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Cincinnati Commercial Tribune Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Cincinnati, OhioIt i if its new5 you la find it Here the commercial j full leased wire service the associated press. The weather showers tomorrow fair and cooler yesterdays temperature maximum 86 minimum 56 vol. Xxvii. . 340.�?daily. Cincinnati sunday May 20, 1923. Entered w a a cond i a matter Jane 2i, 1896, at past office Cincinnati Ohio under act March a 1879. Price seven cents. Shantung governor willing to give leaders commissions in military forces Washington hears. Peking envoy thinks intervention necessary wife Cinci Natian killed when Auto is hit by another near North Middletown by. Mrs. Samuel Wells meets death it. Sterling Pike husband and two children rushed to Hospital other Driver fails to Stop. Sou note defection in brigades regular troops feared unless pay is forthcoming sell brigands ammunition. Washington May 19.�?failure the chinese government to effect the release the foreigners 4 captured by bandits in Shantung led officials the american legation in peking to Cable the state department today that a either foreign guarantees i mfr intermediaries seem to he Neceia amp Aryl to produce results. Direct negotiations Between the bandits and chinese officials the dispatch said. Apparently Are impossible because Mutual distrust. the other hand the dispatches reported that the military governor Shantung had offered commissions in the regular forces that province to the Bandit leaders prot video the captives should he released. Whether this offer will be found acceptable is not known Here and further information is anxiously Schurman Najj other foreign diplomats have demanded again that the chinese government apprehend and punish the bandits. Officials Here however Are More concerned Over the plight the prisoners than Over the question How the outlaws will be disciplined. It is their belief that the peking a to Matloc corps will exert itself first and forcibly to bring about the release and take up the question punishment later even though the bandits at that time May be incorporated in the chinese army. Fear defection troops. Reports that troops in three brigades the chinese army in Harttung have been without pay for eighteen months and Are Selling ammunition to the bandits have led officials Here to fear that a defection a these troops May make a bad situation worse. Government reports show that there Are Between 30.000 and 40,000 bandits in Shantung. Province. Should they be joined by any considerable body Dissat fled troops the regular army the result might be to delay indefinitely the a release the captives. A the envoy the military gov a Jer nor returned to Lincheng the night May 18.&Quot said a summary department advices made Public today a bearing with him the demands the bandits which were to the feet that Suen Mei Yao should be made commander in chief the troops should be withdrawn and food should be furnished to the bandits. the a Lvovs the minister communications accompanied by the envoy the military governor. Returned to the bandits the morning May 19. With commissions for Suen and his subordinates. The military governor has made the following offer to the bandits a a a upon the acceptance the commissions by the Bandur. Five the captives shall be Reley sed. The troops shall then withdraw about two Miles upon which five additional captives shall be released. The release the remaining captives shall follow the withdrawal All the troops to their regular stations and the incorporation the bandits into it the Berube brings ultimatum. The departments reports As to the Sale ammunition to the bandits came from Consul Davis and major Philoon at Lincheng. A there is fear a said the department statement in that connection a that unless the troops Are immediately paid defection will ensue. In order to protect himself the military governor is importing 1,500 personal troops. A one the captives by the name Berube was released by the bandits the morning May 18 in a order to bring letters to the consuls to the effect that the troops were now within one two Miles part Zeke. And unless these troops were immediately withdrawn fighting must result in which no guarantee could be Given for the safety the foreign prisoners. A direct negotiations Between the bandits and the officials Are apparently in part due to Mutual distrust. Either foreign guarantees intermediaries seem to be necessary. It might he useful to exert pressure Tsao Kun. A a meeting the diplomatic corps was Ltd May 19, and it was decided that the Dean should address a further note to the foreign special dispatch to the commercial Tribune. Paris. Ky., May 19.�?mrs. Samuel Wells Cincinnati. O., wife an employee the c. Crane lumber Cord pan a was killed instantly Early tonight when the automobile in which she was Riding was struck by another automobile the it. Ster line Pike one mile out North Middletown. The Light touring car in which mrs. Wells was Riding was driven by her husband and was occupied by eight passengers. The other occupants escaped with slight body bruises. According to . Wells who was rushed to the it. Sterling Hospital with his two Small children a daughter 3 years old and a son. 2 years old. His car was struck from the rear by a Large touring car which was being driven at a High Speed. None the occupants the Wells automobile was Able to get the number the car which struck them As the Driver did not Stop but sped away in the direction it. Sterling. In his Story to it. Sterling authorities Wells said he was travelling along the Pike at a moderate Speed when shortly after 6 clock he heard a car speeding behind him. Fearing a possible Accident. Wells said that he turned off to the Side the Road and stopped his car in order to let the approaching Auto pass him. Shortly after he stopped he said the Auto crashed into the rear his car. The Wells Auto Wras hurled against a near by Telephone pole. The Force this Impact caused the lighter car to turn completely Over. The Driver the speeding machine did not Slacken his Speed but continued in the direction it Sterling Wells said. The other occupants the wrecked automobile were Chapwell Gullet. Clyde Smith. Ernest Poston and Acie swim All Cincinnati All these men Are employed by the Crane lumber company Cincinnati. When the men in the party extricated themselves from the wreckage they found mrs. Wells dead. Physicians who examined her later said that her neck had been broken in the fall. Her body was taken to North Middletown. According to . Wells the party was its Way to Salt lick kg., to spend sunday with relatives. The Wells family was formerly farm ers. By. It was Learned late tonight that it. Sterling authorities had arrested a Man who drove into it. Sterling shortly after the Accident. It is said that the Auto in which he was rid ing tallied with the description Given the speeding automobile. I drug brings life to new born babe dead 15 minutes t Baltimore May 19.�?adrenalin saved the life a new born babe physicians at Franklin Square Hospital Here said today adding that the infant was dead for fifteen minutes after its birth five Days ago. When the baby was born last monday physicians tried every usual Means encouraging the heart action and breathing in vain. Then adrenalin we As resorted to. An injection was made close to the heart and in a few minutes the flush life overspread the Little body. Today the child is declared to be Normal and have every Chance for a life. The child is the daughter mrs. William j. Jacelin Baltimore. Sorted shot a Ruhr Tirol a orgy Street shooting at Mannheim reported to Berlin papers victim May die they say. By the associated Presa Berlin May 19.�?special dispatches to the Berlin newspapers re part Quot an orgy Street shooting by tire French in Mannheim last night in which k.8 Many As 150 shots w Ere fired and at least two germans seriously wounded. The germans say the French patrol Friedrichs Bridge fired wildly in All directions some the shots hitting near by houses while a Street car filled with passengers was directly fired upon. The cause the outburst was not Given. Other dispatches report the fatal wounding yesterday in Mannheim Karl Traub a policeman. The Story told by the germans is that the French had advised the German authorities that one the French railway station patrols was being pelted with stones by children whereupon the germans posted a police guard at the station with Traub As one its members. Shortly afterwards he is said to have been arrested the charge not being stated. While being taken away he broke Loose from his captors and jumped to a River Barge and then dived into the water. The French Are declared to have fired him while he was attempting to swim off and later took him from the water suffering from wounds which proved fatal. Identified by Deputy sheriff Walter French Start seizures for failure to j. Hunter who arrived Here from Clara identified Breaks Down Sharp protest from Russia slaying Torovsky produces Day almost violent controversy great Powers blamed for part Nin affair Zev gallops Home at 20-1 in Kentucky Derby before largest crowd in history racing Sinclair a Colt leads Field 20 All the Way Specter failure peace conference raised by communication declaring soviet negotiations will go . Superlatives lacking to describe adequately Derby Day enthusiasm�?75,000 is conservative estimate crowd. Lack favourites adds to interest stands begin to fill Long before noon fair weather brings Milady out in full splendor. Is tries to bribe honduran cops a blames Peggy Caffee and says Jess Carson forced her to accompany him. By the associated Presa Tegucigalpa. Honduras. May woman being held Here As Clara Phillips the California a Hammer murderess a has been definitely pay fines. Essen May 19.�?French troops have begun the seizure household goods belonging to germans who refuse to pay fines levied against them by the occupational authorities. The German newspapers say that seizures Are to be made at the Home Fritz thy sea and . Krupp von Bohlen. Three directors the Badenes aniline and soda works have been arrested at Ludwigshafen by the French. The germans understood they were being held As hostages but say they do not know the reason. _ to increase Ruhr army by 15,000 to 20,000 men. Paris May 19.�?the army occupation in the Ruhr is to be reinforced by another 15,000 20,000 men. Says be Matin. It has been decided the paper asserts to proceed to a still More Complete exploitation the occupied territory and consequently the railroads must be closely guarded to prevent the escape Coke and Coal. Be Matin adds that at a moment when fresh convocations May be opened among the allies it is More necessary than Ever to be Able to demonstrate the solidity productivity and durability the French occupation. Los Angeles. She will be taken Back to los Angeles where she escaped from jail last december by the Steamer Colombia leaving Mapala May 30. The prisoner has completely broken Down. All Day today she made offers to the police officials to help her to escape. In an interview which the associated press correspondent had w Ith mrs. Phillips today she said weeping that she was innocent and charged that Alberta Meadows had been killed by Peggy Caffee. She declared her husband had turned states evidence. He and Peggy she asserted were responsible for her conviction. In Mexico she declared she met a former Friend Jess Carson who is now in the Tegucigalpa Penitentiary and he compelled her by Force to leave with him telling her that Honduras had no extradition treaty. By the Assort sted pm Lausanne 1 May 19. A two strongly worded protests from m. Tchitcherine the russian soviet foreign minister to the Swiss government and the near East conference regarding the assassination Torovsky head the russian delegation at Lausanne contributed to produce another Day almost violent controversy. The conference itself is struggling along groping for peace against numerous discouraging obstacles such As the threatened open clash be to Eert Greece and Turkey Over reparations and the deadlock the problem foreigners resident in Turkey. Quot a m. Tchitcherine in his note to the conference raises the Specter failure the conference and declares that the soviet Russia reserves All rights and will continue to address communications to the conference and to the French British and italian governments regarding Torovsky if necessary. But in the meantime Russia affirms the great Powers have their share responsibility in the failure Switzerland to adopt indispensable measures a which would have rendered the assassination the russian Leader improbable if not impossible. The question the status foreign religious educational and charitable institutions in Turkey which is special importance to the United states because the numerous american schools hospitals and churches turkish soil was definitely settled by the near East conference today. The allies agreed to accept separate letters from Ismet Pasha the turkish foreign minister to the Heads the British French and italian delegations recognizing such foreign instructions and the special character the foreign schools Ismet refused to insert his recognition in the treaty itself As he deemed such a step id a it meat amp in with turkish National t dignity. Ismet is expected to give Joseph c. Grew american minister to Switzerland who represents the United states Here a similar letter Assurance this subject when the present informal conversations Between the americans and turks Are transformed into official negotiations. Ismeta a letters will recognize the institutions founded before october 1914, and express turkeys intention benevolently to examine the status institutions established from the outbreak the War to the signing the treaty Here. The Greco Turk reparation crisis in the conference is continuing but the allies seem to be lessening the tension through determined efforts to find a solution. One Hundred and fifty prominent turkish moslem including probably former Sultan Mohammed vi., will become men without a country under a declaration the near East conference which today accepted a demand from the new turkish government for a protocol authorizing the banishment a number political leaders and confiscation their property As traitors. A list the men to be banished is to be delivered to the conference by Ismet Pasha head the Angora delegation. Allied spokesmen declare they agreed to the protocol in order to safeguard the whole project amnesty for the christians in Asia minor. The allies As a further Concession agreed to liberate All turks arrested up to the opening the conference. It continued third Pago Slayer leaves prison freed after ten years Columbus . May 19.�?grover c. Baker 38 years old today walked out the Penitentiary a Rree Man after serving ten years a life sentence imposed for murdering his father in Law in Butler county october 31. 1912. His sentence was commuted to fifteen years by governor Donahey time off for Good behaviour at the prison reducing the fifteen years to ten. Effective today. Model behaviour the part the prisoner was the chief Factor in his favor. He has been a trusty outside the prison for the past six years and is a Good Painter and paper Hanger. The commutation is conditioned Hie compliance with an order Joever to return to Butler county and to abstain from intoxicating liquor. His family lives in Kentucky and Baker is to make his Home in that state. Baker shot his wife s Stepfather Stephen Graves halloween night 191. Recommendations for clemency in his Case by former boards Pardon and parole were rejected by both governors Cox and Davis Aker was received at the Penitentiary May 20, 1913. German Syndicate reported to have invited British inspection. Duess Eldorf. May 19.�?unconfirmed reports Are that the German Iron and steel Syndicate whose Headquarters Are at Dusseldorf has invited several British political Lead to come to the Ruhr to study the situation and discuss the reparations question Writh German industrialists. 2 fliers Are killed bodies Burn in crash san Antonio tex., May 19.�? flying Cadet Robert e Mcadams Montgomery Ala. 24 years old and private James s. Hall 2 2 years old 602. Wallace Avenue. Bow Ling Green o., were killed and their bodies burned this morning when their plane crashed about five Miles from Brooks Field. The cause the Accident has not been determined. Farmer kills wife who squealed him cuts his own Throat Ludington mich., May 19.�?"if you squeal me to the court see if i done to kill you a Adolph Musil Summit county Farmer is Sid to have often said to his wife Frances. She Quot squealed a Friday bringing about his conviction a charge non support and also started divorce proceedings. Within Twenty four hours her body Lay a Hilltop near Here w Hertice she fled and died after her husband had slashed her Throat with a razor. Musil Cut his own Throat with a j pocket knife but has a Chance to recover. A Coroner s jury found mrs. Musil a death was the result a a murderous attack a by her husband. Prosecutor Fitch has issued a warrant charging Musil with a St degree murder. Musil is in a Hospital under guard. Seven children ranging from 2 to 19 years Are Motherless As a result the tragedy. Damn Rotten show a says jilted briton sailing for Home 50,000 Marks for $1 new Low quotation new York. May 19.�?German Marks fell to a new Low figure in the foreign Exchange Market Here today being quoted at cent apiece More than 50.000 for $1. Today s figure Wras a new Low for All time the lowest figure previously quoted being .002026 cent Early this year. A a Tiger turns Down offer senat0rship Paris. May 19.�?ex-Premier Cleme Meau has just refused a sen Ato ship we hich would have been his for the asking. Representatives the different parties offered to make him their common Choice As successor to the late senator Leroux in the a a Tiger so Birthplace the Region Ija Vendee where he still retains a Seaside Home. Clemenceau refused saying he was determined not to reenter parliament and would not accept tha seat if he were elected to it. New York May 19.�?forsaking the olympic which he had reserved a honeymoon suite for his intended Bride. Lieutenant Frederick Wiseman Clarke r. N., sailed Home today the steamship Duna declaring a the still loved miss Nancy Michael Hoyt. Washington society Belle whose engagement to marry him was broken off last wednesday a few hours before Tho time set for the wedding. The olympics passenger list still carried the name and mrs. F. W. Clarke but it was thought the reservations had been cancelled a Short time before the breaking the engagement was announced. Lieutenant Clarke said he had changed to the Orduna because his parents who came to attend the wedding had passage that ship. Quot i Don t think we Ever will be he said when asked if there was any likelihood any other wedding. A Are you bound for Home broken hearted a he was asked. A broken hearted Well its a terrible blow to me Quot he replied. A i done to want to say anything about the controversy Between our parents. It was a Complete Surprise to me. The wedding was to have taken place the sixteenth. We saw each other the fifteenth and bad luncheon together. The wedding was postponed at 6 30 that night. I still love miss Hoyt. 1 would do anything for her and i would give anything rather thar to Bave had this special dispatch to the commercial Tribune. Louisville May 19.�?for waiters who have covered the Kentucky Derby Over a stretch years new superlatives should be a created for each successive running. For despite the High we Ater Marks the past every May Day that sees the thoroughbreds contesting for the Blue ribbon the turf also finds scenes and incidents a nature to make All old Quot copy somewhat useless. And today proved no exception to. The Rule Louisville must indeed be elastic. Just a medium sized modern town during the balance the year a town where the insane Rush twentieth Century business is tempered by a hint Southern indolence the Metropolis Quot old Kain tuck becomes once a year a roaring City the first magnitude an Urban mushroom that grows Over night to almost twice its w noted population and to fifty times its usual Hullabaloo. As a Magnet the Kentucky Derby is in a class by. Itself. There Are other great and fabled races but to none them will the High and the Low the Rich and the poor flock As they have done to the Blue grass Climax in the past and As they have More than Ever flocked today. Conservative estimates placed today a throng at 75,000, with several Good judges crowds giving out a greater number. The fact that there were no really famous and out standing horses entered As in former years did not Abate for one instant the interest. For several Days nothing save the big race was talked . The hotels from rather quiet orderly hostelries assumed the atmosphere menagerie and insane asylums combined. In fact it is to be believed that the very open character the race with no red hot favorite simply added to the general clamor and hysterical interest for the follow ers knew that the Julest Odds might Reward a fan Able to pick the Winner and it was to pick the we inner that each one was there. Long before noon the Early hundreds began to sift through the turnstiles at the Downs and when the factory whistles blew there was More than a fair crust spectators blackening the huge stands. But this was As nothing to the Over whelming Avalanche race goers that stormed every Entrance Between noon and 2 clock. They swarmed Forth from the trolleys they tumbled out Miles Long processions motor cars they descended from every sort convey Ance they dog trotted fat. They cared not for anything in this wide wide world but the dear old Darby and they cared not who knew it. The feminine element As usual was a dazzling spectacle. While the skies were somewhat overcast there was yet no rain much Prospect even a Shower and As a consequence Milady and her Brood sub Debs allowed the ceiling to be the limit and Hung their glad rags and lib. Words can not describe the crush in the betting ring. Every preparation had been made that was humanly possible but despite this the almost countless Waves Rushing humanity simply dashed themselves to pieces against the other countless Waves already within. But despite the crush despite the heat despite the ruined clothing and hats no one complained a particle if he was simply Lucky enough to get his Money Down the horse his Choice. This thing accomplished this matter Manly Pride and noblesse oblige at last looked to what mattered it whether their Choice won lost ? it was the end a perfect Day either Way f0rd-f0r-president Boom has both parties worried bigwigs baffled Small says both republicans and democrats afraid Detroit manufacturer will run away with nomination Strong sentiment in his favor among Farmers. By Robert t. Small special correspondent the commercial Tribune. Copyright 1923. The Vanguard the Derby Host was waiting at the Downs when the Gates were opened at 8 clock. Long before the first race the Days program was run the stands had been filled and the crowd which it previously had been estimated would exceed 75,000, had surged into the infield. In the betting shed scores parimutuel betting machines clattered As operators recorded purchases tickets from a maximum $100 to a minimum $2, marking the placing what was predicted would be a record breaking total Wager the Derby. It was a crowd marked by color life and movement vibrant with the atmosphere the great throngs we hich have followed w Ith straining eyes the Flash the riders silk and cheered former Derby winners. It w As a Happy Host gathered to see the crowning Zev and it flashed continued fifteenth Page Maude Adams to return to stage in a Peter pan new York May 19.�?maude Adams famous actress who quit the stage because illness in 1918. Will return in the autumn in a revival her greatest Success Quot Peter pan a and in three other Carrie plays one them a new Effort in which sir James Barrie now is at work the evening mail said today. G Washington May 19.�?the Shadow Henry Ford the richest Man in the world lies athwart the National capital if not the White House itself. There no longer is a disposition among National political leaders to treat lightly the Quot talk Henry Ford for president. The Miracle Man the motor world has both old parties w worried to something approaching a panic. The democrats frankly Are worried lest Henry Ford run away with their presidential nomination. The republicans Are worried for the very same reason. They fear Henry Ford As a candidate against president Harding in 1924. Nor do the worries the leaders Stop Here. They believe that even if the democrats opposed to him Are successful in blocking his nomination at the next National convention Henry Ford May run a third party ticket and so muddle the political Stream that no one can say who we ill Rise successful from the darkened Waters. Another Specter the political horizon is senator William e. Borah Idaho. He is about to undertake a Quot swing around the circles his own Hook to see if there really is any sentiment in the country for a third possibly a. Fourth party. Disorder worries them. All these moves make for political disorder and if their is one thing the professional politician dreads it is disorder. He much prefers to have everything stated and understood in Advance so that he can Lay his Well matured plans accordingly and scramble aboard the leading bandwagon at the Best appointed time. Leaders both the old parties will frankly admit to you in Confidence that they do not know just How to go about fighting the spread the Ford sentiment. They Nave found that sentiment in unexpected places. They looked for it and were prepared to discount it in some sections but they find that the Ford Quot bugs whatever it is has spread far beyond anything they had suspected. There is no reasoning with it. When a Man says Quot in a for Henry Ford a he just keeps being for Henry Ford no matter what arguments you May bring to Bear against his Choice. Conscious the Rise the Ford tide the old party generals nevertheless Are afraid to attack him lest they bring the movement to a j focus and Start the formation a i machine which might assume overwhelming preparations by the ides 1924. It is a baffling situation one that is trying the ingenuity the men whose Craft and leadership have brought them to the top councils their respective parties. The Ford Boom was worrisome enough to the politicians even before senator Pat Harrison came in like Young Lochinvar from the West and announced that Quot Uncle Henry was very much the political map and we As a Factor to be dealt with in All earnestness in connection with the next presidential Campaign. Senator Pat did not say that he himself favored Henry Ford but he also did not say that he would Bolt the ticket if the Detroit Croesus should be the nominee. Can to avoid Ford talk senator Harrison a report which merely coincided with other information reaching the capital nevertheless sent cold Shivers Down the backbones the political bigwigs. It so happens that important conferences both republicans and democrats have been held in Washington during the last week. One the gatherings was at the White House the other entered about Illiam Gibbs Mcadoo who came to Washington to attend the unveil ing a statue at the Treasury department Over which he once presided but who remained to Quot talk Turkey a with some the men who attempted to shape the affairs the democracy. Both conferences tried mighty hard not even to think Henry Ford but both failed. . Ford in the meantime refuses to be smoked out the unassailable position in which he finds himself. To All inquiries whether written Oral he replies that he has no political aspirations that he has Given the question party no special consideration and that he is sure any Way that the a interests a and Wall Street in particular would never a a consent to his becoming the chief magistrate the land. Persons who have visited the motor maker and talked privately with him say that if he is to become president the United states he will have to be drafted that he will not go out and fight for the nomination either party. It is considered it foregone conclusion Here that president Harding will be renominated by the re publicans if he still wants to make the race when 1924 arrives. There is plenty organization work yet to be done if the president is to get the Noii fiction without an unseemly struggle but work an organization has been begun and will be carried Forward with a full real leation the extensive labor involved. J. Southern Farmer likes him. The democratic race the other hand is an exceedingly open one and therefore just to the liking the men who would like to see Henry Ford nominated. There was Noth ing new in senator Harrison a state Merit that most the relegates from the Southern states might easily turn to Henry Ford at the democratic convention. This has been True Ever since Ford offered to Lake Over the muscle Shoals government project and make fertilizer for the Farmers at a rate lower than he has Ever known before. It is no argument with the Southern Farmers to say that Quot Ford can to do they say he can and that ends the argument. The Southern Farmers be Lieve that Ford has been mistreated at Washington about the muscle Shoals project. They have not examined the details his offer they have made no study the government obligations the economics involved. They Only believe in the magic Henry Ford. This belief in Fords ability to do things however is not confined to the South. The state Michigan gives him permission to appropriate such water Power As he desires. He plans a tremendous Plant near St. Paul minn., and immediately the citizens St. Paul acclaim Ford and say he should have ail the privileges he acquires. Quot Friend Henry Ford is Welcome everywhere As a manufacturer where will he be Welcome As a presidential candidate that he is the richest Man in the world is no Barrier. An old Virginia Farmer who hates plutocrats and Multi millionaires surprised a very astute Washington politician travelling incognito in the old Dominion a few Days ago by telling him he was for Henry Ford and that Henry Ford was the Only Friend the Farmer the Workingman had among the big men the Day. The Ford political flood is the strangest phenomenon present Day politicians have had to Deal with and they Are baffled by it. What will come the Rushing Waters Quot Blind sentiment a misguided enthusiasm for an a impracticable candidate anything you choose to Call him Only the next twelve months will Tell. Amazing comeback staged by Colt that ran next to last in the Preakness Vigil runs third after hard fight. Old rosebuds record missed by two seconds Martingale Cosdena a horse finishes second a enchantment takes sixth a race Worth $53,675 to Winner. Louisville ky., May 19.�?Zev, Harry f. Sinclair a Brown Colts the horse that came Back after finishing next to last in the $50,000 Preakness a week ago Tody entered the 347 scotch immigrants to America land at Halifax proceed by rail to beat barriers quota system miss Adams was said to have been lieutenant Clarke Quot said he wanted induced to go again before the foot to deny emphatically that the mat a lights by Barrie who she visited re a Ronial affairs miss Hoyte a sister who eloped several years ago with Horace Wylie each leaving be Hind a marital Partney had Anj-0� do with the break. My folks always knew Abom that a he said. _ asked if miss Hoyt had returned his ring he exclaimed a a it 8 a Damn Rotten How ail gently in England where she also saw Rudyard Kipling and the heirs Edmond Rostand. She is sex i petted to appear in motion picture versions several Rostand a plays and Kipling a novels. Beside Quot Peter pan and the new Barrie play not yet named. Quot what every woman Kuji Owse and a the Little minister were Given As her proposed stage vehicles. Halifax May 19.�?to clip two Days off their journey and arrive in the United states before the immigration quota the United kingdom we As exhausted 3 47 scottish immigrants originally bound for new York were landed by the steamship Cameron a Here today and planned to Complete their trip by rail. Examined under a special permit from the american immigration authorities from Washington the immigrants were to be started for new York tonight a special train. Reports that More than enough immigrants to fill the United kingdom quota had sailed from various ports caused those the Cameron a to Appeal to the ship s commander to land them in Canada. The Cameron a proceeded to new York this afternoon with her remaining 150 passengers. enough immigrants to make up the total that can enter before the fiscal year ads. June 30. The commissioner suggested that Halifax probably was selected As the port arrival because a fear that some other ship loaded with j immigrants might reach Boston new York ahead the Cameron a. Immigration commissioner Grants permission to Cross Border. Washington. May 19.�?special permission for the entry into the United states from Halifax 347 emigrants from the United kingdom who arrived the Steamer Cameron a. Was granted today by commissioner general husband. . Husband said that according to his figures the quota for great Britain had not been exhausted despite the fact that ship lines abroad some time ago announced that their bookings contemplated the departure Bonar Laws condition kept secret friends show great concern by the associated Porrit London May 19.�?great secrecy is being maintained regarding prime minister Bonar Laws condition. Which is causing his friends grave concern. The Premier who recently left an announced voyage one month for his health looked tired and worn out when \ he reached London this afternoon from Paris and was compelled to rest because his exhausted condition when he reached the private House where he is staying. Sir Thomas Horder the noted specialist was called upon the Premier s arrival and remained with him a Long time. It was remarked that the Premier was so fatigued Evhen he alighted from his train that he failed to respond to the cheers the crowd that had gathered to receive him. Racing Hall Fame when he won the forty ninth Kentucky Derby before a crowd .75,000 persons the greatest throng that Ever witnessed a horse race in America. The Little Brown Colt by the Fin i a miss Kearney Defeated Twenty the Best three year Olds in the nation the largest Field that Ever started in the classic. Starting from tenth position from the inner rail Zev shot into the Lead a few feet after leaving the Barrier and led the Field until the fall the Flag crossing the wire a length and a half ahead Martingale owned by j. S. Cosden. Walter j. Salmon a Vigil Winner the Preakness stakes finished third one length behind Martingale. The race at one and a Quarter Miles was run Over a track lightning fast the time being 2 05 2-5, two seconds slower than the re Cord for the event set by old Rosebud in 1914. Nassau owned by Frederick Johnson pulled up in fourth place by a nose we Hole Chittagong own Ned by mrs. John f. Hertz Chicago was fifth a length Back Nassau. In the fighting Bunch Back Chittagong came Harry Quot Payne Whitney s enchantment who captured sixth place we Hile Rialto owned by mrs. Harry Payne Whitney finished seventh. The race was Worth $53,625 net to . Sinclair who was not present to witness the Brilliant Victory his Colt. Martingales owner received $6,000 As second place Money w Hile $3,000 went to Vigil for third place and $1,000 to for fourth. A $2 ticket in the parimutuel paid $40.40 Zev s Victory. The Price Martingale was $25.80 to place and vigils show Price was $12.30. To the Post at 4 47. The Field went to the Post at 4 7 clock and after a delay six minutes due to the unmanageable Nassau starter William s. Hamilton sprung the Barrier and a hysterical cheer Rose from the crowd As the horses plunged into a stride. Martingale momentarily snatched the Lead As the Field started its dash past the grand stand but Little Earl Sande Riding Zev quickly jerked his charge into the commanding position sending him to the front with All the Speed for which he is famous. Jockey Sande laying his head close to Zevos steaming neck kept his horse hugging the rail As he swept past the grand stand two lengths in the Lead with Martingale trailing and Nassau fighting in third place. Vigil was tenth at the Quarter eighth at the half mile sixth at the three quarters pole fifth into the stretch and with jockey Garper vigorously applying the whip started a dash for the wire a length behind Martingale with Nassau fourth. With a Lead two lengths to his credit jockey Sande piloted Zev around the Back stretch and straightened out for the wire. Martingale continued the fight to retain second place having the advantage a length Over Vigil which was gaining at every stride and making a valiant bid for second place. Running like mad horses Zev and Martingale shot under the wire a length and a half separating them. The crowd became hysterical lifting the winners name in a mighty shout and surging around the judges stand to get a close up glimpse Zev and his Little blonde jockey. Colourful crowd. Never before in the history the Derby has such an enormous crowd packed Churchill Downs. It was crowd Power wealth and Beauty Beautiful women in Holiday gowns making the clubhouse and Lawn in front the grand stand a symphony color. For half a mile the unlucky spectators unable to get seats stood shoulder to shoulder in a sweltering mass thousands them unable to see but a Small part the race because the dense throng. As the horses thundered into the stretch the picture presented a sea Bobbing Heads As the human jumping jacks leaped continued fifteenth Page Auto runs 50 Miles 2\ cents fuel with new Oil engine v. San Francisco May 19.�?a miniature diesel engine for automobiles has been perfected by engineers the Bethlehem shipbuilding corporation Here Joseph j. Tynan vice president and general manager the corporation the coast announced today. Quot the engine will propel a Small automobile fifty Miles 2 cents Worth fuel a Tynan said. A it is already in operation at our Plant. One the fifty horse Power was installed in an old automobile Standard make. We have run it several months and have eliminated All the difficulties that originally appeared. A the fuel burned is a Light Oil the same As that now used in naval submarines. Such an Oil has far More heat units than gasoline and. Our devices enable the use these units. In addition it has greater stamina and durability than the automobile an added advantage is the nation the gear shifts

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