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Chanute Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 4

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Chanute Tribune (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Chanute, Kansas Editorial the Smoll society truth in lending for eight years or longer there have been unsuccessful efforts in Congress to secure the passage of a a a truth in lending Bill. The measure would require that the full amount of interest paid be fully spelled out for the Protection of the Borrower. In the present Congress the Bill has fared better. A somewhat watered Down version of the original proposal has been passed by the Senate and the indications now Are there will be favourable action in the House. Unfortunately the practical benefits of the measure will not be nearly so great As the sponsors of a a truth in lending assume. The bulk of those who buy on partial payments Are Al this n that by mph most indifferent to whether they Are being charged 12. 25, or 36 per cent interest. They done to give the thought they should to How Many months the time payments extend. In most cases their Only concern is the size of the monthly payment. If they can fit this amount into their immediate budgets they buy the car the washing machine the color television set or whatever other appliance it happens to be. Putting the real rate of interest in Large figures on the front of the contract instead of burying it in the Small Type on the Back is unlikely to cause any general reduction in the interest charges on this Type of sales. By Bride Man Patrick Jbf Jav of amp it to be us Fusto amp a amp \ what taxation with in like a. To your Good health a Mosquito bites get big the Chanute Tribune of. Monday August 14, 1$�?T to tonight c color 6 30 7 9�?iron horse c 2 4�?monkees in 5 12 13�?gilligan�?Ts is. Cd 7 00 5 12 13�?mr. Terrific in 2�?dream of Jeannie c 7 30 5 12 13�?vacation playhouse c a 7 9�?rat patrol c 2�?capt. Nice c 8 00 9�?felony squad c 5 12 13�?andy Griffith cd 2 7�?road West s 30 9�?peyton place it 5 12 13�?family affair cd 9 00 7 9 13-big Valley c 5�?coronet Blue c 2 4�?run for life cd 12�?bewitched cd 9 30 12�?love on rooftop c 10 00 2 4 5 7 9 12 19-news summer work Dic n t pay from Reading the papers one get the impression that College age youth in t doing much this summer except playing the mandolin experimenting with extra in Sory drugs growing Long hair and beards and keeping out of communication with the world. The impression is false. It is based Only on those boys and girls who make the headlines. The ones who Don t have been Busy j Selling subscriptions to the saturday evening Post hauling bags of groceries from supermarkets to parked cars working in construction gangs and waiting table in summer resorts. A few among them have a Bown unusual resourceful mph Ness and imagination. They have not been Content to accept minimum wages. They have gone into unusual commercial enter prices to make themselves enough to Complete their educations in princely style. Outstanding among these latter Arr four boys and a girl. She is 20. Three of the boys Are 21 and the other is 26. They come from Boulder. Colo Clinton Ohio Rolla. To. Fairhaven. Mass and from Tri Buna Filo a uni Hersity Cit. To. How they All got together Hadnot been made Clear at this writing but probably it was on some University Campus. In any event the quintet engaged in a joint venture that would have netted them $67,000 had it not been for the vigilant Eye of a woman who owns a laundromat in Byron. Neb. Tile five selected farming for their joint venture and proved after a fashion that it can be made to pay. They did so by spurning surplus crops and cultivating one in such Short Supply that it commands an attractive Price. They grew a crop of Maniuang on a farm owned by the parents of the senior member of tile Syndicate. They had a Nice Harvest. Taking advantage of science they dried their crop in a laundromat which proved to be their undoing. To defy had a yield of 336 pounds which they were about to take with them to Cape cod for Sale in a pleasant resort atmosphere. They were apprehended be Cau a the laundromat woman found bits of the Weed in her lint traps and notified the police. They were fined $125 each and sentenced to to Days in jail. All of which proves that crime does pay and marijuana is Best dried in Hie Sun. By Joseph g. Molner m d. Dear or. Molner i have a severe reaction to mosquitoes. A bite ran swell up to the size of a Tennis Ball. For example i bad a bite on the wrist and my swelled from Elbow to Knuckles. If i am bitten on the foot i can to get a shoe on. I have tried numerous repellents hut the mosquitoes seem to like them and other things ranging from serum to penicillin and cortisone. Net when i am pregnant they do not bother me. Then i had a miscarriage and the mosquitoes would t leave me alone. I would appreciate any help. I Esen called an allergy clinic but they bad no suggestion. A mrs. R. P. Of if Twenty five years ago functioning or a peace time schedule but with a War time Outlook nine Chanute Public schools will open Here sept. 8 with officials students and teaching personnel Bent As much toward aiding in the War Effort As in learning. Uniformed Cut students enrolled in a program much More extensive than those in previous yearns will mingle with College enrollees and use College classrooms. First Aid and night school classes will be in Progress Side by Side with calculus and French classes. Teaching duties will be consolidated to make up for positions left Blank by resignations. College classes will be run to allow students to work downtown in stores where labor is scarce. There la be less extra curricular activities and sport activity wont have a top position. Mrs. Sylvia Allison returned wednesday from Venice calif., where she has been several weeks visiting relatives. Or. And mrs. Howard Jester and daughter Carol were in Independence thursday on business. Mrs. Don Beach mrs. George Hutchinson mrs. A. L. Land and mrs. Ben e. My in merry go Kounda spent wednesday i Pittsburg on business. Mrs. Raymond Pierpont and Calvert pier Pont were in Kansas City today pm business for the c. R. Calvert company. Fifty years ago thursday will be Chautauqua ticket Selling Day. C. P. Swank president and Guy Jeffers Secretary of the local organization were instructed to Divide the City into to districts and to assign one of the e districts to each of Hie to squads of to into which tile guarantors have been divided. Or. And mrs. J. L. Sanders Are in St. Louis buying fall and Winter goods for the firm of Sanders a Dodson. Mrs. Avg xxi Chaves arrived from Oklahoma this morning to visit with friends. Her husband is a horse handler and formerly made his training Headquarters Here. Today a Bible verse this is my commandment. That be love one another As i have loved you. Greater love hath no Man than this that a Man Lav Down his life for his friends. John 15 12, 13. Individual reactions vary widely and can be of an allergic Type which seems to be the Case with your i Mammoth swelling. _ your comment about not being bitten while preg or. Molner naut is of interest. To ii problem has been studied and r has been found that women can attract mosquitoes differently in accordance with the phases of the menstrual Cycle. Plus is thought to be because of tile amount of oestrogen or female hormone. But tile studies aimed at finding out More about Why mosquitoes a and people a react the Way they do is not of much practical use to you right now. In spite of your Lack of Success with die clinic desensitization with Mosquito extract has been reported to be successful in the same sen in that desensitization can protect to some degree against Hay fever and other allergies. I we Ould Check further in this direction. See if your physician can obtain this extract and give you treatment a you Are not very far from one of the big medical schools and he May find help there in obtaining the extract. Vou might also discus with him whether a Quick acting Long acting Antihistamine might be kept available to Lessen the amount of swelling when you Are bitten. Cortisone preparations should be helpful but must be taken under your doctors supervision. And they would not prevent you from being bitten. Dear or. Molner i am a medical assistant student. One of my courses is a Ray. One hour a Day five Days a week. Only one person takes the a Ray and she is the Only one protected from the rays. The rest of us just sit there and get the exposure. Could this be harmful my classmates would be interested. A d. A. Of excessive expire is harmful but from your letter i cannot even estimate How much exposure you Are receiving. I would assume a or at least Hope a that any institution teaching such a subject would include training in Protection and information in amounts that can be tolerated safely. Monitoring badges Are widely used in places where exposure must be measured. The badges contain Small pieces of x Ray film and when these Are developed they indicate the exposure to which the wearer has been subjected. Dear or. Molner is too much Vitamin c harmful for arthritis a p. A. No. Too much Vitamin c in t harmful for anything else. Either since this Vitamin unlike some of the others does not accumulate in the system if you get More than you need. You use what is useful and the rest is discharged. That a Why Citrus or other juice High in Vitamin c is recommended every Day a simply because tile body uses or discards it promptly and does not save it up. The television log Koo tech. 2 Daf tech. 4 Mcmo tech. 5 Koam tech. 7 Kmic tech. 9 Kode tech. 12 Wiby tech. Ii Chanute cd. 3 Trot tuesday August la int Iii . A 30 so summer semester a Codik Elton in 13�?ruh hour 4�? ii depot in 7 00 2 4 7�?today show 5�?farm be Eta. Newt 0�?cartoon 7 30 we it a Nitrel a a to Rev time i a the Early Birt 11�?jack Lavinne i of 12 Llu capt Kangaroo .10 Jack la it a 0o 2�?petty puke Ltd snap judgment j 13�?candid camera a general Hospital 12�?romper room a o Lalanne t 30 2 a 7�?conceatration 5 12 13�?rev a a a dateline Hollywood 10 00 2 4 7�?personality c s 12 13�?andy of Mayberry so honeymoon race cd 10 30 2 a 7�?hohvwood Square in 5 12 is Dick Van Dyke a family lame 11 of 2 4 7�?jeopardy c 5 12 13�?love of life a a everybody talking 11 3c 2 4 7�?evt guest c a 12 13�?starch for tomorrow 3�? Donna Reed la 43 5 12 13�?guiding Light 12.00 2 i 12 13-news 7�?melody matinee 4�?mat Chee mate it a a truth a consequence to it tuesday . 12 3� 2 4�?lafe make a Deal a a 3 12 13�?As be world turns 1# 7�?news a a dealing for of Olla it 1 00 2 7�?pay of our lira be 4�? Betta Hay s 12 is password a free for All 1 30 2 7�?th# doctor a Hollywood it the Start 5 12 is House party 2 00 2 4 7�?another world 3 12 13�?to tall the 2�?~30 2 4 7�?you Don t say 3 12 13�?edge of night pm dark Shadow i of 4 7�?match game e 2�?addams family s 12 is secret storm a a dating game to 3 3� 2�?rawhide 4�?let s to # a trip cd j 13�?mike Dougla 7�?donna Reed a a newlywed oame 12�?genertl Hospital a 00 4�?superman 7�?leave it to Leaver a a Tore a Friend cd 12�?the beatles 13�?jungle Jon 4 30 top pay fun club 4�?m#rv Griffin 12�?sea Hunt 2�?ch-Ckmate 13�?cartoons 5 00 2�?have gun a travel 5�? leave it to Beaver 7�?mr cd so Wells Farge a a branded 13�?Early new a 30 2 4 7�?huntley a Brinkley a a news a a truth consequence be it 12�?cronklte e a 00 2 4 3 7 9 12 13�?news a a baseball c a a to 4 7�?girl from Uncil 2�?checkmate 12 a a Dakotan cd a a combat e 7 to 12 is spotlight 3 4 7�?movie a a the invader it a 30 12 13�?petticoat jct. Few a Peyton Pine a too a a integration and ache 13�?nfvs hour a 12�?fugitive it a so 3�?nfl action la of 2 4 a 7 ill 13�?newe a a Alan Burke let it 13�?joey Riesop a 2 4 a tonight blow Etc a movie la so a a Joey by thou to 12�?last by own you can Stop sinus trouble a is the title of my Booklet explaining what minus trouble really is. And encouraging bin its sufferers to do something about it. For a copy write to or. Molner in care of this newspaper enclosing a Long self addressed stamped envelope and Twenty cents in Coin to cover Cost of printing and handling. Love is taught in the Home Victor Louis is mystery Man w rv.nvrcmvnders0n i Ili ung Dien Lse Olough the it did a opens to coincide with Tho so. Washington Hie inter not submit the highest oilers Viet unions 50th anniversary by Ann Landers dear aaa Landers tears filled my eyes when i read tile letter from the 16-year-old girl w to complained because her father hugged and kissed her too much. She said it was embarrassing. That girl does no to know How Lucky she is. I or would have Given any thing if my father had kissed me even once a month. I really blame him too much Rufh timer Ira because he was almost 33 when Ann Landers he married mom and he did t know How to show affection to Small children although he had four of his own. Dad died three years ago. I was 15. I cherish the memory of the few hello and Good Bye kisses he did give me. I Hupe every fat Iier duo reads this letter will ask himself when was the last time he kissed his was miss Raleigh speaking to you dear Ana Landers my husband sold his business a few years ago and retired. We Are not wealthy but we have a Nice wastebaskets and the trash. My income from past investments. Mother is always throwing Are monkeys come to his Aid As Ben Calhoun is forced to play 16-year-old boy who May be kill i16 re c a gunslinger and outed by his Kotlier one of these i n o or t0 t0 Rescue his Days. I know she would never i end a near held in prison in an tonight so top to shows the monkeys Abc. 6 30 . 7 50 . The Story for tonight Peter Fork Falls madly in love concerns a Magazine editor with a Debutante but lacks the whose late wife returns to Earth Confidence to court her. The to find him a new mate. Joanna forgive herself but id be dead a ii,9 j0 "71 Abc just the same. It is my Job to empty Hie plus social Security. I have always handled Money in the family. My husband does no to know what it is i cans explode in a Row and it j to pay a Bill. I also helped him j sounds like a sonic Boom. Osol cans into the wastebaskets. The when i Burn the trash the cans explode. Sometimes two or three 6 30 . Vacation playhouse lbs Moore is featured. Coronet Blue lbs. 9 . Micheal Alden participating in a hazardous space Experiment seems on the verge of recapturing a fragment of his past that will give him a clue to his identity when an unexpected occurrence brings the project to a premature halt. 1 is his business and paid the company Bills As Well. I have read of people getting i killed by these things and i now that we Are entering our done to want it to happen to me. I Golden years we should be re High flying b-58 bombers May produce sonic booms Richards Ebay r air and towns in Missouri Kansas Force base. To. Apr a Nebraska and Illinois joint training exercise by the a a residents May hear their North american air defense distorting but harmless High taxed but we Arentt. My husband is driving my crazy be cause i am not Able to save and Money. He keeps asking j shocked a where does it All go a i have tried to explain that the Cost of living has gone up taxes Are up. Club memberships Are up. And Ive can t drive a car free. We have not touched our principal. We live on interest and social Security but still he hollers. A everyone should save will you please answer a tired 9�? a strategic air Altitude sonic the. To please need the aerosol Cane Ai a Ai. Us out of the wastebaskets by. She ,�?o1 to ement a did forgets what can i do Over parts of a Quot Nadu and today in history Central United states Early the morning of Friday aug. 18, Deer shocked you can Stop Headquarters of the Central the associated press today is monday aug. 14, the depending on your Mother and i Norad Region announced to sort out the trash yourself bub. Day. I Volti Ann Lender in Cere of the Chan o Tribune and enclose a stamped self addressed envelope. Ann binders will be glad to help you with your problems copyright 1967. 226til Day of 1967. There Are 139 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1945, president Indian ceremonial ends at Wichita or than so far has leaked into Prim. Tile mystery Man in the Story is Victor Louis a bespectacled 39-year-old soviet journalist whom u. S. Intelligence has How identified As a Kremlin agent. The intrigue began after Svet rid concluded that the United states bought the first serial rights. Hoped to detract from the Cele Lac Magazine also purchased bration by raising the ghost of rights to print Advance excerpts Stalin by was of Svetlana she does no to want learn How to give and receive an answer. Head rather holler. Love is at Raleigh from the Book. Although life is not a Greenbaum client it is in the family so to memoirs. Soviet intermediaries first dear miss you Are unusually Wise and perceptive for an 18 be Burny so to speak Marian True j to Persua fac Harper and year old. And you have a for Sulzberger daughter of the new Row to change the publication amp Ivin heart t0� which a a cd. Times publisher is mar Date but the pubiisb2r re Fum p j Hope tile fathers in my read to Andrew Heiskell. The lanais startling defection to the time life Board chairman West an event that jolted the All belong to Greenbauml a russians is severely a the de Circle of friends and clients Section of Caroline Kennedy to Russia 20 years from now would Shock americans. Tile state department now wishing to get involved officially. Asked sex ambassador to Moscow George Kennan to keep Svetlana from stumbling into any Pitfalls. He called in his next door neighbor attorney Edward Greenbaum whose Madison Avenue Law firm obligingly took Svetlana under its Wing. Svetlana had brought out of Russia her memories All neatly typed and ready for translation. But she also left a copy behind. Greenbaum immediately parcelled out the rights to Svetlana a writings to his own pub Lic probably his Best form of recreation since he retired. Start next month to keep an itemized account of every dime you spend. When he starts veiling hand him the list. That should Settle his hash. Ing audience will take inventory j dear Ann Landers i am a publisher then Victor Louis suddenly appeared on the scene with the manuscript Svetlana had left Gin celebrating their 50th an land there is no denying that be behind plus pictures from her Niv Ersary hoi much these distinguished family album. He offered these publications paid Svetlana has last May to Parade Magazine n i been announced but if s no whose editor. Jess Gorkin turn made a sizable capitalist pro fighter aircraft from Norad units will simulate aircraft interception missions to meet bombers of Sac Wirich i Hant s. Truman announced a will be the exercise attack pants Snoen dither Quot surrender Force. Sac b-58 and b-52 k Vas tile end of world War i. B Myers will Fly Over toe Cana t d on provinces of Alberta. Sas a a years ?0 41 Young Katr Hern. Manitoba and on Picans let Moscow for communist Luna cd a the gov. High and Low altitudes will errl1j�,it warnings that toe trip overfly cities and towns in mis Quot be sour Kansas Nebraska he five years ago a gang the Drums and Kansas Indian i not is Indiana Michigan wig robbed a . Mail Zonsin. Minnesota. South and More than $1.5 4i i i a Aan North Dakota Montana Wyo Plymouth a s an unofficial 4.000 persons j Ming. Colorado and Iowa 1 one year go no saw at least one of the Cere tile Central a legion Norad lie clashed a with a a v y pm a denials consisting of Indian Headquarters said several b-58 stator Etc dances music saw Ball hand bombers will Fly High Altitude a 9 Wichita. Ken. Api indians representing 13 tribes of Kansas Oklahoma and Missou-1 ,r0, plans operating at both i struck their teepees and left Wichita sunday evening ending a three Day joint ceremonial of tile Drums and Kansas in leaders Summit conference. Truck of million near but the new York times and fit on the Deal. Time life which paid through j however. . Intelligence is the nose for the first rights. I convinced that Louis is a soviet see that she became a Mil de him Down. Gorkin consider were furious Over being scoop-1 agent with excellent pipelines Claire capitalist quicker than edit unethical to run a Story cd they began digging into How into the Kremlin. My communist on record. Time that other publications had Pur it happened and found Victor any Magazine claimed she collected a record $3,200,000 from both american and British publishers. And time should be in a position to know. Harper and Row set october As the release Date for Svetlana s memoirs and the new York tines planned a 12-instalment serialization beginning in Louis at the Bottom of the Wood chased Louis finally peddled his Boot pile. Leg manuscript to european publishers. To protect tile copyright the legitimate ish publisher Hutchinson and company rushed a russian language version of the Book in stories exposing Louis As to print. The highlights of Svetlana a games and Indian football. At the Summit conference saturday advisory Council members decided to begin individual tribal meetings on a monthly basis eventually limiting them to biannual meetings. Tile purpose will be to map supersonic missions near cities hoods. Marches into All Whito neighbor meanwhile the russians Are needs of tile tribes and present exploring the possibility of til them to the governor and legis ing suits in the United states1 lature for action. Tan time angrily accused him of and Europe for the profits on gov. Robert Docking was rep peddling the manuscript and the memoirs. The soviets con-1 resented saturday by Terry Brit pictures like a a Salesman of tend that Svetlana wrote her1 scallion director of stale and obscene postcard the new memoirs originally As letters York times ran a ser is of to her children therefore they ministration. Kremlin agent. In Europe Louis fussed and Are the Legal owners of the manuscript. Note a spokesman for the Greenbaum Law firm refused ail late september. Let be Magazine Story were picked up and print-1 fumed. He got on the transit will print its excerpts Simuta red around the world. Presume Mantic phone to find out whether i comments except Quot Quot to Quot a know Niou Sijo any this was the Kremlin a 1 he could sue. He claimed Plain Edge fort Harper and Row and i Ann since the Story will now be Tivel that he was merely an Lite new York times were i lie autumn publishing Dale stale news when toe soviets be enterprising russian journalist clients. Make your own garlic olives. Transfer file contents of a can of Ripe olives to a Jar with a screw top. Add 3 garlic cloves Cut in half. Store in the refrig-1 orator for a few Days shaking occasionally to distribute tile i garlic flavor

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