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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 2

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Charleston, West Virginia The Charleston Gazette Way i is reinstated dental director resigns the weather or. Dyrald r Firine Coni Inuko f of Page 11 his rate of was per month. Guine expressed these three major concerns about opera Tion of the department in rela Tion to the dental division loss of staff meaning that the department has made no recruitment Effort to get pro Perly qualified people. Of funds. During the last 18 months it has t seemed to him that expenditures were bringing Good results in terms of program accomplishment. Nothing was demonstrated to me that would indicate we could sex saturday. May 1. Pet much in the initiation. Sis development and evaluation of mow sets forecasts dental Public health Active he said. Failure of the department 3 West to Send anyone to what he be _ Virginia lives was a very important biennial Confer Cence of the state and Terri ?r0 trial dental directors april 5 20-23 at Bethesda my. Specifically Why he returned to his old Job. Guine said Snow High Tempe rot for Doyle off saturday Honor society inducts 48 at Stonewall forty eight new members falters Patty Weleber. Jerry i _ i. J i Watt Hamric have been inducted into the weather is sex i Stonewall Jackson High school peeled today in this Region. Rain is expected to fall in the North Ern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest. A wire photo chapter of the National Honor Wilkinson and Frances Wyatt. New members from the Junior class include William Booth Hall Judy Hamrick. Patty Henner geor Gia Holmes Nancy Norman Kathryn Coster Roberta Shank soviet a Janet Caudill Paula Cook. I Marcia Vigneault Charlene from the senior class Are Ana Echols Ruth Mamie Young j Gerald Bailey Anita Blackwell. Blagg. Claudia car Iney. John Dougherty. Nancy j Fisher Bobby Fleshman Linda Gibson Janet Hollister. Ca Johnson Nancy j Claudia Krebs Linda Lawrence i j William Lanham Diane Jean Mccue Linda Terry Perrine Don Charlotte Richardson. Jean Rob Jinson Nancy Runyon Diane Scragg Jerry Shinn Robert Simpson Guy skeens Peggy i Sparks Patty Thome sue elsewhere fined for thefts Washington api weath a f m Reau report of High Andrj Low Lempesi 5 7 and Rair fam for selected Arras 5.j5 . Vax Irr pm temperature for 12-Nour or a a. Minimum temperature is Nour of cried. Vrecic tation for 2-i-Hdur period ending 7 pm. Atlantic 77 Al Baltimore 76 Flat rim Friday s Sam. Ii j . 5-i 2.m, 11 . . Guine was originally Dis he of he s missed because of alleged mis inf f use of a state car. Dyer s dental Public health and i Tion in firing the official later to investigate the work was upheld by the state civil no Opportunity to further con service commission. The we had but on april 13. The stale sued preme court unanimously re Guine said he had t talked versed the commission s Rul with Dyer since he returned to ing. About a week later he added however that state Board of health gave he had left word with Dyer s Guine his Job Back. Secretary that he Guine was in discussing his resignation available for discussions. Friday Guine said he did t in Dyer was reported out o tend for his comments to be a office when Guine delivered the Friday s winds 5. I r a Nosy s humid ties a extended or recast to Anc Cieve Lanc Dallas or. Little Rock Bacn mr.5 St. Paul 72 vion Somerv 6 Orleans Vorac Phoenix a. Sre o v sen Artonio i san Francisco san ju5" Seattle to 65 74 46 47 50 65 55 15 53 continued from 33. Of Washington a. J the men employed by the r. G. Johnson co. Of Washington pa., were compleat acting municipal judge John eng Zorij on a 577-foot air Charnock or. Friday sentenced a Jojart in the Lewellyn run two persons to 30 Days in jail area for Mountaineer Coil and fined six others on charges cos 9 Farmington mine. Of Filbert of Charles said a tremendous blast erupted inside the Shaft As the four victims stood on a scaffold at the 230-foot level 56 75 so 61 ?5 77 is 3 liberals Rake Peime pinching continued from Page l no longer in a position to guar personal attack on anyone letter of designation Anci re Ana of the s510 that could be done by divert serve i3w and asked if he would return to quest for Back Friday. His Post if there were a change i Guine said he had comm Iii i ton and Glen Boyd of Washington Street e. Were Given the jail sentences after enter i ing pleas of guilty to shop steel inserts in the lifting charges. Concrete Walls. Fined s27 on charges of shop Swarts. And another Man i lifting were Jess t. Robert Patterson. 28 of Waynes 12th Street Kenneth Burg. Pa., were working -11 Hurricane James horns Becky about 50 feet below the four. Chestnut Avenue. South Charles-1 Patterson said he and Swarts ton Edward butt Elkview escaped by climbing through Anna Ruth Dogan. Charleston. A Small door into an area and Joe Tanner Charleston j which traps water seepage in i to the Shaft. Authorities said the b 1 a s t occurred with such Force that several of the victims were blown completely out of the Shaft. State and Federal mine officials said an investigation would begin saturday to de red tinged j 113 11 Vici c v. W u1 ulc oo1u r i -11 Vav Uriu uce Iii Kaiui a y to of leadership in the with Dyer by wring m w my some of the billions now Johnson said the eyes of the t h t caused v a jul in a 1u being spent on National defense hemisphere Are on the Oas Dio Sjon cram a Nfn i to ii if r l it Alstn 4 lil. Of some of which is just develop and that the Wisdom states he said twice during the week. The sex cont Mue lne area if there were a proper change of memos evolve a of program that a u. T u change of conditions i Cal travel procedure and a de Vear " delude s175 Long fun Manship and ability to act he said the changed Condi a lined request for reimburse sus Idie t0 a halt tons would have to include ment of paid for Linen 0 ure my justies into de a change of leadership. On a trip taken in 1963. He said i decisively Are critical to the Ivill sen. Randolph who indicate Hopes of people in every landed he agreed with Clark of this he conclude quoted a former defense of Gre Marine Landing signal to world pressed press and s20 million for technical assistance studies final who said he roil it Fanay s hearing was devoted budget be Cut 25 per to uie Phouc works Section of endangering a the Dill. A the witnesses agreed 6 the and will that Public works Are a Good thing and we need More of them. Tonal Security Clark said Congress has a the United states will give its full support to the work of never depart from its commitment to the Gress Nas d preservati0n of the right of constitutional duty to bring the All free k of budget into balance with the for example. Sen. Randolph Ami Iran Nanle hemisphere t0 a. Needs of the american people. Own course without falling we need More pressure from t International conspire cited the need for pollution control facilities along the continued from 1 committees like a con. Down this warning we Are prepared to live As Good neighbors with All but we cannot be indifferent to acts designed to injure our in ried in belgian paratroopers Monongahela River. He said of fort he who Acy from any Clu Arter for a Restuc operation that i the president of a Barge linear left at brought out 1.650 citizens of 17 president told him the River continued rom Pfluf u nist state department officials said three dominican communist part ies had joined with other extreme leftists in the shooting and propaganda aimed at defeating the new military Junta. After an emergency ses Sion the Oas Council ordered Secretary general Jose a. Mora to Santo Domingo to Kingsport stereo console 179.00 4-Specd automatic record changer with Cushion turntable featuring be s exclusive new Man Diamond stylus. All Wood Cabinet has record storage. Radios to i i fifth floor and it s so easy with flexible credit terms and the Best service on appliances in Charleston not Only does the Diamond finance All purchases they Are properly installed. Different nations including 55 its rudders so badly that they i americans. Have to be replaced in eight i for this act the United states m o n t h s rudders last 20 doctors work to rpt Nimir citizens or our was widely denounced on the months in the Ohio ground that the Rescue opera Clark Gruening and Randolph t cell hic Estabr sements to Road. A com contributed to de. Lamented the passing 01 presi j we shall sex feat of the rebel forces in the Dent Kennedy s accelerated commended a respect we Snail sex Stanle Yvie area and strength lie works program which help be Money is needed at Adf Pul the m corrodes Domingo Adoard a . Effect f0rmer Amassa he commented. Tend it and we shall expect ened t he Congo government. De finance s73 million Worth of two weeks earlier in a news embassies were stoned projects in West Virginia alone. Last 11 years. Or. John plane. It is expected he will be joined there shortly by a five member Oas Mission. Its earlier announce ment of a cease fire formula. The Oas said it was Contin gent on two conditions guarantee of the life of Schmerge of Cincinnati has Aji participants regardless of 1 r affiliations with the guarantee to apply equally to prisoners i lie . Aii conference summing up the or defaced in Moscow or Many it was one of the most sue 44 trips a year 1964, with its Library other capitals and in Cairo a Cess Ful programs to combat uned More than burnings embassy stoning mob outed a Usia employment in Pennsylvania s Lunic and those who have taken any and other foreign affronts to United states and across the com at or tuft a Nooi. The United states. Secretary of protested All these incidents rented sen. Clark who describe guest state Dean Rusk said that and when a later demonstration de u. S. Unemployment As an such incidents inevitably arose at the Ems in mos. In a demo owner of the cerebral Daisy damage relations Between the cow government so cratic affluent society. Parents Touncie. Mrs. Rank j. _ United states and the other far respected the protest As to he said the National Unzem country involved. Provide enough police and Mil ploy ment rate is still a accept Lum. Of an Oas committee to arbitrate the struggle. Ador John Bartlow Martin arrived at the san Isidro air base to take up what he called a private peace making role. Asked for action by Secretary general u Thant at . Headquarters in new York to prevent what it called j moves toward total . Mili tary occupation of the Domini can Republic. The Castro re i Gime said it feels that i military occupation which is i being prepared cannot by i ignored by the Security coun cil of the United nations or 1 by its general Model Dwosh Frigidaire dish Mobil the Frigidaire Dis Mobile holds a Day s dishes for the average family of 5. It sanitizes the dishes in germ killing temperatures. May be built in or free stand ing to Roll where you wont it has chop Ping Block top. Major appliances Fiffi floor special Purchase 188.90 Limacher. President of the Council thanked him for his dedication. I would just i to in Itaev strength to crack Down on Able although it has dropped a f n t Vith a 8roup of red chinese students below 5 per cent. Clark pointed Point out Rusk said with contributed to pm battering out that a 3 per cent rate would Veo to general gets his usual care to understate Dati Between Russia be As much a employ c f the Case that we shall be red ment As exists in roast Western speedy confirmation sensitive on these matters. European countries. Washington p Benjamin there were already Evi and our unemployment Fig-0. Davis or. Became the highest Dences of such sensitivities and Worsen my Reia d a than West ranking negro military officer in of some frus ration at the Nabil Virginia and Pennsylvania who . Eltory Friday As the Senate Ity of the United states to in the and issues led 5 j de take what it proclaims As a humanitarian action without having much of the world be Lieve communist charges of sin Istir political purposes. Similarly where the purposes Are political As in the War in Viet Nam the United states has a v speech by presided Are either underemployed or gave speedy confirmation for his Thoi to Nave ceased looking for jobs be promotion to lieutenant general in Liioi Ric to r i to t i i a cause Thev cant find them he the air Force. A Reg help to the in another of the observed. President Johnson recently an Clark suggested one Way bounced that he was promoting in of Section of hard time seizing its assertion Fram the administration also that it is defending a free re used to consider an try against red aggression request for a new cause so Many people seem million Worth of Aid Pri accept the Community charge of . Imperialism. In the vietnamese War John such experiences cause deep son ordered Only one Strong re annoyance among . Leaders Tali Atory action in 1964, bomb even More importantly the at ing it boat bases in North Viet tacks on american citizens and Nam because of an attack on embassies like the . Destroyers. When the elec fight itself raise serious Campaign was Over and the to american prestige. President s Victory secure he it was last november that still sought ways to avoid is the pattern of Johnson s touch valation of the fighting. Pragmatic approach began a new decision was forced last develop clearly. At that time Febi 7 when the communist the Congo was falling toward Viet Cong launched an attack chaos and hundreds of Traer on l s. Facilities at Plesku. John scans and europeans were son started retaliatory air trapped in a territory held by strikes and now to be pro communist rebels partic committed to whatever Escala ulary in Stanleyville. On nov. Tion May be necess3ry to de 5s 1i.s. Air Farr a lands for fend South Jet Nam j to finance needed Public facile Davis. A major general and give i i r ties which would create jobs i ing him an important assignment 25 . Air Force planes Fer police Coit Ifie murder probe la Hun Titington Huntington a police reported no Progress Friday in the search for the Kier of mrs. Dorothy Christian. 32-year-old woman. D for fee us switchboard operator a United in in world and his Gas co. Was found dead that countries whih Bene. Her car thursday morning. An il6from us Protection or eco. Autopsy showed death assistance ought at least caused by s Range latin. Show some for Cap. Earl Duff acting chief Las m with of detectives assigned six two Man detective teams to the in when rising criticisms of . Policy found expression in Pakistan and India John son decided to postpone the scheduled visit Here of pakis Tan president Ayub Khan. By Way of balance he also stalled off the trip of Indian prime minister Shastri. Both men were reported an Ingry. But they and perhaps other world leaders had at least new evidence of Johnson s concern vesti Gatipon. The victim s clothing has to the Fri Laboratory in Washington for analysis. Revival scheduled a revival service conducted by evangelist j. E. Budd Legg will Start at 7 . Sunday at Elk Valley Advent Christian William Anderson 5, was re leased from Charleston general Hospital Friday evening after being treated for bruises. The boy was struck by a car about 7 . At Van s super Market on seventh Avenue. He is the son of or. And mrs. Boyd Church on Elk River Road. Anderson 2404 sixth Avenue. Saturday a. M. What a dress scoop for you repeating previous sellout All new dresses another 300 of summer s smartest dresses at one wonderful Low Price 9 off times arg in Tamly or dam aged looks Are not affected values to fabulous values famous makers take one take two. Take advantage of this Beautiful Opportunity to scoop a summer full of fashion sizes 5 to 15 8 to 18 in this group in Dacron poly str Avron fort Ell Sinh a and whipped Cream. Saturday 1 . Of course a Oberlan s on in All electric building award Zackie s restaurant chooses electricity for Comfort efficiency Zackis s restaurant Whiteville is another on the growing list of modern businesses choosing electricity or cog by wire to do jobs belter. Here wintertime Comfort of patrons is assured by electric resistance heating the clean Safe trouble free Way to provide indoor warmth. The Kitchen is blameless too adding Speed and savor to the preparation of food and providing exclusive operating economies for management. All of the electrical features of Zackie s Combine to earn the coveted All electric building award a prestige presentation by appalachian Only to businesses meeting the highest standards for Comfort and efficiency through total electric operation. Power company i

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