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Charleston Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Charleston, West Virginia Lite Gartte 15 republicans in House urge reappraisal of nato by Benjamin Wales number All Bat entrenched attributes and pro pm a Ete York times service Blind to the alarming evidence Yective of a the familiar nato terrain 3 Washington fifteen of decay that no amount of republicans urged the official curing can As a first step the rep Bucan Tion but West administration sunday to make by 1969, they noted allies panel proposed a renew of the behind Oregon whose a Basic reappraisal of its policy May withdraw from the Alliance current nato situation to de a on annual budget doubles North Atlantic bunder article 13, although it is veto a More realistic and 1 ii 4.u.1.j ctn in unit Yote probe toward the treaty organization. ,____._.3, although at present in a bluntly worded added that any member the House Republican commit even France would exer tee on Western alliances head else this option. Nonetheless de by rep. Paul Findley of Illi Nois accused the administration of a paucity of official thought and action on the Situa come for a planned and coordinated inter Allied review to tips brought to a head by the Nalo chiefs of state to approve withdrawal of the French gov eminent last year from nato s be mowed by a meeting of Ner that meets their interests integrated military Structure. Without a thorough study of the Atlantic Alliance s responsibilities and relationships they charged the nato crises will accelerate with the 15 meaningful policy toward nato and Western Europe. The european allies should be encouraged to come Forward collect hey went on the time has Lively with proposals for improving Allied diplomacy and or recasting nato in a Man Ami announce the results. Judging from the record what discussion has evolved within the executive the group asserted is largely piecemeal unevenly responsive to annoying manifestations of nato discord subservient to and concerns it declared. To activate Europe s initiative and to Correct the present imbalance in nato brought Kaufman said. On tax Reform the people s Congress asked each Community action program to appoint a representative to a county tax re form committee to work with other counties for the purpose of developing a statewide tax Reform movement. Joe Spry of Dingess Mingo county said at the sunday As Sembly that Adco workers in his show High monday the weather White weds negro in deep South rite Lafayette la. I in what is believed to be the first interracial marriage performed in the deep South Carol Ann Prejean a negro and John that the state Law prohibiting marriage Between negroes and Whites is unconstitutional. Putnam said he had no other Choice in View of the recent u. S. Supreme court ruling Zippert White exchanged wed u. S. Supreme court ruling Ding vows sunday in an old knocking out a similar state Law White Frame Catholic Church. In Virginia. The Church was jammed and the Rev. Robert j. Prah ski onlookers crowded the sidewalks assistant pastor of the Church nirl Vir hurl inn in a Linolfi outside. More than Coo persons most of them negro attended the hour Long ceremony and mass at St. Paul s Catholic Church in a predominantly negro Tion of the City. Others numbering about 150, stood outside. Some waited on a service station lot on the opposite Corner while the Cere Mony was going on inside. Zippert 21, and his wife 23, smiled and kissed As they emerged from the Church. The group crowded around and congratulated them and then the Bride and Groom took off for a huge reception in school cafeteria. Said he had known the couple about a year. The assistant pastor who is White added their Basic attitude about the marriage is that they re modern people in a modern the Bride dressed in a White wedding gown personally pacification chief taken from Post Abou a nearby the future of South Vietnam s vital Rural pacification program and of its Boss maj. Gen. Nguyen due thang were raised Sun predominance the gop group urged that nato strategy coun cil should be created to give the european allies a genuine role in determining at lactic defense policy and particularly nuclear deterrence. The present Mcnamara com Mittee in nato it claimed serves Only to make the europeans conversant in nuclear affairs. 15-member Atlantic Council should be revitalized to act As the principal instrument for Allied political to resolve Alli Ance problems to consult on crises both within and without the nato sphere and to de Termine strategy proposed by the strategy Council should be authorized to seek inter Allied agreements on East West Trade on disarmament on German reunification and Cen trial european Security on Aid to underdeveloped countries and on other common issues. Timber and building houses for _ state Road commission supervisor. Cool is espied West same to Day so this area. Light Rasa is predicted Aloag the North and mid at Lanatie coast with showers due a Florida and the Southwest. A wire photo monday aug. 14, 1h7 . Sunny and 0 to forecasts Charleston mostly sunny and Kentucky Clear to partly Cloudy with slowly rising temperatures. Highs my ally pleasant. High near 80. Low monday night near 55. 75 to 12 except about 70 in the Highlands. Virginia some cloudiness on the coast mostly sunny in the Interior highest in the 70s and Low is. Ohio sunny and Oday. High to to 85. A Little warmer Here and elsewhere Western Pennsylvania mostly a Little warmer. Highs 77 Washington Waimir Tulyn Imp v Reau report at High and Low temperatures and rainfall sunday Lor selected maximum temperature Lor 12-Nour period minimum temperatures for i hour period precipitation Lor 21-hour period ending 7 . Asheville Atlanta. Charleston . Charlotte 74 to 82. Sunday s temperatures 5 . 51 3 . 7 . 52 5 . . 54 7 . The Resolution on Adco presented by Lee Roy Underwood of Mercer county demanded that Adco workers be employed in their individual communities on the basis of Community needs. The Resolution also asked for better teaching and better materials in adult education classes sponsored by the state welfare department for participation in ii . 46 9 1 . 73 11 . 5 sunday s humid ties 5 . 100 11 . 7 5p.m. 3 sunday s winds highest 10 . From be at 4 . To baud site at Roanoke j Roanoke a. A the Kroger co. Will build a Square foot meat distribution facility at its Roanoke division distribution Center and Ware House West of Salem. The Center serves stores a Virginia West Virginia Tennes see and North Carolina. Fifty employees will be required to operate the refrigeration Center and More May be needed later to said Paxton c. Judge who re tired saturday As Roger s Roa division vice president. 78 Chattanooga Chicago 73 can Connall Cleveland Atlanta declares War on clubs open sunday Atlanta a. I week agn Atlanta night club operators had to Cork liquor hot Uepa Mem Lor Papuciu Aulii social Security and workmen s ties at the stroke of mid Mph saturday. Now the dancers can t dance and the strippers can t Peel when sunday comes. Dazed fun seekers and irate club owners Are wondering what the next step will be in this City suddenly gone Chaste after under present policies the nato Council of permanent representatives can debate but can take no initiatives in foreign policy not specifically allocated o newsman from the Day after thang was transferred to a relatively powerless Post in the military bureaucrat barred a wedding. His Bride met while they were working in an Antipoverty program in St. Lan dry Parish it s not a crusade at said the Rev. Albert Mcknight the negro priest who performed the ceremony. It s just that two individuals fell in love that s All and they just happened to have an the obstacle was swept away last wednesday when a. S. Dist. A dec Richard Putnam ruled at of Consas five killed Conn Nuen from Page 1 happened about 1 . Sun Day. In addition to Dotson three other Young men and a girl were taken by Webster ambulance service to Webster memorial Hospital at webs Ter Springs. Only one youth Jerry Gillis about 17, of Grassy Creek was Hurt seriously enough to be admitted to the Hospital. By. Thang has won the Admira Tion of Many american officials Here for vigorous ant seemingly incorruptible leadership of the Campaign to win the allegiance of the Viet namese peasants now the sni gon government s most important anti communist function. At least one senior u. S. Offi Cial has expressed the opinion that the program would col lapse without thang. Premier Nguyen Cao by announced saturday that thang had been appointed armed forces chief of staff nominally he no. 2 spot in the military Hierarchy. A successor in the revolutionary development pacification ministry was not named. Reliable sources said by directed thang to clean up the corruption in the vietnamese military and promised him ree hand and full support of Al generals and commanding Lotfi it by the member govern ments. Other reforms urged by the Republican members included a revision of nato targets quotas and Force Levels presently out Moded or efforts to harmonize National defense pol cies and defense budgets plus More equitable distribution of nato command positions including the appointment of a european As supreme commander in Europe. Compensation programs and for work that will deserve the re Spect of the the body asked president John son and Congress to maintain the office of economic Opportunity As a separate and Independent Agency in the War on poverty. If other Federal agencies Hac been doing a Good Job for the poor in the past there never would have been any need for the group said. They moved to make the people s Congress a permanent organization to Deal with social Community and economic prob. Lems through Community action programs. Antipoverty organizations sponsored the meeting the first of its kind in the state with the co operation of appalachian Volun leers. The conference registered 571 representatives most of them from the grassroots. Representatives received four meals and a night s lodging at Concord col lege for a person. Many years of swinging unti 2 a. M. On sundays. The latest development in an undeclared War on Sun Day morning night club operations came this weekend when police said the Fly would enforce an old Blue Law Dat ing Back to the jazz age. The Law passed in 1925, says dancing in any Public place state patrolmen raided some is nightspots a week ago to enforce the no liquor Laws. The sans Souci also protested this action and troopers confiscated the club s liquor sup plies. Maddox was not available for comment sunday. The governor s mansion was picketed saturday by entertain ers barmaids and waitresses from an Atlanta strip spot the Niter club in protest of the Sabbath liquor Law. Maddox was not at Home but proprietress Evelyn sessions and her employees carried signs which said please Don t take Ood from my and Les Columbus alias Detroit Ansas City Noxville 80 03 Angeles "2 Ouis Volle w Beach Milwaukee 77 Wols. St. Paul n Montreal n Nashville new Orleans new York Pittsburgh is. Louis it. Pete Tampa ii san Antonio san Francisco w san Juan Washington 51 61 u 41 so 57 54 47 48 62 60 s3 71 53 51 55 52 52 73 65 54 m 72 62 53 76 66 Lamb and Antelope hot dogs Are popular in Africa. The finns prefer weenies made of Reindeer meat. Japanese Ven Dors sell whale meat Franks. Stone tree trunks Are so common near Piggott ark., that Many have been used As tombstones. On the lord s Day commonly georgians known As sunday is hereby pro Ter does t drink but millions o helps solve 3 biggest false Teeth worries and problems a Little Pas Teeth sprinkled on your dentures does Allt Hij 1 helps hold false to place 2 holds them More comfortably 3 lets you bite up to 35% harder without discomfort. Fas Teeth t bout. No Dummy gooey put dentures that fit Ore essential to health. See your dentist regularly. Get fas Teeth at All drug counters. Adi one phone Call makes an insured reservation at any Sheraton ask the operator for we 1035 comfortable free parking great meals Lively come see what Shera ton s unwind crusade is All about Sheraton hotels Brown s Militancy cheered by crowd Dotson now a resident of bed Ford Ohio had been working As a grinder in a Cleveland Plant. He was a member of the of National guard and the aupied or simply being removed wit but it was not Clear Wyeth by Keith Hearn los Angeles iffy h. Rap Brown militant Leader of the student nonviolent coordinating committee Drew a cheer from about negroes gathered sunday in a vacant lot Watts when he warned you better shape up Amer Ca or Well Burn you but the crowd dispersed in rawly fashion after Brown s 5-minute speech across the treet from the Headquarters of the negro nationalist Organ nation . There were no incidents. Brown free on Bond o larges of inciting a riot i Cambridge md., came to to i Geles by invitation from to but 11 Flo Noi Clear Wii Eui or thang was being promoted Karen a Oca Leader of is. An Hini Virrl his visit coincided wit Industrial workers. Surviving Are his widow Shirley Bright sons Jeffrey and Jerry daughter Cynthia Stepfather and Mother or. And mrs. Waitman Bailey of Cowen brother David of Cowen and sister mrs. Sharon Dombroske of Cleveland. Will be at 2 tuesday in Dodd Hurt Funera Home at Webster Springs. Buria will be in Field cemetery a Nettie Nicholas county. Caller will be received at the Funera Home after 1 . Today. Earlier in the weekend to others died in West Virginia accidents making the state High Way toll for the year 278. Mrs. Dorothy Keister 45, of Romney was fatally Hurt in a iwo car collision on u. S. 50 in a face saving gesture from lost where he wielded consider Ible Power and May hav stepped on too Many influential toes. The official Vietnam said thang would coordinate and direct the political warfare general office the military s purity service and regional am popular forces. But it quoted k Riding out against their of ican Guild lessor White about the Brown spoke from a podium one end of the lot in the pre dominantly negro area where persons died in bloody rioting two years ago. The rally said Farenga was to commemorate in deaths in what he called in Watts revolt. We be had too Many re hellions and not enough shop shouted Brown his voice habited. Police visited night clubs at Midnight saturday with printed copies of the statute with or Ders to read them to anybody who was interested one nightspot owner Leon Epstein of the Plush sans Souci lounge defied the Law. As the band played on he was served a summons by officers. Epstein told the associated press he deliberately invited police to cite the club. He said he Hopes to provide a test Case for determining the constitutionality f the Law. One club owner said he tends to complain to the Amer Lough his visit coincided wit in climactic Parade of the week Long Watts summer feb Val Brown was not part of the Estival officials said. Brown condemned unite press states policy in Vietnam a Hampshire Day night. County late Satur As saying thang would not d restly command these agencies in his new Job thang is und Gen. Cao Van Vien chief of t joint general staff. Vien is give up his defense ministry portfolio to maj. Gen. Nguyen Van by the former chief of staff. Observers say thang might encounter major obstacles if he makes a serious attempt to clean up the widespread Mill ing to pass a Law again Cople burning a Flag and n a Law against burning Peop n Vietnam that s crazy. People All Over the world a of variety artists no dancing ban these people Aren t just Dan he said. They re entertainers. The customers Are pay ing their Money to see a per the police crackdown apparently was unrelated to or Ders by gov. Lester Maddox a week ago that All mixed drink saturday sales must cease at Midnight in compliance with a Public address sunday dosing system. Today Black people Chapin said the decision to and to March through horse enforce the no dancing Law did manure in the Parade. If they not come from Maddox whose had the Power they d have a philosophy concerning night club out there cleaning it operations was described by the crowd responded with its judge Stonewall Dyer of the Ful biggest cheer. Ton Superior court As worst Black people have legitimized than a Bull in a China shop sniping As a tactic just As they Dyer ruled last Friday that once legitimized the state has the right to in Brown said. And conducting the Force sunday Laws prohibiting two hour program of speeches Buquor sales but be suggested from six Black Power advocates that someone put a bridle on Brown called for negroes to Maddox. Become engaged in revolution. The crowd applauded an cheered then began to break up and file Home through the warm summer evening. New Hoover appliances your Choice thousands cheer Clay it As Watts Parade chief clean up tile 111111 Wui Naiia tary corruption. By s repeated High to get a better look. That s promises to crack Down on corruption have had Little visible effect Over the past two years. Liang s honesty May have indirectly brought about his removal As pacification chief. He fired More than 30 District chiefs for corruption and in competence All of them appointees of powerful military Abductor to stall and William Hamilton 45, of Newark n. J., was killed Fri Day night when his car plunged off . 16 near Clay. Maryland couple forced to drive los Angeles him said the woman holding her child Angeles eams floats Cassius the deposed heavyweight boxing Champion Riding in an open convertible in Watts Sun Day was greeted by thousands of cheering spectators. Clay who prefers his Black Muslim name of Muhammad i. Was acting As grand mar brought horsemen marching bands to an area which was torn by riots Only two years ago. The festival intended to unify the negro Community and pro vide recreational activities ended on a jubilant note. Negroes fire at Whites four Hurt i Hammond la. We two carloads of negroes fired shot guns into a crowd of Whites stand no outside a bar seven Miles East of Hammond sunday night and state police said. Four White men were wounded. The incident occurred As a band of civil rights workers marching from Bogalusa to Baton Rouge held a rally in Hammond. Officials said the shooting at the Riverside bar did not appear to a. Hoover Constellation with attachments right at your fingertips. Floats on air no pulling or tugging. 39.95 b. Exclusive triple action cleaning it beats As it sweeps As it cleans. 39.95 floor c. The polisher scrubber that polishes and shampoos carpet. 39.95 instant Beauty for your pane Linja and cabinets j Ull a Juull Allyc Siulc. Or in spite of blistering 90-de any direct bearing on the Gree temperatures residents and at the curbs. Some All. Was acting As grand mar at the curbs some Wauna As dial of the Watts festival a Long As two hours to see Cla tha Frostburg. My. Maryland state police Are of american Vestie Atine the Kidnap robbery he is the most en.0---------- of a Western Maryland couple Focient figure in the government. Who said they were forced to one explanation offered for jews drive their Abductor to Elk thang s Transfer is that it was rate. The event climaxing a week a and he marchers Parade b of Rob District of Garden w. Va., sunday morn intended to neutralize u. S Jerusalem destruction was an All White contingent of the u. S. Army drum and Bugle pressure on vietnamese Gener police said the Abductor re als to make the army More reportedly entered an unlocked Sponske to pacification needs. A Rabbinate ruled sunday us 40 near Gransville at cation program is in trouble of mourning for the destruction 40 near 9am and perhaps at a Crossroads Nolice they hearing that thang wished to will be observed As usual today become8 a school even though All of Jerusalem a by their bed with a knife it c a c h e r. American officials again in jewish hands after ambassador Ellsworth years. Convinced to stay on. Induced in Nara rip were the establishment at the time Parade were Call or k celebrate marching along with them head in this time of tension and to 1 abide by the Laws of our City As Well As the appealed Ham Ond mayor Sam Saik. Meanwhile leaders of the negro March were considering Jerusalem a the corps the Only White group in the Parade. Landon ment of the trek which began last thursday. Mayor Saik said he did not 1 e pare. Mayor Saik said he Dick not be a ?.mte Lieve the shooting had anything to Traer Virrl the festivities but the j. ._s.i. a of Jerusalem and the Temple of tit where he released theml Cial said he thought thang a occupation of Jerusalem m the nor m another area of wat be War. Smahay mini. June War. V the festivities but Aava was predominantly none float carried a huge Globe o the world with the slogan Stop world we want to get among those watching the i Parade was h. Rap Brown Mac 0 she civil rights March a is just a fortunate. 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