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Chanute Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 4

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Chanute Tribune (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Chanute, Kansas Editorial Man says swindled this time for s4.500 occurring in the Northeast part of Kansas but the opportunities for theft by deceit Are just East Kansas available in South this time a complaint was signed although it is believed the victims usually keep quiet about such things so not be known As a a suckers. For every complaint signed there May be two or three other fraudulent schemes pulled which never get into newspapers As a warning. Usually elderly people a both men and women Are the known victims. It is easy understand Why the elderly group is selected. In most cases the folks Well tip in years and with Little or income Are very concerned about having Money pay costs Tor their own care. Some of them feel desperate a but that does mean they Are suckers. People in All age groups could save themselves a lot of trouble if they would remember three things fit refuse Deal with any person who must have Money in Cash 2> never allow anyone conv Ince you the Deal must be made a today. <3> talk Over the proposition with the family or at least one Friend before spending a dime. Those guilty of victimizing elderly people should be Hung by their toes for All see. But most of the fraud could be stopped if children and friends would be More interested in regularly visiting with their elder and in sharing their problems. These folks arc crying Tor somebody who cares a that in the reason they Are sometimes Gullible smooth talking strangers. Unequal interest in the past year 833 persons were killed in accidents involving commercial airliners. While the figure is infinitesimal on a passenger a Mac basis it is relatively High comparatively in actual numbers. High enough so that a congressional committee is spending a week investigating the causes and cures. The investigation is in order the Quantity and Speed of air traffic today Are beyond the scope of existing controls and the Skyway Are not so Safe As they were but it is Worth noting that during the same week Congress was investigating 833 deaths in a year in the air. Almost the exact number of deaths were resulting from Highway accidents on the ground and this rate of carnage has existed for years and continues unchecked but Congress officially is More concerned than is the Public. It is the old Story of familiarity Breeding contempt or at least indifference. Traffic deaths have come be accepted like deaths rom heart disease. Their very volume minimizes the Impact. They Are accepted As too bad but basically unavoidable deaths from air mishaps however Are still such a Novelty that they Are overstressed As deaths from polio for a few years were. They should not be ignored of course and All reasonable efforts should be made keep their number Down. It had just As Well in accepted though that with the air plane the a or Means of transport it now is. They never will be eliminated. Clips and quips americans Are people who spend Money they dont have buy things they dont need impress people they Don t journal. Describing one of the town characters an acquaintance the Only thing he knew of that had carried More pints out of the Community was the red Cross Bloodmobile Russell news a new family a it moved in but we understand the neighbors Are waiting until they hang out at least one Wash on the line before sizing them Gazette. Early bed and Early Rise the a Days signifies Only that you re Ted up with television. A Elkhart news today a Bible verse blessed Are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. A Matthew 5.7. This that by mph so the democrats get us into All the wars. So it might be countered the republicans get us into All the depressions. Thoughts like these do much make one an Independent voter. The reason a certain Young couple Are seven plates Short in the set of China they received As a wedding gut is this. The other evening they got into a terrible argument Over which had had the More trying Day. There ought be a Law probes allege Union agents defrauding missile workers it Jack Anderson she demanded. A Why not have a Washington. A Senate rec White woman pledge allegiance i lets chairman. John Mcclellan believe the Republican women whose investigators have been should pay homage the negroes swarming Over the nations space in other bases has jus returned from Cape a the negroes Are ingrates canaveral fla., with evidence snapped cop National chairman. Pm. In or a that Union agents have been de Thruston Morton. A after eight Frau dog missile workers. Years of recognition they turned some agents have pocketed As. Much a win a a cock oui of Unton a my in Char sad tha speak. Funds for Uhdal or Call walk Sam Ray Allrn had promised Iii n., is around Money. This is sup Oul Herner har Lvi rights tvs j a 1 so posed Rover the Pelty i Patlon High r in a Allrn denial expenses bul the Union Lotfi or House Hules the television log saturday s highlights 4 . La Barry my on tenant i a in. Ii checkmate 7 Oanna rih in a in. 7 surfed six i Job in. Til Quot a gun will travel Quot 9 01 . 7> fight a is wats til Oum Meka 9 pm Iii two cacti wait 9 4s p in. 7 Max that spar of pm. La plinth Tenor 7 Roann . To Movia. Quot fallow Byi Quot Ithra Chanute Tribune pm. 4 saturday february 25. 1961 Koam a Channel 7 Kode a Channel 12 Koto a Channel 6 Daf Tschannel 4 monday february 17 a a a 4 a in. 7 Contin total Cla room on the party that had done the 7,00 a m. To today ii lard cartoon Sun up 7 a in. La Popoy rials allegedly have been walking 11 45 a in. La Guidl nil Light j less am. 7 Haw la noon 4 cartoon news 71 Melody Matin of Burns a Allan i is pm. 0 woman s pall pm. La As Tho world turns 7 weather news i Mark. 1 00 . La full Circle 7 Jan Murray i p Roll House party 7 Lor Eft a Young i j of p in. La millionaire 7 Young or Malone i p in. La Var duct is yours 7 from these roots j of . La brighter Day 7� Mak room for daddy i j 15 . La secret storm sunlight sensitivity Factor the belief persists that men Are much More inclined than women but one really knows. Men generally j h Are so much heavier sleepers they dont hear their spouses sawing it off. For the firs time in history an Indian has been named As the head of the Federal department of Indian affairs. This is As logical As naming As Treasury chief some fellow who has had Long experience in not being Able balance his budget. How la must discourage the Many new nations of the world realize the Many years it will he before they have any Centennial celebrate. A divorce rate of More than per cent proves that the present system is not a Complete Success. Think however How much worse things would be if Young men picked out their own wives rather than having the girls they 1 marry make the selection for them. The comment Winston Churchill wrote on a Long report submitted him during the War in another proot of his greatness. A this Man has written at Sutti client length a he scribbled a ensure that he is read by one of Hong Kong hanker Wong blk Pun. Has been kidnapped. Whoever is sitting at his desk it wont he Wong now and that certainly is a Sik Pun from Tribune files 25 years ago work on a new fix room House being built by or. And mrs. Charles Hansen just South of the municipal Airport is nearing completion and the owners expect move into the Structure sometime next week. The hansens have been living on the place since a garage was completed. James Dulin and Fred Cole arc carpenters on the project. Frances Shaw daughter it or. And mrs a w. Shaw 109 s Wilson who is a student at the University of Kansas was recently initiated into Gamma Phi Beta National social sorority. Miss Shaw was valedictorian of the Chanute graduating class of 1935. Or. And mrs. Elmer m Cooper returned today from a few weeks stay in new York City. Their son. Jimmy went Kansas City monday meet them. Or. And mrs. Clarence Haight mrs. Clifton b Walker and Marjorie White went Kansas City this morning spend the Day. Marjorie Broyles entertained monday evening with a line party the Peoples theater. Guests were loan Black Marjorie Braden. Zeldene Corn. Helen Gardner Mable Claire Stevenson. Jack Brennan George Gardner. Archie trembly. Dick Hamilton Roger Broyles and Dick Shannon. Fifty year ago All records Tor the registration of voters have been broken when the names on the books were counted this morning it was Lound they totalled 4523. This is Over the High Mark set last year in anticipation of the school Bond election held then. The present registration is Tor the election vote on a proposition j sue amp it too in Bonds $35 too be used for purchasing a site and erecting a High school building and $10,000 be used for constructing an addition the Pioneer building now being used As a High school building in the fourth Ward. Oji dec am her Bride 9. To a in. 7i play your Hunch Oji video Village committee 10 00 . 7 Price la right off a walking with the run the a 1 Lov Lucy a Many negroes Felt the Repult Joam. 7 concentration a cans Hadnot done so retort Hajj Elf another alleged practice sign-,.d Virs Taylor. She reminded Troj co Quinco ing up new workers temporarily Norton of the Republican-Dixie-1, 50 m a of tomorrow putting them on a Jot until they crat coalition in Congress. I7 a cow a 8 a a a pay their Union fees then throw a negroes get sick and ing them out of the Union and she added a of hearing your Good health starting All Over with new recruits about what Lincoln did for Mcclellan Gumshoe have a1 Val Washington in charge of ready implicated 19 Union agents negro affairs at Republican head in these shenanigans. Quarters sided with mrs. Taylor. I Al. My a i a mrs Chester Bowles wife of i Al tuft edgr of ui5gq5g5 the refusal of a prominent be the under Secretary of state it is Gro woman Lead the pledge of Active m a negro settlement re Joseph g. Molner. M. Know of anything be done allegiance at the Republican i10u.se.�?� he . A what Republic a dear sir someone told Rue hence Tny distrust of promises. I mens conference next month stir can women do we know who have vim wrote an article about la can place Faith in the services of Ted up a tempest the other Day teen Active in any settlement pus the disease where people a dermatologist a skin specialist inside the Republican National House a Are so sensitive sunlight. My when the loss of hair is attribute committee the gop High command agreed daughter has Lupus and i would Able some skin disease or skin the startling refusal came from take a More Active interest in very much like see your aril infection. Mrs Ida Taylor who is by negroes at the grass roots. One Rte on . E. Means unpatriotic. Slit simply con proposed project rounding up be troubled with varicose veins Side red it patronizing that the Gro Republican women Distri the article appeared june 9. To make sure you Are doing All pledge of allegiance assignment Bote food and medicines the i960. You May be Able see it you can relieve the problem. Was always Given a negro. Tennessee negroes who lost their at the Public Library or in the write or. Moiner requesting his a Why should the negro be re Homes and jobs for voting in the newspaper files unfortunately Booklet. A How Deal with Yan 3 . La a a night 7 Meres Hollywood 4.00 . 7 life of Riley Iii a weather Market 4 movie 4 mov Quot the Mummy Quot 4 of . 12 Ranger 4 p in. 7 Gene Autry 13 Ranger de 5.00 p in. 7 fun club 5 1$ p in 12 Ranger de 5 p in. 7 Rio tin tin 5 55 pm. 12 sport new weather a of p in. 7 sport new. Weather # is p in. 12 Doug Edward Nawi p in. 7 a Bacyano 11 tall the truth 7 00 pm. 12 pet a Glady 7 . 7 tales of Walla fart 12 the rebel a 00 pm. 12 Danny Thom 7 Acapulco i p in. 7 the brother Buennage 02 and Griffith 9 of p in. 02 Henri key 7 Barbara Stanwyck 9 pm. 7 Jackpot Bowling 02 Pater Gunn 10,00 . 02 weather Newt sport 7 weather new Newt 10 20 p in 4 Quot ind i Croton of a Ameri can wife Quot 10,10 pm. 02 gun Nger 7 Jack Pear 111 pm. 02 movie Quot she a hangar of Quot i can i keep extra copies of a Cove veins a enclosing a Long self tides As this would soon crowd addressed stamped envelope and me out of my quarters. 20 cents in Coin cover the Cost Lupus Erythe Matous or just of handling Plain a Lupus a As it is often called1 always write or. Moiner in is a disease which involves a Good care of Box 138 Dundee 111. Deal More than just exposure a a sunlight. There Are. I might add. A quite a number of diseases in Seniti negated leading the pledge a last election experience for landlubber ride Polaris submarine san Diego Calif. Apr Oil for a Brief interval while a dive dive a Reading of Joo feet was cranked which somewhere in the vitals of a into its automatic controls. City sunlight Humpback monster called Sprx the dive began at 10 16 am. Is a Factor. We a Horn sounds and the deck the deck slanted like a deep there Are two i drops away beneath your feet. Chute and those who were not main types of a Hundred. 200, 300. 400 feet and prepared had a hard time keep Lupus a dissent More you plunge in Bare minutes my their footing mated and Dis except for the slanting floor. At 19 a in. The dial read too coid. The Dis you could be in a fast dropping feet. The landlubbers aboard be cold involves elevator. Gan relax. Only the skin. Your a elevator Quot however is foolish people. Usually with a the Polaris submarine Theodore suddenly the deck slanted again rash appearing across the Bridge Roosevelt. Commissioned last camera boxes Slid. The depth dial of the nose and Cheeks the charac lumber Mills join in boost for recreation fastest Way Wash amp dry bar none Philco Bendix 4-Speed duo Matic Washer dryer combination As Low As 3.00 per week a Pioneer appliance i main Rhim or. Moiner file use management of private timid errands because a increasing by Sam Dawson a business new analyst. A. A live York it apr president population causing More and week a the fourth of Mericas spun 400 feet and on beyond Teristi which let naming the Kennedy As an advocate of get More pressure on All our nations new underwater missile launch military secrecy prevents disco disease Lupus the latin word for Ting More americans physically recreational resources private is sure of any depth below 400 feet. Wolf because somebody thought fit. Doubtless has the support of and government Comdr Rill Sims took her Down but the dial spun quite a Way be this Butterfly pattern on the face the entire recreation Industry even so this will Only he a on a test dive thursday for 25 Pond 400 feet. Resembled the animal. This is a big affair with Many drop in the bucket of recreational newsmen first Ever take a the Speed indicator spun past anyway other than this rash facets. Demand the president foresees. Cruise on a ballistics missile sub 20 knots a figure which again the patient is Well. And it May Surprise some he sat a More Public land must Marine is secret. The disseminated Type is quite learn that one group involved in be developed quickly because he put on quite a show a after an hour submerged the another matter. It May develop recreation and lining up with the Quot the millions of visitor Days now a mild demonstration of evasive Roosevelt banked sharply the from the Discoid Type or May de fitness objective includes lumber spent in federally owned Parks action the 380-feet nuclear pow left then the right and began be lop independently it. This Var paper pulp plywood and other forests wildlife refuges and a ered submarine could take if Al the 20 mile trip Back port. Piety of Lupus can include any com Wood processing companies. They Ter reservoirs will triple Well be wed. On the Home trip newsmen Bina Tion of symptoms such As have commercial Timberland fore the end of this there was sensation of made a tour of a Section the Crew kidney trouble scarring of the available for such use 1 Depths inside the three storied called a Sherwood Here skin liver trouble anaemia de so its with added interest they Norridgewock. Maine was is Hull. The Only indication was a Are the 30-foot-High tubes in which creased White cells in the blood note today the president is org Tabi Ishad on the site of an old whirling dial in front of the Helms 18 solid fuel Polaris missiles Are bleeding joint pain mental syrup my Congress make More pub in Liin Village also named Norman who steers not with a wheel carried upright ready for instant Toms and Many others lie facilities and resources Avail ring cock. But with an air plane pc control firing. Lupus is becoming a much More abit Tor recreation and also . The Roosevelt carried live common disease or perhaps it is Speed up Forest development on missiles thursday. These will be being recognized More frequently federally owned lands. Submerging a a slow process installed after it reaches Cape along with this medics treat the lumbermen May have a it took two minutes get Down canaveral fla., for a series of mint now provides a great Deal joined in the recreation objective j Loo feet. There the ship levelled test firings in the Atlantic. Modern artists smear paint when hearing remarks of help for patients with Lupus in recent years relieve some unfortunately some family medi of the pressure for seizing Tim Cal reference books that Are still Berlands for Public use. But for around were printed Long enough whatever reason they now open ago so that fact is not brought out. More than 50 million acres of the Point is that any sufferer a prix ate lands for Public rec All of us have in folks who of 01 Thor variety should be under&Quot"11&Quot&Quot a Quot Orny or extreme avoid nov Mon Ewe i sum that on of their Trade a Kir its someone a direct cation. A puss cans Tau. I pious it mat they would brat All around the paragraphs a a a at Jcj 4 Bush find out How someone Felt by Hal Boyle Loo in province be classed with mrs. E. daughter is. New mrk Al a remarks a the really Avan Garde dont you a patient should be protected lne a a is a sur july a 318 com about a certain question when modern artist gets fired of hear think what i mean is. He s sort from Fulp Sun although As i Hnud a owning 86.2 per cent hey could have asked them out of a frigid zone Gaugin substitute Fhy Arp a null a a Annh Ininns of such commercial Timberland i jilt and received a straight an i Nav not kno much about my igloos for tahitian hut a shows the following usage Suer. Arts but i know what i requiring Protection from the Sun ii. I. 1 course his painting lacks i Upu accounts for Only a Small ? l a a Quot of a m a Quot 01 h he had ,.punion of 5un Scensi levity pub on y picture void was one the a real sense of perspective be is just because sensitivity season gallery Hung upside have become a Sun is present one should not they All look i they re huns Quot last year the judge ignored jump la conclusion that he or can try their Luck upside Down me his mural depicting High Points in has Lupus a 40,000 Miles of streams his yearbook in Art school pre the life of a used car Salesman. A in lands of companies owning 56 6 it worse my son is 13 will Al was has been big Tor his age. I Ani enclosing a Long. Self addressed and stamped envelope and 20 cents in Coin for your Booklet Cne. The teenage . acne bothers some teen agers dieted that a some Day the name and instead gave third prize a dear or Moiner Dos ast of Ellsworth twittering am will his pain cloth which happened development add the problem be one conjure with but so get hanging on a chair nearby of ant it or hard water make Tai Allne a lived up the a this Only published works Are last syllable of three drawings a psychiatrist he be in his Blue period bought illustrate a let ook on a anybody who paints the Way he Normal does could be anything but a some Call him a Post impress Blue a zionist. Others say he a really a this one called a nude descend cubist at heart. But my girl my a Moonbeam in half bad Friend used Date him. And she but Tell me which is the Moon says he s strictly a beam and which is the nude a i a original he in even a not because they grow rapidly hut Ellsworth i pc got a commis original a because there i it excessive activity Aion for you at last it s from the a what did he paint this one 0 he sebaceous or Oil gland landlord. He says if you la paint with a Brush or his beards a in the other apartments in the build a i admit his paintings give me Factor mrs. Hell cancel our Hack a sense of mystery. But the big 0 i understand he started out by Gest mystery is Why did it painting signs and then his Ca a $500 Price tag on them a Leer went steadily downhill a Why do they hang his a never mind explaining me Tores Why not him a what it u. Just Tell me Why it a Horace Greeley did not originate if my kid could draw bet the phrase a go next. It Oung Man a a for than that the teacher would it first appeared in an editorial throw him out of kindergarten a by John r a Soule in the Terre Hunters can stalk More than there is a Story Law it it a Maine 53 6 million of these acres in Man who was Over shy who was attracted by a Lieari ititus girl who seemed him too wonder Iii be asked for he went on Loving her in silence for ten years. He built a Fine House with Garden and rockery barn and Outbuild-1 g s. Though he haunt dared pro when everything was Fin shed he in lied the girl and her. Family Over see his estate. They sportsmen clubs or adj Wen through the House Ogeth Deao Skinner million acres and annual recreation visits these company owned lands total 6.057,-660. 1 All the time the companies go right along growing Trees or liar vesting lumber. The Industry group notes that most of the land listed As open is for general Public use. But that pm some of it is limited Tommu nity groups sportsmen s clubs 01 in some cases permit holders or and visited the Garden and Rock a Only. Iery. Finally he managed get me ver Aroon or a and owned Hgt 107 of Eanna separated from the family. Me Coatee is or on glands com a Erp 3 do he pc Parks and they went together see the the so hard water is not a companies Are jul p Lone Par discs they stood silently Lor. Your Booklet a. Tow pm picnic some equipped gown a you and you u find other Sug pm Mcknight Laid Ltd Swet in a a a a Wanna shall .1 services a loom i nil a a and Annu . Put Gist ions in ii Pic a Drar or. Kotlier i would like your Frank opinion of Scalp specialists who make Diller enl claims about saving your hair. W. a my dear his work is simply haute. Ind., express in 1851. Cree map i strongly distrust those the Chanute Tribune Imi s. Highland Chanute. Kan punish by Chanute publishing company 0 get acc rant Puli or i department managers pm e shr i on adverting Dwight Wallingford pump 1 or Leland Low try c ecu at Ltd i r 0. Ward is chanic a. Dorsey Osborn a of is. Puhi or it in nos a a Ceca sunday a <1 a # a. Acid Cie a at re pest Orff co a Cha Utka or Star tee Are at i �?�79 Cord c ast Post age be a Cra it us a Kansas Vanmeer Aud Bureau f c co a o j of published in the Chanute Tribune february la. I Vogt last published March a. 141 the pro ate court of Neosho county Kansas in the Vatter of the estate of Agnes Hagerman. Deceased notice of hearing emf state of Kansas All member of associated a pass persons concerned for a it a a pre it e Ltd you Are hereby noticed that a Petit uus Fly in nit Tot re pub that of of has been tied in a court a l. M. All int local Neas printed in the new Cable Guerdon and representative of paper As Well As All a news dispatches the heirs at Law of Agnes Hagerman de cease 1, Pray Tor the appointment of an Lubs capt on rates by mail in Neosho adm a str for of the it rat of Ages mag Allen Wilson an Woodson counties Erma 1, Betta and you a Nare. / i year. Ii up saes a 20c i 20 required file your written cute sos 4 months u so sales a a he Al thereto on or be or the 14th Day of j months a pcs Esta Caci 12.54 March. 1w�?T at 70 20 a of Day i month % saes orc Stoj in Sa court in the City of Erie in subscription rates by mail in Kansas count and state at which time Ord outside Box four counties places Al cause will be heard. Shoo i veer is of a fates tax 34c 15.34 you fail therein judgment and decree a Mort is co a it too 5 Fco entered in due course upon o Liea its Pei a we keep a pig a and Anna sometimes acreage is closed a yes a a Hunting Tor various reasons rang great Deal of time is wafted my from temporary prefer anon and 1ul,misuimtorn..m. Or r. Cur because we do not Lay our needs fire prevention or log t.,r is on Thyl Tel be with l0m Ling safety but this has been de Arf with. Ii one is not dining the big game kill on such rude or impertinent the direct a Pri cutely owned lands Lam year proach will Seldom offend anyone. Who was tallied As 149.337. They will have More respect for i. A. I my i 4 Vou and be More Apt give you. A la True thai ions the Industry troop by the Hon so Ond direct if y a printed the editorial in his 0f hair often can be halted it it Survey shows about in million by Ari it approached in a straight new Ork Tribune. Is due some Scalp infection that More acres now open some Forward and respectful manner ---�?o7�?o can be cured a and is but form of recreation than four years much depends on How we ask read and Ese Here loss of hair is due a ago. A question and the tone of voice Tribune want ads natural hereditary process i Don and it hails this spread of nil that we use As How it will be received first we should be sure that what we want know is our business. If it in we should not ask then we should never a a our questions in a Beli Gorant manner pertinent questions asked in a courteous manner will usually receive an honest and polite reply Legal noises on a Stoddard individual mausoleum a loin Binming burial vault and Marker amp let installed in your cemetery for $293.00, plus slate Bales lax. Put chased through your funeral director. Individual mausoleum co. 1915 grand Parsons. Has. Pm. A i 421 a nest saturday the Koch Skinner memorial Home will present More Friendly thoughts. I Monin a tilt it i i i l. H. Lafewt per Mosier

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