dominican Republic is Noth ing but an act of direct aggression against the people of this Small country a said the soviet news Agency Tass. Tass said the Marine Landing is a yet another attempt o keep in Power a reactionary an ant popular dictatorship regime which suits the .a., and to suppress the strivings of the people for Freedom and a the . Intervention is being carried out a Tass added a was the colonialists have always done in the past have the hackneyed pretext of a defending the safety of . the Tass dispatch said a the of Washington atm a the United Stales looked to the organization of american states today to make sure the ceasefire in the jittery dominican Republic Sticks. The inter american group Only when we were officially notified by police and military officials of the dominican re Public that they were no longer in a position to guarantee the safety of americans and foreign nationals and preserve Law and was moving swiftly. A special foreign ministers meeting was Oas Sec ret Ary general Jose set for this morning. An Oas Mora hurried to Santo Domingo peace team planned to Fly to the Friday night after the new divided Caribbean Republic to cease fire agreement had been night. Readied through the mediation Santo Domingo Dorrwin Iran Republic apr heavy firing continued in this rebel lion torn capital today despite an agreed cease fire in the dominican Republic s week old civil War. Rebel leaders fighting for the return to Power of exiled former president Juan d. Bosch admitted they did not have Complete control of their men. Who in president Johnson in a Brief of the papal Nuncio at the do-1 elude Armet civilians and dissident Young military officers. Much of the firing was in the Vicinity of the . Embassy where one . Marine was nationwide broadcast Friday minivan capital night urged tile Oas to take . Diplomats want Oas a responsibility for restoring Tion because they figure that peace and rekindling Constitu-1 w ill be better than tho i United tonal trying to go it alone. The killed Friday. A few hours later us am-1 . Image in latin America Bassadore w. Tapley Bennett still suffers from the history of announced in Santo Domingo numerous . Marine intervene . D e f e is e department spokesmen in Washington said 14 marines and 4 paratroopers that the ruling military Junta Lions in latin american re pub have been wounded in Clastic improvements. The United Stales to assume the appealing for Unity Mansfield role of the ruler of the destinies said i of Peoples to dictate its will a senators generally trying to upon them crus a National go in the same direction must nevertheless cratic Leader Mike a demo Mansfield payment of welfare Aid Washington a president Johnson signed a s2.2-Bil-supplemental appropriate la into Law Friday and ate their territory of i then told the nation Friday the new China news Agency night his action would insure said delegations from 70 coun payment of welfare checks to tries were in peking for the eel a hundreds of thousands of Amer Ebrat ions. They included for Picans. Eign minister Kojo Botsios of the measure includes $407 Ghana Spiro Koleka. First vice million for this purpose tile Premier of Albania and Hoang president said in a radio and Van Hoan vice chairman of the television broadcast that dealt National Assembly of North primarily with the civil War in Viet Nam. The soviet Union the dominican Republic was represented by a Trade in a unless the Bill becomes Law Ion delegation. Today a on this last Day of May Day is celebrated around april it would be impossible the world As a festive Solidarity among the people. Are awaiting a without undue tonality of the poll tax instead of outlawing it. Poll taxes As a requirement for voting in Federal elections were abolished by the 24th j amendment to the . Constitution. But they still arc re a quire of voters in state and local elections in Alabama. Mississippi Texas and Virginia. Mansfield said he and Dirk enwere convinced largely by Hie arguments of atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzenbach that an attempt to abolish state poll taxes by also try to gel together on the same Road if their is to be any legislation in the Senate at still there was no Assurance thai the liberals headed by sen Philip a. Hart d-mich., who pushed Over the ant poll tax provision in the judiciary committee would support the leaders. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy d mass., who offered the provision reiterated that he thinks it is constitutional. He said the liberals would study the substitute and commented of tile Mansfield Dirksen Effort a we All Are trying to reach the same southerners who contend it violates states rights to fix Vot or qualifications on the Federal level continued their attack on the legislation. Speaking of the substitute sen. Herman e. Talmadge i -ga., told a nearly empty chamber Friday a this Bill was con and the rebels who want to re store ousted president Juan Bosch to Power bad agreed to submit tile dispute to Oas Arbi j traction. Tile objective of tile Oas peace team is not Only to secure a cease fire but to offer a formula under which the dominicans might establish a stable government. Latin american diplomats said that what the Oas actually seeks is to establish As soon As possible internal order in tile dominican Republic so that american troops can be with liberation movements evoke just worldwide indignation and Tass said the soviet Union a has instructed its represent ,. Live at the United nations to dra in quickly demand an urgent meeting of u my its on la the Security Council to examine the question of the .a.�?Ts armed lies in bygone Day once around round town 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 j with the rebels. They were the first casualties among the . Forces landed to protect american civilians. Fighting went on through the i night in the eerie Light of Parachute flares. . Ambassador Vav. Tapley Bennett announced the ceasefire went into effect at 5 30 . Friday but indicated to Mevs men that foreign elements might have taken Over the re the weather Outlook is bilious movement Good for tomorrows annual president Johnson said in a a Hospital Day at the veterans statement in Washington Friday Federal Law would raise a signify i Cei Ved by an unholy Alliance of cant constitutional question. A indeed it might Lawless mob action on the o n e Ohio juvenile schools hit judges deplore current setup Columbus Ohio a Ohio a correction system for errant juveniles is a mess say three men who should know. Harsh words about the state s institutions we Ere voiced Friday at a panel discussion on a a Ohio a youth correctional services Al the annual session of the Ohio is unprecedented. Tile Oas normally tries to re i solve conflicts Between coun tries not be teen rival groups within one. When Johnson spoke the situation was chaotic. He noted that violence and disorder had j increased in the previous 24 hours and said an earlier ceasefire agreement was being breached. Calling on Hie Oas for prompt decisive action the president said a it is very administration Hospital new Chillicothe. Many local persons Are expected to be on hand tor the festivities. Both As spectators and participants. Included on the program Are the Circleville High school band and the chs triple Trio. Truman Eberly s Bondsmen will be one of Many units in a big Parade scheduled to Start at 3 p. M. The triple Trio will present special selections in Many of tile hosing Al a closed wards starting at i p. In. The band whose trip is Spon important that representatives so Rcd by the veterans commit of the Oas be sent to the do tee of tho Halo elks Assn % wii1 minivan Republic just As soon Cje part from the High school at the triple Trio is night there were significant signs that people trained outside the dominican Republic Are seeking to gain control of the rebels. Bennett said the Reb is and the opposing military Junta had agreed to submit the dispute to arbitration by an organization of american states commission. A special Oas foreign ministers meeting w s called in Washington and an Oas peace team planned to Fly Here tonight. President Johnson had urged the Oas to take responsibility for restoring peace and re establishing cons a a a tonal government in the Dom incan Republic. The cease fire pact. Bennett As possible to strengthen the i j Case lire and help Clear a Road sponsored by the Pickaway said in his announcement guar to the return of constitutional county chapter american red i a tees the personal safety of a my to am it. I f a a k in lil Natl ant1 i in in in in in a process and free elections. J Cross Johnson dealt briefly with Hie bandleader Spike Jones Dies at 53, los anti Eles apr band it marking j for aged citizens in a number of Leader Spike j no 53 the Zany e Labouring states to receive Hie checks they musician who entertained Mil. Citizens Council for health and in the end hand and murder and mayhem. Of on the of Eunaie. Before taking a weekend recess the Senate amended the Bill to exempt Arkansas from its terms until the state has a i Chance to put a new voter Regis j i traction system into effect. Sen j. W. Fulbright offering the amendment for himself and. Landing of american troops in the dominican Republic. As he spoke. 1,700 army airborne troops and 1.430 marines were already ashore and . Officials had said the total would be swelled to More than 5,000. Juvenile court judge Walter w h i 11 a t c h of Cleveland called the institutions a hopelessly overcrowded and said they should be declared a disaster judge Benjamin Schwartz of i Cincinnati declined the state s in creasing violence and the Circleville police department received an unusual Call last night. Patrolman Wesley Barton was on the desk when a Man who identified himself As Ray Briem a disc jockey from radio station Lac in Xis Angeles Lions with his offbeat arrange ments died in his sleep Early men for an asthma attack and into the state. Subsequent respiratory comply j delay a Johnson said. Community s War Hie Law also provides fund to today at his Bel air Home _ _ a Start the appalachian poverty fails development program for vet Jones had been released from Paw Paw. Mich apr the Erans compensation and pen War on poverty in this Little Sions Small business adm is sout Westem Michigan conium traction Loans an investment in nity has ended in defeat the j the inter american Bank Only participant in a work study flood and disaster Relief and for program for High school drop Federal pay raises. Outs dropped 16-year-old boat had in p a a off Fern rolled for a class in Woodwork i a i # a a Yui i Lui p my. He also had a Job As an As no a c Distant janitor in the High Al tag ted get school. Six weeks and s120 later he quit the program. A a in be got enough Money now a a pvt. Wyatt Virgil Earp a i to make a Down payment on a rect descendant of the legend to provide for a new registration system. He called it a straight Forward and free of any discrimination and said it should be Given an nearby Santa Monica Hospital Opportunity to operate before three weeks ago following treat any Federal registrars Are Senta. To. I facilities a the blackest spots on a Ai it Rte a Iri pro Cam his fellow Arkansas Democrat. A a j disorder the i resident said. Sen. John l. Mcclellan said the criticism levelled Quot with the assistance of these people of Arkansas amended the much of the criticism in american forces Over 2,400 state Constitution last november. Al s ate fic la the a was umm 1 americans and other nationals state Constitution up in a word overcrowding Haye been safely evacuated Howard Collier adm Nistra a rom be dominican Republic. Cations. Pete James his agent said the bandleader had apparently recovered Ironi his lengthy sick courteous waitress gets $15,000 tip Warwick r i. Apr a live assistant to the Ohio department of finance who directed a crash cleanup of boys Industrial school earlier this year said the state has no argument on overcrowding. He promised a we will provide much needed housing at both girls Industrial school and Fairfield school for boys tor Merly Bis. A for two Days american forces have been in Santo Dom a Calif called Ingo in an Effort to protect the the caller told by n that lives of americans and the a Leach night he phoned a differ Tio nals of other countries in the ent City in the United states and interviewed a person there. Last night apparently was Cir Cleville a turn. Barton say id Briem was interested in the size of to a Community the Industry located Here famous people from the continued on Page to a we took this step when and Only 20 demonstrate against Antioch College combatants on both sides including prisoners and those in Asylum in foreign embassies. Bennett emphasized that on a cease fire had been discussed with the rebels and not a final settlement. Signing for the rebels were Hugo Conde and col. Fausto Caamano whose brother. Francisco is described As the rebels top military Leader. It was not immediately disclosed who signed the cease fire agreement for the Junta forces headed by Brig. Gen. Elias Wessin y Wessin who rallied elements of the army and air Force and the Navy to oppose the pro Bosch forces. The papal Nuncio in Santo Domingo the it. Rev. Emmanuel Larizzio played a key role in negotiating the cease fire. He was in touch with the rebels and later met with the Wessin Junta at its Headquarters at Isidro air base 20 Miles outside of Santo Domingo. Latest estimates of the toll of Ness until he suffered a slight waitress remembered by a Cus relapse Friday afternoon. His personal physician was called and remained with him until he Lomer As a kind and courteous has received the biggest tip of her career. It or i died James said Augsburg Germany a also at Home were Jones widow Helen Gray co a former motorcycle a he explained keeping score on the rainfall rainfall for 14 hour period finding Ai 8 a. In. Of Normal for april to Date 3.52 actual for pril to Date 3.16 Ahlm 2.24 inches actual since january i 11.47 Normal since january i 13.20 River feet. 6.2 Sunrise. Sunset. 7 25 Harp shooting Earp Broth Singer with his City slickers band and three children. Born Lindley Armstrong Jones at Long Beach calif., in 1911, Jones started his musical career As a drummer in swing Ary s ers. Has qualified As an expert with the m14 Rifle a . Army spokesman announced. Earp. 17, is serving As a tracked vehicle Mechanic with the 24th infantry division Here bands of the Early 1940s. He is a grandson of Virgil Earp he said he got the idea for his who with his brother Wyatt noisy style of music when he tamed Tombstone ariz., during attended a classical concert and americans Frontier Days. Heard the conductors shoes Earp was born in the same squeak. I place As Wyatt a Monmouth Xenia Ohio a _ Only a i Gate the left the real threat to mint it of filers score of citizens Bent on Den Quot who is your in orc a the rest Cenati of a civil but Collier pointed out a we Titrating at Antioch College in Emy the communist.-, and i Ian Junu government headed by receive a youngster after his yellow Springs against alleged believe in americanism i de Yonai Reid Cabral were put at parents have failed his family communist activities at Hie col ounce ten of Niobe loan 500 killed with Aneth he a failed his Church has failed lege began a nine mile March tho marchers were from ports or 5 h polity killed. The in his school has failed the courts to the Campus today. Mouth. Jared ran into a the hundreds. Mrs. Josepina. In Hauer Haye faile<1 the Community has at the Edge of town about just before the March began. In a major Battle Friday with was left so xxx in tile wit of failed society has failed. Naif dropped out of the March the group held a Brief prayer some 1 800 police Royal to the Earl c. Mackay and a mini of a against this background and to get into automobiles for the meeting in downtown Xenia Junta retd forces won the Mas against overwhelming Odds. I trip to Antioch. Presided Over by the Rev. Save Ozama fortress which we Are expected at the state the Leader of the conservative Bruce Brooks of Hie Pentecos commands a strategic position level to come up with instant group Melvin Mccoy a Greene Al Church. He said the group on be Side of the River of county restaurant operator ear was a marching in the Hope that the same name in the Cap Tal. The remainder of the 560,1.00 estate after specific requests of sol ,000 Are paid. Mackay Wiio ate frequently at the father amp son restaurant where mrs. Whitaker is employed was a retired laundry supervisor. Harriman is booked Washington apr . Ambassador at Large by. Averell earmarks about s12 million for a i kept thinking How Tunny it Harriman will address a meet state archives. Schwartz and Whitlatch arlier had estimated As Many As the president and Congress will Gued that the 8 million ear 2,000 a child participate in the make an investigation into Why marked for juvenile facilities j March. Mccoy identified him these subversive groups have from the $290 million Bond Issue self As chairman of a a Greene picketed against Viet Nam and to be voted on tuesday is not county committee for Patriot other adequate. Antioch student leaders vet who watch said the Bond Issue the group plans to March Erans of Many demonstrations around the Campus several on various issues said the Stu times and then go to a nearby dents recognize the right to 111. Before entering the army would be to substitute an oui Vaing of Hie Ohio collegiate Asso a i would rather have More j Park for a meeting last year he lived with Mother at Jacksonville 111. His Genus sound for i note a he said. Musical citation on world affairs in co places to store kids Hian a Lumbus May 12. I pers a he said. Demonstrate but disagree with they carried american flags the motives for Hiis Demontra and signs saying a a let a invests i Tion. Authenticated reports Sai l the rebels under col Francisco Caamano took the fortress after heavy fighting. Survivors who swam the River said the rebels committed atrocities against the defenders and executed several police officers who had surrendered unarmed in All. The rebels were Rejiri Ell to control More than hah of Santo matinee sunday weather Outlook is Good

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