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Cincinnati Commercial Tribune (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Cincinnati, OhioIf it s news you la find it Here the commercial full leased wire service of the associated press and leased wire n. Y. World. The weather rain or Snow and colder monday fair and colder temperature yesterday maximum 57 minimum 34 / vol. Xxx. No. 231 a sunday. Cincinnati sunday january 31,1926. Entered at second it matter �5, 1894, at poet off Lea Cincinnati Ohio under act of March 8, 2879. Price seven Witt a acquitted of or y big demons tra Tion is a corded conspire c y charge him As Verdic t is read sing mails to defraud Telephone cull of girl airs rot deathbed confession of sex convict solves Batavia Iii murder mystery and reveals Jekyll Hyde existence employees Short thousands of dollars in accounts plan to stage fake hold up to explain loss of $100,000. Sweetheart of official is tipped to warn him watchman told to carry away $41,000, tells her to keep vice president at depository a Decoy causes arrests. New York world news service. New York Jan. 30.�?how a Telephone Call from his sweetheart foiled a scheme to stage a fake robbery in the National butchers and drovers Bank which if successful would have meant a loss of nearly jul 00,000. Was told today by Robert Sherwood vice president of the Bank. His Story followed the arrest of three Bank employees and a depositor who were arraigned before magistrate Mcquade and held in $20,000 Ball each for a hearing on thursday on charges of grand larceny. Melodrama stalked through the tale. Over the wire to the girl waiting for the thrill of her Fiance a voice came something of a different sort to set her pulses throbbing. It was a whisper hoarse with tenseness a Tell or. Sherwood for gods Sake not to go Home a when the banker picked up the receiver a minute afterwards his sweetheart s excited voice was demanding to know who first had answered the phone. She Learned it was a watchman William Peters and she repeated his mysterious message adding the watchman a breathless explanation that he himself could not get to or. Sherwood to warn him without a spilling the from that time�?7 30 of clock Friday nigh to until Early today things happened in Quick detective Story fashion. There was a police trailed taxicab carrying the watchman and bundles of spurious Money to a rendezvous with two of the purported conspirators an arrest and an alleged confession involving two other persons. Widow and wife disillusioned. A White haired widow roused in the Middle of the night by detectives who explained evasively that her son a Good boy and her sole support since his brother was drowned last summer was needed to explain some trouble at the Bank her world crashing pathetically about her As disbelief gradually gave Way to realization. A wife the Mother of two children stumbling tear blinded from before a magistrate who had held her husband on a charge of stealing. And then Riding with their own thoughts in a Black Maria to a night in the tombs. Louis Hoerber 38 years old of Brooklyn who in seven years had worked up from a modest clerical Post to paying Teller of the Bank at 50 a week. William Hartman 28 years old six months a bookkeeper in the Bank formerly a prohibition officer and one time Harlem candidate for the state Senate. Raymond rapport 2 3 years old another bookkeeper employed a year who lived with his Mother at Washington Heights. Robert Feinstein 2 7 years old. Said to be a partner with Lew tend Ler the pugilist in the guardian dress company. Sherwood had followed Peters to the porters room in the basement of the Bank when the watchman went there on pretence of changing his clothes. It was his night off and he had told Sherwood earlier that Hartman had Given him a ticket to the Glick Dundee fight that he Hadnot seen a bout in Twenty years. In the basement Peters a strange conduct was explained when he Drew from a rubbish can a paper wrapped parcel containing $10,-000 in Bills. A told to take $41,000 away. Hartman had told him that a six Iuie. Hoerber was a in the Hole $35,000 on his books through advances to of cd Stein or. Sherwood quoted Peters As saying and had asked him to take the $10,000 and $31,000 More which he would find in the tellers Cage to Feinstein at his business address before going to continued on Page three neighbors saw him As genial Little Carpenter a night shadows covered mania Cal machine of destruction. By the associated press Joliet 111., Jan. 30.�?oscar Otto Johnson a brutal criminal by night and a respectable Workingman by Day made a deathbed confession of a triple murder Here today and recalled a double killing in new York a few years ago. He admitted in a signed confession the murder of or. And mrs. Henry of. Jeske and their six year old son at their Batavia 111. Farm on december 12. Which remained an unsolved crime until today. Fatal Bullet wounds from a patrolman a revolver caused Johnson a death. Johnson was also known As Peter Lind Carlson a respectable hones and hard working Carpenter and police describe him As a modern or. Jekyll and or. Hyde respectable Workingman by Day and ruthless terrorist and murderer by night. He was wounded on wednesday by a policeman while attempting to elude a traffic officer for a minor violation. He refused to admit any relation to the Batavia murder during his Hospital confinement until the development of peritonitis alarmed him and he was told he could not recover. Then making the Jeske confession he also admitted the murder of two others in new York saying was in Asylum. A i Hadnot been right in my head for three or four Johnson served a year in a new York Asylum for criminal insane and upon his discharge in 192 5 went to Chicago. Even while he Wras making the confession his friends continued a search for the hard working Carpenter known As Carlson and wondered Why he disappeared so suddenly from his usual haunts. None suspected his dual personality. Detailing the Jeske murder Carlson said he was caught in the family Home while robbing it and As each of the Seskes came into the House he shot and killed them. A i broke the Side window and unlocked the Latch. When i got into the House the first thing i did was to tear the Telephone from the Wall. I was rummaging around in the front room when i heard Sone one at the door and i fired a shot through the Wall. Then a Man appeared in the Kitchen doorway and i shot him. Then i killed the worn an and the boy As they came into the Carlson lived in two rooms. Attired in overalls and shabby overcoat Carlson left his rooms each morning to do his Days work As a Carpenter or at least so believed the Good people residing near him. With the coming of night however Carlson became Johnson and his occupation shifted from Carpenter to that of burglar. The genial Little Man with the Blond hair and Silky moustache was transformed into a machine of death. Has no relatives. Armed with two revolvers Johnson roamed night after night through the streets of Joliet Aurora Kankakee and Galesburg entering Home after Home and then on the night of december 12, shot Down Man woman and Little boy apparently with Little regret. Calmly entering the automobile which a few moments before had been used by the Happy Jeske family returning from a Christmas shopping expedition Johnson drove to West Chicago and the following Day the likeable or. Carlson was Back at his Home on North Collins Street with his cheerful a a hello for the children of the neighbourhood. A few nights later he resumed the personality of Johnson and entered More Homes and continued to do so until wednesday night when in was Laid Low by a Bullet from the revolver of motorcycle policeman Michael Cassidy. Before he died Johnson told the police of his two room apartment. A worn Bible wit i a to l. Peter Carlson from Anna a inscribed on the Fly Leaf receipted dentists and rent Bills made out to Carlson and a few broken beads and a Small medal were the Only article found in the apartment. Johnson Wiir be buried at the expense of the county As he was penniless when captured and As far As is known has no relatives. 9 More ships in distress on Atlantic As Hurricane continues to exact courage of seamen praised by pastor rugged britons rescued from anti Noe likened to Vikings by passenger on the president Roosevelt. By the associated press new York Jan. 30.�? the Rev. Joseph Wilson Cochran pastor of the american Church in parts one of the passengers of the Steamer president Roosevelt which rescued the Crew of Twenty five of the British freighter anti Noe has sent to the associated press the following dispatch in continuation of his recital of the thrilling incidents attending the desperate Battie when Captain pried of the Roosevelt fought against the ninety nine mile Gale and snowstorm to save his fellow seamen by Tho associated press aboard the preside tit Roosevelt by wireless to London Jan. 30.�?we Are a Happy ships company the mood of exultation and moral excitement still runs Strong. The card game has restarted i i the smoking room and a few couples have tried to dance but most of the passengers Are Busy writing Home or sleeping off the effects of their emotional ordeal. A committee appointed at Praise service has collected about $1,09 0 As a gift for the families of the Tiro lost american heroes. The survivors shaven and shorn and arrayed provided Are the Center of eager groups listening to their details of the disaster. Rugged britons they Are with Ruddy continued on Page three sailing vessel stripped by Gale is taken in town tug and Schooner wrecked off Florida coast. By the associated press new York Jan. 30.�?the Paw of the Atlantic a week Long Gale has slapped at nine More ships sending them reeling and calling for help. One a sailing ship was being towed to port tonight with her galls gone and her sides battered. Two other sailing ships Hove to until the storm let them alone. Another was Drifting with the wind a fifth a German tug was being sought in reply to her s o. S and another had patched her injuries and was coming into port. The Crew of still another a Little Schooner had been transferred to another ship. A Schooner and a tug were wrecked near Palm Beach fla., and part of the Crew of the Schooner was adrift in life boats. Though the toll of the storm today did not compare with its destruction of the freighters Lariston and anti Noe earlier in the week reports from the ships in distress said the Hurricane had lost Little of its ferocity. The president Jroosevelt with the rescued Crew of Twenty five men from the anti Noe aboard arrived at Queenstown tonight where reports said an ovation was Given the Captain and Crew. Two ships put our to sea again from new York the Cun Arder a Quitania and the French liner France. Both Are going Back into the storm area through which they continued on Page three going into business then enlist the services of commercial Tribune classified ads. You can choose your business choose the location hire your help select your store equipment and get efficient service from the classified Ada. Such classifications As Quot business opportunities Quot Quot stores and offices a Quot office supplies a Quot business service Quot Quot situations wanted Quot offer real help to the Man starting in business. Turn to the classified ads today there a profitable news for you there. Ward forms $2,000,000,000 bakery combination largest in the world part of profit to Aid nation s children new York world news service. New York. Jan. 30.�?a few minutes before the tax commissioners office in Baltimore my closed at noon today a lawyer hurried in filed an application for a state charter of incorporation deposited a chock for $40,700 to cover the taxes an Ltd hurried out. The directors and incorporator listed were names of no financial significance and the papers might have passed unnoticed had not William b. Ward of the wealthy bakery family appeared As president. Then a it was found the Oft whispered plan of this forty one year old capitalist to form a Gigantic bakery combination was being carried out and that the application contained two startling features. First although the 20,000,000 shares of Stock have no Par value sales prices specified for preferred Stock and the amount of taxes paid give the corporation to be known As Ward f Ood products corporation a potential capitalization of $2,000,-000,000 and make it theoretically one of the largest combinations in the world. Second the Gigantic merging of scores of bakeries which is expected to results a merging already characterized by representative Sabath of Illinois As a bread Trust will be possessed of what its sponsors term a soul. Hidden in the application is a specification that the profits after limited dividends and preferred Stock Are paid May be used to promote the welfare of the american child and make it fit mentally and physically for citizenship. This philanthropy May be carried out before dividends on the common Stock Are paid. It is believed to be the first time a great business organization has been formed with a charter specifically that its Board of directors May divert the profits from the common stockholders to Chafty. Try to keep it secret. Every Effort was made to keep the filing of the application and the a ails of its contents secret. For several Days the filing was postponed. And finally the papers were turned Over Only a few minutes before the tax office a closed. Tonight neither or. Ward his attorneys Here nor his Baltimore attorneys would say a word about the unusual provisions for philanthropy. After relating that the corporation was it for the purpose of transacting business in food products statements which will enable it to carry out or. Wards often expressed desire to form a combination to handle every Angle of bakery food production from the time the continued on Page three Springfield to madman with mania for firearms Battles policemen and citizens from barricaded dwelling. Ambulance Driver shot trying to reach bodies riot Call brings out reserves who attack crazed gunman a. Fortress for three hours before they arrest him. _ by the associated press Springfield mo., Jan. 30.�? barricaded in his Home after wounding his father Clinton Hollingsworth 20 years old tonight shot and killed two members of an attacking posse and injured two others before he was wounded and captured. For three hours the entire police strength of the City augmented by 200 citizens exchanged shots Voth the crazed youth whose deadly aim with a High powered Rifle baffled efforts to subdue him. The youth shot his father John Hollingsworth through the hand As the elder Man ran from the House when his son attacked him. The disturbance resulted in a riot Call and the police rushed to the scene. Joseph o. Harjung a labourer was killed As he entered the front Yard in response to a Call for help from the boy s Mother. Policeman Franklin was the next to die being shot Down after he leaped from an ambulance on which he was Riding. Shortly before Hollingsworth had fired a Volley of shots at the ambulance. George Stapp an ambulance Driver and r. E. 8now, a citizen Volunteer were wounded attempting to Aid the fallen men. When of flyers finally stormed the House and captured the killer he was found to be wounded in the Groin. He a taken to a Hospital but later removed to the jail where he la under medical treatment. V the father said that the immediate cause of the a hooting was an argument Between himself and his son Over the use of the family car Hollingsworth tried to commit suicide a year ago and attending physicians Sid at that time that he was paralysed for life. He recently recovered however and developed a mania for firearms getting a Large collection. Following the shooting Toni it three Large c. O. D. Packages which Hollingsworth had refused to pay for were opened by postmaster Hendrickson. All contained automatic revolvers. F x Barbara la Marr motion picture Star Dies following nervous collapse several months ago. Sheriff Witt gets big ovation when he is freed in prohibition Case. Train loses car does no to miss it Odd Accident on Rock Island lines is third of its kind i in Railroad history. By the associated press Des moinb8, la., Jan. 30.�?the third Accident of its kind in the history of american railroading happened thursday morning on the Rock Island lines near Colfax la., d. A. Abbott division superintendent Here said today. A car of meat in the Center Jot a Long freight train jumped the tracks and rolled Down an embankment without derailing cars either in front or Back of it or tearing up the roadbed. Each of the two sections of the train were stopped by the setting of brakes As the air line was broken and the train Crew thinking the train had become uncoupled went Back decoupled the cars without noticing the one car in the ditch and went on to Newton. There the conductor was informed of a report made by a westbound train Crew that a car was in the ditch and a Check showed it was the one out of his train. The Only other accidents of this kind on record were one Twenty years ago on the Union Pacific near grand Island neb., and the other Between Butte and Helena mont., on the great Northern in july 1922. Lockland Man s death a mystery Ner found unconscious after Din and lives less than hour at Hospital Poison blamed. By i juicier former president of Cleveland discount company convicted on fourteen counts of Federal indictment. Was the sixth trial of sex Cinci Natian remanded to jail pending investigation of a jury tampering a salesmen deliberate forty hours. By the associated press Cleveland Jan. 30.�?joslah Kirby founder and former president of the defunct Cleveland discount company was found guilty of All fourteen counts in an indictment charging him with fraudulent use of the mails late today by a Federal jury. Federal judge Killits ordered Kir be locked up in county jail until after next thursday when the Federal judge will begin an investigation of alleged charges of a jury tampering a in connecting with the financiers two Federal court trials. Kirby was not sentenced and was taken from the courtroom to the county jail. Judge Killits said Kirby May be brought Back to the marshals office in the Federal building under guard to transact any business during the next several Days. The verdict returned after approximately forty hours of frequently interrupted deliberations made Kirby liable to a maximum Federal Penl in is ill Trent icly Ever it ass. Pictures in new i Oric one return6u no Nfn. I a a t7____. A a a Jum sentence is rive years. Kirby Hollywood to the a our to in t a nos will a n a Pitr Iha minimum actress married five times began career in vaudeville termed a too Beautiful girls by California judge. By thas a Ted Presa Altadena cal., Jan. 30.�?barbara la Marr motion picture actress died at her Home Here this afternoon. Miss la marry a death resulted from complications following a nervous breakdown several months ago her father w. W. Watson said. Her death came unexpectedly and until yesterday a he seemed rapidly improving. Thursday she was Able to leave the Home for the first time in Many weeks. Miss la marry a breakdown was in one hour after he had eaten a Hearty dinner with his family at his Home. 22 7 Central Avenue Lockland yesterday afternoon Earl Schafer 31 years old a contracting Carpenter was found lying unconscious in his bedroom. He was taken to the general Hospital in an ambulance of a. M. Vorhis undertaker of 312 Dunn Street Lockland. He died fifty minutes later. Death according to physicians was due to poisoning. In an Effort to ascertain How or. Schafer was poisoned consent was Given by his wife for an autopsy today. Or. Schafers family insisted that the Case was not one of suicide declaring that or. Schafer had no cause to kill himself. The asserted that his Home life was Happy that his business was prosperous and that he had no financial trouble or physical ailments to cause him worry. He leaves a widow and son. And r was while she was engaged offered the second while miss la Marr s condition became worse yesterday it did not. Seem critical her father a amp Raj of clock this afternoon. She died about an hour the drama of the screen stories in which miss la Marr appeared pales before the drama of her own life Story. She is so id to have been born in Richmond va., and to have played her first stage role when she was ,7., but she made her first of hundreds of first Page news appearances when she was 15, the occasion being one of her Many marital entanglements. The Beautiful film Siren was married five times. Her husbands were acquired and disposed of in the following order and manner Jack Gytelle died Lawrence Converse annulled Phil Ainsworth divorced Bernard Deeley divorced Jack Dougherty separated. Recently her attorneys were called to determine her marital status in order that she might will her estate to her two adopted children. Long before she was out of her a teens a California judge a the too Beautiful girl a and the phrase Clung to her several years. At the time her name was Rhea Watson. Her Mother is said to have been French and her father italian. Miss la Marr appeared in vaudeville As a classic dancer and left the stage in los Angeles to enter motion pictures As an extra at $10 a Day. She made her screen debut in a picture starring Anita Stewart. Under the guidance of Rex Ingram a director she achieved real prominence and later became a Star with a weekly salary Well up in four figures. While at the height of her career she was made the innocent victim of a $20,000 blackmail plot As the result of which Herman l. Roth an attorney a was convicted and sent to san Quentin to be released later on parole. Naval officers victims of spies americans in Mediterranean Squadron besieged by women seeking information concerning bases. By Arno dough Fleurot. New York world news service. Paris Jan. 30.�?unlted# states naval officers in the Mediterranean Squadron have been victims of International spies at Toulon according to the evening newspaper la Presse and the american military attache in Paris is being informed by the French secret service that american ship., were ordered to leave Riviera ports. It was a mystery a month Agop Why the american Squadron which was expected to remain on the Riviera most of the Winter suddenly heaved Anchor during the holidays. It is explained that the Effort of women spies of whom several Hare been arrested recently were expended on american As Well As French Crews. Spies known in the better class dancing places under the names Mathilde and Molotte Are said to have been especially designated with two arrested women Marthe Noreuil and Andree Lefe Bure to associate with officers. The scandal developed from the discovery last month that Marthe Noreuil was a spy in the service of a British leather agent. French agents found Toulon a nest of spies i mutually betraying different nations. Information gathered from americans is considered to have a certain value As get possibly revealing Oil bases wireless apparatus Etc. Copyright n. Y. World news service 1924, n. Y. World pro a pub. Co perilous up of i a a piles Spanish airmen land at Island off Brazil after 15-hour continuous flight Over water aviators near goal. In b eur Case dramatic suspense broken by enthusiastic uproar when court clerk announces a the defendant is not guilty. Sentence will be nearer 4he minimum the the maximum sludge Killits said. Guilty on sixth trial. Kirby a conviction is the first in a in trials that resulted from difficulties Init which the discount company was precipitated. Out of four state trials he won two acquittals and two jury disagreement. In the fifth trial which took place in Federal court Here before judge Killits recently the jury disagreed and was dismissed. Kirby a conviction today came on a retrial of the Federal charges against him. The decision to commit Kirby to jail at once pending the grand jury investigation was made judge Killits said after conferences with Federal judges Westenhaver and Jones Here. The reason Given by the judge for this procedure was the a alleged jury tempering which Are to be investigated by the grand jury. Already four persons including an employee of Kirby have been arrested either on Bench warrants or contempt citations issued by judge Killits. Information for the arrests was supplied by a. E. Bernsteen United states District attorney. To withhold sentence. Sentence probably will not be passed on the financier until after the investigation by the grand jury it was indicated. Judge Killits refused a motion by Miles e. Evans assistant District attorney to pass sentence at once. Dramatic suspense Flavoured the return of the verdict. Shortly before the verdict was reached by the jury continued on Page two mine proposals Are voted Down Anthracite conference adjourns until next tuesday with no Hope of settlement. By the associated press Philadelphia Jan. 30.�?anthracite miners and operators adjourned today until next tuesday with their negotiations still tied in a knot. As was expected the two latest plans one prevented by the miners and the other by the operators were voted Down before the week end adjournment was taken. Tonight there was Only gloom. Monday february 1, Marks the be ginning of the sixth month of the Industrial struggle involving 158,000 mineworkers with its attendant paralysis of business in the 500 Square Miles of territory in northeastern Pennsylvania. As the operators and miners left the Bellevue Stratford hotel tonight to catch up state trains to their Homes no Ray of Hope was apparent that the suspension would come to a Quick end. By thaa Oci Ted pre Fernando do Noronha Island Brazil Jan. 30.�?after a continuous flight of. Approximately fifteen hours the Spanish seaplane plus Ultra in command of the noted air Pilot Franco completed the longest and most perilous stage of its flight from Spain to Argentina South America coining Down in the sea off this Island at 8 of clock this evening. Commander Franco at first girdled the Island in search of a Good Landing spot but found none because of the heavy surf. He again flew out to sea and alighted there later to be towed into a Safe Harbor in Conception Bay. The distance traversed was about 1,432 Miles and the Spanish aviators now Are Only about 279 Miles from Pernambuco the a brazilian Mainland. The intrepid Birdman took off from Ribeiro do inferno Bay Porto Pray Cape verde islands at 6 10 of clock this morning. The flight was made under favourable weather conditions and seemingly without any untoward instances. Frequent radio messages from the plus Ultra reported the Progress of the voyage. It is originally estimated the flight would take sixteen hours. Only three men of the original five took part in today a adventure. Alfonso the official photographer was left behind at Lias Palmas Canary islands and Ensign Duran representing the Spanish military air service was dropped off at Porto Pray. This enabled the seaplane to take on More fuel. The flight was not Only the longest thus far undertaken and the most hazardous but it called for great endurance because of the crossing of the Equator with broiling Sun and depressing humidity. Commander Franco Captain de Alda Reserve Pilot and Pablo Rada mechanician began the epochal flight last Friday morning from Palos Spain starting from the same spot As did Columbus in 1492. They reached Las Palmas the same Day in about eight hours. Their next stage was to Porto Pray. Which they made last tuesday in about nine and one half hours. The total distance thus far traversed by the Spanish aviators is 3,305 Miles. Tho Spanish government has been advised by commander of Junco that he will resume his flight from Fernando do Noronha to Pernambuco Early monday morning. 4 killed 4 Hurt As train hits Auto in Indiana by the associate Orcas Evansville ind. Jan. 30.�? Dolph Parker 35 years old Farmer his wife a woman by the name of loan and another woman named Robinson were killed and four others injured two of them probably fatally late tonight when a freight train on the Southern Railroad crashed into an automobile at a crossing in English indu according to a special dispatch to the Evansville courier. A Young daughter of the parkers and a boy by the name of Ferguson May not live. The occupants of the car were returning from a motion picture show. A Lardine a order is Shock to pit big traders protest ruling to report deals in excess of 500,000 bushels one quits. New York world news service. Chicago Jan. 30.�?the Board of Trade and Chicago a Grain men received a Shock today As the result of Secretary of agriculture Jardine s order requiring traders to report All Grain trades in excess of 500,000 bushels to the department of break was ascribed to persons who knew what was coining. Arthur Cutten one of the biggest traders on the Exchange has As a result of the order transferred his operations to the Winnipeg Exchange. A it was declared in Trade circles that or. Cutten preferred to operate in a Market tree from such hampering restrictions As the Jar die order imposed. Concerted protest on the floor of the local Exchange was made in the fear that other traders in volume would follow Cutten a example thus causing almost irreparable damage to the Chicago pit. Traders held that giving out this information would be ruinous to big Longs and shorts. They demanded a better safeguard for their interests than would be guaranteed by the honesty of an employee in charge of recording the reports in these deals. The criticism was directed wholly against the. Order because of the effect it would ultimately have. The order was pronounced the most drastic of any issued by the Secretary since he undertook to supervise a reorganization of trading methods. The authority to enforce the Rule is part of the Grain futures act. The Bill introduced in Congress this week to prohibit future trading in wheat and Cotton adding to the gloom. 9f official is overcome by the great ovation sensational two Day trial was one of speediest on record salesmen deliberate one hour and forty minutes. The fact that a Public official May visit the Back room of a brewery and drink Beer does not constitute conspiracy to violate the National prohibition act a jury in judge Hickenlooper a Federal court held yesterday when it acquitted Richard b. Witt sheriff of Hamilton county on a conspiracy indictment. The verdict which was returned after an hour and forty minutes of deliberation was the signal for one of the most spectacular and enthusiastic Demost rations Ever witnessed in the history of the Federal court Veteran court attaches said. As Harry Rabe clerk of the court read the verdict signed by the twelve member of the jury All of Wiliom were _ men the courtroom throng was rigid with expectancy. whisperings that had preceded to Entrance of the jury gave Way Toan ominous silence. Or. Rabe read the verdict slowly and distinctly. A a a a and we the jury find Richard b. Witt the defendant herein not guilty a or. Rabe read. He also read a Orne other words from the verdict Blank but they were drowned in the Din made 6y the crowd. Sheriff smiles. Spectators Rose from their seats and joined those standing in the aisles in cheering or. Witt to the Echo. Judge Hickenlooper rapped his Gavel and admonished the crowd to keep quiet. His words As Well As the warnings of William Mchugh court Bailiff and a number of Deputy marshals fell upon ears deafened by enthusiasm. When order finally was restored judge Hickenlooper dismissed the jury. The announcement of the verdict visibly affected or. Witt. It seemed As though a heavy Burden was lifted from his shoulders. He smiled. A moment before he had appeared utterly helpless. When judge Hickenlooper left the courtroom the crowd swarmed about the sheriff to shake his hand and offer congratulations there were judges lawyers politicians govern _ ment officials City officials state officials his deputies Ordinary workmen and women. Or. Witt was overcome. For several minutes he was speechless. When he had regained somewhat his composure he made the following statement for the press a i was not guilty of the charge. I knew that i would be vindicated and i am greatly gratified and thank my friends for their continued Confidence in crowd follows. As he was leaving he said Quot i think i will be Able to sleep tonight for a the crowd followed the sheriff to the Street where another demonstration was staged. Some one yelled a a who Sall right a a Dick Witt a the crowd bellowed. The crowd was reluctant to leave the sheriff remaining with him for several minutes. Edward t. Dixon sex judge and a member of the City Council one of his lawyers also received a round of congratulations. The crowd was Al a most unanimous in the declaration that Dixon Sable argument to the jury was masterful. Froome Morris former vice mayor and August Knapp who were associated with or. Dixon in the defense of the sheriff also were showered with congratulations. Including the congratulations of Haveth Mau United states District attorney and a. Lee 7beaty and Harry Abrams assistants. The trial while sensational was one of the speediest on record. The selection of a jury was begun at 9 of clock on Friday morning. The jury was completed at 11 of clock and before court adjourned shortly after it it it a clock on Friday night the government had completed its Case and the defense had started the presentation of its evidence. / urges conviction. The trial was resumed at 9 of clock yesterday morning and at 10 37 of clock the defense had rested its Case. After a recess of five minutes the arguments of opposing counsel were started each Side being allowed fifty minutes. After a luncheon recess of fifty minutes the jury returned at 1 15 of clock and judge Hickenlooper gave his charge which required about an hour and fifteen minutes. The jury was Given the Case at 2 22 o clock and brought in a verdict at 4 02 o clock. Or. Beaty started the closing arguments for the government. He said in part a was Law abiding citizens Yould would be derelict in your duty if you failed to return a verdict of guilty in this Case. It is for you to say whether we Are to have Law and order or not in this Community. We ask for a verdict so it will notify All violators of the Law whether they be sheriff governor or mayor that they can not get by in this charges conspiracy. Or. Morris said in part a i am a Law abiding citizen but it seems to me that it is not a question of Law enforcement that you Are confronted with in this Case but a question of the guilt or innocence of this Man on a charge of Oon Piring

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