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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 3

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Childress, Texas Sunday june 23,1974 the Childress Index Childress Texas non Parent group wants acceptance by Sandra Gittens new York apr to gain acceptance for the no Parent lifestyle is our main objective a says Carole Goldman National executive director for the National organization for non parents non. A slim Brunette Mother of two teen age boys mrs. Goldman emphatically states non is a not an organization a of no parents but a for a concept which originated a Little Over two years ago in Palo Alto calif., non stresses the awareness of lifestyle options and the need to ease social pressures that coerce individuals to have children. A non profit organization its National office is in Baltimore Maryland. Non was started by a handful of persons who expressed the same interest. Through the work of its nine original members non now claims a membership of 2,000 with chapters throughout the United states. A Structure which embraces parents non parents grandparents non grandparents and single persons alike non goes one step further than women sub or planned parenthood in that it offers the individual a Choice a a life without children mrs. Goldman says. Training sit for tin Scoini Cano training sessions for leaders who will staff the forthcoming girl scout dam Camp will be Given from 9 30 to 2 . Friday. Lune 2r. In the girl scout House the Camp is set for Luly 22 to 2xs those attending the training Are asked to provide their sack lunches and drinks mrs Mickie Gaines. Field advisor for Nori enter girl scout i Council at Wichita f alls. W ill conduct the sessions staff members include so Indra Christy. Director f Arol Schweikhard. Assistant director Ann Gressett. A Luis inc is manager Lanet i Ampsey. Cherry Bolkenstyn. Lyo Gram aides pc tie Bradford. Betty . Barbara Williams Fcarolyn King. Peggy Wetherington. Brownie Joyce Crawford. Peggy Norman. Junior aders Barbara Campsey. Sonya Prince Cadette leaders she says her position As a Parent is often questioned in relationship to non. A people ask a what is the thing that has meaning for you a or a How do you fit into non a a i know a she explains a that when i had my first child there was no confusion in my mind As to whether or not 1 was to have children. I was raised and conditioned to understand that i would marry and have children. A but when i look Back i realize that i really did no to have a Choice. I never did ask myself nor did my husband ask a should we have children a we did no to have any option. A would i make a different decision today Well that a a very difficult question to answer in retrospect. In a very Happy in my role As a Mother. Its been a Good life for but because its been Good for her mrs. Goldman says it does no to necessarily follow that it is a a Good for everyone. As a Parent she a concerned that people make responsible decisions and she feels responsible decisions can Only be made when there Are accepted options and Well thought out reasons. She says also there a a great need to eliminate the social pressures and questions to which the non Parent is so often subjected. A for the non Parent non is something special. It offers the support of other people who believe in the non parenthood lifestyle a mrs. Goldman says. A because they have been under such tremendous pressures what we Call pro fatalist pressures or pressures which urge them and actually condition them to have progeny they see their association with non almost As a Ray of Hope a she added. Quite a few of the pressures Stem from the unrealistic picture presented by to she says. She claims family situate or and problems Are presented in a Way that would have viewers believe All problems of childhood guidance Are easily resolvable. A if we look at our daytime soap operas for example when someone becomes pregnant which almost everyone does she is always going around with a healthy glow. Its an answer to life fulfilment. It never own what the problems of pregnancy can be for example. Its always plugged As a marvelous thing a that their life is now going into this area. We never have a daytime program where they say a shall we have children a a proper preparation is needed to make a Good decision she notes. Very often the child coming into a Home situation is forgotten the reasons people choose to become parents Are often reasons that done to have a lot of Validity to give their parents grandchildren or perhaps to save a Rocky marriage. A realistic perspective she says is very much needed especially now when people have to consider the economic Strain placed on parents and the ecological strains placed on the Community. A we Are not trying to set up suddards for parenthood and say a look done to have children unless you have these Good reasons for we Are trying to say think the decision through. What is a Good reason for you May not be a Good reason for someone else. Just be sure it is your Choice and is not based on environmental pressures which Are based on All the wrong reasons for having children. A we Are concerned with personal rights and personal identity. And for whatever the reasons a person chooses to have or not to have children that a Fine As Long As it comes into the framework of positive attitudes to Chart to buried treasure u in t. By a a a a map Quot of the inside of a piece of Glass. Not at unified Moo times by an Electron Microscope operated by or. Fred m. Ernsberger. Senior scientist at the har Marville. A. Glass research Center of pig industries. Housewife is now in the construction business it Oklahoma City a b on there Are any last mute hrs a a one s Agni i i Muir changes Mary sue Mitsiell wants in her new Home under swimming lessons a 10 Day court a starting monday july 1st thru 12th Register at fair Park swimming Pool anytime before july 1 St come enjoy the fun qualified red Cross instructors will teach the classes Only charge is admission to Pool classes monday through Friday schedule 8 0 9 a. M. Beginner 9 to 10 . Add. Beginner 10 to 11 . Intense dates a a we will take anyone from 4 yrs. Up-7 to 9 30 p. R i. Amp k life saying fair Park so Kunming Pool phone 937-2341 Alton Landrum manager that they re done. She a working As a carpenters Helper on uie Job at $2 an hour. And her Boss Harold Wright says head hire her for his next Job too. Mary sue and her husband Jim an appraiser for a logistics contractor hired Wright last october to build the House. It Wasny to Long before Mary sue asked Wright for a Job. Wright had watched Mary sue search for and then dig the dirt out of an old Well that had been filled in years ago. He was impressed with her determination and stamina As she shovelled dirt for three Days so he hired her. Mrs. Mitchell an attractive 35-year-old housewife Hatot worked since she quit a clerical Job in 1960. But Wright expected her to keep up with Carpenter Bud Robinson. She worked beside Robinson As they raised the Walls installed the vacuum system and Laid bricks. Then they started her singling the roof. It was her aptitude for singling that finally won Mary sue the accolade As a one of the boys a she believes. Her size a slightly Over five feet tall and 100 pounds a proved a problem at first in carrying the heavy bundles of wooden shingles up to the roof. But then she devised a slide for them. Wright said she is a Good Shingler faster than most my i or. Hali Hart the Devi us Best weapon discouragement is the most dangerous feeling there is it is the most insidious. Discouragement is looked upon and considered harmless and for this reason alone it is the More sinister Here is an old time fable. The Devil held a Sale and he offered All of his tools of his Trade to any one who would pay the Price. This Sale was conducted by spreading each item on a table and each one had a Price tag. He carefully placed these tools on the table and labelled them hatred malice despair sickness sensuality and envy All the weapons that you know so Well. Off to one Side separate and apart from the rest Lay a harmless looking antique wedge shaped instrument marked a a discouragement. Now this instrument was very old and worn but it was priced far above All the rest of his instruments. When the Devil was asked the reasons Why. He replied a because 1 can use this one so much More easily than the others no one knows that it belongs to me so with it i can Oplt a doors that Are bolted tight against the others. Once i get inside 1 can use any tool that suits me Best Quot. Now you must add to your thought the feeling of Success lie cause it is your Best tool against this dangerous feeling of discouragement which Cre it is in from All doors of entry. And once it i in you. A tolerate it and when your friends come in to visit they too set Down and entertain its company with you. Now should your friends leave your Home and Tell you the truth about discouragement that you Are entertaining a robber a you would immediately embrace discouragements a Welcome visitor. And will immediately pick up another one of the devils tools hatred toward the one who refused to tolerate the situation. And from this Point on you know How these tools began Thein work. R tax Lii tramp Hoe knocking in the d or of you mind lately keep gods shinning powerful tools working for you and this track to. The Devil will never Darkeh your door again and you w ill have a Beautiful spirit with you. And you will gladly Welcome this new spirit of encouragement. By Jerry Buck associated press writer is a Bill Macy was Flat on his Back in his one room apartment in new York recovering from an injury received in a to Calcutta a the Telephone rang. It was his agent asking him to audition for a part in a new Broadway show a and miss Reardon drinks a if you re a professional actor your head is geared Tow Ard a part in a play someone is producing a said Macy explaining at some length How he came to be Walter on Quot id Hurt myself in 0 Calcutta a doing a leap a year earlier and the pain had come Hack. The phone rings and in a not about to Tell a producer about my injury Macy said he read for the part and w As called Back More times before he got it. After three months on Broadway. The show went on the Road with a final Stop in in s Angeles. In his hotel room in Pittsburgh he saw a fall in the family for the first time. Quot i called my agent in new York and told him that when we got to in s Angeles 1 wanted to play a part in a All in the a he said. A the laughed at me and said a yeah and who do you know on the show he started naming people and when he said Norman liar i told him to Norman Lear executive producer of a fall in the had seen Macy several times on Broadway and had written him letters of appreciation. He also had Given Macy a walk on part in a the in edit they raided Minsky so a movie filmed in new York. Macy got a part a seven lines As a cop. After that. Lear created a a Maude and wrote the part of Walter with Macy in mind. So. At 51. After a Long and haphazard career As an actor never making More than $175 for a role Macy suddenly became an Overn Idit Star. Piece put together by producer George Merlis examines bumper stickers games books lecture Tours and to appearances. The show will be seen saturday or sunday depending on locality. Eds Jay Sharbutt special assignment. Is on Graham will be sent to Moscow this weekend abcs a Reasoner report w ill take a Tongue in Cheek look at the booming watergate Industry. A Olin l. Graham formerly of Childress now employed at nasal a Johnson space Center in Houston will participate in a joint test project with soviet representatives in Moscow. . The two week tests which began june 17. Deal with to and photo coverage of the upcoming Apollo soyuz test project the purpose of the visit is to evaluate lighting and facilities available for television and photography in the soyuz spacecraft. Tests vill be conducted in a lockup if the soyuz which closely res Miles the actual spacecraft a luring the tests the functions of the astronauts and cosm Wiats will be performed by technicians wearing flight clothing to simulate As nearly As possible actual Conditi mis of the Mission. Combinations of lights Lens openings and filters can then be tested for optimal reproduction As Well As establishing the advantageous Vantage Points electrical Power availability and the positioning of equipment installation brackets within the spacecraft. The Apollo soyuz test project Aspa test Docking Mission Between the a United states Apollo spacecraft and the soviet unions soyuz is scheduled to take place in july 1975 and will include television coverage from both spacecraft transmitted to both countries simultaneously. Graham a graduate of the University of Houston with a . Degree in electrical engineering now makes his Home in Houston. Page three Hobby speaker at Law officer graduation Pasadena Tex. A la. Gov Rill Hobby said Friday night he has Faith that serious problems such As inflation and the Energy crisis facing Texas and the nation can be Solvej. He noted several a a positive accomplishments in Texas and emphasized its 70.000 mile Highway system and its educational system a Texas is fortunate in another Way he said. A her slate government remains close to the people and responsive to their needs and demands Hobby accompanied by his wife spoke at graduation exercises at Pasadena s police Academy a Day after he pleaded no contest to a charge of driving while intoxicated in Austin he paid a $100 Fine and was assessed a .30-Day jail sentence probated for nine months. The lieutenant governor did not include a two paragraphs in his prepared text touching on Law enforcement in the state. Some 200 police officers and their families and City and county officials attend Al the exercises for 14 graduating police cadets the new officers raise the strength of the Pasadena police Force to 131. In 1862, Richard Gatling patented his gun which fired 350 rounds a minutes. Appalled by the sight of returning wounded soldiers during the Ivil War Gatling determined to invent a weapon which i would make War so terrifying Mankind would abandon it. The world almanac says. He successfully demonstrated his gun in december 1862, but it was not accepted by the Union army until after the War. Barbs by Phil Pastoret one of the Best ways to get into trouble is to attempt to stay out of it by doing nothing. We hear that the boys in the local Slammer Are planning an escape a sort of a Midsummer Crook out. A Penney 100% polyester double knit 1 to 2 . Beginner 2 to 3 , Advance 3 to 4 . Swimmers 6 to 7 p. M. Duhs 4 its. Up. Dress lengths then there a the Oriental lass who married a millionaire they Call her the chinese Fortune cookie. The local beanery serves nothing but beef sandwiches a everyone gripes about them. Our kids have to be Homie Midnight a after All wed to use the Auto some part of the evening. If you done to at first succeed cheer up. You la get used to the pattern. By 1 Lik Penn Prest polyester double knits Are so versatile. Sportswear or dresses this is the fabric for it. Sews up easy needs no ironing. Interesting textures Many colons. 58�?60�?o wide. New shipment just arrived fabric clearance sportswear amp dress fabrics in training one of the contestants in californians annual a celebrated jumping Frog of Calaveras county race practices weight lifting in preparation for the big event. Trainer Bill Steed supervises the training session and claims to use hypnotism on his amphibious charges in order to improve their racing form red has bestowed the degree of dip upon himself. Doctor of Frog psychology. Orig. A a to my 66

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