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Cincinnati Emporium (Newspaper) - August 10, 1826, Cincinnati, Ohio PttlNTED AND PUBLISHED tfl 3. \U10WWE, *Jio. 99, MAIN STREET, faPOSITB THK WEST ERD OF THE LOWER «AREET BOUSir. TKiivis.--^    circ/ÁMiri £,hpo- JIÍUMU at .T'aw l%re0 Dtilitrt paid temi-annuiUt^ Three dollar» Cf Fi/ltf cent», if dot pmd until after the gear expire». f i» prttdetl -rebhl^f on A »uper royal lAfíí, jÍPRst ortt íuÉcien doüar» antl Fifty cent* a ¡fenrt in adfvanee, M*y«, in »ny atí ftf DoÜítr»paid temi-annuiüty iH édvanee, M#otint iuch jud The deleyalion elected to prepufe á charter tor the city óf Cinoinnati, respectfütty report tjie (ellowin^hill as he resnlt of their Ubouf. V THOS. HENl)EH30N,Pro'suP. T. Attest—Samubl R. Miller, Clerk. M. Brtiok» Oalflo Fléídier Eijo» WoothrafT ' Joeci^ ttills Ira White Winthrop 0. Orr William Woodward JaflKib RcEor Uayid lirtrhiff . ^ckef Nelsieti Jame» Cobb Casper Hopple i O. M. fipehcct John Shdlty William Sayre i W. Saunders Horace Pease John Sherlock J. II. Speer Jonah M*.rtin William L, Steront P. keiily George Redding S, -Goriiwu . Wado Wm. Hill Woodward William Burke James Ferguson . Jame» Reynold» dfephen Vfoeks and limitationi »»béor she might or conld heve bííwt»had Mch jndgmtmt been rendere»! by any jnstico ofthe peace for the township of Cincinnati; and xk, all dases where tJie Mayor shall render jitdj^mont for the tiolation of any ordin-nkoe of city^ the defemlant or defendants shall baee liberty within ton days thereafter to al t6 tlnr city court established in and by » act, by giving bond to said city, wHh at snrety acceptable to «aid atirn not lew than double the judgmeait ant! costs, in any case, qpnditbipcd for the payment of the debts, dam< age», aiid costs that shall be reooyered against hMR, hcr,*txr thom! in the said city court, whicb appeal, when perhjctetl by giving bond as afore-sahl, i^alt entitle' the party appealing to the nme r^ts ami prlyilegw, subject to the same cc^ditions. restrictions, and limitationi^ asb thb laws of tliis stitíe pertain to parties appeal tng frdqi the jadgi^nts of justices of the peace to iha ^irts of Common Fleas. Elmore Wjiliamsv A BIIA* te incorporate the City of Cincinnati, and for repealing aU , laws and parts of laws keretolbrecnact^ that subject. Beotton i, Beit enacted by the Oeneral .^«sew* hly oft »tate oft Ohio, TÍiat *o rodch of the efMjuty Hamiltonas is coatained wfthlii the foUówing boimd*, to wit i beginning 9^ the CWiioriyer attbeitttst corner of the,factional section number twelve, and runninr with the township line ef Cincinnati, t* “ill Creek, thoncé down WlH Creek wijh «3 meandefs to the Ohio fiver, thetiée east*váW|y üp said river lUan /with'the southern bjdhdarv of the state of ^toto the place beginning, shall be. and »reby is eétablíshed and declared to be a City; I 'l¡ j and the inhabitants thereef are hereby created a body corp0r.ito aftd politic, with perpetn»! snp celiion, bv thénAtne and stylo of “THE CITY OF CINCINÍí ATI,*’ and as such- by that name •hall be capable in law of contracting and being contracted with, ofsuing and being snwl, I pleading ahd being imnlgaded, answering and being ahsWeieil nnto in all courts and placa, j    «R mattevs whatsoeyer! and also of pur- 'ijL chasing, holding, usin?, occupying, e’»Í"yldg, conveying resi and personal esUte; gmi Tkiall have a corporate seal, and may chango, al-T.ter, or renew tnesameat pleasure; and for the better onloringand govenvng said city, the ei-ercisaof the ^fponto power» of the same here-hf^nted, shall be vested in a Board of Trustees, to consut of three robbers from each wnrl, to be denominated tho Clly Council: to-•^hci wHh well oliicer» asare herein prorl >i 4»d for. Sec. % That the *aid city of Cincinnati shall ' litaml hereby is invested, as the lawful owner I *nd mpppe.tor, with al! foe real and personal estate, ah^ oil the rights and jwiyilego» thereof, ,^^ogctf»erwith all thepr rasrty, fund», and rev-all    dsfois,    accoants, aad dc- ’tmi owing, or in any wise belonging tO'Sai<ishty,or which, by or under the authority of anf former act or acts, have heea acquir-nd, ye»tetl iu, or may bo owhig or Vlongtng to Ihe ?te*idcnt. Reorder, and Tmstees of the ci-tf of Cincinnati, and the same ara heriby trans^^red to the cofponte body, established ' by thifact; and all suits pending, and jud^-¿ menís rcoovered in favor of, or against said $ President, Recorder, ami Trnstees, tngolher f with all coaitract", rigliD, interests claims, and demands, in favor of dr against the same, may be continued, prosecuted, defended, and collected in the same miumer as though this act had nerer passed. Sec. 0. That the said city shall be ami hereby is di^ded into four wards and until the boundaries of the samo shall be altered, oVthe BUfllbcr thereof increased by the city council, who are hereby cmpowererl ami autíioriznd »o to <JO|they shall be establiihed nmicon'lnued folfowsj to wit: so much of said city as ties notth of Third street produojrd, and east of a»- Main street, foall compose the First Ward; so ’    much of =mid city as lio» north of Third street •f    produoml, and wert of M iin street, shall com- »    pose the Second Ward; so much of sai<l city as lies south «>f Third street produced, and east of I    Mniu sreet, shall oowpow the Third Wunl i »nd I    y    SO much of said city at lies south of Third street Í    prmluoed, and west of Main street, shall com AÍ;    pose tho Fourth Wanl: Prwidfrf, that no al teration or change of the boundaries of any ward nr wards, shall be ina«l« without the cou-lent of t majority of the qualified voters, voting atan election to bo called by the city council tor that purpose; nor shall the city r^nnoil oreete, or establish any new warí, without the coneent a majority of the qualified votew voting at an ebotion to be called by the city conn-eti for Uiat purpose; te be held in each wanl. Bee. 4. There fotillbea Mayor of saUl rUy, who shall be elected by the qualififfl voters thereof on the first Monday of April biennially, and shall hold his otficc for the term of two yaars, an<l until hts «nccossor shall he chosen and qualified. He shall keen the public seal gf aaul city 5 »ign all cojn »ds«lf»ns Jiceiises, rikI permit», which m»y bo gramed by the city coun cil;nnil»hull keep an office in wc\^ pbrein nid city nsslmll be ilirected or iu-ovi<led by the city council. He «hall have power to admin-hterovth*, take depotitions and ct-rtify the laiiie; to Uke and certify, under tlw *oalof md city, the proof and arknowledgeroent of dUodi fur the conveyance of real e»Citq,aiHl other instrumanu of writing, jcconling'to l»w and the nsugei in suck »«»es. lie sholl wrfiwm •tich «lullc», «f“l «eretse such powers ns from m iy devolve upon himhv |heo^ ■id «jiy, not inconiWtent with Iho ilgeeeVdiis act Ho »hail. in bN jndicisl WBpaStty,.haM«xetuairForigm*l>iriMlictinn of #11 cases for the vmlntinnof the onlinuneciof a¿lcity, tad «vü nad criminal juri«liction in "jetees within mid oky wkaiw by the law,]»»-ÁEfkttne oftnU state iire, or »hal|l# I tel fcear sqtl determine, «r in any ^ ^ teEiteite of tlie power b«t*by voated ii»' ,Ma mt tenté all «ml pr^oeas «d HtiJgWi ktk «rite M kbiU tei ncoes«aiy te enfitmfkElPMnt L #WÉidter*iiiteóN¿te End itwtlw tkrtmgh; * o# mM tdty. •gteoMY te Oi« utijrc 6É^rfb^^S*áTUatiuaH , aaU Majtev ahfOl roaiter iadgmM»* kf »wr juatioes of tho pmm «o«U ^ ted jtwndsofioo, the party fiteSng hunsew tew amteved by tho j«dgaaa®t or delettei atew «CeiU M>ty«rftmtl have tee inmi rmW| #tetel te lb» courttlf Cuimnon Plea» of naai tel iMRteuoiteite oily courtetetóte «Iteate.liHte ®v »h« jhe MUDO mmwt «d Scc.S,^, TIrtt when any person or persons shall he brought before the Mayor of said city, in due forte of bw, chaTjge^ on oath Or>tlirmation with knlacMot-tble offiantje conunifted within the lim-itsjof^iaid city, and where tho fine shall not ex^d fifty dollurs, or imprisonment twenty d»jjp«rwl in Qoiiitber case, ofsvhich the spiiVoity by this act may have jurisdicvion, person or persons shall, have liberty to wa^vg any riühl* f^ured to him; her, or them, by |be constitution nf Ohio, to have the offence first enqcfired ofaird exairiined by a Grand Aj-ry,idid may submU! his, her, or thrir cause to big.trRclBsire jurisdiction and final determiiia-tiob oi said Mayor; with or witnout a jury, as the accused may (uect : and if such imrsonor penmns, at or before the hearing an.l examina-iioa, of sosfo eass^ sh^ll in writing, make known to the    her,    6r    their waiver of such snrtimtioanl right; and submissíop to the ju-¿Ictio-r and final determina t ion aforesaid, it shall be the duty of said Mayor, ami for such puqwreitshill belawfid fur’hiroto hear, try, and finally determíne such cause in manner atbresoid; and i*" uooh hearing and trial thereof itshnll appd if to Üie Satisfaction of said Mayor, that thedefendnnt'bi^defendants is of are guilty of tbenfTcnce diat^gbd, or if the jury empannef-led shall render a verdict of Guilty, he shall proceed to “>a*ssucA sentence or condemnation upon the defendant or defendants as the snid city court couki have done, had such defendant ordeiendants beon tried in said court: And if said Ma , or, or Jury, sj the case may be, shall find Buoii defendant or defendants ^ot guilty of the offence charged, he 11 acquit and discharge biirt, her, or them accordingly, any pro* vUions of this or any other law to the eoatrary notwRhstandinv: Amj the said Mnyor shull within thirty cays after any suoK conviction and fentenoe, or acquittal, make out a full, true, and perfocl tninicript of all the proceedings in such cause, and file the same with theClertrof sai I Gity Court, whose duty it shall be to make a faithful record thereof in a book to be by him kept for that purpose^ which shall have the wamo; force and ^flí¿t as a record of tho said Ci ty Cjpuii . si . fi. That the qualified voter» of each wanl in said city shall un the first Monday of April, annually, elect three Trustees, who shall havqreikled in £bé city three years and have beeithousebolders' or fréeholders one year next recmjin^ such elcctiqit, and be householders or fiWh<^«»rs in mid city, ami reridents of thi> (w* in which they shall be elected; and the TruAces so elected shall, when asst mbled and duly orgánízed, co ist.Unte the Citv (.’ouncil, a majority of the whole number of whom shall be neceasary to constitute a quorum for the trans* actioa of bnsiimss; they dmll be judges of the returns of the elections of *beir own members, and shall continue in office for the term of one year, and until their successors shall be chosen nd qualified; they shall determine the rules of their procoedinp, and ckusc to be kept a journal tfieraoC, whlra shall be open t<> tho inspection and examination of every citizen, and may compel the aftendiiuce <»f absent members in such manner and under such penalties aatbey shall think fit to pnracribe: they shall meet in the council chamber, or in some other convenient place in the saiil city, on the Monday of Apnl annually, and after having taken the oath of office before the Mayor, or some other officer qualified to administer oaths, they tiiall elect from tiieir own body a President, who shall preside in their meetings daring the term far wmch they shall have been elcifted; and a Recorder, w ho shall record and have the custody of ail the laws and onlinances of said city (foriagthe said term: And )u the absence of tb& President, the Recorder shall preside^ and in Urn absence of the President and Recor-ifer, the Council shall elect a preakfcnt pro tern-pare; tliey shall also ap).»int or cause to he e-lected from the qualified voters of said city, a City Clerk, whose duty it shall bo to keep a regalar and correct joumnl of the proceedings of tho CaoQcil, and perform all such other duties as may ho required of him; and no member of the City Council shall bokl or possess any other office tpfotch is lucrative under the govcrnmcht of said Jrity , Secv 7. tbé CHy Cmmcil shall appoint the f holding their meeting, not t for, which shall at all shall provide voters Of tho city,df all oisesson, collectors of taxes, aonsta-bles of (ht markets, gnugei* and insfojctora of ipiritqiu liquors, w barf master or masters, and »l>poiiit or provklt* for tlfo election by said qiihli-fted voter», of health officers, weighers of hay, measurers of wood and hoal, and »iich other city officers, whose appointment or election is not herein otherwise provi Ud for, ns stmll be nc-cesMry for the good govemiuent of said city, and iho vxereiso of its corporate powers, ond whiol» shiiU have he^n providinl for by ordin-aacei Aiid every city oliicer whoae tormofscr-ricciiiiiit preacribed, aqd bt* powers and dti-teoa dofii^ IB and by thta act, «hnll |iArf<'nn •ocb jñ|¡i|:iiEri else such powers, and continue ffe jMteV far stwh term of time, not cxcectiiug * until his successor be duly chosen timea'arld places o; herein otherwise timesbf open to the public; they for the eloolioD, by the qua! fi«f referred, that tho Council itiay iexceed or vary kuch resteciions; and in every' Inch case the Council are hereby anthorisod to act in accordance with the vote so given, ajidmot otherwise: Nor shall they under any cifounaUineea issue note» as a circulating medinm, or inany respect engage in banking; nor teall they have power toaeil, or in any way dispose <l>f any real es-tate, public landing, wharf, or wharves, lock, or docks; basin, or bustns, 0r any part of the same, which now is or hereafter ^ay be own éd by, or may become the properuji of, rted city, uolen permitted by an affirmative vote of the electors of s dd city, at in election caked and held for that purpiwe in the mannfr afor- said, in this section provided 1 and «veÁ special election held under tke provisionsoflhi» act and not otherwise prov ded for, shaHi be called agreeably to the ffrovisions of thk«cciioo, and conducted is the City Council shaHterect. Sec. 9. rbai theeaid City Coun<^;shall have power, and it is hereby made ttór duty, to make and puhfish from time to liiWlfi such or-dinmsces as shall be necessary to semte siid e« tyi,and ttie inhabitants 'hereof, agspat iniuries trom fire, thieves, robbers. burgUnjtwftd aft oth er personf violating the public pea^ • for the suppression of riotous, vicious, tjidebent, and disorderly conduct, andfor thefÜifiifotnenl of, all lewd and lascivious behaviour in the streets or public place» in said city, and for the appre henslon and p of ail vs. rants i d idl» persoiw who disturb the pesce and go<m orde# of society in said city They shall h»ve| power fi otn time to time to make and publtdi |11 such awa and ordinances as lo them shall aefem ne cessary to provide for ¡ha tefoty, preseire the health and promo e the welfare, onJer, camforti and convenience of said city and the inhilÍMtants thereof; to impose fines, forfeiturea, end penalties on all persona olTending against tte !««» and ordinances of said city, and provide m the prosecution, (Election, and re overy tbtltof; Pi-ovided, That, no fine, forfeiture, or plaaHy shdl exceed the sum of two thousand ifoHdrsjOr in reference to the offence, be unreasonable or oppressive; and no law or onfinance shíll be passed or adopted by Mid City Council, ctMitra. ry to the cunstituUon of this state or of üué United Statec    , Sec. Í0. That the said City Gpuneil'khaff fiave po«er to appoint suitable persona to con-ttitute a bpard at' health for said eity, and invest it vritb,fuch powers, and impose upon it such duties He shall be necessary to secure .be inhabitants of Mid city from the evils, distress, and calamities <af contagiui»^ malignant, and ifi-foctious di «eases, provide for its proper orgsite zation, and mak< auch rules and regulation» for Ul government as shall be required for enforc, tng the prompt and eflkient perfiirmance of its duties, «ltd fie lawful exerci m of its powers; The (Ivy Council shall have p-wer, whenever they shall deem it ne'easary, to establish a ci y watrh, and orgnnixe it, under the general sup-e littend nee of a proper olfic«T, prescribe duties, a’ddefiné its powers, in auriaa manner as effectually to preserve the peace of said city, secure the inhabitants thereof fr m per to Ihe pro|>rietor or proprietors, if they reside in said city, and to 1100 resident proprietors by a publication in one or mere of the newspn peri printed in «ai<! city, of any ground subjoot ot any time to be covered with stngnanl,water to fill up and raise such ground at their o»vn ex pense; and shM City Council may designate how high and in wbnt manner said ground shall tm filled up and raised, and fix some reasonable lime in which it shall be done: and if such pro peietor or proprietors «hull refuse or neglect to fill up or raise such groiiml in such manner nod within such time as the City Council shall have destgrmted and fixe«l, they shall cause the sumo to be-dune at the ex;»ert»e of the city^ and ««sess the amount Of SHcfa exfienre on the ground, lot, or lots so filled up and raised as aforesaid, and the ntsessoient so lunde shall be put in the bands of the city collector, who shall procectl to ool iect ihe same by sale of such lot or loti, if not otherwist/pniii, h>*the same manner, with the same ji^ers niul nndvr the same fegnlaiions, and witn she inaie right of reitemption as the law shall prescribe for the sale of lands for the non payment of state taxes, at the time of such sal*, in regani t«»ih«fpenaRy ofvedempi tion, wb^ in no case shall exceed twenty-five per eeiitp Sec. 14 ThattfaesaidCity Council shall have wwer to cause any ;>«rt of said city to be open nd nnd laid out for a street, Isue^ alley of mar ket boQse; and any person of persons whose land or pro^rty shall have been tbus appropriated, shall be paid out of the city treasnry the full amonnt of real injury sosUintid thereby, which amount of injury may be as«e»sedand 6 ually determitied by five disinterested freeholders of smd city, on oath or affirmation, or aoy three or more of them, two uf whom to be a;i-pmnted by the person or persons so injured, two by the City Council, ami one by the four per son» thus nppointed, or otberwise by due course of law: The City Conticil shall caose the streets, lanes,alley 9 and commons of said city to be kept open uind in repair, and free from any kind of nuisanoes, but it shall be lawful for them to continue any building or erection now sonal violence, «ml tlieir property from fire and unK- iul depreddions;'They shall establish and organize such fire eoaipanics; and provide them with proper engii^ tad other instrumetes necessary to extinguish fires, aud peeerve tbe property of ttie inbabiiaiits of said city from confiagratioh, and provide standing thereoa, if in their opinion the interest of the city will not be injured thereby: they shall c*Hse, penalty, fine, for&ilarv', or o shnl! be paid into iba city treasury, nnd shalt^ nut be drawn thervfonm, otpepi b) ordarorun derthe authorityof the city enuncil; «nd i •hall be the daty ofaaid city temocil to UquH< and settle at! ciaims und deaMiitdt niteMt city, and to reqsife all offieers and »t sons entrusted with tbn. «xpendHwe «ff money, to ncootint to Cham thnre^ tinneand insiich manner aattitifnby nnd ttiey shall annually publi^; for the mntion nf the citizens, a particular sUti of the rfreipta and expenditnres of all 1 money betunring to said city; And the M ty council ihriT have power to pass all )a:rs and oMinanees as may be necessaryyt have the exclusive power wtUiin fhe ci»y of col lecting in labor, w money it^the labour be not furnished, in luoh manner as the City Conned may prescribe, any sum not exceeding twenty-five cents Mouunlly, os a road tax, from every person liable to pay such tax: The City Ooonoii sbnli have power, whenever in their o^nion the. publio convenience or saiety requires it, to prohibit hogs, cattle, horses aud other descrip.Uon f animals from running at largo in the streets, tnes and oonunons of said city: They shall have the power to license acd regulate all carts, wagons, drays, and hackney coaches whieh may be kept in said eity for hire: They shall have power to provide by ordinance for the inspection of, all articles of domestic growth, pro<iuce or manufacture, brought to said city for exportation. Sec 15. That to defray the onrrent expemol of s:iid city, tho said city council shall bave p«<wer to levy and collect taxes on tbgreti and personal property therein, a» tec same shafl have been appraised and returned on the grand I'vy of the state: Prooidei^ Tb« amount of taXi»levieii as aforesaKi shall not in any one year exceed one fifth of ong per centom on tee aggregate vslue-of taxable property in said ci ty; They shall alwi have power, whenever in teeir oplnio.t,tli« interest of said csty shall re such rales and regulations for the governmeBt of the same 1» teey shuU »hmk fit and ««pad- q«ireit,to levy .md collecilHxe» en dogs and ient i and each and every person wiio shall belong to such fire company, sha!!, in ttnie ef "thor domestic yinironli not included in the list of taxable property for stale and county peace, be exempt from the pr rfcwtmnce of mffi-!    said    taxes    shall    be    collected by Ury duty, under the laws ot this slate. Fhe said;    collector    and    panl    mte    the    city treasu- Couueit shall erect, establish, and regulate the I” the same muniipr, with the same powers, msvkets and maricet places of stid city, for the sale of proviaiona, vegetables aud other articles necessary for the «istenance, comfort, and cob-venience uf th inhabitants tliereof; and they siiali have power to estaollah and construct land- under the same regulatsaiis and restrictions, at for taxra 00 other personal property; and in St fes of real nr pefRimal property for the collection of any such tax, he shall act Nccordttig to the provisions of the biwt of the stute for tho time being, for the oullection of taxes for state aqd^afilfi^ «t teidl bo prescribed byordiii utmc, lea. 9, Tint tef imd City Council shall have the    «sre,    mi^«6tertte*nce.    manage aent. «aitiMiitnd<tf «H the real and perenal Lcstat/.    -    *    •    *    ^ niM to tl *t has «id revenues which from owned by or of right be-ilh full power lo purchase occupy, seU, ant! convey the W»mMÍ hteifa uf said citv, and MÍÍCí    eouncd    «hall Hteteh Mtel veslnr pfr»on«miittha yrUjrtn «neb V^^ed « tew 1 Uf debt OP debts fo tw Icteer amwnA tbaa $fr tiiequalfied votan e' len dnys previmi iff the Oonnud >• >ck^< alt a eamboats, refts, and other water crate, and of all goods, wares, merchandise, produce and other artictes that may be moored «t, la ided on, or tdcen from any bmding, wharf, dock, or ba sin belonging to said city. Sec. 11, That for tbe purpose of more effectually seoiring sa d city from the d>*struct>ve ravage» of fire, the said City Council shall have power and authority, and they are he eby^empowered and authorized, on the apoficatiún of ibree-fourtbs of the wliole numbqjf r f owners or prept'Ctors of any square, ^or fpsetional .square, in said city, to prohibit die ereeticn of any budding, or the «lúlitíon to any bujlding before erected in any such square or fracifonal square, except the outer tval «tlicicof shoit be composed entirely of brick pt stone and mortar, and to compel the removal of any building or odilition to any building which may be erected contrary to the tme intent and ; eanihg^Qt' this section. Sec. 12. That the said City    shall    have power, and it is hereby maile Ibdr duty, lo regulate, by ordtnaooe,all taverns, ale and porter shops and houses, teo;is and places where spirit-ous liquors are sold by a less qunntity than a quart, and all other houses of public entertnin-mimt within the limits of latd city t al) theatrical exhibitions and public sbows,aiid all exhibitions, of whatever name or nature, to wbioh admis-ttoD is obtoinfHl on tho piemen I of money or any other reward; the sal* of all horses, or other do-mettio animals, at publio nuclion, in tbs streets, lanes, alleys and ooinmuns of mid city; ami all ferries across tbe Ohio river, fh>m said city to tho opposite shore; nnd lo itnnote reasooahle fines un'd penalties for the vibration of unv such ordinances. And tbe wid CRp Council shall have exclusive power to grant iiovniesto tavern krepers, mn holders, retailes» of ifáritou» liquor* by a h-ss quantity that» # quart, keeper» of ale and porter houses and iteire, or any other houses of public imt* rtainment.ifiiownHni, keepers and managers of theatrim) exhibitions, or any other exhibition for mooe; »r other reward, aiifliiouesrs forthenleofhor^s and othei do mrstio (MHRial», al public aucUoii,Íii the streeti ItiiPS, alleys nnd coiunumsif said isily, and keepers of femes aer»'*» the D|«o river from said city to the opt>o»ite shore: Anf In greatine «nch license, it shall bo lawful for |ajd Cily Council to require and collect such »u ih.vll think fit and expedient | such reasonable tvrras timl 00 to tiroo, place, and other ci which such license sh ill be their opini m tbe pimn«,qufo1 •«« froii any section, square, or portion ofasqUare of the city, on the petit ion of not less than two-thirds the number of tbe owners thereof, for tee oneatng Of improvement of anv street, lane, or alley bounding ou or within toe same, aud tu levy aud collect a tax for any »{ieci6c purfaiie if the qualified voters by <1 majority of t^ votes given in tbe wards resfwctively, at meotiu^ du iy notified and hi hi, itrnll authorize the same. See. 16. rhntthesaiil city oouncil shall have TK wer, whenever tho public good may require it, to erect a city prison, ami to reguhtie the police or interaiil guveriiraent of the same, hot in no case shall there he a tread mill erected with, in or about said prisnfi, or nry cruel or uiinsual 'punisboient infilcted: That tho said prison mav contain cells for solitary confinement, and alt such apartments as may be necessary for the safe ket ping, aerommodation. or bmuloyraent of ail such irersonsNS may be confineu therein, and any person or persons convicted before the mayor or fity court under (he provittousof this act, and urdinaaoes maue la (mfsnniioe thcieof,'.f any o/fonces which by tee laws of the state aif Ohio are punivheit in whole or in part by oanfinement in the cmnty jail, may be c jnfined (» the cells of said city pnton for any length of time not exceeding that specified by m ordifotncfli, or by «belHwiof thti state for •uc the punish ment of lurh offences, or such per sun so convioteit as nfor*>s;.id nioy ^ kept at hard lalior within sei.l pri»<>n for said ti.rm of oonfiiiemeiit: Frovided, No pinon who shall be kept at hard labor shall be fed. on bread and water only; and that no p«>rson shall be lenten crd to pqy a fine, and also be kept at bard labor; or h|fd un bread and water only; Dor 4)iillni^yjm rnn be confined al bnril labor, or be pat ji - tit iry confinement, or be fe<l on bit ad a»f T*’*' oo!y< for EOy offence made j-oriiteabÜi by any ordtiiance enacteil by sakl citv onunil^ whtob offimce is not technioall^ in Itself, but only a matter probibi imse; Fromdod alto, That until shntJ be «reefed aud preparad for receptiki of prteonrri? tea saiti city teall alioweit'|be me of tha Jail of Hamilton firoper to curry into effect the powers and by this act granted; and every law^roteli nance of said eity, before it «bait be of on force or VHlidrty, shall be adopted by a mij ' ty. <if all tho iaembcre of tbe city couwdl,: «bfiPhave hoeiv pohltsbetl ¡0 one or more of ucwtpaper* printed tn said city; and alt questions (n tbe eugroument or final passage orqn^ hitv orWdinar ce at aforesaid, and all votes g>» ven on fhe passage of onlinances, resoJiteiotui ormoftoi^e '    *'    ‘ and discbmrv decided hj yeas ««d naya, and the names nf th persniH»ffotii»g?0r or ogaiest tbe sndie, shall bi entered o» the Journakuf said conaeil. Sec. 18 That there teall be elected, by thei nalifieit voters of said city, on the first flfoó» sy oC April, biennially, a city marshal, trdn-suiv>r, and three aldeimen, tihp sbuil bold thei respsitive offices for the tnrmof two yenrs, until their suocessnrs sball bt* ¿hosen and fied: They shall perform inch unties and cise such powers n»t h^ein spccf^,»» ma lawfully required nf thl^ b« the wlinaudbt^ said city: the city marshal shall Wte* ministeriui officer ef said city, an4<^ the . ¡ty court; and as such, invested with allroe p'»w-ers ot a sheriff and constable, entitwj lo ho ame fee», aad subject to tbe same óaliíes Ami smerceioents; he shall exv-coto nd ^return all writs and other process diiwt-e<l to him by the city court, or by the Mayer t and, when necetmiry, in erimiBRl cases, or fote Violations of the city ordinance may serve the imme in any part of Bamiitoo enaoty : It shall be his duty to suppress all riot*, distar-bancet, and breaches 01 the peace; to appre* hend ull rintors, disorderly persons, and dis-turliers of tbe peace ot said aty: and all per-w>iM in tbe aet of committing any indiotabl# «flT''nce against tbe laws of this state, or fieemr fruin justice, after having committed «ny toen act, and him, heti of ihAm forthwith to takein'*'" t J custody, and bring before tbe Mayor for e«-Amination; and ifi opte of resistance, may call to his aid, and comtattnd the auistance of a!f bystanders, and oftiers in tbe vicinity t He sbail have power to appoint oqe or more deputies, Aiidat Kis pleasure dtsmis* <>r d!»ch irge tbeai from office, and shall in all things be respoosá* hie for the faitbfiii «nd correct flisrb«rge of their duties, and liable fiw all negligence, r.<ireN icnnesi, misconduct in dffictq and vfoiatioii oT duly whicn they or either of them may be gnt^ ty of in th« performance of their r fficiul duties* Sec. 19 There ibali be, and hereby is esta* btished in said city, a cofirt ot reoote', to ba denominated “THECITYCOURT.»* wteeli »h«B be composed of the Mayor and three al dcrmeu, any tbree of wboih shall form a quo* num And the said city court shall have aad! I xeretse, and hereby ii vested with full «kI Cimplete power, autboritv, and juris ictkm ^itein said city concurrHit with the court o| Common Plea sin ail civil matters and eases ig law; aad for tbe (rial and pauishment ef a§ crimes, misdemeanon, and Offences sommitteff within said city, |hat require the intervntijoii ofajnry,and the pumshmehtof whidh is uuff• capital'nor ouuffueiuint in tbe fmnirentiary oC -tha state; and appellate jurlHliorion coucorr^L with the Court of common Pleas, of all ments and determinations of the Mayer, any justice of tbe p^ce io said City; and elusive appellate, jurisdiction of all judgfueiita ami dsterminhtious of tbe Mayor of all mate ters and cases arising undef the orduiaaeck ’ of wid city: And all orders, judgment^ auJ detenumstioDS of tee said city court shaQ have the sa.uefofoe and effect, and shall be ex* ecuted in the sitme aahner by tee p^iper mi-nisteriai offioer of said city court, aa is or shall be provided by law for the execution of ord«W| jndgToents, and deterorinatioosof tbe coarta of Common Pleas by the proper ministerial officer thereof, in like cases: said city court shall ap-|)oint its own clerk, and the (Uiblio prosecutor foV the city, who shall bokl their respective •-fices during the pie isnre of said court, not at» cenling two years fo on tbe time of ten last clectiiiii of Mayor; snid conrt ihpll have a oetk to be kept and used officially by the clerk, and all writi or other process issuing theeefi'HS shat) bear test of (he Mayor, and be rntarimbla as tht-reifl directed; the clerk shall keep a Gmg and Hccur*tv reourd of all (be proceedings of said court, and do all other teiD^ appertetning to the samo, m the manner tbw clerili of tbo courts of Common Pleas of this state are, oé shall he by lasr required to dot AgKt ,(b« sidd city courts shall hiffd their sessiofts, teram» for civil and eriimiaal bunnew in laml year, at such time aud place within said city as the ojtw council ska)) provide: But the mt) ocmncil may incrou'^e the number of times orcall ifwcial ifstion* for criminal causes exclnsivMy t And them shall be inch number nf grand aid petit jurors AS sh ill afford fifteen |rao«l tad tweltrn petit jurors to aacfa tesmnfsaad eowrtijndideae perrons residsat m satit qity, am! kaviog tlM quAlificatinntwMfinters, aaapitty s^teaiMi^ tee city euiHicil,1<> wrve as agrtad ai *' jury and tbe cMiof tbtiqiffir nmirt the presence of tbn Marffiml*^ I Fib] jtie mme mstelfE «w «« w ymtitinns,    Mtfci .sattifif forh r.M te ibdt am. iwtter m gf siiid city may require; of such reasonable cemlitioni fs trnresar City Court Of Mayor shall haibfOwflVtei Or luipend tocli lioewe, whrnEfit tba Mid city niay rwiuire it, in smb^iEer «• be provided for by onllusnce. - hav* (lower, *im1 ihey ar? arepOteiPff ^ fwnutre and rompel the f all tiuisAiioes wiltiin th» h to cause nil groutlftrteereMDf ii«« «ball beeome UagOSD* oiled Ip, 0» dteiiiwd; a*HÍ t •ibstiinces, wlirtter Rtdmal and to iffkt'tbre Ocixiwl) «V HtoBme ti rmed je t' H by such iHtotl te tw eon'iti E»r 4» tuny be rity court, mmit under CSS of thn teail br wa. c<^o4*rv, w i'crooirt tp ai us liiidl h# ( for the ctinfiaeuMfit of ail such persons vnted bMbn the Mayor or said who ib||H ba lialile to imprison-liuss of this state or oniinan-«tol all pasMNliao' imtifisooed iffiMga of tee sberiff ef said id! reoeivn aiid diichaHie web >Hu siiid Jail, ia sttoh manner rihfd by the Oteiinaoces of said by tine course of law; and on teall be erected, and pre tttm of prisoners, tbe Marin (ba eeatrol end maaage have (he tniao eownt», lUld tiabititeM, asby Of hsveaftnamaj be ttixm ibeikrfMbfif ‘ control wnff and all sttCti n.ivy prescribe til eafc h.lwwprelMiSM», stti • Msjar or Lmay be enn-rMbfif teW —.awfc.— mam P»wi previous to roch tertn of snMF ^ lot from iha mtmhevs so asl«etadl| |Rreo and I welve petit jurors; and the «líl elork forthwith issue writs of venire teMp, diltectiffi. to the Marteal, commanding bias fosami the jurort drawn /<• aforesaid, to at|e^ sakl conrt, on tee first day of the (asm ffiM to be holden at ten o’oloek, A. H. sknl mcetving said writs of vreire fii ftirthwilb serve ami retnrn tbesemetis ner prescribed (o teeriffs in tbe “ta act relatiiw to Jeries;” and leageor otherwise 'here shall number to make Em the direct tbe Marshal (0 sammoninf aq adeoneta and all oaases, mcuons| oommtnoed «ml how ed ia the city coert said eétf sbaH be finally (tetpfminmlt fore reiiibfmilmlb« uiisatisledelWttE ■ergs ÉMeMa*.by lEÍádSffilt faisedt’iiri mmtí9§/ 11». ■

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