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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Charleston, West Virginia City scene tiny Grey mouse shivering in puddle on Street curb. The Charleston Gazette the state Nevis paper Charleston West Virginia saturday morning May 1, 1965 22 sections cents forecast mostly sunny. High 78-34.-Page 2. Marine Landing signal to world mortar camouflage is put in place by u. S. Marines to guard against Aerial attackers while consolidating their position near Santo Domingo dominican Republic. A wire photo conditions unimproved reinstated dental director resigns by John g. Morgan staff writer or. Gerald r. Guin the dentist who went to the sup reme court to win his state Job Back voluntarily resigned from it Friday. After Only a week of full reinstatement in his old position Guine submitted his resignation to state health director n. H. Dyer effective today. Guine who had returned As director of the state health department s division of Den Tal health said in a letter delivered to Dyer s office Fri Day find that work relationships Between the department director and the division of dental health has in no Way improved Over that existing during my previous he added that the prevail ing atmosphere within the department is such As not to be conducive to the conduct ing of a sound and progressive Public dental health pro he said he Felt his services could be More productively expended elsewhere and in a climate More congenial to sunday final hours of the War in Europe Twenty years ago peace broke Over Europe the continent s bloodiest War was Over. From England to the Steppes of Russia the Lucky ones celebrated each in his own Way and thought of the comrades who had t made it. The Story of How it was on the Battlefield on that historic May 7, 1945, is told sunday on the cur rent affairs Page. One of the poorest coun ties in the nation is Hardy county in West Virginia. Now president John son s poverty program is coming to Hardy county and for a look at what will be done read the Story sunday on the Page opposite. Sunday in the state Magazine Section a Rose and a Mountaineer the pulse of russian Medicine Ballet with Blades All this and More Sun div in the the functioning of a vital and productive health continuing in his letter of resignation Guine said it is with regret on my part that i feel compelled to take this action but i believe that in View of prevailing conditions within the depart ment the Best interests of All parties would be served there Dyer was reported to be out of town and not available for comment. Guine said he plans to seek re employment As assistant professor in the University of Pittsburgh school of dentistry. This is the Post he quit about a week ago to become Reinst ated in the state Job Here. He stressed that he returned to the state Post in full Abel ruled Steelworker Union chief Pittsburgh i i i. W. Abel was declared Winner of the United steelworkers bit Ter presidential election Fri Day. But Defeated incumbent David j. Mcdonald vowed to contest the result to the full est i cannot abandon my responsibilities to the United steel workers of Mcdonald told a news con Fer e n c e shortly after the Union s three International Tell ers declared Abel Winner by votes. The election was feb. 9. Abel gnarled 56-year-old Veteran of Early Steelworker organizing who has been the Union s no. 2 Man since Mcdonald took office in 1952, brushed aside Mcdonald s prospects of overturning the elec Tion and declared in a Victory speech we have demonstrated admirably up to this Point that the steelworkers Are he indicated that his immediate goal would be to get Back to bargaining Over a new contract with Basic steel May 18. The task of negotiating and completing agreements with the steel Industry is among the immediate Chal Lenges we face he said. The Union s top office pays a year. Mcdonald will be eligible for a a year pension. Mcdonald said he would pro test the election to the Union executive Board which is expected to give him a hearing within three weeks. He said the Board is empowered to order a new vote in locals where irregularities Are found. Good Faith with the intention of remaining if conditions were improved. Guine emphasized further that he also did t return simply to pick up his Back pay he said however that his attorney submitted a formal request Friday for the Back pay to Dyer and the state Board of health. The resigning official said his claim for loss of p a y covers the period of oct. 16, 1963, the Date he was Dis missed by Dyer until last monday the Day he returned to work. He did t mention a specific sum but noted that please turn to Page 2 col. 1 new coach of West Vir Ginia University basketball is Raymond Bucky Waters named Friday to the position. Vacated by George King. Waters was an assistant coach at Duke University. Stories on Page 10. A wire photo by John m. Hightower Washington up with the dispatch of u. S. Marines to the dominican Republic reversing a generation of lat in american policy president Johnson May finally be get Ting his Point across to the rest of the world the United states is fed up with having its citizens threatened its embassies attacked its interests violated either by Lawless mobs or hostile foreign governments. More significantly but less obviously the Johnson administration also seems entirely ready now to run some Long risks for major policy Pur such As it has undertaken to try to Stop the communist Conquest of Viet Nam and to nip at the outset a possible pro Castro attempt to make the dominican re Public a second Cuba. U. S. Officials Hope that the import of sterner moves that the Johnson administration s applying to foreign relations will not be lost particularly on cuban prime minister Fidel Castro and on the leaders of red China. These officials feel the major potential for future troublemaking lies in peking and Havana but that if the policymakers in both those communist capitals understand the hardening sense of determination in Washington they May proceed More cautiously. Administration officials do not deny there has been a toughening of the u. S. Response to foreign challenges or dangers. They do indignantly reject any suggestions that United states is returning to the Era of gunboat diplomacy which ended 30 years ago in Franklin d. Roosevelt s inauguration of the Good neighbor policy. It stands As a fact nevertheless that . Marines which went into Haiti in 1915 and the dominican Republic in 1916 following periods of political violence had not marched into latin America in half a Century. Now they have been followed by army troops. Yet Johnson was faced with the Choice of using Force As he saw the situation Early this week or possibly allow ing hundreds of americans to die. Possibly also allowing a nation reduced to anarchy to be taken Over by a Castro communist. The broader significance of the president s action in this crisis results from the fact that it is the latest in a series of Tough policy decisions at the White House in the last six months. These were not a proclaimed. In his state of the Union message Jan. 4, Johnson took note of attacks on . Posi tons citizens and installations around the world and Laid please turn to Page 2 col. 1 Castro influence hinted red tinged rebels resisting dominican revolt cease fire by Lewis Gulick John son announced Friday night achievement of a cease fire agreement in the revolt racked Domi Nican Republic but said this agreement is not now being fully respected an apparent Allu Sion to communist influence in the rebel Camp. He said gravely there Are significant signs that people trained outside the dominican Republic Are seeking to gain control Over the rebel move speaking to the nation in a swiftly arranged radio television broadcast the president did not identify these people but it seemed an obvious reference to communists presumably trained in Castro Cuba. Johnson spoke a few hours after the organization of Amer ican states Oas had announced a formula for a cease fire in the bloody six Day struggle had been reached by the papal Nuncio in Santo Domingo Emmanuel Clarico. The Oas announcement indicated there were conditions to be met to make the truce effective. But the president apparently speaking on later information went further than this saying by an outstanding Effort of mediation the papal Nuncio has achieved agreement on a cease fire which i have urged on All those concerned since last saturday but this agree ment is not now being fully Johnson confirmed an Earl Ier Oas announcement that the Oas Secretary general Jose a. Mora is going immediately to Santo Domingo to help the Effort to end fighting and restore constitutional govern ment. The president said that in the last 24 hours violence and disorder have increased in Santo Domingo. And he said maintenance of the cease fire formula is essential to the Hopes of All for peace and free Dom in the dominican re after referring to outside influence Johnson continued thus the legitimate aspirations of the dominican people and most of their leaders for Progress democracy and soc Ial Justice Are being threatened and so Are the principles of the inter american the president said the Oas has a grave and immediate responsibility to Send representatives to the dominican Republic just As soon As possible to strengthen the cease fire and help Clear a Road to the return of constitutional process and free elec he said loss of time May mean that it is too late to preserve the Freedom which alone can Lead to the establishment of True the chief executive announced that american troops Dis patched to the dominican re Public have helped evacuate More than americans and other nationalists. Defending his action wednesday night in dispatching these forces Johnson said we Cook this step when and Only when we were of finally notified by police and military officials of the dominican Republic that they were please turn to Page 2 col. 5 standing guard u. S. Marines Man a machine gun near the Al Emba Jador hotel in Santo Domingo capital of the dominican Republic. More than 600 american citizens and others await evacuation from the revolt torn area. A wire photo dominicans kill two marines wound others in safety zone Viet Council faces disbanding in week from wire dispatches Saigon South Viet Nam the armed forces Council which has been the unifying Force in vietnamese politics during the last six months faces disbanding next week. The members decision Over whether to retain the Council will affect the future role of the government of Premier Phan Huy Quat and could unsettle the delicate balances within the vietnamese Mili tary and Cabinet. United states officials have frequently mentioned their gratification at the political stability in Saigon during the tvo months of regular air strikes against North Viet Nam. Meanwhile striking trough a hazy sky . Navy planes rained bombs and rockets on i two major North vietnamese military depots Friday. Spokes men said both were smashed with secondary explosions in one Case adding to the toll. Targets were the Thien Linh Dong army Supply depot 75 Miles South of Hanoi and the Phu qui ammunition de pot 45 Miles farther South. Spokesmen said ground fire was Light and All planes returned. South of Saigon a . Supported vietnamese drive against the Viet Cong in the swamps of Kien Hoa province was reported to have turned up a Large arms Cache including a ton of High explosives. Troops counted about 600 Wea Pons including some Bolt action american Springfield rifles. Santo Domingo Domini can Republic sniper fire killed two . Marines and wounded other american troops Friday As combined . And dominican forces advanced Block by Block through heavy irregular opposition to set up an International safety by Nightfall leftist rebels seeking the return of exile sex president Juan d. Bosch still held More than half of this old Spanish colonial capital. The . Forces suffered their first casualties since they be Gan Landing Here wednesday. These came after they joined with regular dominican troops in launching a two pronged movement into the downtown area from East and West. The action brought . Servicemen in combat together for the first time with troops of Brig. Gen. Elias Wessin y Wes sin commander of the newly in stalled military Junta. A Marine column of tanks and amphibious vehicles came under heavy fire As it pushed off from the Seaside Al Emba Jador hotel at the Western end of the City to carve out a zone designated inside today amusements 16 comic Page 14 crossword Puzzle. 14 editorials columns 6, 7 Gazette want ads 17-21 Market reports 8 obituary funerals 4 religion 9 sports pages.10, 11 television 15 women s activities 22 earlier in the Day by the organization of american states As a Haven for refugees from the fighting. Another clash occurred As newly arrived paratroopers of the . 82nd airborne Divi Sion joined Wessin s men at the strategic Duarte Bridge Over the Ozama River at the Eastern end of the City. The Span is the Only direct link with Wessin s head quarters at san Isidro air base 20 Miles away and the River s Eastern Bank in Santo Domingo. Because the ragtag army of armed civilians and rebel sol Diers dominated much of Santo Domingo s historic downtown sector helicopters provided the Only Supply line Between the . Embassy and the san Isidro base. The . Military com Mand has been set up in the embassy. The two dead marines fell to sniper s bullets. At least four other leathernecks were wounded. An unknown number of Para troopers were injured in heavy firing at the Duarte Bridge. During the Day the rebels captured Ozama fortress an old Spanish battlement about a mile from the Bridge. The fortress had been held by about National policemen Loyal to Wessin but they col lapsed under heavy barrage. It was not known How Many were killed there. Since the Start of the civil strife last weekend As Many As persons May have died. Most of the american wounded were Takon aboard the car Rier Boxer in Santo Domingo Harbor. In Washington a Pentagon spokesman said they obviously were seriously enough wounded to require them to be in other developments of state Dean Rusk told newsmen after con Ferring with the president at the White House that the dominican rebellion May have some aspects of a comm please turn to Page 2 col. 6 3 liberals Rake Penny pinching by Harry Ernst Gazette Washington Bureau Washington Liberal democrats complained Friday that the great society is pinching pennies on Public facilities and urged their congressional colleagues to put a Stop to it. Sen. Jennings Randolph do. Va., said he will offer an amendment that would authorize million to help finance Public facilities in de pressed areas instead of the million requested by president Johnson. The country would re Joice if you would double this commented sen. Joseph s. Clark d-pa., who said a much larger pub Lic works program is needed to combat unemployment and to cure the chronic obsolescence that plagues our pub Lic i would like to see it raised to observed sen. Ernest Gruening Dalaska. Then we could really fight this War on poverty effective their ode to Public works was presented at a hearing on president Johnson s Public works and economic develop ment Bill before the Senate Public works committee. The Bill would authorize million annually to help depressed areas obtain Public facilities that would con tribute to their economic growth. The Federal share of the Matching Grants would Range from 50 to 80 per cent please turn to Page 2 col. 3 Flat run mine blast fatal to 4 Mannington w i a a violent explosion in a Coal mine air Shaft about three Miles Northwest of this North Ern West Virginia Community Friday night killed four per sons and injured another. The dead were identified As Chester Heldreth 31, of Flat run Marion county Glen Curfman 36, of Spraggs a. Robert Digman 33, and Don Ald Nickel 33, both of Man . Mine officials listed the injured Man As Harold Swarts please turn to Page col. 6

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