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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 5

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Childress, Texas Today a workers enjoy More Leisure time by Harry Ferguson United press International Washington a the aver age working Man today enjoys 22 years More Leisure than his Grandfather did. He has a longer life Span a Shorter work week and More vacation time automation offers him even a nor Leisure because the Short it Ning of the work week has Bien relent is and inevitable. In i boo the work week was 84 hours in 1909 it was 52 hours and today it is slightly under 40 hours. Labor unions Are pressing now i it a a 35-hour week Jos pm fiend roast of the National r a creation Asso nation has predicted that Wilh i a Century the work week will consist of seven hours. On the surface it would appear we Are on the March toward an Industrial Utopia but Many psychiatrists Are coming around to the opine m we Are h add for disaster unless am Rinns can he shaken out of to in mental and emotional i a a r a we do in Hoover to work but on or our it in e off a i a said Many years ago. Subs quent events give him top Grade for Prophet. Bor d with i i a re the fact seems to be that millions of americans do not want More Leisure time and Are bored when it is forced upon them. The files of psychiatrists Are crammed will thousands of cases of executives compelled to retire at 65, in about six months it dawns on these men that fishing and Golf Are not so attractive As they looked from the office window the results Are mental disturbances and deterioration in health sometimes to the Point of death. A More dramatic example is available on the streets of All Large cities. In the age group Between 14 and 24 there is a hard Core of youths who Are unemployed with no Hope of finding a Job. The National Urban league says 10 per cent of the White boys and 17� 2 per cent of negro Hoys seeking work Are in that category. Here you have enforced Leisure 24 hours a Day. 52 weeks a year. You also have an available Pool of manpower from which juvenile delinquent hangs can recruit members. In fact Many government economists View this As the most serious aspect of automation the boys who drop out of school. They Are unemployable because they Lack educational skills they have nothing to do but roam the streets and too Many of them become adept in the manipulation of switchblade knives. A r. Smart Way to say give the Handy a gift Carton Many Are contented before leaving the impression that mental hospitals Are crammed with persons who can not endure Leisure let us hurry to say that millions of Ameri i cans Are Idle and contented j travel inside the United states has boomed in recent years and Here the defenders of a i Tomasion Are Able to score a telling Point sure there Are More retired workers Riding the highways and the result has been a mushroom growth of motels. In other words when More people Are not working the Economy automatically adjusts itself by creating new businesses and industries. How do americans kill time when not working in the inactive Field Reading listening or watching somebody else do something the rating is in this order watching television listening to Radii Reading newspapers Reading magazines watching motion pictures. In the Field of hobbies col-1 i letting things Stamps coins i i Hooks Etc. Travelling card playing gardening fishing,1 i Bowling sewing Hunting swim Ming. Photography boating handicrafts outdoor cooking Golf Tennis and painting. Spec i Tator sports Douth is would be listed except for the fact that so much of it is classified under television watching and radio listening. Such things As do it yourself carpentry Are listed under Handi cats. Most psychiatrists put much Hope for the future in self education. They want people to buy Phon graph Reto is and acquire a for Good Rrt usic. They want them to read history and biography or even study foreign languages at Honarc but the prospects f it a self education Are dim in this country. Re cent poll showed that Only 17 per cent of americans were currently Reading a Book or great Britain the figure was 55 per cent. A High enthusiasm Washington it up the National draft Goldwater committee says there is a High enthusiasm All across the country Quot for sen. Barry Goldwater to be the Republican president nominee in 1964. The committee made the j statement sunday night. Dramatic cont a used from a a a a a one j the Funchal radio said Hospital Beds and other accommodations were being prep am for the survivors at that port. Hundreds of those aboard the cruise ship were women and there were at Bast 23 children under 12 years old three americans were among the passengers most of whom were British. The disaster threatened to be Tho worst in a fire at s a is net 1934 when the liner Morro Castle burned off Asbury Park n. J., taking 125 lives. It also threatened to result in greater loss of life than the collision Between he liner Andrea Doria and the liner Stockholm off Nantucket july 25. 1956, that collision took 51 lives and caused the Andrea Doria to sink. Shortly apr noon the s. Air Force which had four c54 Rescue planes from the azores flying Over the blazing ship reported scores of persons still struggling in the sea apparently buoyed by life jackets. At 12 30 . <6 30 . Cost a u. S. Air Force spokesman at air Rescue Headquarters Wiesbaden Germany told newsmen a to the Best of our knowledge tin Lakonia is still afloat. But Many survivors Are it still in the Wate a a they thought they had the tire under control earlier this morning but then the explosion spread the fire All Over the ship again. A Many passengers apparently leaped into the water but late reports said about 100 were huddled at the Stern of the ship flames. Llu Blaze started amidships and spread later when the explosions rocked the 33-Vear-old liner that had been refitted and reconditioned recently for use in the cruise Trad \ the air Force reported at Bast four ships in the immediate area were plucking survivors from a sea which had turned mercifully Calm und a Cloudy skies. An Raf reconnaissance plane circling the area reported i a Many survivors. Lifeboats Are being picked up by ships. There Are approximately 100 left on Hoard the i a. Air Force pilots flew i overtly a area in air sea Rescue planes like those used for standby duty in . Space shots. Thev dropped three 20-Man life i boats but reported no Para res a Cue team members were Para the water because surface Aid was it hated to a sufficient available. The British freighter Montcalm and the air Force both reported explosions and spreading fire aboard the Lakonia. The Captain was reported to he m. A Bis a greek the Montcalm a 5,000-ton freighter and the Argentine ship Salta were the Only vessels taking part in the Rescue that could be identified by air Force pilots. Winds of More than 20 Miles p t hour and High seas made Rescue Wor k difficult the Montcalm reported. Distress signals the unidentified radio Man sent from the burning ship alerted the Mont Calm and other Rescue vessels. They incl ence he lines ship last week cruise the Minifi a we the 11 i Horthy give u please the said a tim0. In the leaving to immediate the Shi Ampton i a it Kay Christmas cruise to Madeira. It was due Back in Southampton dec 30, Hilow now you know by United press International the tallest Volcano in the world Gull atari in Chile is 19,18 feet High and last erupted in 1959, according to the world almanac by United press International today slowest temperature reported to the i i Bureau was 24 degrees below Zero at Lone Rock i High was to degrees at Naples Fla. W at Aba Roundup did the is a depend american Export which left new York on a Mediterranean fire pit a a it Akon v aft 85 Hel broke out just before 1 p. In. A St sunday i leaving the a s operator radioed or Midnight a please a stance immediately. Message received irom Lakonia. L lot stay and More Ess Cabin. We Are ship. Please help sailed from Southland. Thursday it my almanac five United press International today is monday. Dec. 23, the 357th Day of 1963 with eight to follow. The Moon is it its first Quarter. The evening slurs Are Saturn. Jupiter and Venus. On this Day in history in 1783. George Washington resigned i ? army commission and returned to his estate at mount Vernon. In 1928, a permanent coast to coast radio network Abc was t established in 1948, sex Permish Tojo of Japan and six other War leaders were executed in Tokyo by an Alii d War crimes commission. In 1953, the former head of russians secret police Lavrenti Berla was exe Cun d. By United press International Wilt Chamberlain and Wayne Hightower have travelled similar roads and Are ready to Pinch hit for each other at the drop of a basketball. The san Francisco pair who played for Overbrook High school in Philadelphia and the University of Kansas combined for 69 Points sunday in the warriors 118-104 Victory Over the Philadelphia 76ers. Chamberlain scored 40 Points after being shutout in the first period. But while the 76ers were mixing Wilt in the opening Quarter Hightower picked up the Slack to keep san Francisco in the game. Hightowers 29 Points were his highest total in the pro i Surprise ending a Emile Griffith Falls through the ropes ranks. After he was hit by a smashing right delivered by Rubin a thur Boh Pettit scored 25 Points Deane Carter who was Winner of the bout by a technical Knock and Cliff Haman added 20 As the Oun 2 menu end 13 be Quot a of round St. Louis Hawks heat the Baltimore bullets 116-104. In the Only other game. Walt Bellamy had 38 Points for the bullets. A thought for the Day it is written in the new testament according to the gospel of St. Matthew love your enemies bless them that curse College football results by United press International Liberty bowl at Philadelphia miss. St 16 no. Carolina St. 12 Blu Bonnet bowl at Houston Tex. Baylor 14 Louisiana St. 7 North South game at Miami Fla. South 23 North 14 i Dow Jones averages by United press International Dow Jones Stock averages 30 Indus 758.69 off 3.39 20 rails 176.63 off 0.72 15 utile 138.29 off 0.31 65 stocks 266.43 of 1.05 3rd hour sales 730,000 to 1 l p. M. 2,736,000 read the classifieds or. Amp mrs. Leroy b. Gaines representative american National insurance co. Mitchell-goodw1n lumber co. Texas air service inc. Quot a a a a. Ii Childress Airfield a a a. A a j a Ltd a ,4>iu of. G i a Ylak Cut Simas join to a a a Bird a a a a a a suds Fly As snapper the Pelican gets a Bath. At least owner Bob Davison is trying to hold said Pelican in the tub but the flapping wings Spray daughter Kelly with suds. Wildlife photographer Davison raised snapper from a Small baby found injured on an Island in great Salt Lake in Utah. Super ims ervice Wilear no. 1 no. 2. No 400 one. 1110 few. Hwy 83

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