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Childress Index Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 2

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Childress Index (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Childress, Texas 01 two How do you stand sir by Barry unit4 Hatath a senator Arizona two cwii�re8s Inoff. a a Tyya Studebaker a Long Road and then there were four is a v l u v j v i believe j to Britain and the United stat Johnson has a better than even j nameplates Thos Wirt heartened by j is Chance of becoming a great Acadia Cannon Johnson s act Mas with regard senator Fulbright y complaint president because of his lend to French president Charles de it was that general de Gaulle Era hip experience in the Senate. Gaelic. I had made what he termed a a he stressed in particular Parsi Quot Hen the latter was in Wash contemptuous reference to the Dent Johnson so ability to get it ton to attend the funeral of Anglo saxons As though they along with people arid to get the late president John of Ken were a species beneath notice a people to work with him Pyy a or. Johnson went out of the earmarks to which Sena it strikes me that president Mcway to hold a 40-minute con a it or Pui right took exception Johnson would have a much a Fershee with the French Leader were Reade months ago. In fact better Chance of getting along and to encourage general i e by were made Way last Jan with the French and of repair and to a Mysia a Turlie to make another visit it Felt United states Nett year. Rejected Britain sentry into a Terizer the Atlantic common agree were i the image certainly was one the european common Market j by in recent months if the sen Manv of the of improved relations Between and president Kennedy a offer ate foreign relations chair Washington and Paris at a time of nuclear cooperation. Man would Stop muddying the u just senator Fulbright Waters with Ili time remarks a United states. And because Del Felt that recent weekend was to Many americans who have appropriate time to renew jmj Uneas it Over the Touchy our differences with the French they were made Way last Jan we m1 a renin and of repair uary when pres Klent de Gallt ing the disarray that has Char bout French president de Gaulle. There is Gra tended at this Nic a a what 1904 cars had. Dayton country club intrepid Moline r a it Rockaway. Sampson. Studebaker. An image it shed Walnut and let old and gleaming Bra through the Rollin that follow those the Road. Those As an Ever piloted a machine wheels at its four Cornet Liv at a time of jubilation in the immediate collapse or Auto Industry. Almost any curved for the san reason that an English Squire with limit cd income Sells his Castle to the Village for 1 Pound he Sim a a Wonov december 23, Ivy the Avanti achieved a de ten acceptance they reason of Pult i have been interpret Ori a i a Good Omen. It is skely tha the lower priced models Wool have been redesigned kv4bi fid Ture to conform to thy. 4je< Avanti look Cath one with any interest in wheel cd vehicles is predicting a a million y ver people i up Sale Well been Adle is the on the \ Blue Lin the unit year. G. M. Ford and american motors getting Giddy adding Many automotive a tribe a Era Pau on their own terms believe that the Avanti Raj it j seemed the first Lencou aging Del it lived a new Cash on use the u. A year or next. Years. The Board of Ore tor impulse to match the bigger a Xerox terms its sales picture might have re or Quot its Iii i v our Amer fences Wun Merrence 17, a us Toich american relations were a pref executive i it difficult to time for improving a Keliana tent Al or action of general de Gaulle in coming to president Kennedy a funeral As an indication that he is ready to ease the tensions which have encouraged to believe that a understand this becomes even 1 our nations with All Western new Era in those relations might More difficult to understand european countries and spec be at hand in the near future., when it is realized psf As by with the French this being the Case the re chairman of the Senate foreign americans la a a the cent statements of sen. J. Wil relations committee senator Liam Fulbright on this f Wibright Speaks with More a subject struck a particularly Dis Hority than an Ordinary Mem mordant note Berof the Senate. In the past.,. In a radio broadcast intend or example comments of the i trained relations Between w asked for world wide use by the powerful foreign relations chair no ton ask 1 3ns tor almost a voice of America senator Ful Man Bave been taken As vef4r. ,. T Bright went out of his Way to coming almost directly from the would be unfortunate if the Widen the old breach Between White House. V Senaie l0iieign Washington and Paris by sing a in commenting on the French l is Ling general de Gaulle for Par president senator Fulbright it m5ht f tic liar abuse he termed the took it upon himself to express Tel to Hanson do Ltd it a French president a a very Dis doubts Over whether president Ere Evern f �2? motive influence a in the Wes Johnson will be Able to do very ill considered risk to Tais Ujj Tern Alliance and went on to much with the French Leader Oik tip complain that de Gaulle had ironically enough. Sen. Fulbright How do von Ciamp a or it been a unnecessarily offensive said at the same time that or copyright 1�3 la Tirron s 1904 Long Burfor heard of disa few months of Beaker s Gasoon lasted on the. For 60 Vears Bend ind. So by order of the cold Day in de the announce b a k c r would making opera i or candian Pia figures. I Studebaker they have ing figures too. Troub their numbers have been ? wrong Side of the double line for several years. In first nine months of 1963 the company dropped $9,8 irk Hare of the car market1 no so Low that anyone have trouble finding it in Chart less than 1 t. In tiie fir to nine Ilion i s tinal u s. Year it pro about 50,000 cars less third As Many vehicles i Volkswagen imported. Viny did it happen and can happen again to other com Mies remaining in product the end the Crisp no Lor the future ironically v,.i,i by the firm pinned fives link a demise hum l a scene. Holiday Roulette the beginning a 1902 Studebaker electric forerunner of the company s Gas powered models finds Thomas a. Edison in the passenger s seat. Lest services for Clinton Pickrel held last services fur Clinton Pickrel 10 month old son or. And mrs. Tommy pick were held at 2 p. A today with the pastor Rev. John Tims officiating. The boy died at 10 30 a indexing ply can to afford to keep the Blooming pile of stones coat d. Studebaker a Central Plant in South Bend consisted of 126 acres much of it unused. It h doubtful whether the Board of directors working in relays could even walk around it in one Day the Hamilton Ontario Plant to which the firm is beating a Retreat is Only a sixteenth a. Large. Production will be limit a and even if red Ink continues to flow the losses will be of dimensions that a Man can grasp without the sensation of the ground opening up beneath him. The Long Range reasons for Studebaker s malnutrition hold a lesson for the balance of the Industry. The car company a last Good year was 1959, when Detroit subsequently hopped onto the Quot compact bandwagon Stude Hak Eros stubby Laris was edged into the fiscal Curbstone. Then As cars again inched upward in size Studebaker responded by increasing the length of its products. The irony is that imported Small sized cars now look Forward to increased sales As a result of Detroit a renewed big car fixation. Import sales Are running 15 per cent ahead of last years. If Studebaker had resisted the it a further irony that com will have its revenge. Pwt or rank executives blame the j the Avanti will no longer 1 firms luxury Mode a Anta for made a neither in on term n much of the firms woes. Had \ anywhere else. He a Rumore a a Ommert 12 00 12 20 by Morris Higley its about time for the Winter kids basketball program. A a it memory serves me right j had done. A i want the same Nav a. To get program has been going on As you Fei own Quot a it. General Ion a years and it is the Only have been getting for the wort program of its kind that i know you have l Cen a oin of that requires no solicitation i0nhave you paid your poll tax k2 i f. Part sular sp0nl s0r Vou show 1964 should be one Sho what Little books Are kept 0f the most interesting political i a in or Fram Are kept Here years of this decade locally at a time. At the Index. State wide Anh Natman Iii the Lawr is followed to the when Dick Risenhoover Start letter so he actually works the program he asked that Waitkun fur a i Only about an hour and a half someone Here keep the records a Rune Rai is every five or six weeks. We get of the program and that a the held Here sunday As Many shots As possible to Way it has been since. Fina in saturday in child Hospital. Burial was in the Kirkland cemetery under the direction of the Newt Rry funeral Home. Fit into the scripts we be already finished and then work in some of the segments in the Matt is not allowed to com 1 to the studio with his Mother on working Days. Instead he gets the full tar treatment. E con As of right now it looks like we a coordinator has been secured j p .v1. 4r in tor the program this year and h a is rpm so a w if1 c he will be announced we Hope f r j. A Sior this coming week. Hj0 ?,"1 but More than a coordinator of Ftp non a a pastor w ill be needed. Needed also will of Akau to Channel 6 tuesday dec. 24 to 25 a perspective 6 30 a Sunrise semester 7 00 a Casper amp his friends 8 00 a Captain Kangaroo 9 00 a morning news 9 30 a i love Lucy 10 00 a the real Mccoy 10 30 a Pete amp Gladys 1100 a love of life 11 25 a news 11 30 a search for tomorrow 11 45 a guiding Light newsreel weather 12 30 a As the world turns 10 a password 1 30 a House party 2 00 a lot 2 25 a news 2 30 Edge of night 3 00 secret storm 3 30 a sea Hunt 4 00 a Quot Jalopy 5 00 a Quck draw Mcgraw 5 30 a news 6 00 a a sports reel 6 05 a newsreel 6 20 a weather 6 30 a Mahalia Jackson 7 00 a red Skelton 8 00 a Petticoat Junction 8 30 a Jack Benny 9 00 a Garry Moore 10 00 a newsreel 10 20 a weather 10 30 a Catholic Christmas program 1u00 protestant Christmas program 1 25 a news l 30 the doctors 2 00 a a Loretta Young theatre 2 30 a you done to say 3 00 a match game 3 25 a news 3 30 a make room for baddy 4 30 a our miss brim 4 30 a a Christmas Ntboe 5 00 a Rocky amp his a friends 5 15 a the funny com Nanny 5 30 a Huntley Brinkly 6 00 a weather w r 6 05 a feed Brooks report 6 20 a sports report n 6 30 a or. Novak. 7 30 a redigo8 00 a Richard Boone show 9 00 a Bell Telephone hour 10 00 a a evening report 10 10 a weather 10 15 a news 10 30 Abc card 11 00 a Midnight malts a 12 30 sign off h Kyda Channel 10 re 6 ?7 a thought for the Day a i i i i he a Ujj Jiuu car treatment. V �?o1 be Quot Wui a. It Tutu Aiso win w Walker v 1 r i in Agni for me Aav 12 20 a Ruth hrs a in run ing Aroud House reload edition and add a baby to the. Law requires him to be be coaches storekeepers time the i Milf him to a 5f 6 30 a a Amarillo College present 12 30 Bingo i in july Wuhu ing on his parents or. And cast. Picked up at his Home by a keepers officials a so get your Kirk 4 sex nines South 700 a farm and ranch news 1 00 a people mrs. Jack Smith if it weren to k�k., a ____1 to studio car. Driven he a of self read the Crocram is for ,. Riana. 7 20 a news 1.0c run m Kunc Channel 4 id 6 45 a morning devotional 6 50 a weather. P 6.55 a farming today a a a to Xian show. 8 00 a cartoon magic,8 45 a the King &�?~0dje 9 00 say when 1 o to met Liq 9 40 a word for word10.00 a concentration -10 30 a missing links 11 00 a your first impression 11 30 a truth or cd or ill fences 11 55 news Abc 7 12 00 a news % it 12 10 weather a Vav 12 20 Ruth Brent show 7 20 a news mrs. Jack Smith if it weren to after the baby arrived Joev studio car driven by a Stu self ready. The program is for . Aby up International for the fact that his mothers was on the get one Day talking i j chauffeur. He is accompany boys 8 through 14 years of age.1 Cempre nov l in ,1,dress 7 30 a to ten editorial Young Matthew David Smith professional name is Abbey to the Abbey Reed by a registered nurse and the Only pay you will receive m8qnn7�i j?l,�ysywllt1 7 35 weather cast Wasny to Dorn in a trunk but he s Mon. Calls. Quot he said we d have to a welfare worker. Will be satisfaction. �?o�?ok1s be. �5 conduct 7 40 world of sports made his show Biz debut at an Abbey co stars with Bishop Start looking for a baby right j undergoes examination a i b b due services. A 7.45 _ Kre it Jdie the fireman earlier age thany any of those playing his wife. Away to play our to child. A the entourage is driven to in fact. Y1 11 get the same 8 00 a capt. Kangaroo vaudeville kids of yesteryear. Pregnancy problem i l<1 said a what a wrong with a town los Angeles where pay Virginia Van Bibber want not so harmless 9 00 a Freddie the fireman mat is Only five months Oid when mrs Jimoh a a a s it vhf pcs Arm and ranch news 1 00 a people will Taft a a a u "j,flblsh0p sh0,w�?� was expecting. Baby the pro baby Matthew owes his Job Duckers of the show concluded but he s a regular on Televik Nee Dalton it discovered Mist stars or Stodt Nace a typing tor the Greenbelt Mun i a 10 30 Pete amp Gladys m Dady before a Days work. Then he Cipal and Industrial water Aurou Iab Ute was. Cla a i to 11 00 love of life to Fesar it Simf pcs fteversw2l%w r f signed soffit stg Quot is delivered Vii Iid b i a Jority i Ltd a it a it by four Lions sunday a a a _ is fits i web nepotism if you will he might racer from Rie shotto nature and before the Little Guy cult Here he a Dav. We asked her. When she Fin when he entered their Cage t it 11 30 search for tomorrow 6 25 sports r _ it %. S Cdr Acler Iroll uie Snow for amp a i Ftp hip n i. I for o Nunnal 1 it Mph ii Ftp Mih night Gnu Mimi Snow r Fri Fly inv 11 is the i Iii let r. I nepotism if you win. He might character from the show for a Nat be and before the Little go be still unemployed and hang whue or capitalize on her con Ere Over Ajung Days in a said Abbey. Quot and Youcan. I a of a Ive weeks after Matthew does like much Effort was bom we resumed shoot Ina or is portray Motherly the show a Abbey says not Ove when Matthew is in the without a touch of Pride. Quot it did no to give me much time Tolose All the weight i had gain d sends two clan s a week but i made it in be studio. O i those 1 25 Abc news 130 a the doctors 2 00 a Loretta Young sip 2 30 you done to say 3 00 a the match game 3 25 a news 3 30 a make room for daddy 4 00 a cartoon magic a 5 00 a fractured f lick hrs 5 30 a Huntley Brinkley 6 00 a news 6 15 weather a we use a doll for a stand a shed after Midnight How much show a Friend that they were 11 45 she wanted for the work she harmless. Very warmest wishes Lloyd s electric Lloyd and Irene 1103 ave. . Phone 7-3512 scene. A when he a not working mat baby restrictions a Matt is an important part of the series now but he is talked about More than he is seen. Restrictions and limitations for working babies Are very strict. For instance he can be on camera Only 20 seconds Davs 1 can bring him in my s of. He stays in the dressing room and Between scenes i wheel him around the let showing him off to the people on other shows. He loves it. A read i he classifieds Western Auto or. Amp mrs. Ernie Landrum c Jins Mas warmth and c Holmas cheer a we extend to you this Lime of year. Bowers amp Black ins. Agency Louise Bowers Donald Black the guiding Light 12 00 a news report 12 10 a weather 12 20 a farm and ranch news 12 30 a As the world turns 1 00 a password 1 30 a House party 2 00 a to Tell the truth 2 25 a news 2 38 a Edge of night 3 00 a the secret storm 3 30 a the pioneers 4 00 a Freddie the fireman 5 00 a Superman 5 30 a news lbs 6 00 a electronic news 6 20 a weather 6 30 a Christmas special 7 00 red Skelton 8 00 a Petticoat Junction 8 30 a Christmas special 9 00 a Garry Moore show 10 to Jim Pratt news report 16 15 a weather 10 25 to ten editorial 10 30 a Christmas special 11 00 news 11 05 a 15-cent Flicker 6 30 a or. Novak 7 30 a Redigo 8 00 a Richard Boone show 9 30 a Bell Telephone hour 10 00 a window on the world 10 15 a weather 10 25 a sports 10 30 a Amarillo College choir 12 30 a sign off. F a fax to Channel 3 7 00 a today 7 25 a weather 7 30 a today 9 00 a say when o 26 news 9 30 a word for word 10 00 a concentration 10 30 a missing links 11 00 a first impressions 11 30 a truth or consequences 11 55�? news 12 00 a weather amp news 12 30 a Best of Groucho 1 00 people will talk Vii to Channel 7 8 30 a Jack la lame 9 00 a romper room 10 00 a the Price is right 10 30 a seven keys 11 00 a Tennessee Ernie Ford 11 30 a father knows Best 12 00 a general Hospital 12 30 a Charlie keys show 1 30 a Day in court 1 55 a Lisa Howard women a news 2 00 a Queen for a Day 2 30 a who do you Trust 3 00 a major Adams i 4 00 a Rifleman 4 30 a Zane Grey theatre 5 30 sea Hunt 5 30 a Texas news 5 40 a Bob Clark weather 5 45 a news 6 00 a leave it to Beaver 6 30 a combat 7 30 Mchaley a Navy it 8 00 a greatest show on Earth 9 00 a the fugitive 10 00 a Steve Allen 10 10 a k-7 news 10 20 a Steve Allen 10 30 a weather 10 35 Steve Allen 11 45 a Mahalia Jackson 12 00 a Christmas eve service a

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