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Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (Newspaper) - September 6, 1908, Cincinnati, OhioY Itebe Xarrie air bags. keep her Call Yoc amp a and a fsr lock pc Ohoyt not depend upon your youth and Beauty for your appearance. Youth and Beauty Are All the More bewitching when seen with a proper backing. Dress Youngbun with extreme care. The Debutante who is careless makes a great mistake. She loses half her Charm if not All of it. Quot a dress your hair girls shy and prettily and let your neck be seen. The neck is woman a prettiest feature and it is a Wise girl who displays her Throat. Try to be pretty All the time done to forget that the Blush is your strongest card and remember that a girl is a Debutante Only once in her life. If she Falla to make a hit the Opportunity will never come Back to a Beauty. It does you no harm and May prove just the Feather your Cap needs at a critical time. A a a be most careful of your dress. Dothe commercial Tribune sunday september 6, 1908, a eeb Taitte Hunt walk it Eizer to keep Zyer j the a Heeyar Corr eos for. Otue it go Corr a to a. Vent to plated am. Of eyelet it blog pc. A by Marian Martineau. Being a Debutante is More difficult than becoming an actress. The latter makes her debut under artificial lights with everything in her favor. People pay for the privilege of coming and admiring. With the r. Debutante it is different. People come not much because they want to come but because they Are Bidden. They come to criticise to take Stock and to make note of deficiencies. The Debutante when she makes her Bow to society Steps out upon the most critical stage of her career. A you must look Young and girlish yet you must not look too Youthful. Your manner must be that of the full fledged woman yet you must not be bold. You must have just the right amount of Winso meness and just the proper amount of Assurance. It is a situation that might daunt an older woman than the Debutante who at 18 makes her Bow a said a society woman to a girl who made her debut at Newport this summer and who came through with flying colors. A i succeeded a said the Debutante a but it was after sleepless nights of anxiety. A it is the hardest thing in the world to know just How to conduct yourself. Par Days and Days i endured a dress rehearsal All the while bowing and shaking hands. Yet i was not sure of myself on the great Day of my presentation. I still trembled. There were two counts. Five millionaires several very eligible bachelors and a couple of Rich old widowers. What wonder that Mamma wished me to do my Best. It was a hard afternoon and i was glad when it was Over. Next Day the deluge of Flowers told me i had made a the Little Debutante then went on to Tell the various Steps by which she was prepared for society. She gave away Many a secret which her Mother would have preferred to have left untold. Among her Many accomplishments the Debutante must learn to be Young. She must learn How to Blush. A hold your breath a minute my dear a her Mother tells her a and you will have no difficulty in the blood will mount to your face with a Rush. It is Well to learn this your first season and to acquire some skill in it. A Blush a my Mamma told me a when you Are complimented by a gentleman or an elderly lady. Blush when the unforeseen happens. Blush when awkward topics Are mentioned. Blush at some a unexpected Bon Mot even though it be Only a bit of stupid wit. Blush As often is possible. Take a Long breath. Hold the breath in your lungs for a few seconds expel it suddenly and the blood will mount to your chokes. It is a lesson my grandmother taught me my dear and one that i have never the Debutante learns How to laugh. She takes singing lessons and her teacher instructs her in the singing laugh. It is Low and Ripply. It is merry and childish. It peals Forth not loudly but musically. It runs tip the scale and Down. And when she has Learned How to laugh the Debutante is taught the use of the laugh. A my Mother told me a said the pretty Debutante who made an instant Success a to laugh at the jokes of elderly gentlemen to laugh at the stories of the. College boys to laugh at the witticisms of the do wagers to laugh at All the quips of the old people. A it makes them think you Clever my Darling said she. A and if the think you Are Clever your Success is a my governess taught me How to stand a chatted the Little Debutante. A i Ned How to stand in English fashion with hands folded neatly just below my Belt Roe. There is something submissive in this attitude something subjective that you Appeal to the men. Men like fun obedient woman or they think they do. And the girl who can stand with her pretty hands meekly folded together will win the admiration of the men. It is a never failing test of her tact this willingness to stand with the hands in Meek attitude folded together below the Waist line. A the american girl loves to stand with Ber hands on her hips. But the English tee debug arze Zorias Yourn Ajaz it or her Qaq it att a lit is amp be. Girl learns to fold her hands together. The French woman has pretty tricks for the hands she either crosses them or she toys with a Rose which she holds in her hand. Of course the Spanish girl has her fan. But the English style is Best. Let the hands be White and soft and let them lie submissively in the Lap. A my maid Early taught me How to make up my face for my debut. She is a French maid and Mamma had her spend a season in a Beauty parlor in order to learn the secrets of making up the face. Of course As a Debutante i can not use a particle of paint upon my face. Yet my Cheeks must be red. my maid slaps them for me. And she does not give them Little love taps either but great resounding slaps that make my skin Tingle. She moisten her fingers with skin food until her Palms and hands Are velvety. Then she deliberately strikes me first on one Cheek and then on the other giving me the hardest and most tingling kind of blows. My Cheeks Are like her Cheeks red. A the Day of my debut i was slightly Pale and Mamma suggested just a dash of Rouge. But the Wise French maid Shook her head. A some one might suspect Mademoiselle of painting a she said. And then she wet her hands in alcohol and slapped my Cheeks winding up with some harder slaps after she had wet her hands with skin food. It did my face a great Deal of Good. A one of the bits of advice Given the debutantes in the Beauty parlor is to make the Cheeks red with friction. My maid spotted my Cheeks. Then she rubbed them with a coarse Towel and finally she bathed them in Glycerine and Rose water to Cool them a 1 -1tie. They were a marvelous Success. But it was Mamma herself who gave me the neatest lesson in facial diplomacy. Mamma was in her Day a reigning Beauty and she is yet a handsome woman. It was a severe blow to her to have me grow up. But i am Youthful looking and am making such in society that she is partly reconciled. And frequently she condescend to impart to me Sone of the secrets which made her famous As a Beauty. A a a try to appear Young my dear a said she a but be very artless in your endeavours. Once in a while you May pass your handkerchief Over your Cheeks. This is to show that you Are neither painted nor Rouge. Do not do with ostentation. But with the utmost carelessness just touch your filmy lace handkerchief to your Cheeks. The merest Brush of the lace Over Rose like surface will be enough to show that their color is natural. Never let any one think your appearance is a made up one. A a a and the same As to your figure a said Mamma. A of course you Are not padded. Your Fine figure is the result of the up to Date physical culture exercises. And you must contrive to let people know that your form is reak this can Only be done by your style of dress and your manner. Wear clothes to fit your figure. The Princess is for the slim Debutante and the Sheath skirt in its modified form is also for the Young woman just out in society. It is she and she Only who can afford to Wear it. A a a stand very erect. Few women past 20 do stand erect. They Sag somewhere. Lift your Chin. Few women can do this for fear of the Rolls of flesh that May Droop Over the Collar. Do not hesitate to move your arms. The elderly woman can not move her arms for fear of breaking her clothing. Cultivate the utmost Freedom of action not forgetting to be Graceful. These things will show the world and your admirers at the same time that you Are not artificial. Your figure is your a it was a dowager who told me How to be popular at my first reception. A listen but do not talk a she said a unless you Are with some one who positively will not talk. Then talk As much As you please. But the popular thing is to listen not to talk. A a a then a said the dowager a be careful about your conduct with men. Done to be Forward. Men like to make their own advances. They do not want a woman to do the courting. They like to do it themselves. Done to unless you want to be very vulgar make a set for a Man done to make him think 3 of Are after him. Nothing discourages a Man like too great attention from a girl. A a a done to said the dowager a done to write note to a Man. In these Days of telephoning it is much better to Hearth human voice. A a a done to Call a Man up on the Telephone. You will probably catch him at his busiest moment and he wih be forced to be abrupt. Wait until he can Call you which he will do at his Leisure. A a a done to be too keen to show a Man you like him. Indifference is very fetching. warm and smiling when you see him. But done to try to trap him. He will see your device and Rush in the other direction. A a a of course a said the dowager a no Well bred Debutante will permit a Man to be familiar. She will Reserve her deep smiles for the True person later on. It is fatal to be familiar for it gets around and the men know it All too a there Are everyday precepts taught us a said the Debutante a by our mothers. They May not seem important yet any woman who has been a Belle will Tell you that they count wonderfully in the lesson of Belledo. A always Dine heartily when you Are invited out to dinner a is one thing. A a done to be priggish but eat As though you enjoyed it. A Man likes a woman with an appetite. Nothing warms a Many a heart More toward a woman than to hear her confess that she is hungry. Once at the table enjoy or appear to enjoy your food. Your lesson of tact ulness. A never mention disagreeable topics. Among the Many topics of conversation there Are some that Are Tabooed. Among the things Yoi must not discuss a re table Mann Eft and pronunciation. Neither is it Well to talk of persons for fear of offensive personalities. Let your topics be impersonal ones yet interesting. It takes lots of tact and plenty of practice before the Debutante will be letter perfect. A a a the Day before my debut a said the Debutante a my Mother gave me some Good advice As follows a a a be careful my daughter of the first impression you make upon society. Let your smiles be All for the eligible men. Do not waste your time nor your sweetness upon men whom you positively can not regard As suitors. Such will creep into your Home. But though you Are polite take no notice of them. A a a be Clever to the elderly men. Remember that it is better to be an old Many a Darling than a Young Many a slave. Smile on the old millionaire no matter if he be 100 years old. He will make an admirable and an admiring husband and will die soon and leave you Happy. A a a done to talk about Money. Act As though it were a Mere nothing to you. Let your conversation be conducted without the Money Motif. Profess to disregard dollars and cents and let your friends think you Are rather economical than otherwise. It does a girl a lot of Good to have a reputation for Economy. The eligible men like her All the better for to no a a be willing to acknowledge that you know to to work. Say freely that you can Cook bake mend and sew. Let the world know that you Are a practical mrs. Mary have a double Chin. You sent me a Massage Cream but i do not know How to use it. Which Way shall i Massage my Chin shall i stroke it up or Down or How shall i do it a warm the ski food in a cup set in warm water. Fill the Palm of your hand with it and stroke your Chin upward. Never stroke it downward As it will make the flesh Sag and give you a very disagreeable looking jaw. Stroke upwards a dozen times night and morning. This is the Rule Given for the Massage of a double Chin. Let your strokes by vigorous that the flesh is actually pounded off. Light strokes will do no Good at All. The heavier and stronger the better. Wrinkles with a Good skin food. Your Case is very far from hopeless. I Hope you stand straight and have a Good Carriage. Harriet w. A i am tired All the time and my skin is poor. What would you advise for me i have always wanted to be an athletic robust girl. But i fear that nature has disappointed me in this line. For the tired feeling try eating three meals a Day with regularity. Done to eat Between meals. This will also help your skin. Once a week Wash your Faes in Oatmeal water scrubbed into the skin. At night use soap Jelly on your face and a scrubbing Brush. Rub a Good face Cream into your skin just before retiring. There is no reason Why you should not have a Good of information miss have a crooked face. One Side of my Mouth is wider than the other. I have massaged and have used face exercises but to no Avail. I am almost disfigured by this discrepancy in the Side of my Mouth. Sometimes i fear that my Mouth will in time touch my ear. Of course this is exaggerated but it is a fact that i have a very crooked Nouth. Your trouble is undoubtedly that you have missing Teeth on one Side of your Mouth. Have them replaced and your Mouth will become straight or very nearly . A crooked Mouth is almost always due to defective Teeth. Mrs. G. am a Yong married woman and i go out a great Deal. But i have unfortunately grown very heavy. I gain each Day. What can i do my feet Hurt me i can not exercise. You can take the rolling exercises. Lie Down Flat upon a Blanket and Roll. Now double your legs under you tailor fashion and Rock Back and Forth. This is Superb exercise for a sluggish liver. Meanwhile you can diet. I Send you the Berlin dietary. While following this drink nothing at All with your meals. Mrs. am very heavy and am following your dietary with Success. But 1 am very thirsty All the time. It says to drink nothing with your meals. I want to drink badly that i can not eat. If you take a cup of hot water an hour before each meal your thirst will be allayed. Two hours after eating you can drink All you please. Try this method of regulating your drink and see if it is not successful. I am sure it will be. Dorothy have a Peculiar trouble at least i have never known any one else with anything like it. I have hair that is very thin and it will not curl. I have tried everything but my hair is obstinate. I never before know hair that would not our i can Giot even keep my hair Over a Pompadour. It slides off. Can you assist me you will be conferring a Blessing on a suffering girl. You do cot know How to curl your hair. Wash it Well in soap Jelly. Rinse it in nine Waters. Dry it partially. Then spread it Over a Pompadour made of tissue paper. It will dry in Pompadour shape and you will have no trouble Mak ing it Roll Over your Pompadour rat afterwards. When you do your hair in papers or curlers moisten it slightly with quince seed Tea. Have the Tea very thin and Light and do not wet the hair More than a Little. Report results after two. Weeks of this treatment. D. W. you think that All people can be Beautiful i have always been very ugly and my defects Are of a kind that can not be remedies i am tall and thin and my face is full of wrinkles. I have a poor skin and my hair is partially Gray. Is there Hope for a woman of 40? yes indeed. If you Are Only 40 there is plenty of Hope for you. Get a Good Corset that will give your figure the right lines. Then use the bust Developer for which i will Send you a formula too Long to be Given Here. Once a week part off your hair and rub a few drops of Castor Oil in the parting also use some directions for your hair which i will mail you. At night Massage Youl mrs. J. E. B., City asked for information concerning Rev. Or. Stratton who lived in seventh Street West of Linn in 1880. He and his wife Are dead but the editor of this column can give her some information about or. Stratton a descendants if she will Send her name and address. Or. Stratton was not a presbyterian minister but belonged to the Christian Church. ? ? ? ? subscriber it. Hill where is the one minute churn manufactured we do not know. Those who make it should advertise their wares. Perhaps if you write to a paper devoted to agricultural interests they can enlighten you. ? ? ? ? Henry s., Newport what was the Date of the Johnstown flood Friday May 31, 1889. ? a 9 9 d. B., City is it Good usage to say a to ail a i think though i am not proficient in matters of this sort. But the infinitive form of that verb is Seldom used. But it is better to say a what ails him a rather than a what is the matter with him a ? ? ? ? Frank Goode Harrodsburg give the names and comparative value of the leading coins in England Germany France Spain and Italy. The British Pound Sterling is Worth a Little More than $4.86. The German Mark is Worth 23.8 cents. The franc the Spanish peseta and the italian lira Are Worth 19.3 cents. The British Crown is Worth $1.08 and a German Crown is Worth $2.38. The Florin is Worth 43 cents. ? ? ? ? or. C. is the difference in length of the English american and italian Miles. A our mile is 1,7.60 Yards and. mile the same the modern roman mile equals 1,628 Yards j. A ? 1 ? ? r. T., Amelia was the popular vote in 1900? a for the whole country 13,961,566/ a r a ? a a it 1. Debtor City in writing to a stranger or corporations should the writer enclose a Starrup for a reply by All Means if you Are seeking information but not if it is a business matter. But in writing to the United states departments in Washington a stamp is not necessary. As they pay no postage. And in writingt6 a congressman a ainu it need not be enclosed As he has the franking privilege. ? ? ? ? University City when Are the examinations held for the Rhodes scholarships the last was held last january and the next will be held in 1910, but the writer does not know the Date. For full information write to f. J. Wylie Oxford agent the Rhodes trustees Oxford England. ? ? ? ?. Englishman City please print the family tree of the present King of England. Has his son the present Prince of Wales a Morgan Atic wife King Edward is a descendant of William the conqueror. His Mother was Victoria daughter of Edward Augustus Duke of Kent who married a daughter of William iv., second son of George Iii. From this Point it is comparatively easy to Trace Back the genealogy of Edward Vii. In a direct line to William the. Conqueror but the family tree is too Long to be printed Here. It is not True. The Story told at the time of his marriage to the present Princess of Wales was proved to be an absurd fiction. The alleged Morgan Atic wife an admirals daughter was Only eleven years old. ? a ? ? to or. S., Columbus where can i get information about the organization called the National civic improvement association j. Horace Quot Mcfarland Harrisburg a is president of the american civic association. The association was formed by merger of the american league for civic improvement and the american Park and outdoor Art association june 10, 1904/ Hon. Charles j. Bonaparte Washington d. A is president of the National municipal league and j. Barry Mahool Baltimore md., president of the league of american municipalities. ? ? ? ? x. Y. A City was there Ever a religious body that disputed the Law of gravitation what was the name the Hutchinson ans founded Early in the eighteenth Century and existing in a very modest Way to this Day in England y i their founder was John Hutchinson 167.4-1737. He and his followers looked upon newtons philosophy As atheist Cal and therefore a menace to Faith and right living. Hutchinson was actively polemical his works form a quite considerable. Library in which simple piety and equally simple ignorance a re Affe tingly mingled. His Best known work has for title a Moses Principia a and it is a valiant defense of the Story of the creation As presented in genesis. In one of his later works he a parti Cigary assails sir Isaac Newton in a manner readily discernible from the title a glory or Gravity wherein the objects and articles of the Christia Faith Are a ? a ? ? Democrat Covington was Grover Cleveland a College graduate he was not. He received his education in the schools of Fayetteville and Clinton n. Y. A a ? ? a ? woman graduate City How can i procure a position in. The Public Library make a direct application to the librarian and if you Are qualified he will see that you receive proper consideration. A Good education is necessary and some preparation for certain positions. Husband in Lea mag strings 1 by Helen Bruce Wallace. The Young wife a shoulders drooped did the Corners of her Mouth. A her dejected attitude fairly shrieked a Why was i Ever born a. A the aunt who had celebrated her Silver anniversary looked at the girl shrewdly. _ a Well Maude Jack is a brute a she said a and you were a fool to marry a i. A 1 in shocked amazement the girl lifted her head. A what do you mean a she stammered a a in be never Bald a word about a no my dear you Haven to. But sometimes thinking the things hurts More. Tell me All about it. In a fond of you both. Perhaps i can the girl tried to look As though life were one Bride cake which would never stale or lose its icing. Then her lips quivered and she said a Jack is tired of a a what have you done to him Maude a a ooh of course blame me. Its always the wife who has pulled too hard on the bit when the smash up comes a and the girls face hardened. A my dear. In be know Jack since to was in slips. He was the kind of a boy who was constancy itself. There was no swerving him. Why should life with the woman he loved change his nature you do not doubt that he did love you a a a of he thought i suppose As men can love. In be always heard men were selfish now i know it. A you and Uncle seem Happy unless you Are Good buffers. But the men of this generation Are different. The Only pronoun they Ever heard of is a Jack can be a selfish pig. In a sick of it All. In be Given up All my pet tastes for him. Now in a going in for a Good time. That May bring him to his senses. Ill Telephone Bob Adair to come up to dinner tonight. He can to abide a a done to be childish Maude. Yours is not a nature for the divorce court. Why pretend it is a a a that a easy for you to say with a husband who gives you everything you want a said the girl rebellious by. A a you be noticed that have you also taken in that i am mighty discriminating in my wants i wonder if i can not guess Why Jack has suddenly changed from the a Salt of the Earth to a monster of selfishness a you do not want him to go to a dinner tonight think he should be Content to stay at Home with you can not see Why he should prefer an occasional evening without you. A Jack has always Given in before but tonight is different. He is at last sensible and realizes that if he is not to lose his individuality and become nothing but a feeble Echo of his wife a views the time has come to assert himself. A a done to look go aggrieved Maude the. Been through it All and know just How Hurt you feel with him and me. You think ours is an Ideal marriage but there was a time when i was much nearer a smash up than you Are now for much the same reason. A for the first years of our marriage i kept James in Leash anal he seemed perfectly Content to be led. Then he began to pull a bit thought he would like to take a run once in a while by himself without having to tug me along. A instead of moaning that Jim wanted to run i helped him on. I would say a suppose you take dinner at the club in a going to have some women in and in a sure you would have a better time than head go mind you and i never asked him what he did or where he went. A in other words i gave him his head Only making sure that i kept myself attractive that he always wanted to run Back to me. V a my dear the sooner you make up your mind that men Are not like us women the quicker Wii you and Jack be travelling an Asphalt Road instead of a rutty Lane. when we love a Man to Are Content to be dragged along at his coat tails. A men Are different. The flu Fiest tulle ties seem an Iron Cable if once the stubborn dears get the nation that a Are apron strings. Down in our hearts we Jiko them All the better when they Are men enough to snap them. We know our set wont refer to him is a in leading strings a take my advice child Stop sulking. Drop the Leash. Telephone Jack you want him to go to that diner and Hope hell have the time of his life and you Are going to the theater with me. A a Quot then never take hold of those Lead ing strings again. Let me Tell you a world old truth you can to bring a husband Back by sulking or thwarting him

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