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Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Cincinnati, OhioIf its news you la find it Here the commercial Tribune full leased wire service of the associated press and leased wire n. Y. World the weather probably fair and War tuesday showers. Temperature yesterday maximum 91. Minimum 60.5 vol. Xxxv. No. 9.�?daily. Cincinnati monday june 23, 1930. Entered As second class matter june 26, 1896, at Postof fica Cincinnati Ohio under act of March 8, 1879. Price two cents. S ==3 asphyxiated in cellar by Gas from still it Pipi p p p p p p p p p p. P president warns Congress against Relief measure Hoover avers executive writes to senator Watson enclosing protests from Secretary Mellon and gen. Frank to Hines. Letter is considered Advance notice of veto Reed of Pennsylvania will offer substitute legislation which administration supporters Hope will be adopted. Washington june 22.�?op a president Hoover today warned that the veterans Relief Bill to be voted upon tomorrow in the Senate Means a raise irk taxes and administration leaders in the Senate immediately moved to put Forward a substitute acceptable to him. the president made known his opposition to the Bill in a letter to senator Watson of Indiana the Republican Leader which was Given out at the White House. He said it not Only meant increased taxes but it was unquiet Able to the world War veterans and was far More than they themselves had asked. At a White House conference senator Reed rep., a submitted a substitute measure which is understood to have received administration approval. Those attending the conference included Secretary Mellon senator Watson director Hines of the veterans Bureau Secretary Hurley and under Secretary Mills of the Treasury in addition to senator Reed. Reed offers substitute. Senator Watson said tonight that the Reed substitute will he offered in the Senate tomorrow. He was hopeful of approval. The House already has passed the measure disapproved today by the president. Responding to the notice of a veto to the legislation House administration leaders have called a Republican caucus for tuesday night if the Senate approves the substitute that will be considered at the caucus. If Tho Senate insists upon the pending measure an Early adjournment is unlikely unless veterans Relief legislation is deferred until next session. Estimating the immediate Cost of the Senate veterans Relief Bill at $102.000,000, president Hoover said the original program of the american legion embraced an outlay of Only $35,000,000 annually. Senator Watson intends to offer the american legion program if the Reed substitute is Defeated. The american legion through its weekly bulletin today urged adoption of the Senate measure. Spanish Bui passed Over veto. Congress once this session overwhelmingly overrode a veto of the president on a Spanish War veterans Bill but advocates of the pending veterans Relief measure Are not continued on third Page just a by wife May have caused this Accident York june 2 2.�? Pic an enraged Bronx housewife tired of waiting All night for her poker playing husband to come Home knocked upon the door of q. Bronx apartment today interrupting a quiet evenhanded game. A where is my husband a a she demanded in a loud and terrible voice. Woof the players grabbed their hats and dived out a window. One of them David Tarvin 37, fractured his hip when he hit the sidewalk. At a Hospital he was told his leap was needless. It Wasny this wife. Mad Squirrel bites one person each Day York world news service White Plains n. J., june 22.�? Jersey has its hens that Chase Golf balls Winsted has its Carp that saw their Way out of the ice and White Plains made a bid for Fame today with its own prize bit of natural history the a mad Squirrel of Wynoke v the Squirrel according to legend appears from nowhere at 9 of clock every morning and bits some one. He is Large and old there is a wicked glint in his Eye. He bites ladles. Last Winter according to residents of Wynoke Street the Squirrel was i hit on the head by a shot from a boy s air Rifle. He has never been the same since. The approach of summer brought him out again and thus far he hag three notches on his Tail three bites three casualties. At 9 of clock today he bit the of a mrs. Mas Terson whose first name the police indignantly refused to make Public and who was sitting on the Cleary porch. He bit so thoroughly that or. Cleary had to Chase him off with an umbrella. A Man Hunt is started for Forsythe named Slayer of Jake Lingle Unta a a Idun Quot of tuna 9.0 -1 pave re a Ellav 11h Alvan a 1 re a a i i ii ii is i i i 1 a Vlf my Chicago. June 22.�? up a every source of the unified Law enforcement agencies working on the Dangle murder Case today was thrown into the intensive Hunt for four fugitives in the belief that their arrest will solve the slaying of the Tribune reporter. Chief a among those sought was James a a red Forsythe who police said has been identified by witnesses As the Man who shot Lingle to death in a Michigan Avenue subway thirteen Days ago and then race to Freedom across the traffic jammed Boulevard. The others Are Frank Foster to whose ownership police claim to have traced the Short nosed revolver which Tho killer discarded As he fled Simon j. Gorman and Frankie noon associate a of Forsythe. Moran gang blamed. The search for Forsythe confirmed rumours that authorities Laid the murder to the Moran Aiello gang. Within an hour of the slaying Lieut. Willie Cusick and his Squadron were dispatched to the organizations Bailiwick by former police commissioner William Russell to Corral All known gunmen. Forsythe was one of the members of the Moran Alello gang taken last december in a raid on their Loop Headquarters and is recognized by officials As a dangerous gunman despite the fact he is but 24 years of age. Authorities did not accuse Gorman noon or Foster of Active participation in the murder but insisted they could Advance valuable in formation. Detectives who traced the pistol said Foster had purchased it from a North Side hardware merchant a year ago. They believe he left the weapon behind when he deserted Moran and Aiello some time ago and the killer recovered it. Following the slaying they agree the Assassin tossed the revolver aside to throw suspicion on Foster a a leak is alleged. Charles f. Rathbun Tribune counsel who last week was appointed special prosecutor in the Lingle Case was indignant because the Iden Les of the suspects had become known through a a leak in the police he declared the revelation of developments in the investigation meant to be strictly secret would hamper the actions of the investigators. Forsythe police said was convicted a year ago of carrying a pistol and was sentenced to serve a year in the House of correction and to pay a Fine of $200. His picture and Bertillo description with fingerprints should therefore have been in the Bureau of identification. They Are not there the Herald examiner said. Neither is there any record of Forsythe shaving served the jail term. Both these angles Quot Are being investigated and every policeman who has Ever crossed a a red Forsythe a Trail has been put on the special detail which is Hunting him throughout Illinois. British actions barring play a Green pastures simple Miracle play not sacrilegious likens viewpoint to that of a Mon Keville York. June 22.�?marc Connelly at the request of the York world news service expresses below his reaction to sundays news from England that lord chamber lain Cromer has banned presentation in London of a the Green pastures a his play which won the pulitzer prize for 1929-�?T30. Although no reason for barring the play in England was Given officially it is understood that the lord chamberlains office refused to License it because it introduces the deity As a character and Calls for the portrayal of that character by a negro actor. By Marc Connelly. New York world news service. Paris june 22.�?�?oi regret the embarrassment which will be Felt by intelligent englishmen at news of the suppression of a Green it can not be amusing to them to discover that the viewpoint Uon Keville tenn., in a so Rife in England that it determines an official ruling. A during the last two months All adult English newspapers and magazines have been enthusiastic in their comments on the printed play. Consequently i am mildly surprised to find the lord chamberlains office unable to distinguish the difference Between orthodox sacrilege and a simple Miracle play. A it. However is a matter in which a foreign writer Cun say Little that is effective. He can in this Case Only express gratitude to those in England who have expressed themselves As eager to see the Playto 2 a me rec a a Quot pase angers die in route to Europe Plymouth England june 22.�? pm two americans died aboard the British Steamer Lapland in route from York to Europe it was announced today. John Phillips. 8 2, of Berkeley cal., died of heart disease and was buried at sea. Miss Harriet r. Kelley of Leavenworth. Kan., died of Brights disease. Her body was embalmed and will be returned to America. The Steamer Lapland left York june 14 for Plymouth and Continental european ports. Ays Tinkham unto libels Churchman declares Bay state critic failed to include original charges in press statement asks for exact copy. Washington june 22.�? pm Bishop James Cannon said in a statement today that representative Tinkham rep., mass had riot said in his signed statement some of the things the Bay state member had stated in the House under congressional immunity relative to the Churchman a handling of funds contributed for the anti Smith Campaign. Tinkham recently accepted the Challenge of the methodist Leader growing out of the investigation of the Bishop by the Senate lobby committee to repeat the things he said about the Churchman on the House floor. In his statement today. Bishop Cannon said the acceptance was carefully worded and that it omitted several accusations made in the House. Bishop Cannon challenged tink Ham to a have several copies of his entire speech typewritten signing them personally then sending one to me and one to each of several other indicated persons thus effectually disclaiming immunity for his entire speech As actually the text of Bishop cannons statement read a i have read the carefully corded statement of 135 words purporting to be a paraphrase of the 3,000-word speech of congressman Tinkham made in the House of representatives on june 17, which speech i called upon him to give out Over his per soft al signature free from congressional immunity. A in his speech of june 17, among other things congressman Tinkham said a the statement of Bishop Cannon that he a made no report of such receipts and expenditures As none was required by Law a was a falsehood and obviously made with the intent of not accounting for the $48,300 alleged in his Telegram of february 12, 1929, to e. C. Jameson to have been spent in the state of again congressman Tinkham in his speech asked a whether or not any of the Money received from e. C. Jameson was used by him on account of any personal indebtedness a again congressman Tinkham in his speech said a the Bishop Cannon will continued on second Page Roberto Fierro is hero of Mexico following nonstop flight from y. By Arthur Constantine. New York world news service. Mexico City june 22. A col. Roberto Fierro who yesterday became a National hero by completing the first non Stop flight from York to Mexico City today told of the bitter Battle he waged with the elements on his 2,152-mile air journey. A i was up against bad weather from the Start a said the mexican air Ace. A throughout the flight i was up against Adverse winds and heavy Rains and constantly ran into Banks of Clouds. A the motor ran irregularly most of the Way and repairs failed to reduce the consumption of gasoline. Consequently my gasoline consumption exceeded my calculations. I had Only fifteen Gallons of fuel left when i sighted Valbuena flying Field the Mexico City Airport. At the Altitude i was flying this was just about enough to keep me aloft another Quarter of an hour. A slight deviation from the route i had planned would have resulted in failure of the flight. A after i left Brownsville although i was flying into the face of a storm i fortunately knew the route perfectly. Several times though the storm was so severe that i thought i would be forced to land Short of my goal. One of these crises came just after i had crossed the Rio Grande and was Over Mexico. I had intended to Fly Over the Gulf but changed my plans because of the bad weather and followed the coast 11ns instead. A i maintained an average Speed of 140 Miles an hour. Most of the time i flew at amp great height. Crossing Over the 10,000-foot peaks of the Sierra de Pachuca Between Tampico and Mexico a Ity i reached an Altitude of 13,000 col. Fierro whose modesty endears him to the mexicans As much As his skill insisted that Arnulfo Cortes the Mechanic who a com 4 continued on third Togo Indiana congressman declares manufacturers and Stock gamblers schemed to defeat. Hawley Smoot Tariff Bill. Colleagues adopt Hoover slogan a give it a chances democratic committee a says g. 0. P. Leaders being rushed a in screaming squads to defense of monstrous York world news service. Washington june 21.--�-the administration Campaign to convince the people of the country that the Hawley Smoot act is a great Forward step in Tariff legislation because of the revised flexible provision was Given another boost today by or. Julius Klein assistant Secretary of Commerce and representative will r. Wood of Indiana chairman of the Republican congressional committee. The slogan started by president Hoover and taken up by Secretary Mellon Secretary Lamont senator Watson Republican Leader of the Senate or. Klein representative Wood and others is to give the Tariff commission a trial and see what splendid results will follow. Or. Wood in a blast for republicans Back Home charged that Wall Street gamblers the metropolitan newspapers who profit from importers and Henry Ford formed a coalition to defeat the Tariff Bill first in Congress and then at the White House. He demands a congressional investigation of the a dumping and Short Selling of stocks in the York Market last year and this year for the deliberate purpose of Dis organizing the securities Market and making political capital by the most ruthless destructive and unpatriotic Quot such an investigation a said he a will reveal the names of those big business men who Are in politics for profit and Are willing to sacrifice their country and their countrymen to satisfy their own malice and or. Klein a a Hopes that out of the prolonged Tariff agitation in con a a a a a a continued on second Page attorney drowns to Rescue child who was playing \ Justus h. Jordan of 1863 Hewitt Avenue attorney and a member of typographical Union no. 3, was drowned yesterday afternoon when he plunged fully clothed into the Little Miami River at Branch Hill to a mistaken Rescue of his son Paul aged 13. The boy was thrashing the water with glee and the father mistook the splashing for a sign of distress. Mrs. Lillian Jordan the attorneys wife and three other children witnessed the tragedy. Or. Jordan a body was recovered thirty minutes after the drowning. His wife reported that he never appeared above the surface of the water after his dive to Aid his son. Efforts at resuscitation by or. Frank lever who was summoned from near by failed. The Jordan family composed of or. Jordan his wife Lillian Harold 14 Paul 13 Jennet 15 and Margie 5, had been spending the Day at the Jordan Camp. The children wanted to go swimming in the afternoon and had gone to the River accompanied by their parents when the tragedy took place. Funeral arrangements were incomplete late last night. A slope eaglet arrives to bless Luck of col. And. Mrs. Charles Lindbergh son of flyers born at Morrow Home Englewood n. J., june 22.�? pm a son was born today to americans hero of the air and the intrepid Hel meet who had assisted him in blazing pathways through uncharted skies. From the Home of ambassador Dwight w. Morrow came the Neys that has been awaited with much interest that an heir had arrived to Complete the happiness of col. Charles a. Lindbergh and the former Anne Morrow. The infant whose birth aroused As much interest As that of Many a Royal child Wos born on mrs. Lindbergh a Twenty fourth birthday. Beyond the feet that the child was a boy and that he was born at the marrow Home no information was forthcoming there. From other sources however it was Learned that the baby was born at 3 15 . The Happy parents were completely sheltered in the House of mrs. Lindbergh so father. All details were guarded just As details of the Lone eagles courtship and marriage were guarded. In recent weeks the admiration of the Public has been aroused More than Ever by mrs. Lindbergh who despite approaching motherhood has Clung to her custom of accompanying her famous husband on Many of his flights. Only last thursday they flew together to Hartford conn., from Teterboro Airport. Ten Days earlier she accompanied him in a test flight of a Small monoplane Over the metropolitan area. On easter sunday two months ago mrs. Lindbergh shared with her husband credit for establishing a record for a one Stop flight from Glendale cal., to Roosevelt Field n. Y. Col. Lindbergh declared his wife did the greater part of work on the flight acting As navigator and co Pilot As Well. Although there had been frequent rumours of the expected birth the first definite indication came less than two weeks ago when ambassador Morrow a wife abandoned her political activities in behalf of her husbands Campaign for the senatorial nomination in order to devote her attention to her daughter. Preparations that had been made for mrs. Lindbergh s reception in a York Hospital were cancelled several Days ago and Hospital equip continued on second Page clerk loses own Auto then uncles car to thieves Don Rice 23, clerk of 6193 Montgomery Road Norwood Hasni to much Luck with automobiles. Rice had a Coupe of his own. A couple of months ago it was stolen and when it was recovered so Little was left that he had to sell it for junk. Saturday night the urge to drive in his blood he borrowed the car of his Uncle B. Wise fourth Street jeweler with whom he lives. Driving serenely through Norwood his troubles seemed Over. But he approached Carthage and Ross avenues cautiously stopping to make sure there was no traffic. Two men both armed leaped to the running Board of the car and compelled him to drive on one of them later taking the wheel. The car was driven a mile into the country near Norwood and the Bandit duo then tapped the hands of Rice behind his Back and threw him from the machine after robbing him of $5 and a wrist watch. He was aided by passersby. Police found the car Pear Hamilton. Atlantic Cuy 1/iay0r killed in Auto mishap Abs con n. J., june 2 3.�?iip a Anthony m. Ruffu jr., mayor of Atlantic City two unidentified women and a Man believed to be assemblyman Anthony j. Siracusa were killed when a train struck their automobile Early today. Ruffu was identified by papers in his pocket and try shreds of his clothing. Sets air records yet aloft a a Jig a Huffman in tiny Aeron a makes non refuelling Mark and upsets distance figure formerly held by hungarian riot. 1 a a Jiggs Huffman. At exactly 9.07 . Last night a tiny Aeron a monoplane swished Down to the Landing Field at the municipal Airport and Stanley c. Quot Jiggs Huffman crack Pilot of the Embry Riddle company climbed out of the cockpit from which he had directed the plane s flight for the previous 25 hours 41 minutes and 48 seconds. He had broken the old non refuelling record endurance of sixteen hours and fifty minutes for class c. Second category closed circuit Type plants held by Barney Zimmerman and a Barling nb-3 plane. He had broken also the old distance record for planes of the Type formerly held by the hungarian Pilot a amp Azja who flew 403.9 Miles on direct flight. Huffman had travelled approximately 1.200 Miles. Last night As he stepped from the plane he vowed that a ill break the record for All classes of Huffman took off from the Airport with fifty five Gallons of Gas in the planets tanks. He landed when the last of the fuel had been \ continued on second pase their errant Airship. The Graf safely reached the Starken Airfield at 9 . Accident had no untoward consequences barring the humorous Pursuit of the Airship by the zeppelins officers. The Airship yesterday made an All night flight to Copenhagen and Back and was greeted at 7 . Today by a vast crowd of berliners. Or. Hugo Eckener left the Airship for a visit to the world Power conference capt. Lehmann taking command for the Hamburg excursion. Lack of ballast prevented the Graf from re descending to the Hamburg Airfield for Cape. Lehman pc and the John w. Hill Well known Engineer Dies / a headed body that planned and installed local water works. Captain takes plane to Chase straying Iep heat causes dirigible to break Loose stranding commander 31 passengers. Berlin june 22.�? in a with her deserted commander pursuing her by air plane from Hamburg the Graf Zeppelin this evening arrived safely at Starken Airfield after an eventful excursion to the great seaport. Capt. Ernst Lehmann and capt. Hans von Schiller were through an Accident left on the ground at Hamburg. They and thirty one passengers had just landed from the Airship when under fierce heat the Graf gained excessive buoyancy broke Loose and rapidly Rose. Some of the Landing Crew clambered aboard but the officers were unable to make it. After cruising about for half an hour the subordinate navigating officer wire Essed that he was unable to make another Landing for the two officers and forty five passengers who hoped to make the trip Back to Berlin. Capt. Lehmann and capt. Von Schiller were obliged to charter an air plane to Fly to Berlin and Renoir i of mechanical engineers John w. Hill 81, nationally prominent As a consulting Engineer died last night at his residence 132 Wyoming Avenue Wyoming o., following a paralytic stroke. Or. Hill was Well known As a water works Engineer having been presi Dent of the engineers committee which a built and planned the construction of the present Cincinnati water works and he was it chief Engineer in the building of the municipal a amp ter works Plant in Philadelphia. Because of his wide knowledge in this Field he had been called to Many cities in consultation. He was born in Kenton county ky., but had always made his Home in Cincinnati. For forty two years he has been affiliated with the american water works association. He was one of the organizers of the american society of civil Engin Erss in 1871 and of the american Sci some years later. At one to had been a member of the Nati club and had served As. A member of the chamber of Commerce. From 1910 to 1916 he was president of the state Board of health. Or. Hill was the first Aud Only president of the schoolmates association. He is survived by one son Henry c. Hill consulting Engineer who had been in business with his father at the brotherhood building Vine and court streets. Funeral services will be held at 2 30 of clock on tuesday afternoon at the Wiltsee funeral Parlours. Burial will be in Spring Grove cemetery. A. Man out of work his wife and Friend found dead in fumes near Home distillery in Newport. Girl 15, finds bodies amid fermenting vats Enceinte Mother discovered at foot of stairs Friend of pair turns off Gas saving lives of youngsters. Eight children ranging in age from 15 months to 15 years Are orphans because August Remenowsky defied the Law that ruled a world in which he could not find legitimate employment. Reme Towsky aged 39, his wife mrs. Mathilda Remenowsky 38, and a family Friend Anthony Sendelbach. 39, of 908 Liberty Street Newport were found dead yesterday in the cellar of t in Remenowsky Home at 316 West ninth Street Newport. It. Was an airtight cellar filled with the sour doors of fermenting Moonshine Mash and the lethal fumes that had hissed from an unlighted Gas Jet under the big 500-gallon still Remenowsky had just set up to provide food and clothing for his family. Remenowsky Lay doubled up on the floor in front of the huge still and its intricate condensers. Sendelbach was stretched out with one lifeless hand clutching the Gas valve which he had succeeded in closing just As his lips were turning purple but in time to save the children sleeping upstairs. Mrs. Remenowsky Lay in a Pool of blood at the foot of the cellar Steps she had fallen Down in a last terrible attempt to climb to the purer air above. To the right and left of the three bodies Rose four sepulchral Concrete vats each holding 1,000 Gallons of fermenting Mash and at one Side stacked against the Wall were 500 tins each filled with a gallon of finished Moonshine. Fume extinguish Gas. Coroner Hughes and Anthony Doyle Federal prohibition agents said that the fumes of the fermenting Mash were so Strong that in All probability they had extinguished the Gas Light under the still. The triple tragedy was discovered at 7 30 of clock yesterday morning by Anna May Remenowsky 15. The Telephone rang incessantly and in the luxurious state of half asleep and half awake the girl began to wonder Why her father did not answer. Soon it became apparent that this duty devolved on her and she rubbed Here eyes and tumbled out of bed. A is Gus there Quot asked a voice. A a in la go said Anna May. She went into her parents bedroom into the Kitchen where she remembered them seated with Send al Bach when she went to bed. Theft Down the cellar Steps while the fumes sweeping past her filled her heart with foreboding. A Long heart rending screen. The Telephone was reported out of order. Screams summon neighbors. The other children heard Anna May and they began to Tumble out of bed rubbing their Chubby Knuckles into sleepy eyes. There was crying and More screaming. Neighbors began to Stream into the House. Policemen came officers pow ers. Schnelle Gugel and Kaiser. They sniffed the deadly fumes and broke out the Glass windows in the cellar. But even so the heavy fumes continued to surge Jover the three bodies. It was necessary for the officers to work in relays to bring them up and outside. Coroner Hughes came and pronounced All three officially dead Remenowsky and Sendelbach had been asphyxiated he said while mrs Remenowsky had in addition suf continued on second Page temperatures Cincinnati so lady burglar captured with pal in Newport Rooming House acting on information furnished them by Cincinnati detectives a squad of Newport detectives under night chief Leo Livingson raided an apartment in the Posey building 111 East third Street. Net Croyt last night and arrested pretty Edna Priessman 32, Cincinnati a first a lady burglar a and her boy Friend Patrick Sheehan 30. The girl escaped from the Marysville reformatory to which she was sentenced two months ago in connection with the i burglaries of two Cincinnati clothing stores. Sheehan is alleged to be her accomplice. A warrant charging him with burglary was obtained Only a few Days ago. When they received information yesterday after no n that Sheehan and his woman pal were living at the third Street address the police visited the was alone in the apartment but refused to open the door. The police kicked in the door but Sheehan jumped from a second Story window and escaped. When they returned last night Sheehan again attempted to escape by running past them and through an Alley. He stopped and surrendered when the detectives Drew their pistols. The girl was captured without difficulty. On the Way to police Headquarters the Priessman woman twice attempted to escape once by jumping out of the police car on Washington Avenue and again by running out of the Headquarters office. She was recaptured each time. After the second attempt she was handcuffed pending the arrival of Cincinnati detectives to question the pair. They refused to waive extradition and were lodged in the Newport jail As fugitives from Justice. Miss Priessman was sentenced to serve five years in the reformatory when she was convicted of complicity in the burglary of the h. E. New ii a a i a continued on second Page Ohio mostly fair and continued warm monday tuesday showers. Kentucky a fair and continued warm monday tuesday partly Cloudy followed by thunderstorms in afternoon or at night. Indiana mostly fair. Slightly warmer in North and Central portions monday tuesday partly Cloudy possibly local showers in extreme North portion. Tennessee fair and continued warm monday and probably tuesday. West Virginia fair and continue warm monday tuesday partly Cloudy followed by showers in we3t portion. I the following table gives the current temperature the highest temperature and the precipitation in the last Twenty four hours Eastport. Boston. Albany. N. York. Atlantie c Wash gtd Njo Ksn Neville Atlanta. a Galveston Pittsburgh �54i68 till us Seville 70 841 .02 no Enville �72 82 o Cleverne 176 80 0 Detroit. 80i861 0 �80�88� 0 Chicago. 82 92 .14 Duluth. 88192 0 St. Louie 88 96 0 Kansas c 84 86 0 Omaha. 76180 0, Denver. 88 921 it 92 a a 0 78 80 0 78 86 0 78 84 0 76 84 0 i 72 80 t 100 102 0 92 98 0 96 too o 721 88� t record for june 22, 1980, ending at 8 ., seventy fifth Meridian time and a comparison with the corresponding Day of the last two years and Normal , rain. Weather. 8 . 74 63 n. 2 0 Clear. Noon .89 30 . 6 0 8 83 40 s. 3 0 1930. 1929. 1928. Nor. Highest temperature 91.0 88 84 83 lowest temperature. 66.5 59 63 63 average temperature 78.8 precipitation o a i _ _

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