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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 2

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Charleston, West Virginia 4 the Yuri Eaton Caa Eue a reporter cobs to Church witnesses see doomsday by 1975 by Jau ones a Haught in in 1914 an Estat wow be the seventh stif writer signalled the last generation of Shea god rests or the Post Jehovah s witnesses Are fairly Mankind. Armageddon Mil Naium of certain that the world is going to reason they re sure peace and Tranquility. End of Tibia the next eight years. Christ assumed the heavenly it won t end fur them however throne in 1914 is because world you May have read whew this English Arche logical expedition is Busy digging digging digging Over in Cornwall on the spot they think King Arthur s Camelot stood. So they have found evidence of Norman Saxon celtic and roman fortifications and they think King Arthur s was the celtic contribution. Well much As i am a proponent of science and i have often been known to say when there was a Lull in the conversation i Hope they Don t find Camelot. If they Don t find it that does t mean it did t exist. You looked in the wrong the seekers after truth can always be told. Go take your shovels and dig some where else. Over by that Hill looks like a Nice but if they do find it and pin it Down that this was Camelot this right Here was where it stood then that s the end for the dreamers. Because they Are going to measure it off and do reconstructions based on knowledge of celtic building materials and subject it to All sorts of investigations and then they Are going to announce proudly that Camelot was t very much after All. It was this High they Are going to Tell us and this Long and it had so Many towers and the dining Hall measured so Many feet and so Many inches and there was no indoor plumbing. And Arthur was t a King at All but some sort of celtic Battle chief and there never was a round table and Lancelot is a Fig ment of somebody s imagination and Merlin was a dirty old Man with a Long White Beard who of course had no magic Powers at All. Only Lor people who Aren t Jebo Van s witnesses. The . Move ment they Don t Call it a religion j is built around a belief that the Ong awaited humanity destroying Battle of armageddon is imminent. It will happen this Way righteousness composed War i broke out then and sub sequent events have seemed to i fit Bible prophecies of the last a National j. W. Leader explained the beginning of the end for satan came when Christ took Power in heaven As King. This happened in 1914. Christ s first act was casting satan out of heaven and this was followed by great troubles on Earth. This will be climaxed in god s Battle armageddon the Complete de the Charleston Leader said he is fairly certain that armageddon will happen be fore ims i d prefer to say that it could that s fee Peegea item waber i taif we the Ark Days before Alfeus by started to Raie Yoa say feat part of toe Ian by of Max Tiri is a the Owr Wking Tor the rest to come the Way our ii Tamul vice Pes will know it s from the hand meat puts Jehovah it will be the greatest de he said the Only humans Striction Mankind has Ever who will survive armageddon Buksi commented. The Are those who belong to be dead won t be in millions Bat Hovah s protective organization in billions. The Battle will come apparently meaning the be with such Force far greater than Hovah s witnesses. Nuclear weapons that everyone Buksi admitted that the wit a Christ will Lead the army of Striction of the Devil and his system of things his world. This Host of heaven the holy angers a the vindication of Jehovah s and completely annihilate the name the beginning of the army of satan. The righteous of Earth will watch this struggle but won t participate. A righteous remnant will be left to Rule the Earth under Christ the King of the great theocracy. The righteous will be resurrected to reign with Lim but the wicked won t be resurrected. The righteous shall reign for a thousand years after which satan will Rise again and be finally and completely destroyed. Housand year reign of Christ. Then All that breathe will Praise Jehovah. Christ now is in his second presence. He will always remain invisible to humans bul his presence is proved by work events since 1914. Buksi a hefty Man who Miles a lot produced a com plex Chart showing that the the site of Camelot will be added to Tours of that part of England and it will Cost you shilling or a half Crown to wander around a pile of stones while guide gives you the dimensions of the main Hall and tells you not to touch anything. Earth an Atlantis. We want to believe in splendor and magic and Beauty that there were dragons and knights to fight them and Maidens to be rescued that someday a Tornado will lift up our House and Dep Osit us in the land of the munchkins that on Christmas eve after everyone finally does go to bed there is a Patter of hooves on the roof and unseen a fat Little Man in a red suit does appear in our living rooms. We want to believe it. We Don to of course of our mind there remains a Small voice that says occasionally but maybe after All who knows. Even the memory of the Devil Early autumn of 1975 will Mark will be gone and the righteous will exactly years since god ule forever after in peace and created Adam and eve. Count it is i think much better for All of us if we just Don t find Camelot. It is much better to reconstruct it in the imagination limitless magnificent airy with Long colourful pennants flying from its great towers and drawbridge and portcullis is peopled with tall handsome knights and fair Beautiful Maidens All led by a stately kingly figure with a Long White Beard and a be jewelled Golden Crown. Camelot belongs to the fairy stories which secretly we All want to believe. We want to believe there was a Camelot an of a Santa Claus a Middle finding Camelot would just muffle the Small voice a Little More. U would erase another dream Cut an additional bit of imagination. The realist the scientist says what s wrong with and the dreamer replies of nothing really i in pose except a . And the laughter s not and life s a bit nonproliferation pact seen by fall blessedness about 100 members of the Charleston j. W. Congregation went to Pittsburgh last week end for a District Assembly of witnesses in Forbes Field. After returning the Leader of the Charleston congregation Mike l. Buksi talked about the Pittsburgh trip. He said the year i975 was stressed during lec ures and it could very Well be that armageddon will Hap pen before then. Previously witnesses have often declared that armageddon will come before the year 2000. The reason they say is hat Christ took Power in heaving each years As a then the period from 1975 to Are you a sri Grade Reader a noted publisher in Chicago reports there is a simple tech Nique of rapid Reading which should enable you to double your Reading Speed and yet re lain much More. Most people to not realize How much they could increase their pleasure Success and income by Reading taster and More accurately. According to this publisher anyone regardless of his pres ent Reading skill can use this simple technique to improve his Reading ability to a remark Able degree. Whether Reading stories books technical matter it becomes possible to read sentences at a glance and entire pages in seconds with this method. To acquaint the readers of this newspaper with stampeding hindu pilgrims kill 17, Hurt 10 Madras India w about pilgrims waiting to pass by a religious statue in a year old hindu Temple surged in to a Stampede saturday. Seven teen were killed and 10 were seriously injured. People to front were trampled by those breaking through from to follow rules for developing the Back of the lines waiting to waiting see the statue of the lord Venkateswara presiding deity of the Temple of Tirupathi in and Era state s Chittoor District. As a solemn religious Obliga Tion hindu pilgrims offer hairs from their head Ach year to the eight foot Sta be. Geneva iffy a. S. Disarm negotiator advised the u. Sment negotiator William c. Fos delegation that the soviet Union Ter said sunday he believes a Complete treaty to halt the spread of nuclear weapons May be placed before the u. N. Gen eral Assembly this fall. Was prepared to go ahead with a Compromise on the control is sue. It was the first sign o movement in the talks since the Oviet attitude froze following Foster returned to Geneva the outbreak of the Middle was from Washington following word War. From Moscow that the russians now Are willing to go ahead with final negotiations for a treaty draft in the 17-nation disarmament conference. Foster discussed the treaty with president Johnson in Washington Friday. The presi Dent was most heartened by the possibility that we May very soon be Able to table a draft Foster said. Asked whether he thought i Complete draft treaty including the Long disputed safeguard pc visions would be placed be fore the general Assembly Thi fall Foster replied i certain believe Foster flew washing ton wednesday following a Ion deadlock on the control and in spec lion provision posed treaty. Of the or Pany has printed full details of its interesting self training method in a new Booklet How to read faster and retain mailed free. No Obliga Tion. Simply enclose a dime to cover postage and handling. Send your name address and zip code to Reading 835 diver Chicago 111. Adv. Sey dept. 469-718, g0614. Open mom. And Fri. Days til 5.00 closed sunday 346-0911 sex. 289 207 the Compromise would per Mit the treaty draft to be presented at without prior detailed agreement on the control Issue. The United states has suggested that the Mem Bers of the european common Market be required to submit to no International controls other than by their own atomic Energy organization Euratom during a transition period of three years. After this period the Vienna based International atomic Energy Agency to which the soviet Union and All other world Powers except red China belong would progressively take Over the control responsibility. The next meeting of the Otis armament conference is Sachet within hours of his departure Alexei a. Voshchin the soviet next week. Used tuesday but the treat draft is not expected to b ready before thursday or Earl Grey take it or leave it beautifully with Clairol Jor Silvery Glamour silk hair color lotion polishes Grey hair to a healthy shimmering Shine and banishes that problem Goren on Bridge i w tit claw trim nil weekly Bridge quiz q. Las South vulnerable you hold aj1043 9k98 oa97 your partner opens with one Spade. Is your response q. 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