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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 1

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Childress, Texas Childress. Panhandle thaws out by Nitro press International a Broad of lox is under a Blai Kcf of Stow and it to Ziy Lief in Amr of a Whilo Christmas we a to i a pm Lod to Moll away in a on by warmer Weaber tue Day Riccord cold Hrim a Fri. Northern portions of the slate in the Wake of of to six inches of Snow and the Weatherman predicted South Feva a in for another hard freeze the Mercury Dirix d to to Low As 27 do a Sirees in the Flower Fotio Trade Valley hut escaped All but a very minor damage the Leaf erasure Ani below freezing for a Short Tim assistant a Junta agent Hills Ltd human said the Only crops file any worries were Tomat mrs and Pep put is of yid a Texas 1w Miles Northwest of , rerouted 27 degree Barrner Are bracing for another round of sub Fri it Ewing Reading tonight a Low of 26 Degre its was forecast in the Hio Irla Doity area. Although a Bright Winter Sun jazz bad the entire state Early Torlay. Temperatures ranged from the 6 to b Der Ltd level across the now Belt to the freezing line in the Liwer Valley. At 7 a. A. I Townsville was the Only re a rating sped above i coming and the weather Bureau said the 33-degree Reading Here would f Ltd replaced by lower Marks before the Mercury a lasted Back upward. The Mercury plunged to a degrees at Tyler icing streets and making driving hazardous. 1 he text stature Slid to 20 at Houston and ice spread a Dan Ira a us Glaze on Bridges and overpasses traffic to Wool nor mall. However police reported the Houston Accident rate even lower than usual i a pest Snow measurement Rej wired was 6 inches at Tan ton in Hast Texas where the Snow kept falling until a ii after dark sunday night an i 1-degree Reading at Fla Las was the coldest det 23 since the Bureau started keeping records in 1898. H High wills and High seas off padre Island broke up the 85-fm f snapper fishing Ixia sea rider sunday night. Navy helicopters and i Oast guardsmen rescued the nine Man Crew. Childress experienced a Low of 13 degrees. At 1 p. M. The temperature was 33. Other reports from official weather Bureau stations included 8 degrees at Dalhart 10 at and port we a rth 11 at Amarillo. Dallas and Texarkana 12 at Wichita f alls. at this a Nidath Walt to 16 at Abilene 18 at Midland and f it thur 19 at Presidio. 20 at Del bin a but or = a i a. Torino 26 at and 28 Ltd i authorities reported nine week and t by d were blamed at lea.3 in part to the Irir i icy roads another 10 deaths earlier in Fork Wier connected heavy ice broke Utility line s and at 1��?~h i 11 Panli i do Tevi Tower without communications w i Era Ier of 1 of Triet manager for general Telephone in Aid Kald Peter Burg. Caprock Mearim Cone Dean Aioo i. By of no. Dickens Arne Silverton were Affe Ted a one Star c�o., Dellarine no but hot it = a. To i. Vent one if the Coida is hang. Fat a Arderry 2. I to in ? of reduction in natural air bed to mde d s a the Childress Index vol. 78, no. 3, Nea up la times Celi Ratino our 7stb year the Childress Index monday december 23, 1963 Price 5c six pages pistol is removed from dramatic Rescue woman at Ruby hearing saves hundreds Dallas Silhi police to Deputy sheriff 1. D. Dozier made the threat or when. I the gun but no Shell in the Day seized a snub nos Tel 2. It Eal Quot mis Bennett As saying Dai it per and Well groomed Charabel. Ilmet automatic from the purse she a carrying the pistol be Ruby a. Seeking release on the 52-year-old Ruby relaxed j of a shapely nil haired stripper cause her life had been threat bail pearling trial feb. 3. 1 As a boy out of school was called to testify in behalf of a Ned. She did not say who there a loaded clip in whisked to the court from his i her , Jack Ruby Hie self appointed executioner of Lee Harvey Oswald. in a Gay Pink dress Stripp to Karen Lynn Bennett who p to j for Ruby at his c Rousi i c1� a faced charges of Arr i a a a t on Cathl weapon. She was pier listed to testify at the he Avil Iuar Dexl hearing be fore t liminal Disi i curl judge Joe b . John b. Martin is honoured by Hospital group mourning period ends sixth floor cell three hours b a fore the hearing As part of an elaborate Security system to prevent anyone from dealing him the Fate he dealt Oswald. All visitors to the Cour Trimmi were searched. Two matrons plucked the gun Washington Cupl a a tonal cemetery us it re on this Christmas night the flame was carried from u Termine that John Kennedy the late presidents grave did not live or die in vain that across the River to the memory from miss Bennett s purse at nation under god shall a where Johnson and a crowd i the lain door to the court have a new birth of ire Edorn of about 15,000 persons waited As a prelude to the hearing and that we May achieve in in freezing temperatures. Photographers took pictures of our time and for All Lime the Johnson cupped his hand ancient vision of peace on around the tiny flame and t Orth i xxx will toward All gazed at it intently his deeply men. Linci face somber. Twice a with these words spoken whipping wind extinguished the Ruby As he smiled and joked. Flamboyant san Francisco afternoon that about 900 Surv defense lawyer Melvin Belli at Vors had beam picked up and the head of a six Man Batler that n tue iterations were from flames sea Gibraltar Imp do an epic 500 Miles off the coast of to Rife Radin Rescue report. That i i but it Lav Rescue operation led by four Rocco. The 20,314-ton luxury liner Otth aha mid a in do med ship Small in the Atlantic Many of the survivors were was carrying 651 passengers us Kiv. Eith r by boat or a aved hundreds of persons from believed injured or suffering and 385 Crew members on a 1. Ipe int. The a Var with life flames and the sea today after from exposure after hours spent Risima. Holiday Elul is from Jagt explosions ripped the greek in a mercifully Calm sea await England to theft Oriu Guese is Fajr anal v one of liner Lakonia with 1,036 ing Rescue. Land of made Ira when fir then person aboard. There was no confirmation broke out shortly before raid tilt coastal radio station at from the British admiralty or night 6 . Cost sunday Santa Luz. De Tenerife in the the ships owners of the Fene the flame spread so qut Ekly Canary islands reported this from Rah Steps of tiie Lincoln memorial at dusk sunday per Dent Johnson end Tel the nations month of mourning for president Kennedy. Flags All Over the nation Fly Niin ated for the american coi lege of Hospital administrators li7ie site was of it was Learned Here today. Down in Dallas nov. 22. The official action on the Nomin Black banners that darkened action for the administrator of the door of the Wiite House the Childress general Hospital Are gone. Thousands of candles a ignited continued on Page 3 John b. Martin has been no Texas invited to travel on 83 texans will be invited to tra Vel on 83 All the. Sign to be erected next month at a Point Northwest of the Low House members Hustle Back to Washington a updo demo ties to and other com of testimony. Judge Brown Call i ged up it Quot ships j House members were Monist countries de a 15 minute recess. About 100 bodies had been hustling Back to Washington by there were reports that some the state repeatedly objected spotted floating in life jackets in the plane Load today for a to groups of congressmen were to bellies insistent use of the the disaster area he said. Lotical showdown on the foreign chartering planes for the flying t a a word a a inflamed to discuss . Air Force pilots reported Aid Bill that involved the presi trip to Washington. Boggs pm two it Lirou of attorneys was pitted against a practice Ali an end. Dist. Atty. Henry wad who a . Air Force spokesman Opp de bail for the accused Marnstein Germany Rescue planes flying Over at u the disaster scene reported All after an hour and 45 m u. Survivors apparently had been an Ameri. An y her to r a h the re and plucked hundreds of Urvi irom the water. Early said the Rescue Shin pro Bahlev would head for c . A on Mort can at Anat t it. But the Argentine Repi red to have to Revor it want Lua Dod Funchal Madeira 16 hours sailing time away and it was believed others might steam for the same port. Continued on Page 5 once he referred to Oswald a declared Oswald will be held in Chicago in a gust. J in memory of the late chief or Hio Grande Valley Accord notice of the nomination was executive flickered in the win ing to Paul Vickers of Mcallen received from Dean Conley sex Johnson evoked eight Chambers of comm dec utile director of the Ameri a Kennety and of i Erce in towns along Highway co dirt had can College of Hospital admin Nat Vyred Abraham Lincoln 8 1 approved plans for the sign j a a or to a i mud the Gettysburg address. Suggested by de Slaughter of homicide capt. In Baum paid Quot Funson Candle oct Quot and i will a it is our pleasure to inform cold. Johnson lighted a Candle. Texas vice president of nov. 23 that the Case against m that on recommendation of i from fire carried from the tier g3 Assoc in to Oswald was a cinched. U. Highway Ruby s mental state when Hethe burning cruise liner was Tige of president Johnson As Pha sized however that none of i Quot a a a i a be Way by a new Road shot the accused Assassin off the adjournment of to travel was government a o i tick a Foss paid. I two men were injured slight a key democratic Leader As earliest that the slow i h in a Ihu vehicle be president Kennedy. Each objection was sustained. A. As we a the Canary islands broadcast Congress Aid the person to leave a r said the Lakonia person was the greek Ducc lie be lug. A Orv a Lusiani hous6 Leader Hale a Ven Miles Sou in of a undress on As a president Kennedy s As.sas-, 5, the she was sly of Louisiana confidently adjournment of con g 33 according this was stricken since no claimed enough strength to wins Ess can be completed is department of Public Ven Miles South of Childress on the fight which snarled i. And f Melinie tuesday because the safety. The Board of credentials and Nal flame Liat Burns Over the by unania oils action of the j slain presidents grave across Board of regents you have j the Potomac in Arlington a been designated for nominee ship in the american College free Coffee and doughnuts tomorrow of Hospital administrators. A official election will take at the convocation ceremony on sunday August 23. 1964, in Chi Cago and you Are requested to be present if at All among the objectives of the be free Coffee and College is to give recognition to doughnuts for All who come by if Grilc ill old Raj individuals who have done or Are doing distinguished service in the Field of Hospital administration. Loni Belli asked whether Fritz travellers will be invited to statement would a a inflamed the see the Semi tropical Valley and minds of people against of go to Mexico via their Choice Ald. Of the five Valley gateways adjournment plans Over the weekend. He democrats on the rules commit Senate is in recess until then Carl f. Frederick of Pratt. The Aid Battle stirred up Ani kans., was driving North when a a Fth e a f the t i a Tio sity Between democratic and he lost control of the truck he he said mat nine of me ten Republican leaders in the House i was driving on the iced pave in the Milf its commit. Johmson to delay his ment and skidded across the two injured when Auto overturns would be on hand to Blear by Texas to spend Highway and the truck turned mrs Weldon Fromm of am i a the holidays and upset plans for Over. In is. A Deiaon Fromm 01 a floor the first step required fori Pena rpm a to nah week Anllo and daughter Candy were i a a a a action me committee Unavie presidents Prest be was Alvin Keller also of Pratt and Frederick were treated for the five paved roads into old Mexico. For several years Alex sated was a Texas vice president of the a six nation. Lighting contest set for tonight if you want your House judged in the Christmas lighting contest turn on the lights before 7 p. M. Tonight it was announced today. Judging will be from 7 to 9 p. My it is not necessary that you Call the conc cd to enter your House ill the contest a said Glenn Buckley president. A it will be judge if the lights Are turned on a he added. At the Chick Wagon tomorrow the first National Bank. Old settlers Are sponsoring the annual affair. Dies funeral will be tuesday was Slot a the i her nose. Candy suffered five j stitches on her head and the a ii son. Curt suffered bruises a Aslo called was Dallas times j Herald photographer Bob Jack q Bey were on their Way to son. Who took the dramatic j i Dada from Amarillo. After photo of Ruby and Oswald the emergency treatment in the moment the trigger was pulled. Tulia Hospital they were Tak again and again. Belli asked in to the Home of or. And mrs. The doughnuts and Coffee will Myrtie Alma Fri 58 of witnesses to describe Ruby a i Hollis Cagle former Childress be served from Sam Privitte a mrs. Ivy Rise n a it Momant he in Mph and then or ought to Amarillo and former Childress a a a a a Corby and visit a said i in a a the child a id Quot so a a a a Chi funeral services will be held in the Calvary Baptist Church Here at 2 p. M. Tuesday con if in doubt buy a fashion Shoppe gift certificate for her. No injuries no one was injured in any of ducted by Rev. The accidents investigated by i 9 i i lir t the Childress police department Church in Amarillo Rev in. Over the weekend it was re of Childress and re. A nation ported this morning. Latest Accident checked by the City was at 8 30 a. M. Sunday. Charles Fowler of Dallas driving East on Avenue few. Went into a spin in the 500 bks a and his car was hit broadside by an Auto driven by Sidney love of Concord Calif. Haywood Kube of the Calvary Baptist Church. Burial will be in the Childress cemetery and pallbearers will be Curtis Gerald Ronald and Gary Dean Holerman Jack Boney and Myral Hoisager. Mrs. Fry was born november 14, 1905, in lot of okla., and face at the moment he leaped residents and then brought to from a crowd of newsmen and Childress where they plan to stay with relatives until after the holidays. The wreck was caused by ice on the pavement and mrs. Fromm lost control of her car. It overturned and ended up right. Shot Oswald before wide audience. U. S. Prosecutor Barefoot Sanders and two Fri agents attended the hearing. Seeking to prove Ruby temporarily insane the defense said Ruby should be released p i i from jail for psychiatric treat Al Yons is ment. Ruby Belli said last week need Haye no fear of attack continued on Page 3> a a a 1 4 House conferences and on the Telephone lining up support for j Shade Home tonight the Bill. J Childress youngsters Are look the administration was de ing Forward to visiting the r. Ter mined to get the foreign Aid a Shade Home 504 Aye. B. Legislation with an acceptable Northwest tonight Between 7 wheat sales amendment enact p .9 Santa Claus de before Congress adjourns. Be m front of the. A 1 4 i House and will visit with the the Aid Bill was the last re-1 children and give them Candy mailing hurdle to adjournment canes. The amendment would frown of the longest continuous session the Shade Home is decorate on but not ban government in since 1942. Cong res cant quit de and Well lighted and will de writing of credit for the Sale i before tuesday since the sen i present a Happy addition to of wheat and surplus come Jodi a ate wont meet again until then. I Christmas in Childress. Unable to make it for the rules session was rep. Richard Bolling of Missouri. Boggs also indicated that enough democrats have poured Back into town to reverse a severe setback Johnson sustained Compromise soviet wheat Sale amendment. A a Helper a from Uncle Are shopping Day to Christmas shop for gifts in our and pages two accidents not reported in i noved to Childress county with sundays Index include one at parents in 1907. 0 n m so third a. Bette Atkin-1 married d. H. Fry at Light moisture from rain Snow moisture received from the Snow and drizzle of Friday and Lone candidate c. J. Lyons will be the Lone candidate for mayor of the City of Childress at the special election which will be held january 21. The deadline for filing passed at Midnight saturday. Absentee balloting will open january 1 and close january 17. Lyons is seeking to Complete son was making a right turn november 28, 1929, saturday was enough to halt .0 a a w. From Avenue g nw., onto com 9. Moved to Amar Cotton Harvest and make the unexpired term of Michie Merce and her Auto Slid into 1952. I driving dangerous. Thaten who resigned recently one driven by James Walli survivors include the Yus streets and High the term runs until april who was driving North on com i Quot to ways were Clear by Early after a Holcomb of Amarillo her 1 Breaks hip parents or. And mrs. R. Hole the Faa station at the air mrs. Margaret Simpson suf Ryan of Childress three Broth a recorded .20 of an Inch offered a broken left hip when ers Clyde and Eloyce Heman j while .10 of an Inch she slipped and fell while Board 1 both of Childress and Eugene recorded at the Index. Ing a train at 1 30 p. M. Here although the moisture was yesterday. She is confined to the slight it is expected to give the Childress general Hospital. Wheat a boost. Meets tonight the City Council has schedule Meree. Damage to both vedic i Les was heavy. At 11 40 p. M. Saturday Clifton Hodges lost control of the Auto he was driving and it hit a retainer Wall at 12th Street �1 and Avenue h. There was da-1 Mage to both the car and Wall j no meeting tuesday there will be no meeting of fabric gloves $1 pair costume the Lions club tomorrow it was fabric gloves $1 pair costume jewelry u2 Price the fashion announced a Xian by president jewelry 14 Price the fashioned its regular meeting for 7 30 shopper open til 9 . Truman Webb. Shopper open til 9 . I p. M. Today at the City Hall. Helpers _ things got so hectic for Santa Claus in Portland ore., that he a d to swear in a couple of Lovely helpers. Quot. So help me St. Nick a Judi Landes left right avow As the Jolly old gent performs the ceremony. Nea

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