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Circleville Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 1

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Circleville Herald (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Circleville, Ohio Thunderstorms mostly sunny and warm today. Cloudy tonight and tomorrow with thunderstorms sunday afternoon. High yesterday 39 Low 29. High inlay 52-56. Low tonight 42-45. The Circleville Herald full service associated press leased we for state National and world a ears. Central press picture Are vice leading columnists and a rust full local Newt cover a a. Saturday apr 3, 1965 to Paget 10c per copy 82nd year�?79 red jets appear North Viet skies Canadian chief end to Viet air apr discusses Lester b Canadian s the mayor proclaims it a Mavor Ben la. Gordon officially signs the proclamation that declares april 4-10 As a chamber of Commerce week in Circleville observing on the left is Jack Clifton president of the Circleville area chamber. On the right is mrs. E. R. Bennett flambe Secretary. The chamber Observance will he conducted pm a National level. Special activities has been planned for the local scene. Bama business Holdwa termites competing with gop for Cash funds Thurmon i met president Johnson with prime Miniatt Pearson today the Call for a respite iii air strikes against North Viet Nam As a possible first step toward peace. Johnson who flew by helicopter Friday night to t amp David a presidential Retreat in Maryland s Cato tin mountains a urges strikes he tit toned French indo Navy planes jumped while on bomb run Certoma club charter event due tonight Circleville newest service organization lists 38 members Circleville newest service organization. Certoma club will by chartered tonight in a special program at the fair ranged an informal afternoon comprise the International Coni transitory Aura of , Bridge at Dong Phuong said Saigon. South Viet Nam apr . Navy planes today knocked out a Bridge 65 mile producing results although he i to twined French indo China and declined to speculate on that he1 created two Viet Nanis. said a we will try to take such Ever Tho commission has been measures As Are appropriate relatively powerless to Deal with and fitting Ami measured and the vietnamese War. I. / Are calculated to deter the a the site of the Johnson Pear South if Hanoi capital of Coin a son meeting is Aspen Lodge mum St North Viet Nam and at the same time. Johnson inside the closely guarded Campi were challenged for the first said lie and his advisors arc David reservation. It was Here time by red planes willing to do anything honorable in 1059 that president Dwight d. Three communist Mig jets in Pursuit of peace Eisenhower conferred with so jumped the planes As they at Canada Poland and Viet Premier Khrushchev in a tacked a Road and railway officials irked by Boycott or. King plan denounced As bid for Power Montgomery Ala. Washington apr Gold just How this fund would be water forces seem to be com administered by the 1964 re Peting with the Republican a publican presidential candidate grounds 4-h and Grange build ing. Special guests will include mayor m. E. Jack san san bran nor of Columbus and mayor Ben Gordon of Circleville. No Agenda was announced but Pearson a suggestion for a moratorium on . Bombing of North Vici Nam was certain to figure prominently in the talks. Plans for the second Johnson the program is scheduled to Pearson meeting in less than tonal committee for those apparently is a mystery to two Start at 6 30 p. Rn., with dinner j three months were announced hard to get $100 Bdl the faithful republicans Robert Coldwater set for 7 p. In. The evening will by the White House shortly be cough up for party dinners. Said would be honoured guests at be capped with a dance ached i at least that s the import of a a a dinner National chairman j used to Star at 9 30 p. In. Letter Harry Coldwater Broth Bliss and former ice artist closes his shop shuns costume of 49er or Robert has been wanting in president Richard m. Nixon. The local organization has 38 members. Tonight s event is i trying to drum up attendance at ordinarily the National com expected to be attended by a i die party dinner in Phoenix Mittee gets a portion of the re More t13&Quot 120 persons. A Many of Alabama s leading april 14 that is billed As a a trib seipts when a acute party Organ a a a businessmen and legislators ate to nation i on a fund raising guests will be from the co believe or. Martin Luther the Money we will raise Din my a in Ihu rack a Lumbus s e r t o in a club t h e Kings economic Boycott of this from this dinner is going into a Etc Case rare it Coldwater group that sponsored the local conference thursday the United tion to evict him. Conference with Pearson. J Mission set up to enforce the Goodwill that was known As a the Cape George la. Whistler Navy 1954 Geneva accords that Par spirit of Camp spokesman. Navy planes chased a j a migs but lost them in the Baze. At the same time. 50 . An Force floor and f105s bit the Ham rung Bridge at Thanh Hoe a City of More than a million 15 Miles South of where the Columbia Calif. Apr of Bia about the state Ami its parti Navy pla41es struck fore Pearson said Friday night Charles Surendorf a 56-year in Columbia from tile beginning. A . Military spokesman in Philadelphia that a pause in old artist who Trade his j How it has prostituted the town. Said several hits were scored on air strikes might prompt the conservative Brown Tweed suit i really changed its complexion a j the Bridge but could not say communist regime in Hanoi to for a piers costume is packing he said. I whether it was destroyed. It is a adopt More flexible policies. I up Bis canvases and closing his the family s Only remaining 5 Inre Span suspension Bridge there was no in mediate1 gallery after 18 years in this artist will be daughter Karla he 800 it Ards Long White House reaction to the restored Gold Rush town said a 22-year-old designer of a action farther North suggestion. Surendorf said Friday he will pop Art jewelry in new Yorkus Whistler said he did not believe however Johnson told a news nol cont it totes Legal a Greenwich Village where i . Planes got close enough to state will Only Hurt racial rela find which will be administered evidently will decide whether to club and from other Central slates Quot will continue to take Bons. By Barry to further the Aims of Deposit any of the Money in the Ohio clubs. Also expected to Membres he described As a map a Elf the Boycott should be sue those who believe in our form Oft Quot atonal it a Treasury. Take part Are the governor and proper bite and fitting and cos pcs soul it can serve no other government a wrote Robert w. Bliss has made it Clear that so leu ens governor o he hic ump a a a words he has used re purpose than to Worsen race Coldwater. I far As he can shape party poli District of Certoma. Peat edit in talking about bomb relations in the state a said a i know that Vou did More Ces they will be directed to the Circleville club will meet fog missions North of Viet Crawford Johnson 111, a soft than your share in the support trying to reclaim the support of each wednesday at noon in am s nth parallel drink executive and president of j of the conservative cause during negroes and other minority Pickaway arms. The Birmingham chamber of the last election but that you groups which went Over Ernest snap Ankrom will _ u Commerce. Too might want to be part of whelming against Coldwater serve As the local clubs first fog be second annual peace Coneen a a fortunately i dont think this a Jast years presidential con j president first vice president guar l to Temple University. I Wear c i clothes a it would Cost me too much a woman he said. A they have All the tax payers Money behind Surendorf has been running a one Man slow a1 his gallery since 1947. When enc state took Over the town and restores its i Don t think that or. King will be he said. King announced the three stage Boycott Friday in Baltimore. The first stage of the Boycott which he said would Start immediately is to ask any Industry or National business concern considering building plants in Alabama a to immediately suspend their plans for such Kent state also shelves pamphlets a test. Is Glenn Thornton second vice Nixon at the Republican president is Dan Davis and the women a conference Here third vice president is Jerry i called for prompt enactment of Penwell legislation to end voting Dis other officers Are Clark Crim nation against negroes in Zwayer secretory Larry the South. Lewis treasurer and Clyde but Coldwater said there is Cook jr., sergeant at arms. I enough legislation on tile books the Board of directors in i a to demand and obtain the right Clu Les Roger Rennington to vote for every qualified Cit Pearson a Veteran Diplomat buildings As a Monument to the made his suggestion in accept Gold Rush Era. Others signed Sion contracts agreeing to i loth ing of the miners of he said that unless Steps Are j that Day. Taken soon to reach a peaceful of sure xxi Ort Kent Ohio apr Kent state University has joined Bowling 1j the second stage would Deal j Green state University in de with private investment funds in Riding against distributing a to Alabama and Federal deposits in linearly controversial pamphlet. Republican Leader Everett a a a it a is tool it it g in m a i m Dirks of Illnois is Champe while the third stage would Spe voted on in the May primary. I civic ally single out items this leaves Miami University on produced in the state which and the University of Akron As Bliss reminded the gop worn King feds the nation should the Only state supported or Asen that the National organization James Fausnaugh Paul settlement a the War in Viet Nam might Well become a far wider and More terrible Johnson spent much of Hie week considering Viet Nam strategy. He met thursday and Friday with Maxwell d. Taylor and the american ambassador to a cos a a wily should i Wear Turtle a he asked. A the St a it the is making the place a Cali Val. In a not going to be party to a How did the costume idea get started a two old ladies who have Don t make the Man or fire durin8 tiie Pursuit of tile migs. The raid w As the closest to Hanoi yet made by . Planes and this May have accounted for the presence of tile migs. La seemed Likely the Mig were not sent up spoiling for a fight against the More numerous Navy planes but were already in the air when the raid began Whistler did not say what Cleveland a �?1die a Model of the soviet built Mig ran milk producers and the was involved or what National milk producers federation of markings they bore. But North Cleveland Are accused of seek Viet Nam is known to have ing to create a monopoly on some old mig15 and mig17 air milk in northeastern Ohio in a Craft. They Are not believed to suit filed by the Lawson milk possess any of the sophisticated co. In u. S. District court Here. M1g21s. Lawson a major retailer sup Whistler said the red jets a lawsuit hits sugar Pool milk setup Izen in every state of this in ams it Robert Scranton John South Viet Nam. he said there is no need Jenkins and Lewis Cookjr. For the voting rights Bill presi a Dent Johnson is urging and sen Boycott. Listed schools still planning to needs Money. He said that a once we develop a program Tho hrs a pm it brought a Mir 1 hand out the pamphlets. Kent officials said Friday that commands Confidence responses from Alabama state legislators. A the White folks if they so desire can Boycott too a said continued on Page 5 once around round town night that because the question among our potential contrib has become a to mics Issue the tutors. Then Tho Fonds we need to. Ill Llull. University will not distribute the do the Job will be forthcoming 15.000 pamphlets it was sent by woman is accused of slaying mate trying dig grave Cleveland apr mrs. Eld a Dortch was to appear in municipal court today on a Sec ohioans for jobs and Progress i ii i be Jefe a group pushing for passage of vice m i mss Sis the issues. A earlier in the Day Bowling Green officials decided not to Juhl 111 distribute their 5.000 pamphlets j democratic leaders had expressed a a Shock that state supported or assisted schools plied by some 700 Independent geared on the scene and made very ugly legs thought tins up a producers charges that the two a pass on one . Aircraft. He lie said. A they wanted to cover cooperatives Are trying to Force said lie did not know if the Taylor was asked by news them up with those Long skirts the Independent producers to migs fired but he assumed they men Friday if he had sought an and the state Park commission join their groups. Did and had missed Hie Navy intensification of the air strikes went ti16 suit asks the court to de plane. Apparently the Navy lie said. A i am quite satisfied Surendorf was under orders to Clare a proposed a super Pool planes did not score any hits by the pattern i conform to the clothing order or agreement by the cooperatives either. Johnson was asked thursday close his shop by Midnight illegal under antitrust acts. Such Whistler said the attack was if he thought the bombings Are thursday. A p0�?�1 i charges would de a completely successful in sever but Friday morning he Prive Lawson of its Independent i fog route i. Opened his gallery dressed As source of milk and Force the thirty aircraft from tile 7th i usual in a Tweed suit. Company to pay a fixed rate on Piee carriers Hancock and Cor word of Legal action by tile m a i k throughout the year. Ajea bad stacked the Bridge state to evict him however associations from on Rankine across Nam a River this changed the artists mind. On mich., fort Wayne j1- and morning Birt caused Only mod wednesday he will put every j Toledo Beloit and Seville in Era e damage. Pilots reported a thing in storage. Ohio would in included in a in heavy rest noted visibility i a a in a not going to move out., supercool the petition says. Prober asked to Eye klan plan for Ohio Parent Icide the High school gymnasium bulged at the seams last night for the Circleville elementary music festival. Superintendent Fritz Jacobs Columbus Ohio apr Ohio said the program was one of the Republican rep. John m. Ash most a Well received programs i Brook one of five congressmen staged Here. More than 2. On a subcommittee Investigat-000 parents and friends of the ing activities of the Kun jux cast which in itself numbered klan has been asked to con i be got three kids to support. I a second attack was ordered this afternoon and 30 Al sky the Price of class i or drink j think leu sure a Book on�?~6olum- ride Trtat attack plane Pound would distribute the pamphlets mount Vernon Ohio a nearly 700, attended the pro duct a full and thorough in which they contend Are political. Cd Knox Gram. Venation of the klan in your the four tames would guar-1------ Home human Skull is linked to a hundredweight under the Supe Pool plan and would remain dumped 500 and 1,000 bombs on tile Bridge dropping Antee Loans to College students Man pleaded innocent Friday of Ond degree murder charge her a Amnion Theo Hilhouse Quot set to tw0 charges of second de children of the various schools 1he Columbus chapter of the husband found dead in the base up an Industrial financing pro-1 Gree murder in shoot an Opportunity to be together it a .1� month. Missing boy Awn Quot Quot Home Quot beside Testate go ment and a a in his parents. The judge and Tai Ither Tor tit Fly a arcement of coloured people came Ridge. Ohm a a what police said a the Start of provide Viri Otts statewide Cash i we Kab attempts to plead tin a in several years id i Quot a e a ,lc4"�?o of Mogul near he he a a be of a Woin. I doctors still to a grave. Tai through issu-1 8ul, cations Are the event will be Ani , a Al. A fight against medicare Bill a rave Tai improvements through Issue police said mrs. Dortch 32. Ance of $296 million Worth of admitted shooting Hor husband Bonds. John 33. Jan. 7 with a .25-Eali democrats have entered Ber revolver. Police quoted her their attack on the re apportion As saying her husband came at ment Issue her in a menacing Way. The body was dragged to the to Sqq awarded basement and the woman a it patently tried to buy it. A 6x3. A. A a. Foot Hole was smashed in the in Lios p la cd i Jill t Concrete. The body was found wednes Cleveland apr a com Day in the locked fruit cellar Mon pleas jury has awarded a next Day parcel the pleas of innocent were annual one. Entered for Ned Alton Chrisman in municipal court by his at-1 tourneys. Christman was charged in. Tuesdays shooting of his Par Deli qty aug of ends or. And mrs. Arthur d. Chrisman both 65, in the Lam Ortric fairs Home the three shared South-015 of a Stdio West of Here. Chrisman interrupted Fri Columbus Ohio by the Man s relatives after mrs. Dortch was arrested on a 1 i a Onny in o if haul a it Day delivery on parcels of Columbus Day s arraignment to ask that w j i t i h,.rr�ir.r>. Judge Creed j. Lester Quot gel the Quot called a p m Jya Quot la to Tom. A Fth m announced by an assistant Post Means to Hick 29-year-old Mother of five an thing Over with master general for a wide arca a i am As guilty As anybody. A of Ohio $85,000 judgment against Huron statement. That the klan will an whose 14-year-old son Digap undertake a series of Cross geared four years ago has been burnings in Ohio and an ear determined to be that of a White Lier claim by Ashbrook that the male Between 141 and 15a. J klan exists a Only on paper in the Skull was discovered Ohio. March 18 by mrs it. James Koch William k. Smith of Grove of it 2 Guernsey who saw her. City who described himself As Dot a playing 11 in her front a a an old Klansman a but who said Yard he had the consent of Ohio r was Silt to the pathology apr grand dragon Flynn h. Harvey Laboratory at University How it i announced the tax Columbus who a to it it rabies As a eds Friday ease the klan a since the finding of the Skull membership. He estimated cur sheriffs deputies and volunteers rent Buckeye membership at 1, throughout the year.,. 4. Milk price., to producers nor Span a a a May fluctuate in the Spring and 60 Tony it it bombs Quot Ere drop cd fall one Navy f8 crusader Jet the cooperatives Are paving was bit by antiaircraft fire Dur producers about $4.50 a Hun a big the afternoon raid. The Pilot d red weight and plans to con a landed safely at Danang air Tine this or i c e for the n sex t base in South \ Iet Nam with a Hydraulic system failure. In Saigon a City wide search was launched for a Viet Cong Sedan reported loaded with explosives and destined for a terrorist attack on the . Information service or the nearby Caravelle hotel. Continued on Page in steel negotiations Baltimore. My. A recess for weekend or. Helen b. Taussig. Cod Evelo a Pittsburgh Paap pet of tie famed it Lue baby a negotiations for a new contract ration was one of a group of Baltimore doctors who voted Friday night to reject a $50 As forgery charge. She had told Road Hospital for an injury she in the United states Quot he said. T. Too and said the goal is 200,. I Koch Honie for the rest of the. Ho., Chrisman was bound Over to Abell 32._ Youngs sub. Skeleton. The relatives Doyich was in de troit. Keeping score on the rainfall rainfall for j4 hour or Rod claims she suffered in Pital labor room. The verdict came Friday in Der Bonds totalling $100,000. Favor of mrs. Sarah Chan who came Here la years ago from Hong Kong. She had sought $150,000 from the Hospital and her physician. Mrs. Chants attorneys present Villi Las i Oil n in us Usu Ulvi in a a. I in in. In Cicin. A Hio to i ivc the Knox county grand jury in Cabinet member in the Johnson a fax s<11 Lus. Search of the area was sched administration said the Speed Ohio is not among the nine begin today the up in service was brought about states with klan organizations sheriffs department enlisting hebrew Union College by close Sehchi uling of transp a he he of set the Aid of the Ohio Highway hebrew in on College tation and Mau processing by on Fri reports and findings in he Patio Auxin a and professor Dies of 83 zip code. J preliminary hearings by the Bob hiking club of zip code. Abell said the area to be Cov tending at 8 a. In. No i Normal for april to Date .24 actual for april to Date behind .04 Inch .20 actual since january i 9.12 Normal since january i 9.97 of Tver feet 5.20 Sunrise 6 13 i i in 1 by Ashland Mansfield w oods cinc1nnati apr or Abraham Cronbach 83. A Lead ered by the a next Day delivery led testimony that a hypodermic ing Reform jewish writer and i is bounded on the North by Lake a faculty member of the hebrew i Erie Tiffin and Bloomdale East Union College for nearly 30 years died Friday. He came to the College in 1922 and taught until 1950 when he became professor emeritus. He was born in Indianapolis preliminary hearings by House committee on in american activities. In the Basic steel Industry Are in recess this weekend the 12-Man Industry United a i.,r steelworkers committee held a have been searching Tiar the to ,.cal ii zip session Friday. This committee medical. Is bargaining Over wages and i do not Hulk that ans of us outer Kev Dein ands. Should spend Money on our in Wuh str pc Dea it i. Age said or. Taussig of we do right our image will take care of or. Taussig 66. Retired in 1963 after 33 years As head of the cardiac clinic of the children a i line looming in the background no agreement has been reported on anything but the most minor Plant level problems. Injection administered by nurse at tile Hospital caused nerve damage that left Muscles in the mothers right leg paralysed. Mrs. Chants fourth child Sally was born in Huron Road Hospital dec 26u 1950, Field Marietta and Pomeroy Cleveland museum of Art has South by Gallipolis Ironton purchased a painting by 17th Portsmouth and West Union j Century Spanish master Diego and West by Greenville Erlton de Silva Velazquez for about and Burkettsville $500,009. Cambridge High school. I Ca Xuac clime in Uil us uni cd a p j ailing the missing boy Mickey Koch i department at Johns Hopkins a Unser ailing a a a disappeared july 24. R a a or Hospital. New Albany id. Apr rare painting Dought wandering int a Woods near she and 90 per cent of the 300 retired supreme court Justice Cleveland apr the the Home with his boy scout doctors at the meeting voted to Sherman a. Minton 74. Who a. Reverse an acceptance of the j participated in the historic about a year later an a Levy p a s s e d by a six vote school desegregation decision of knife Aud other articles Benev i margin three weeks ago at an 1954. Was listed in critical cond cd the boy were found in the j other meeting attended by 90 i Hon today after suffering we Wood nov to Ian i ii no i Laoj Tiki physicians anal bleeding

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