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Circleville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Circleville Herald (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Circleville, Ohio Cloudy and Cool Cloudy and wild with Light drizzle of Day and tonight. Partly Candy with Little Lempira turn change tomorrow. High yesterday 57 Low 43. High today 45-43. Low tonight 32-34. The Circleville Herald monday december 13, 1965 a 14 pages full service associated Presa leased Wilra for state National and world news Central press ple Tore sender leading columnists and artists full local news cover a in 10e per copy 82nd year�?292 major ground fighting ebbs in Viet Nam Saigon Smith Viet Nam v it st of Llanos us spokes apr major ground fighting Man said. H. Viet Nam petered out today Navy pilots claimed another after a Hall dozen weekend abridge two storage areas and tons Cost the communists a heavy toll . Spokesmen said the Viet Cong May be pulling Back to their Jungle hideouts to recover. Four antiaircraft Sites 14 Miles Northwest of the coastal town of Dong hoi he added. In the Battle area South of Danang . Marines and South with partially Clearing skins vietnamese troops hunted a Viet con regiment on the sixth j Day of operation Harvest Moon j but the foe refused to show j the fighting began a Valley 20 mile South a a . Warplanes resumed raids on North Viet Nam after a two Day Lull blamed pm bad weather. Air Force f10s thunderchief himself and f4c phantom jets blasted since two Bridges Northeast of Dick around Bien Phu set a five building o Danang the leathernecks military Complex in the same cotint0 j 193 Viet Cong killed 7g area aflame and cratered the capture a and 287 suspects de approaches to another Bridge in Taine of Marine spokesmen Highway 130 Milf North re8ardh a w1 warily. �?o1 done to think the major fighting has started a said the . Marine commander in Viet Nam maj Gen. Lewis what. . Officials took considerable satisfaction at the surrender of a 22-Man Viet Cong platoon with 11 weapons to men of the . 173rd airborne brigade at to Dat 60 Mil Northeast of Saigon. They coun ted the defection As a major _ achievement for us. Intelli aboard Fiance am psychological War ence apr the aircraft car Falt a eve parts and vietnamese Rier Independence neared her National police Odio negotiated Home port of Norfolk va., today surrender. Where a big Welcome and Navy it was described As the but a big Flattop to be cited Independence is Home from War Bank chief defends interest rate boost unions demand big slice of . Economic pie replacing big bombers a president Johnson has authorized purchases of 210 fbu1 flexible bombers similar to the plane shown to replace the b-52s and b-58s being phased out of service Over the next five years. Total Cost $1.75 billion. C i i gemini 7 soars on set for wednesday rendezvous unit commendations await her after five months of combat operations in the Viet Nam area. Surges of Homecoming happiness pulsed through the ships que son. Air Force b52s from Gest Viet Cong defection in Many months. In the Marine action the leathernecks took Over the High ground near the Rice Hamlet of space Center Houston Tex. Apr the gemini 7 astronauts beat a smooth record shattering Trail through space today with eyes on a wednesday Date with gemini 6. The newly crowned Kings of manned space flight air Force it. Col. Frank Borman and san Francisco a Al Cio leaders demanded today a bigger slice of the nations wealth for workers a Federal curb on the prices of some key commodities and a 50 per cent increase in social Security benefits. In resolutions certain to be gave led to Quick approval by i about 1,000 delegates to the federation a 10th anniversary con a a cation Al Cio policymakers j rejected White House wage guidelines and called for bold Federal policies to create jobs and boost consumer purchasing Power. Quot a faster Rise in wages and i it Inge benefits is needed to j broaden and strengthen Tiu mass markets that Are the foundation of the Economy a one Resolution said. Federation leaders also tug average about $92 per month for living widows and children t retired single worker and $1371 federation blamed the outflow of private capital rate for a married couple. The recent 7 per cent increase barely covered the increased Cost of living the federation said. Al Cio leaders said medical care benefits under social Security a which do not go into effect until next july a should the improved and extended to sur i views Given Congress probe Solon sees move aiding big Banks Washington apr William Mcchesney Martin jr., chairman of the Federal re or than wage increases for the . Balance of Payne ends problem in foreign Trade. J serve Board said today its in it said the Federal government Terest raising action will help should restrict the investment of the . Economy and any de-. Corporations overseas. I wow probably hav8 re Dele a asked Congress to. ,. Raise the minimum wage to $2 air stronger measures and include farm workers in its Martin also told the Senate coverage. Reputed Carolina Klansman believed to be suicide and Guam 1. Air a a 7 a a i Navy cmdr. James a. Pummelled the suspect ,. 4,500 officers and men swiftly erased most of the Lair of a communist regiment i4.Day journey dressed scars of a spectacular fire that in the area 350 Miles Northeast Way Fly a Noth swept the flight deck at midship of Saigon for the second time but underwear. Sunday As the 80.000 ton Flat a since the operation began last Quot this is gemini 7, your top was launching aircraft to wednesday. Fly to Oceania naval air st Walt said the attempt to in _ Tion near Norfolk. Circle and wipe out the Force of after the . Sunday space fore the 9 54 . Liftoff time. Eleven Flicht Derk crewmen 2i00� hard Core communist spectacular stalled in a Cloud of Quot Adios a control told Schirra were burned Ami four others a Quot put i by a 1= i Quot a tinted rocket a Tali. And Stafford suffered minor injuries in the Forest a an attack pm Trie fhe gemini 6 pilots Navy right on schedule the count As ground controllers attempted to boost the spacemen a spirits rested income tax cuts for Low after the sudden scrub of the 1 ail twiddle income families gemini 6 launch. An Ltd elimination of taxes Alto a spacecraft radio was tuned Rether for those under the gov to sunday afternoon profession j Emmentt a poverty income level Al football games. $3,000 a year. If it had not been for corf sex the effects on the Economy of pert split second decisions by 11964 and 1965 tax cuts have Quot Al Lovell i Schirra and Stafford in the face most completely worn off a the jr., sped nine Days deep into of potential danger a and proposed Resolution said. Maybe death a the Chance at a i in recommending a 50 per repeat attempt would have -1 cent increase in social Security shed. Benefits federation leaders said Quot they re cleared for Takeoff a the base on which social secur Friendly target vehicle standing Mission control advised gemini to taxes Are assessed should be by a Borman messaged Earth 7, passing overhead shortly be increased from the present $6, 600 to $15,000 a year supple Granite Quarry . Apr the Rowan county Coroner said today the death of Grady b. Mars retired military policemen linked with the Kun Force after 20 years As a military policeman. Another klan official Daniel Burros of new York City shot himself to death in Reading pa., when the new York times flux klan by a congressional published a Story revealing his jewish background shortly after the committee hearings. Fire triggered by Iet fuel spilled 1 Arine beachhead at Chu Lai capt. Walter m. Schirra or. And Down proceeded. From a ruptured drop tank of a 52 Miles Southeast of Danang. Air Force maj. Thomas p. Staf Quot. .5, 4, 3. 2, 1, ignition phantom ii fighter plane. On her arrival at Norfolk the carriers Crew and members of air Wing 7 were to be greeted by their families and by vice . Waldemar Wendt Deputy commander in chief of the Atlantic Fleet. On orders of Secretary of the Navy Paul Nitze Wendt was to present to the ship and her air Wing the Navy unit commendation for exceptionally Merito 23 canine heroes of War honoured Ford saw their 103,000-mile space Hunt and rendezvous with gemini 7 foiled before they left the launch at Cape Kennedy Fla. A false signal shut off the launch rockets engines. Already tired launch Crews exhaust boiled from beneath the mighty vehicle but the rocket did no to move. Quot shutdown a announced Mission control with scarcely a pause. By this time under these con to ready gemini 6 for another Pursuit try at 8 37 . Est. Wednesday. It can be fired As Agana. Guam a it tuck Liale ass sturday. Away in a dears just m the Borman and ij0veu got orders Mam Highway inking Andersen. Fans it it rep of nil to insure the pm worked around the clock today j editions Schirra and Stafford were close to making a decision to eject and be thrown Clear of the soldering rocket live with fuel. But they just gripped their rented by extra Money from the Federal Treasury. The Cost should not be charged to future generations of workers Ami employers they declared. Social Security benefits now Asia m support of United states i buried. A National the Only one of its kind in Independence first at-1 tic the tack Fleet Carrier assigned to a urge White Cross Marks the the Cha seas launched More a a the Iet than 7,000 combat sorties from the Jungle in against the enemy and took part me a White Fence Are the head in the first major series of stones marking the Graves of coordinated strikes against military dogs members of the North vietnamese Supply lines corps which were used to North of the Hanoi Haiphong rout out the dug a japanese Complex. During the . Invasion of meant an abbreviated Experiment schedule and much Drifting fight. Light conversation flowed Between the spacecraft and Earth ejection rings. Then the fuel pressure started slowly decrease like the damage to the capsule and seats might have been to severe to repair before the end of the gemini 7 flight. Continued on Page 9 once around round town Gene Lindsey Baker of the Guam in 1944. The White headstones show a dogs head in profile beneath which is the name and rank of French Premier Georges Rusk queries French aide on Degaulle s nato stand Paris apr Secretary of Gaulle a opposition to nato Instate Dean Rusk called integration. The animal. Four corporals a Bunkie Hobo Yonnie and Koko a and 16 privates first class Are buried there. Three headstones Are marked called Quot the american War dog cemetery a the Small graveyard is tended now by . Air Force Kennel attendants at nearby Anderson fab a world s largest pumpkin where 21 German shepherds continue to be an important unit of the military on Guam. Pie a has a problem. Lindsey who owns a local bake shop said he has an order for a cake to be sent to Honolulu for a boy in service. Syst be for firebug again dress of the Serviceman and has Ohio City Alert no idea who the recipient of the cake is to be. The Baker is open to suggestions. More mushrooms have appeared on the round town scene. This time mrs. Margaret Wise 423 s. Court st., found two of the White sponge variety growing on her Lawn. Keeping score on the rainfall rainfall for 4 hour period ending at 8 a. A. 13 Normal for dec. To Date 1.17 actual for dec. To Date .32 behind .85 inches Normal since january 1. 38,20 actual since january 1. 41.74 River feet. -40 Sunrise. ? Sunset a. 5 07 Bridgeport Ohio apr this Ohio River town evidently has a firebug on its hands for the second time in As Many years. Three places broke out in flames saturday. One was damaged too heavily�?$20,000 Worth a to yield immediate evidence of arson but the others were held to minor loss and presence of Railroad flares indicated they had been deliberately set. And fire burned itself out in a Wood pile at Scott lumber co. A where a $50,000 fire about a year ago was attributed to arson. A Young Man convicted of setting the lumberyard Blaze and other fires last year was released from prison about six weeks ago. Authorities including state fire Marshall a investigators said they re seeking him again. Pidoux today As foreign and defense ministers of the Atlantic Alliance gathered to discuss an integrated nuclear Force and Frances part in the Alliance. Rusk told newsmen on his arrival he did not expect anything surprising to emerge from the ministers meeting opening tuesday at Headquarters of the North Atlantic treaty organization. But in calling on Pompidou and foreign minister Maurice Couve de Murville Rusk was putting into practice another observation that Quot i think my stay in Paris will be discuss with other ministers the questions in our the question uppermost in Rusk s mind As he talked with the French officials undoubtedly was president Charles de 27 ohioans killed in weekend mishaps by the associated press careless smoking and careless handling of weapons joked an average quota of traffic accidents As killers in Ohio Over the weekend. Between 6 . Friday and Midnight sunday there were at least 27 accidental deaths. Some 20 were in traffic 3 in separate fires each blamed on dropping cigarettes 2 by guns. The others were a drowning and the death of a youngster on whom a Rock fell while he played in an excavation. Ministers of the 15 nato nations will tackle these problems a Frances opposition to integration of nato military forces. A proposals for an integrated nuclear Force that would give West Germany More say in nuclear strategy. A indications from Moscow that Progress could be made on German reunification Access to West Berlin or a Viet Nam peace conference if the integrated nuclear Force idea is dropped. Observers said trading the nuclear integration proposals for soviet concessions on any of the above goals could Lead to an East West agreement to halt the spread of nuclear weapons. Diplomats believe red Chi nays explosion of a nuclear device has made the russians More anxious to achieve a non proliferation agreement with the americans and the British. The main stumbling Block to such an agreement is Moscow a opposition to the u. S. And British proposals for nato nuclear integration. The soviets say the proposals would give West Ger Many indirect Access to nuclear weapons. Thieves shun message Heywood England a thieves broke into a sunday school Here sunday and made off with 60 ballpoint pens. Embossed on each was Quot May the lord forgive your angered Man sets Blaze killing 13 Chicago a Quot i just got mad. They have thrown me this was the explanation of Robert Lee Lassiter As he admitted using a borrowed match to touch off a fire saturday night which killed 13 persons and injured 22 in a West Side tavern. Lassiter 26, of Chicago was charged sunday with 13 counts of murder. Lassiter a labourer for an electric company told police that he splashed a gallon of gasoline in the door of the Seeley club on West Madison Street then borrowed a match to ignite it. The incident that touched off the fire Lassiter said was an argument with Eddie Gaston 38 a waiter at the club. Witnesses said Lassiter had been flourishing a Large switchblade knife and Gaston told him to put it away. The two men grappled after arguing and Lassiter was forced to leave. Quot ill be Back and they re going to get it a witnesses quoted Lassiter As saying As he left. Gaston was among the even men and six women killed in the Blaze. Investigator May have been suicide. Mars 41, died of a gunshot wound in the head in his bedroom saturday night. Coroner Rufus Honeycutt quoted Mars wife Jean As saying her husband had been despondent since refusing to testify before the House committee on in american activities when it was investigating the klan in october. He said an official ruling on the cause of death will be made tuesday Quot after we get certain reports Back from the state Bureau of investigation lab in Raleigh. Quot in a pretty sure it was suicide but it wont be official until tuesday a Honeycutt said. Donald t. Appell chief counsel for the House committee on in american activities identified Mars in october As a District officer and organizer for the United klans of America. Mars pleaded the fifth amendment when asked about klan activities at a committee hearing. J. Robert Jones North Carolina grand dragon of the klan would not say what office Mars held or even confirm that he belonged to the organization. Quot you wont find out from me and you wont find out from any other member of the klan a said Jones who also lives in Granite Quarry. Jones said Mars moved to Granite Quarry and began working As an Auto Mechanic after retiring from the . Air boy 16, gets life sentence for murder Columbus Ohio a Clarles a. Fulton 16, was convicted of first degree murder monday but a three judge panel recommended mercy making a life sentence mandatory while sparing him from the electric chair. Fulton was indicted in the slaying Here last january of Richard vice 21-year-old Shore store clerk during a Holdup. He was convicted earlier of an armed robbery charge by common pleas court jury. But that jury failed to agree on a murder verdict and the Case subsequently was presented to the panel of three judges. Fulton received 10-25 years on the armed robbery charge. Death said drawing near for author Nice France apr British author w. Somerset maugham Lay in a coma in a Hospital today and his doctor gave him less than 24 hours to live. The 91-year-old writer offered a stroke saturday at his Seaside Villa at Cap ferrat he has been unconscious Ever since. His doctor George to Anoff told newsmen sunday night that maugham was Quot in the throes of Alan f. Searle maugham a Secretary and companion for years said the author had directed in a will he made several years ago that his body be Ere mated and the ashes sent to England to be placed m Canterbury Cathedral. Maugham Only child lady John Hope was not Al his bed Side and it was doubted that she would come to Nice. Maugham tried to disown her several years ago and adopt Searle but a French court refused to per Mit it. Maugham abandoned a medical career at the end of the last Century and became a writer after interning at a Hospital m London s Lambeth District. His life As a medical student former the basis for his masterpiece Quot of human bondage a in 1912. Obj returns to capital conference series faces president Washington a p a presi Dent Johnson returned to the White House Early today for an intensive round of conferences with foreign leaders final preparations for the new budget and More discussion of Viet Nam. Johnson had been at his lbs ranch near Johnson City Tex., for 24 Days a relaxing recuperating from his oct. 8 operation and holding a series of top level policy talks on the whole Range of governmental activity. Press Secretary Bill d. Moyers said staff work would occupy much of the presidents time today. Johnson had to make final preparations for the arrival tuesday of president Mohammed Ayub Khan of Pakistan for two Days of meetings. Ayub arrived in new York sunday. Prime minister Harold Wilson of great Britain who has been trying to promote Viet Nam peace talks will be at the White House Friday. West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard who wants for his country a role in the nuclear defense of Western Europe will arrive saturday for two or three Days of conferences with Johnson. The president and mrs. Johnson Are expected to return to the ranch a few Days before Christmas for a Holiday stay that May continue into january. While in Washington Johnson also will have to oversee final preparation of the Federal budget including decisions on How sharply to curb funds for Quot great society programs enacted this year. Officials disclosed Friday that curbs have been ordered to help offset expected outlays in Viet Nam. In addition the president faces new decisions on Viet Nam and that subject is certain to take up much of his time. House economic committee that his Independent Agency had kept president Johnson a administration continuously informed. Quot there has been a continuing Frank Exchange of views Between the Federal Reserve and administration officials both before and after the boards actions a he said. The action taken by the Board a week ago raised by one half of one per cent the discount rate that determines the Cost of borrowing Money. It was deplored by president Johnson and others and there was special criticism of the timing of the move since Federal budget information will be available in just about a month. The chairman of the committee rep. Wright Patman a Tex., said in an interview he believes the Federal reserves real motive for the increase was not to Ward off inflation or improve the International standing of the Dollar but to Quot bail out the new York Banks which have $15 billion in certificates of Deposit coming Patman said the Banks wanted a higher interest rate for the certificates a special form of Deposit for a fixed time on which Banks normally higher than regular interest. Quot they thought they might have trouble getting the certificates unless they could 5vfc per cent a Patman said. The Federal Reserve Board announced on dec. 5 an increase in the discount rate from 4 to 4�t per cent and an increase from 4vi to 5v4 per cent in the ceiling on interest rates Banks can on time deposits. Johnson promptly expressed his displeasure. The resulting increase in interest rates throughout the banking system tends to raise the Cost of Money for All borrowers from the consumer buying a television set or automobile to the businessman expanding his Plant and the government Selling Bonds to cover its deficit. No news Down Here none up there either space Center Houston Tex. Apr gemini 7s crewmen were Quot right in the Middle of breakfast As they talked with space Center personnel on a pass Over Houston about Early today. Quot id like to give you the new but i really Haven to heard any a said the voice of Mission control. Quot nothing new up Here either a replied Navy cmdr. James a. Lovell jr., gemini 7 Pilot. A smasher site decision is near Washington apr the atomic Energy commission is getting closer to a decision on where to locate its $280-million atom smasher. Four Man teams have completed special inspections of the 85 Sites still in the running and Are turning their reports Over to the National Academy of sciences. The Academy is to recommend five or six of the locations to the dec. An dec spokesman said the Academy recommendations Arentt expected before the end of january Viet reds said United London apr British journalist Felix Greene reported after his recent visit to North Viet Nam that Quot the bombing of their country has United the North vietnamese As nothing else could have a i staging i Days till t tuesday s shopping hours most stores 9 . A til 9

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