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Chanute Tribune (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Chanute, Kansas Forecast grand weekend the Chanute Tribune single copy Price 7� Chanute. Kansas. Saturday. February 25, l?6 i pages 49th year be. 270 floods wind in Southland by Wmk a Sam Iai Kofr ass Smith. Is. Recovered from floodwater continues to or in flooded Cre Ltd into which or drove Central Alabama and Mit Mamippi from a wailed out Road near Halliday As Winter dealt another or lord 25 Miles Northeast of Allan Sere blow to the deep South. To High Wain displaced thousand the bed Cross in Washington in four Southern stairs tornadoes did 2.wk families have been Al and damaging winds brought feet re by hooding in Louisiana More woe to at least three others. Mississippi Alabama and geor Early today rain turned to Snow gig. National guard and civil de in Northern Mississippi and Ala fens evacuations will Send the Barna As temperatures began to figure much higher fall no err a six Tholund pm it Nha it. Hwn peeled however. Displaced at Hattiesburg. Miss. The weather Bureau at Mont by flood Waters of the Leaf River. Furrier said rain ceased in Cen third of that City is under trial and South Alabama today water some As much As 12 feet and none was expected through deep. Sunday. Tornadoes and High winds up Montgomery a a prep.,ring Tor r my of damage to it Sikl a Teal i construction is underway on the new patients bed Wing at Neosho memorial Hospital workmen have finished the laying of piping in the floor and plan to begin pouring to boor next week the Wall will be poured and the Wing should be enclosed within the next three week. Tribune photo j banker kills self after embezzling $500,000 in Iowa Knoxville Iowa ap1�?ex in Northwest Iowa where a 12 Almers were to work today million embezzlement cloned the Clearing up details of Iowa a third Sheldon National Bank the Knox big Bank embezzlement in two Ville institution covered by a months. Is million Fidelity Bond which of the latest came to Light Friday filial a had Niobe than took car when Eldon l. Lob. 59. President be shortage business at com of the Community National Bank Biu nity National went on As usual and Trust co. Of Knoxville hanged possibly its worst flood since 194# mrs in Alabama Georgia and lies were reported a to now Alabama rim Row 21 a null Carolina no Wnoka Muju feet above flood stage. The Alabama was at 52 5 fee and still rising. Flood stage is 35 the k Hrej of bad ath a con put turned with a weather Bureau re the weather Bureau forecast Kurt of Thunder. Below freezing temperatures in sent i Hail damaging winds and flood stricken North Cern Raj por m my tornadoes expected in South lion of Alabama and Mississippi Al Tiama Central and South tonight West Georgia. The Atlanta go area was Del used with 5 67 in or of rom with lip with re urps amont in 24 hours. The body of Mike Al a a a Ltd i�11?� River coursing through Central Alabama should Rise rapidly saturday. Ail Gates at one dam on the Tallapoosa were open and the water level Rose to within six inches of capacity at Martin dam. Homes lost in rampaging flood Waters in a the Sheldon Bank closed on himself leaving an estimated half Jan ,6 w the the arrest of the As million Dollar shortage that mutant stunned this town of 7.817 in South she Central Iowa. The new obstetrical Wing of Neosho memorial Hospital has been cloned in and workmen Are ready to Start on finishing of the Interior. It and the new patient bed Wing Are expected to be available for use by aug i. Tribune photo opening the Martin dam Rood find jail sentence Gates would Send thousands of a Gallons of for Rushing Don the for 5ell,n9 dru9 Hattiesburg miss Capp a to going the old Man Tallapoosa to the Alabama which Kansas City a Aig Thomas said As he stared blankly. To can t already is causing major flooding Dean monks 21. Was fined Hoo swim. But i m going Hack a Montgomery. Anc give an in month Tail term then he added sadly a but i reporting for that City the thursday for Selling drugs to have nothing to go Back to weather Bureau said a this is a juveniles and using the drugs him he was one of about 400 White major and severe Rood take All self. Victim of the rampaging borne possible a girl and a boy testified that and in Eaf Rivers which join at the a. R , Montgomery s chief Hanck had Given them stimulate Northe Stem Corner of this City meteorologist added a twi re in no drug hypodermic ally. Of 55 000 about 4 200 negroes h hell of a fix a i Bones of oldest Man found in East Africa cashier Burnie Geiger admitted the embezzlement and later a sentenced to is Job left a a dead Many a Contes years in prison. A a Ion saying Taal he used the pop third Case occurred at Mal Bank Money through forged Vitro in Southwest Iowa Jan. 30. Notes to co or had investments Tirohn k Willard. To. Vice presi and to make donations around it or it it and cashier of the Malvern Tun Trust a saving Bank committed i Ike tire situation at Sheldon suicide authorities said. Atter a .,555.ooo shortage was discovered. Private funeral services were to be held today for Job Knoxville erstwhile leading citizen. He had been in the banking business Here i for 40 years. He not Only headed Community National. Which he formed through a merger in 1933. But held a majority Stock interest in Knox Ville other Hank Iowa state savings. A a i family one of the Best Leo old Ille. The known in town included i wife Al pro Lumumba form took . And i on Ned Merll t 5i , rash pro Community onto Sio mite rom nah Osal a and Vij pro Al debt Pond the Coon Contra Tov a a or Bank a a a h pm rent today nay the l opted Udo a a a a mud Fol a a Drake pm. I nations six hours to Clear them v Hersity Ift i a Force of around 3o0 moved a journey of from Oriental pro Lumumba forces control Lulu Bourg Blunk wins the Cahaba River spread be Hal Maumau i into the town after some Roo Miles province. A i. N spokesman said the a �4 f x 11 11 intruders apparently a merged a i Iii pc la with the Garrison supposedly toy. Al to maj Gen Joseph Mobutu a an a Tetrad Oil painting by to Washington apr the museum in Nairobi Kenya said the scientist said a and commander of the Leopold Ville Quot Ert Blunk or r 3. Declar Bones of a Man and child who the hones were found the in it then in searching for More Tiger government s army be t0p dinner in the Neosho lived among Saber toothed tigers year in the olduvai Gorge Region Lames we struck j the news sent a Jolt of alarm c int it a Art How Bere yesterday More than 800,000 years ago have of Tanganyika a Rich anti rope the research was partly i into officials of the Leopold Ville second place was awarded to a been found in East Africa. Logical site. Naked by the National geography government congolese vice pre a or color a House by Gloria i reporting the discovery Friday the Hise Over mean that the in Leakey told of the new Mier Jan Bol Kango delivered an 815 s. Evergreen. A pasta British anthropologist said they pad a a Nutcracker mde and of still another at a ultimatum to a n. Headquarter Tel portrait by Edna Rollow r. I a by Quot Imam Hopu. Frid7 a Quot a cd i that of the N. Forces i a a a a my Al m1 uncovered. Also the child s Bones Fyk hrs i discovered in 1959 id soc pm lecture. Did not act against the intruders sixty painting were entered in i had to get a policeman Mol a m in Quot a a i Tono Walt Grunt my rep est it the a a dem crime Over in no her the oldest human on1 it Quot within six hour the congolese the show by 2# county exhibitors four Strong men to get one old a Fri it a a. for j j?11jt�?o a record Nutcracker Man turned. The. A Ona discovery the forces would take measure of they will remain on display Roupli out Mailer id a Nati Mial guard Hutu Opler. Used a a a 7osa in to in Quot Mim Torich wan tile up in in. Am. Arca a. For new. Ski Quot own throughout the Day today at the. Woman had Iwon Hrden ddn form a Mew ,8mlimi Wax 1 100 Des. Option or. L s. B Lra Kry Lound Bones Btu Ai a different a i ban bin a us Boi a Home awl i a Quot Quot . Hoo years and the old Man could a rounded he bad a Ralhf Al Hll a a pm kale to he pieces of the Childs Vel. I ult Racker Man but win rep capital of Kaai trounce. An a Panr a of j,klk.,., to in pkg cd of hardly get about. The water was. O one a Burt no a skua Skulj fracture Jim it an j 0fh resented the first prehistoric cub Tome Given Gay rebel regime con or Don Abbuehl. Mrs. Torn Berg up to the bedsprings when we car-1 Alabama already pouring m id a in Mil tin my Zurer end nip convinced the Anthro re lairs discovery was cred to lip be prot Al enc Quot it it Cagos six pro Fald and or Carter Brook Hart nod them out. sick just want Brough Street at Montgomery. Or. Ruin ions it in Polok St Hal he Chi a was Mur item by Leakey to his son Iona a a get a is a a a Vinci Al capitals. Selected the ten Hest paintings to re to lie there and drown Merky a. A quote red with a Blunt than 19 my son had found part it Cir v. A lean Man Wpm it. Be entered in the regional Art have been flooded out of their Homes. Pond Iii Banks 25 Miles northward Home Reuters had i by forc a rom where it Hows into the Auw r to mole. J. La u.,. I who to it a has la in in Shin l i Lief Cru Tinq rowed. Motoi Oai to help else a ,.ark lha ,2 am Al or 1 Quot 3 a in those Endon dieted said it was dlr a has a dip a cwt by la so. Fyk Imp f a Tekei a sex un4a Honolulu a Troke Over it Banks Ai w�8 i southernmost Hawaii Island. I the eruption Kilauea 20th a evince 1918, was confined to the pit and did not pose any residential j t him to the sparsely populated Arpas neighbouring area in Hawaii a the to Higbee in West ablation a1 Park. Bania continued on a rampage a string of a half dozen foun some of the refugee sit a if to the in a state of Shock they seem evacuation also continued unable to believe the flood has Gadsden Ala., where the Coosa fire. Poured through their doors risen Ner nto through the windows and in some eases reached the ceiling and mined everything in the Bouse. Leakey curator of the Corindo of the jaw of a Saber too lied found Quot be ,ha"1 10 la pm Imaki Clementha. Ions Hom a a Gar Nfn a May Niones that would indicate what he held two Othir provincial capitals t0p winners there will be entered looked like remained buried in the Stanleyville in Oriental province in the Mafe Competition a part Sands of time. That is until last and Bukavu in Kiva province. Of the Kansas Centennial Artex december when Leakey discover Lulu Bourg is in the North part Hjad Jed the first Skull. Of Kasai province and its people attains spewed red hot lava up to White refugees were housed in oui in spa it lip it the Community Conter the vhf 01 70 i in the air ofter a chunk Home. In Homes of Anil a nope a a a Quot he Quot �<�<1 Ltd a of a shelf along Tho inner Wall of relatives negroes were taken log a a we. A Quot it Quot a Kapic churches and schools separate of Patterson said finer pm a about Midway in the ski infirm Aries were set up for White ency conditions exist in Central l0 deep Crater and negroes and physicians were Olibama hut that he would assess in Cash deadline is close in Congo the collapsing shelf caused a the v s. Eci Busy giving typhoid shots damage before asking of which sent glowing molten i he lied Cross. Salvation army. Or a a Ltd a lha Ufa j&Quot"1 at least cru4i 0 of edified lava into ajl t0lfl8 desperate in the new Crevice. A a completing the top ten in Tho we cant say for certain he Are overwhelmingly supporters of Arl a jew Here Wepf a paste it. Said. A but there s a very High the late Premier Patrice Luzum ing o the Broun Well crossing i probability that Shellean Man was a on of Neosho Kulver by mrs Pas. The Stem from which modern Man the 2 000-Strong Garrison in the it Haj grim its 623 s Lincoln at developed. Own. With soldiers drawn from 0jj pop Frait by or. James a. By i noted nations. N y. A Sembly that must arrange for i the scientist said he could not widely scattered parts of the ten m s Evergreen a woodcut a Dag Hammarskjold is getting naming the i n. Role in the con estimate How much older the new country had been believed by yrs part gtd Robertson. 813 w. J uncomfortably close to a Cash go for the rest of this year. Found humans Are than nut staunchly Loyal to Mobutu and Oak. Another water color by Glo deadline in the Congo. The Assembly also will have to Cracker Man Quot which the society president Joseph a Mvubu. Fia Bedfield a line drawing by girl scouts and boy scout High evacuation continued in color Russell rotary general still dredge out of the members the sat a had been listed by Anthro the commander of the Lulu Raymond Justice. �24 s. Highland lera Tely to recruit rinds for paying last years net Juno gifts As the earliest Man Bourg Garrison a of. A water color by Blunk and a no maintain a Strong N Gongo Bill of s48.5 million and for known. Certain characteristics of sought i. S Protection after the a for school and College students and four towns in Southeast Missi sip if Nofu or Ltd up f then m a r ice vein to the covering what Hammarskjold has the new found hones. said. Arrival of the Lumumba its a other volunteers pitched in Topi. About 350 families had been. Ufa Volcano a i my his a hum Rolinc Minev re borrowed known to be in excess suggest they were from humans N spokesman said. Help moved Friday night Ftp Abo e a Espi on he Civ it Ana a maim Money re i nit Ihor in. ii a of manna Loa is one of the larg nerves. Hem a Rrt of a i re Llin blk a Active . Today. Ilk Iasi with thy in Lerna enough them Are reserved Tor inches of rain Friday flooded Al us burst was feb 19. 1980. Whener Nancian collapse at children and the elderly in the Moat evacuation shelters. There Are m that City along the Chat three to four children to a cot. Itaho Ochee River. Some persons sleep on Hie floor and in churches on the Pequot of m a one emergency is a when # o w6f 14 4 i disposable diapers arrived from new Orleans Mobile. Ala., Jackson and Mccomb. Miss no a ,yl1n�?zr?, it vat Mai out Small Kapoho Village the year. Hammarskjold was and caused Alhout $5 million Dan fran de special Ivory Owma Powers age. By mrs. Brown 401 s Highland or. Brown painting is Lead of $12 million. R pos Joiy nearer to or Emu Day Moko Mas taken in As a House Invar Home taken so far the United states has a Nan than Nutcracker even guest of a civilian i. N. Admin by it it sons viewing the exhibit the turn of kicked in with a total of 844.962,-Jbough older in time. T. J an Oil landscape by or Janice 833-834.h45.211 in Cash plus an the Lumumba its took Over joint Vaunon of ene was c Hosen a a it earned credit of $10,317 h22. For Lphr it no enough evidence to duties in the town and at the air Alferna in the event Aby 0f Fhy congressmen a payrolls listed is available for cities if you Don t get your Tribune p iphone your Carrier. It he can t be just to Days away reached Call 7oo after h pm. Sullied nos Mon f1<> general As for three month to keep it go peking up the Tab for airlifting indicate if the oldest Man walked port with the local troops the Fop m1 painting Arf Nof accepted my Neirle two months have too s 10 he re no a last sunnier. Erect bul where he lived was he i. N spokesman reported the it vhf ,onal Competition at Gar j the Gross Congo Cost in Loon heed a haunt of Saber a toothed newcomers were received with n it a or to it a was More than million but t it a these humans were scan open arms and there was no Vio a _ lenten guideposts god stands promises in behind Bible by Catherine Marshall need that after doing the will 596.425. The other bloc countries a possible Power Supply for the electrical interconnection under consideration by Chanute and five other Kansas cities will be Avail Washington apr records Able from the southwestern Power just made available show these authority if wanted City Mana to ploys on the january payrolls r. J. Hayes said today of Kansas House members with representatives from the in to. Lark by or month forested Citie. Met Sua old i fax info Coy of the Billie of Oil you May a Ltd a the i Kraine s 2 injured of train hop. William la Avery it a cuts yesterday in Tulsa to discus is now 14 years old it i in asked win i unused Hon new in la t _ ill Iii i. Eur in urea 05 i ram Robert let. Buehler $1,188 13, As the possibility of buying Power and dog eared has Hon rebound when Andra 0 Dell. Im1.3s Maria b from the Federal Agency Hay la rec times. Lord tie eke _ Colln de on Odilow $121. To us from All assessment myself our and Over and Hare i Jolt a a pc Orlean rence g. Brennan 8565.10 Kath Hayes said the spa will have Hind them solidly unwaveringly in. ,. A surely As the Sun rises or the behold. I stand at the door and a iwo million tide ebb and flow. Knock if any Man hear my voice the particular promises that and open the door i will come in Kansas woman follow Are therefore part of the j0 him. And will sup with him and in j0xae cars damaged in collision car driven by two 18-year-old the . Airlift forgiveness plus angers getting their meat from Lence. Similar action by Britain the so tem Nan is left Over by tigers alter but. Said the spokesman the Viet Union and others reduced a kill. The meat was skinned with N. Forces had no ground for the net Bill. Primitive tools. Interfering with the subsequent there is still no sign and none the adult Bones indicate a some peaceful linking of forces. Is expected a of the soviet bloc eeb bits of Skull a Collar hone at one stage it was thought the spaying the 89.245.650 total they and possibly a piece of an Arm a a Lumumba its May have deserted in Here assessed on the regular die Bones of the child whose age from the Oriental forces and gone u n. Basis for their 1960 share was estimated at la. Included Over to Mobutu s Side. But the Chanute boys were extensively they announced during the finn two bits of Skull a Small piece congolese government s Sharp re damaged in a collision at main part of the Assembly session they of the occipital Bone a Bone at action indicated the intruders had Ami Tennessee amour la 30 last would not kick in a cent a and be Back of the Skull a Collar shown no desire to change sides night. _ a a they Haven t. Bone a Large part of a foot some there were signs the Leopold a be Drivers were Thomas of. The soviet Union s share is $6.j parts of the hand and the Ville government knew of the la Tweddell. 211 s. Steuben and ran dumb test movements a week ago. Dal e Marsh or1015 of sum when i. No forces from Lulua Ben. Police said Tweddell started Bourg went to investigate reports to Pas As Marsh made a left i i. Inti a Ana Down to Albania s $19,373. _ ,. A Fidel Castro Cuba also can in Falls through trestle of troop appearing at Lus Ambo. Turn from main to Tennessee v. I. Counted on to follow Moscow s1 about 15o Miles swathe lao of fir ated damage to Raedy $446 96 and Mary Alice City commissioner Harold in this Book Arr Promise pre if we confess our sin he Milstead. Ala a the Goldville government protested the right Side of the Tweddell 1957 Putman $419.12. Tom. And John Ullh Osifo poner Clou Toyono Mtoto to to. Be faithful my jus to Tom to our Tad renege on and tags car 0,no ,d\at1,n, a a Jmc Nash and loft do of Tho mar rep j. Floyd Bro Dine. D plan superintendent attended or Rouse i hate claimed them f o r sins and to cleanse us to Piedmont limited. Non York to no u l1k con Coluse military of 1�4 Ford at More than s200 each. Rose Bel Thompson. $<.49.49 Law Chanute myself Over and Ovtia and _ Una i a ohn<1i_ nil ail m Lotut Ami Honl h Orlean a eng i turn. Airs Tweddell Wax cited on a charge the a weakened _ of reckless driving and his hear my set for 4 pm thursday in police court. No one was Hurt in either car. Marsh was accompanied by an a other 16-year-old boy Tweddell by Erine b Mcmullen. $497.60 Olivia Power available in the amount the j. Jeffries $446 96 Elizabeth r. Intercity Hookup would required Curlin. $446 Wilma sounder about 50,000 kilowatts in 1964 or $413 21 and Doris m. Ketchum 1965. The generating source will $302.18. In a new dam above table Rock rep. Robert Dole. Ill William in Missouri a hats. $979 07 Agnes Ainilian. A Kansas City engineering firm $637.70 Bonnie s. Langdon currently is engaged in making $21167 Margaret Cox $187.25 a feasibility study of the proposed Ward h White $187.25, interconnection its purpose would rep Robert f. Ellsworth r him to obtain adequate Power sup r Converse. $938.06 Vinita ply at less Cost than is possible r Lair s466 79, Richard l. Through expansion of the Respec-1 Bond. $385.66 Lou Ann Rowe Ive municipally owned power1 $299 36 no Willy in Emerson plants. $70 04. Sharon a Thierry $115 30. An organization has been Forin rep. Walter l. Mcvey he wit cd by the six cities under the Bam h. Halsey $933.96 Alice e. Name of Kansas municipal Power la Lac $466.79 Christine Reynolds Pool to carry out the preliminary $406 79. Leila m. Opp $448.75 interconnection studies. Member Bennett l. Lilje $280 15. Cities in addition to Chanute Are rep. Garner e. Shriver. R a Erie. Iola Coffeyville. Ottawa and Lester l Rosen $1,050.14 Eliza Kansas City. Ran a ii Toi or i ii Hiti Ink Cru in Izui 1.1 in in in i Vine Early today. Vv�gtn0r tile Engineer and fireman were injured. To per two but a major disaster was Avert to it i Ltd him. De when automatic brakes stopped Fody. Mrs. Ruth the eight passenger cars of the h a oaf a Iii High Low 35 a 3 two i Xis 13 and 14 years old two accidents were investigated fabric of my Lite. Each of them he with me. Revelation 3 20. Represents a when uni discouraged a a Dallas. Tex. I Milestone in no wherefore Quot because they sought Packer. 61. Of Baxter at Tho Edge of the Ravine. Vitom.? Quot is by police today the first at 4th pc Isona i i n Noi by Faith but As it Vivere by Kan was shot to death Friday the approximately 50 Passen Baron tar a their in a a int Quot and Highland about 7 45 a m. Be j be works of the Law for they night in the Home of relatives hers were shaken up by the05 r 5 no tween car driven by Robert l. Shale Lorn i i stumbled at that stumbling Stone Here sudden St Lisp. But none was in Road Cost and irm of through i Okonev. 17. Of Iola and Harold you As the goal ast is a Rotten. Behold i Lay in p0i, questioned a relative of lured there was no one in the l. Veikins 20. Of 1801 Edith left front of the Looney 1948 Desoto the Engineer. J. M Smith. Topeka it apr a a warming received damage estimated at 35, about 60. Of Montgomery Ala. Trend which began in Western right front of the be lifts 1955 pod he a a a r to a # and Rock be Kansas woman in the shoot baggage car asks Only Mal off Gate and whosoever believe each one of us Luj on a Jin Small not he ashamed. Mil la in t o r r0mans 0 32 33. To Offir Antn Liliet la it pinned in the half submerged Kansas Friday spread to the re Tiac damage estimated at $25 when i need Quot Hen a need Wisdom a Pond my Eab of his locomotive for four minder of the state today. The about 8 45 a in c in driven by Euid Ine of Quot Topeka apr Kansas traffic hours before rescuers finally weather Bureau said tempera Linda Ivins. 19, of 1309 s Ever and n inn a i it no e. Freed him about 4 30 a matures probably would reach the Green and Max alter 69, of 111 s. Santa be collided in a drive ins when i need Wisdom beyond my own a a if any of you Lack Wisdom. Let i Quot. Tii him a of that Ive a to a11 loj Ai knowl Edge men and upbraid eth not a. Marshall him. And he and it shall be Given him. James i shall direct thy paths. Proverbs Beth r Haycock $689.68 Carl f. Aio present for yesterday j when the answer i slow in com Quot Quot a 1 _ m 0. R harder $$11. 0 and Wikley meeting v Cre representatives from ing ,. E jump $48u it. Wellington and Mcpherson. I i it to can Nanner in i 24 hours to 9 a in. Rn.�?0 during february�?16 during 1961�?62 comparable i960 period�?53 injuries fatal i steady patience is what continued on Page 2 a 150s and 60s, the Bureau said a mild cold Way adjoining the alter residence. Front will move into Northwest police said the Ivins car was in Hill City. Kus. A mrs Kansas late tonight or Early Sun tearing the drive As alter backed May Chipman 70 unconscious Day. Nut. Left Side of the Ivins 19�6 see was str for insurance. Pm 119 since an automobile Accident dec. Skies were generally Clear with Chrysler and right rear of the Ai t adv a 24, 1959, died Friday in a Hospital.,a few High Clouds in some Arnut Ter 1957 Dodge were damaged

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