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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 1

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Childress, Texas Extended forecast widely scattered showers and thunderstorms monday otherwise Clear to partly Cloudy monday through Childress Index celebrating our 85th year oilman and wife Are found dead rounding soviet w Ichita Falls Tex. Apr police awaited a medical examiners report today in the shooting deaths of a wealthy oilman and his wife found dead in their fortress like mansion. Police said Bobby Burns 53. And his wife Abby 50, were shot to death by a pistol found near their bodies Burns Clad in news in capsule Washington a former White House aide Egil Krogh jr., Home from prison says the watergate investigation is having a Good effect on the nation. A the trials the convictions the sentences All Are just a Small part of coming to grips with what this country Means he said Friday. A and that a a Good thing.�?�. Albany. . Apr Rose Ann of Brien will graduate tonight with her High school classmates after All. State education commissioner Ewald b. Nyquist ruled Friday that Sachem High school on in ring Island could not withhold her diploma merely because she was Short one Quarter of a credit in physical education. New York apr egyptian president Anwar turn to news Page 8 pyjamas a Blanket pulled up to his neck Lay on a blood soaked bed mrs Burns Lay on nearby bed police said bums was shot in the head neck and mrs. Burns was shot once in the stomach officers said servants made the discovery about noon Friday at which time the couple had been dead about 12 hours police said an autopsy was ordered and no ruling was made at once in the slayings. The nearly impregnable mansion sits on six acres surrounded by High Walls and patrolled by disagreeable sentry dogs. A sophisticated burglar alarm system is designed to Alert occupants of the House and Tum to oilman Page 8 Ford says he has the ability by Tom Seppy associated press writer , Calif. A vice president Gerald r. Ford says he believes he has the Confidence and ability to be president but he says he is not seeking the Post and does no to anticipate president Nixon will be forced out or step Down �?�1 have gone through the process of preparing myself for higher responsibilities. Ford said a you can to be in Congress 25 years you can to have the Job of minority Leader for nine Vears. And you can to be vice president for As Long As i have Boon or May be without feeling Tum to Gerald Page 8 Progress continues to be made on Childress new Library building being constructed at the Corner of second Street and Avenue b. Be. Construction workers were Busy pouring the flooring above thursday and Friday of last week. The 50�?T x 70�?T building will be constructed to face the South and will be of Adobe Brick finish. Staff photo special session almost sure by Lee Jones associated press writer Austin Tex. Apr gov. Dolph Briscoe a aides insist he remains undecided but signs kept popping up last week that he would Call a special Middle age not All Bod by c. G. Mcdaniel a science writer Chicago apr Middle age is a time when a lot of people Start thinking about doing something for themselves and that a not All bad says a psychiatrist during Middle age people evaluate their achievements think about the time they have left and what they want to accomplish for themselves he said. This selfish response is not unhealthy a depending on what you do a according to the psychiatrist. Or Francois Alouf Alouf. Director of psychiatric education at Northwestern University medical school presented his observations to newsmen at a preview screening of a Public broadcasting service program on a male menopause the pause that narrated by actor Norman Windom. The program touches on the problems created by a youth oriented culture such As reaching a Job plateau getting Gray and flabby not being Able to perform sexually and other Middle age anxieties. Some men attempt to adapt to Middle age by denying that they re getting older Alouf said. These men continue to try to compete with younger men and seek to cover up their physical changes he added. A Middle age is mostly a state of mind the psychiatrist observed the changes vary from individual to individual and some men May even in crease their sexual activity during Middle age. He said. Alouf said the pcs program incorporates a just about everything w e know about the Middle years and noted that Only in the past few years have Tum to Middle Page 8 trial for Jacobsen is in september Dallas a the trial of Jake Jacobsen a figure in the watergate Case was delayed Friday from july 1 until sept. 23 on the request of both prosecution and defense. The delay granted by . District court judge Robert Hill was caused by the illness of a witness. Morgan Pierce of Austin who is recovering from a heart attack. Jacobsen is accused of mis applying $825,000 in funds of a san Angelo savings and Load association. Earlier this past week in Washington an informed source said Jacobsen is prepared to plead guilty to a reduced charge of bribery in another Case if the san Angelo Case against him is dropped. The source said Jacobsen in return for dismissal of the san Angelo Case will testify that Tum to trial Page 8 plantings 01 soybeans up by Don Kendall a farm writer Washington apr the agriculture department says wet weather which has delayed crop plantings this Spring probably has forced Many Farmers to shift some acres from Corn to soybeans for 1974 Harvest. Tum to plantings Page 8 legislative session to help school districts meet their rapidly rising costs. Lobbyists sometimes the Best sources of Austin political intelligence insist that he will. Sen a. M. Aikin. Do Paris Dean of the legislature and cosponsor of the Public school finance system that has been in effect for 25 years said he talked with Briscoe thursday. A the told me had had no intention of calling a session until after the constitutional convention is Over. What he had in mind was to get something out of the legislative leadership that they try to restructure the education program but just pass something of an emergency nature Quot Aikin said. Briscoe he said we Ould want and special session limited to four remain in jail one Childress Man and three former Massachusetts residents remain in Childress county jail under $5,000 Bond each after being arrested about 9 . Wednesday in connection w Ith the tuesday night burglary of Gibson a discount Center. In jail Are Carlos Wayne Garrett 21, of Childress and Carlos Faris 22 Joe i Awrence Arvellar 22 and Carl f. Alexander recently Massachusetts who reside in Motley county. Taken in the robbery were $400 in Cash about $400 in drugs some dangerous and a .38 Caliper pistol the latter of which has still not been emergency Relief for school districts Junior colleges state employees and retired teachers hit hard by inflation there could be another subject. Tum to special Page 8 by Roger Leddington associated press writer Moscow a secret police widened a dragnet operation to several soviet cities today rounding up jewish activists it to Block demonstrations and protests during president Nixon a Summit visit next week. Jewish sources reported. The police agents have detained nearly 40 jews All denied permission to go to Israel and interrogated and warned Many others the informants said. A in Moscow there a a real Hunt on for jews Quot asserted Alexander Goldfarb. A 27 year old chemist who said he has managed to evade the police. A we Are on the run. We Are under seige. It is not a very pleasant feeling to hide away like a More than 12 jewish activists were picked up in the soviet capital Friday and the sources said further arrests were expected Over the weekend. Preventive arrests were underway in Leningrad. Odessa Kishinev Kiev and visits. They claimed. The cities have Large jewish communities. The Roundup appeared greater than the similar precautions taken by the government Here prior to president Nixon a first Moscow Summit in 1972. The arrests were evidently aimed at _ heading off embarrassing disturbances. A the arrests of jewish activists is shameless blackmail of american Public opinion three Moscow jews declared today. In an open Appeal addressed to . Congressmen activists Mikhail Gursky Vitaly Rubin and Inessa Axelrod said a the responsibility for such blackmail should be Laid on the soviet and american some jews have claimed president Nixon a recent statement that emigration was an internal soviet affair actually encouraged a crackdown on jews in this country. The jewish Community Here is particularly interested in american Public opinion because of congressional opposition to granting the soviet Union credit Loans and Tariff concessions until the Kremlin eases its harsh emigration policies. Most jewish activists maintain such pressure a and not a quiet diplomacy a will bring about a change in emigration policy. By the associated press Israel has suspended air strikes against Lebanon with a demand that Lebanon keep Arab terrorists from crossing into Israel egyptian president Anwar Sadat in Tum. Appealed to president Nixon to restrain the israelis. And an Arab league emissary to the United states warned the israeli raids were jeopardizing the syrian israeli disengagement agreement negotiated through Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger. The Circie of warnings and Tum to rounding Page 8 Council meeting tuesday important natural Gas increase is Price coming by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington apr the Federal Power commission has nearly doubled the producer Price for new natural Gas a move Likely to gradually increase costs to Consumers. Spokesmen for the Oil and Gas Industry expressed dissatisfaction at fridays action saying the government should get out of Gas regulation entirely. Industry spokesmen said the of pc a new nationwide producer Price of 42 cents per thousand cubic feet replacing area rates averaging around 23 cents is not nearly enough to cover their costs and stimulate further exploration and production. The pc said wanted to set a Price High enough to increase the Gas Supply but Low enough to protect the consumer. The commission did not estimate the Impact upon Consumers of its Sharp Price hike but a study issued by the Oil Industry last August indicated the Impact on household Gas Bills should be gradual and fairly mild. The study prepared by the consulting firm of Foster associates for the american Petroleum Institute estimated a 45-cent new Gas Price would Lead to household Gas Bills ranging from 6 to 16 per cent higher by 1980. In dollars per year the largest predicted increase would be $27.12 in the East North Central Region. The study said the smallest increase in Gas Bills would be $14.50 by 1980 in the West South Central Tum to natural Page 8 reunion is set for High Point the annual High Point reunion will be August 25 in fair Park auditorium with registration starting at 10 . Those attending Are to have their Basket lunches. Plates and drinks will be furnished. Cards announcing the event will be sent to out of town a residents and not locally. Bill Kelley is president of the organization. Other officers Are Don Smothermon vice president and mrs. Ralph Watson Secretary treasurer. Childress City councilmen will decide during tuesday nights regular Council meeting whether or not to sign a letter of intent to meet conditions set fourth in a letter of conditions received from the state Farmers Home administration office regarding an application for a combination loan grand. The application is for a loan Grant consideration of $200,000 for a water Tower and a Grant request of $35.000 for a water Tower and sewer treatment Plant. City councilmen Bill Sager and Walter Lockhoof City manager i Xxiii Sally and City attorney Allen Harp met in special session Friday with Chester Sinclair county supervisor for Omha regarding the pre application and application. If the City of Childress is interested in pursuing the application which has already been received from the state Omha office in Temple a decision must be reached at the next City Council meeting. During thursdays meeting Harp said that a the City will have to get Down to brass tacks a on its financial poor wheat Harvest is near end this years wheat crop which was previously described by an agricultural official As a poor As hell a will end by tomorrow or tuesday. Over 66 Hopper cars full of wheat have been shipped out by Agri service of Childress and Bolin warehouse and Chickasha both of Kirkland. Some officials say the yield has been Between 6-20 bushels per acre but that can be narrowed Down More specifically to 10-12 bushels per acre by other officials. A it really depends because some is Good but other acres were hailed out a an elevator owner said. The Hopper cars shipped out average about 3,500 bushels each situation. A we have just recently committed ourselves to spend Between $80.000 and $100.000. And we Are $21,000 in the Hole in our general fund and we Are going to have to do some serious thinking about Money a Harp said. The water Tower is to be located in Northwest Childress and the water and sewer treatment Plant is to be located West of Childress for Childress Airfield and the Industrial Complex. The justification for the project is to assist the City of Childress to serve existing industries and for the expansion of existing industries and for possible additional industries that May want to come to Childress the applications Are part of the Rural development act of 1972 to assist Rural towns and communities like Childress in holding and increasing their growth. In indicating the need for the water Tower for storage r. A. Yarbrough representing Green Belt said that valves Are opened twice a Day to let Green Belt member cities get water and that the operation is now being run at a Peak. A if we could get these new water tanks we could then regulate the pressure of water thus causing less Strain on equipment and further allowing for a less expensive operation which would not necessitate the installation of More equipment a Yarbrough said. The extra water in storage would also be Good for use in emergencies a Yarbrough said. A the City will have to have interim financing until the project is completed then upon inspection and approval the governmental funds will be available Quot Sager said. Hey re getting older. Alouf san Angelo Case my is Varvesi w pa0p recovered. Consulting firm of Foster Ymson. A�-.,-��?mui. Aid. These men continue to try dropped. Turn to plantings g a a i f"4 i to question Colson about Nixon s role pm years in prison for obstructing would be called but said the that he hrs akan on March 21, 1973, supervised the White House Nixon s lawyer by Jeffrey Mills a of Nilta to Mimmitt to would in january. 1973, that Forn in a a a a Anonte when carried out the 1 resident by Jeffrey Mills associated press writer Washington apr the House judiciary committee appears Likely to question Charles w. Colson about president Nixon a role in an attempted smear of Daniel Ellsberg. Colson said Friday a the president on numerous occasions urged me to disseminate damaging information about Daniel the former presidential aide made the statement before he was sentenced to one to three years in prison for obstructing Justice. He had pleaded guilty to scheming to a defame and destroy the Public image of Ellsberg in 1971. After the Colson statement several judiciary committee members said Colson should be called to testify in the panels impeachment inquiry. Chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d�?n.j., said a certainly the developments of today raise serious questions As to what that Colson a courtroom statement the chairman would not comment directly on whether Colson would be called but said the committee a a absolutely would look into the matter. The committee has scheduled meetings for next week to decide such matters As what if any. Witnesses will be called and whether the testimony will be open to the Public. Committee counsel John Doar said he and minority counsel Edward Jenner had questioned Colson and were Likely to talk to him further. The Newyl Ork daily news reported in a copyrighted Story today that Colson told the impeachment panel counsel that he warned president Nixon january. 1973. That former atty. Gen. John Mitchell had Advance knowledge of the watergate break in the paper quoting unspecified sources said Colson told Doar that he talked to Nixon again on feb. 14, 1973, and discussed Mitchells role and the involvement of Jeb Stuart Magruder then Deputy director of Nixon a re election Campaign in the planning of the watergate affair. Nixon has said several times that he first Learned of High level administration in the watergate March 21. 1973, when he was told by John w. Dean Iii vice president Gerald r. Ford said he does not believe that Nixon ordered Colson to carry out the break in into the office of Ellsberg a psychiatrist. F Olsberg leaked the Pentagon papers a study of the Vietnam War. To the press. F Ord said there is a difference Between the president asking an aide to smear someone As claimed by Colson and ordering a break in. As Colson was sentenced. Krogh jr., the Man who supervised the White House agents who carried out the Ellsberg burglary returned Home from prison. A i found out How important it is to respect each individuals right Krogh told reporters meanwhile court Battles Over watergate related evidence continued on two fronts. Special prosecutor Leon Jaworski asked a Federal District judge to refuse California it. Gov. De Reinecker a request to subpoena White House tapes and documents for his defense against perjury charges. At the supreme court Nixon a lawyers said the president is a the final authority As to what presidential materials May be used in court cases but Jaworski disagreed with this claim. And rep John n. , r 111., complained that Rodino had denied him Access to secret impeachment inquiry evidence. Erlenborn is not a judiciary committee member. Colson told . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell that one reason for his guilty plea Tum to to Page 8 discussion of a Resolution regarding Greenbelt water authority and approval of the Airfield overlay Grant Are expected to highlight a regular meeting of Childress City councilmen at 7 . Tuesday at City Hall. Also on the Agenda Are cleaning 2,000 feet of sewer repair work on a Fence at Carey approval of planning and zoning commission recommendations for Mobile Homes and the Street intersection at 6th and a. Be. To thu Brief fire extinguished Childress firemen extinguished a grass fire at 910 k. Be. Friday afternoon. No major damage and no injuries were reported. Chs class of 1969 to have reunion the class of 1969 of Childress High school will have a reunion starting at 7 . July 6 in the country club. A fee of $1.50 per person will be charged at the door. Class members their families and friends Are invited to attend

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