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Chanute Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Chanute Tribune (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Chanute, Kansas Two girls killed by Park bears in Montana forecast West Glacier Mont. Apr the superintendent of Glacier National Park says lightning May have goaded two grizzly summoned to try to figure out Why the bears attacked. Park rangers armed with i Little change single copy Price 7e the Chanute Tribune Chanute Kansas 66720, monday August 14, 1967 8 pages 75th year no. 106 bears into killing two aes combed tile Granite Park 19-year-old girls Early sunday chalet area where miss Helens they slept in sleeping bags in son was attacked and the Trout this rugged wilderness. Lake area 20 Miles West where miss Koons was killed. All trails killed in the separate Inci in the area were closed to Cam Dent 20 Miles apart in the and hikers mountainous Park on the Mon Ixl cat who was Tana Canada Tarter were Julie a Kaj a a hos Sta to or v Ifo m a ors that the Bear attacked miss and Michele Koons of san die Hel fir Hen m to Calif. Roy Ducal. 18. Of per him in his a a j b nearby i str it Jusys Oln a Ltd a he escaped and tile Bear Jared by the Bear that killed went bark miss Helgeson. I miss Helgeson. Ducat staggered bleeding and Forest rangers pressed a in Shock to a nearby campsite search for die killer animals. And other campers helped him Park supt. Keith Neilson said to a Alet a Quarter mile away his Only theory on the attacks was that lightning strikes in tile Park alarmed the normally shy near sighted grizzlies into attacking. Lightning started 14 Forest fires in the Park saturday and sunday. More than 400 firefighters tried to Cratt Rol them. Tile Park has had no ram since june. A there seems to be an association Between the lightning taxes Choice i offered Washington apr Secre a and die attacks a Neilson said j tary of the Treasury Henry j a but we can to be sure. There is h. Fowler offered Congress a no Scarcity of natural food and Stark Choice today reject preside grizzly is an unusually shy ident Johnson a tax increase and animal. It s strange for them to open the Way for a possible 29-attack.�?� billion deficit or enact it and Neilson said he has had sever still face the Prospect of $14 Bil a1 reports of bears nudging peo lion to $18 billion red Ink spend ple in sleeping bags this sum ing. Mer. But they ran Wien the i in his opening speech to Al campers screamed. V to a House. Most 2.000 persons at the Cha the Bear that killed miss"3 an Means committee snide Rea Christian crusade Koons sniffed at four other a re. J sunday night in Royster Sta sleeping bags while die occur nation s use8 situation. 3 orders signed by gov. Docking before Vietnam Topeka apr the signing i another Basic question Lan of three orders by gov. Robert i Don said is raised by supreme Docking before he left for Viet Nam brought criticism sunday by Alf m. Lyndon who said the action creates a serious situation. Court decisions that a Kansas governor must be physically present in the state to act officially. Pendergast said that it gov. John Crutcher had been briefed Landon a ormer Republican i fun Jay his responsibilities in governor and presidential can Ltd event of he death a a djs. Dilate termed the paper Abs y 0f by governor signed by Docking a demo-1 0 Ltd his Tnp to Viet crated a secret orders and raised the question As to Why the governor sought Legal and Nam Hopes to determine what part colleges and universities in Kansas May play in the econom View from the . Department development 0f South Viet of Justice rather than from die attorney general of the state of Kansas. Nam. Song Leader and soloist Jimmie Mcdonald directing choir of near 200 voices in opening service Tribune photo by loin Erickson of 15-Day Chanute area Christian crusade. 2.000 at crusade Start a what kind of Christian Are you a challenged Lane Adams drum. Pendergarst said there is nothing secret about the papers i signed by Docking before he left sunday on his 10-Day trip they commended the local Hale. The Rev. William Bald a he would talk about the no. I to Vietnam at the invitation of committee for their work and win or. Duff Wagoner and problem of teenagers tuesday. I president Johnson. Landon Rai Edd the Issue in a prepared statement which brought a reply from Paul pen-1 de Gist. Die governors administrative assistant. Top fair Stock Erie a a 980-Pound Hereford said the response was indict Paster Robert Greene Parte Glen Cummingham of Leon the Pende cd belong to Kenneth Adams. A Iiri of via no qty or Krona to. Mono i in Tho Cortri a Milos f tin 11 to proc. A Tive of the prayer and prepare Ipa Ted in the service Tion on their part. Miracle Miler will be pres a Ujj. Special nights of Emp a is ent saturday were announced. Tonight a pics j attending the service were greetings from working com-1 Sage will be on peace. Tuesday persons from As far away As fort Scott Garnett and Pitts pants Lay Frozen with fear. Then he said at economies question was put to an mittens were extended by the i and saturday nights will be attacked miss Koons Neilson go government plans to make Agentive audience whom the executive chairman or. J. R j youth nights. Adams announced a Aid. And with Eio per cent income Yang list said he was aware tile others escaped but the fax surcharge which he called was Mace up Rostle of Church Burg. Zipper on her sleeping bag a a moderate temporary Emer 6fuck gency increase a the Treasury people. Too few Church people in his opinion give the impression of having that source of never can hold its borrowing Down to All three victims were pm a level that it disrupt ending Power the knowledge slowed for the summer in pal it markets and shout interest rates Aud acceptance of Jesus Christ tote. Mus Koons worked in a Quot pals Iesu cd Quot de spread a you May observe every Rit the gift shop at Lake Mcdonald inf afcan can be avoided. A a your Church and still be Lodge. Miss Helgeson worked in outside of the kingdom of god a the laundry at East Glacier budget director Charles l he said. A a lets Stop talking Lodge and Ducat was a Busboy Schuitz backed Fowler Sesti a it it it our Young people and at East Glacier. They were on Nate 0f the deficit and said a we Start examining what we As outings on their Days off. Are determined to Cut More than adults have done to drive them the two girls were the first $15 billion in spending awa7 frown goal the Church and people reported killed by bears since the Park opened in 1910, the a we Are aiming at a Cut of ten inquirers responded to although several have been in Over $2 billion As a Means of the invitation to begin a new Jared. Holding civilian expenditures be life in Jesus Christ at the close Neilson said Glen Cole. Park Low the january estimate a j of the message. Service biologist from yellow Schuitz continued. Stose National Park had been 1 j j Fowler said the spending estimate submitted in january for the year that began july i May now be exceeded by As much As weather music under the direction of Jimmie Mcdonald was an inspiration to the listeners. His personal testimony of his Faith . Planes strike near red China Saigon a �?. Warplane and Highway Bridge which was i and an rf4c reconnaissance struck for die second straight i knocked out in raids near the plane were shot Down by ground Day today at North vietnamese chinese Border sunday. I fire. All three crewmen were 1. Authorize the state alcoholic beverage control director to close liquor stores and private clubs in an area where a civil disobedience occurs. 2. Authorize the marshal to restrict sales of gasoline in portable containers or otherwise in an area where a civil disobedience occurs. 3. Authorize the adjutant by proclamation to use the National guard upon the request of a mayor pm sheriff. Landon said Docking s conduct was unprecedented a a in leaving behind him secret orders perhaps to be later simple Chanute was named grand Champion Market steer at the 13th annual Neosho county fair in the Fra and 4-h Junior division. Adams is a member of the Neosho Valley Busy bees 4-h club. Chosen As Reserve Champion state fire Market steer was a 985-Pound j listed As missing. The Navy said the Bridge was one of two bypass Bridges being this brought to 641 the total of rented by ism from outside of built by the North vietnamese announced . Warlane losses he said this sets a at Lang son to link with the a Over North Vietnam. Precedent for future governors Jor rail line. As the air War came closer to As Tow to evade their con other Navy pilots from the communist China in what a thu tonal responsibility to be i j. Be test and Constellation hammered a rail geared to be a lifting of some at Tome on the Job when they Drav Jno contest j a _ _ Al of i. I____a______1___ n___ij--1 ar1 Koffi to Iii today i yesterday is saturday. 78 year ago today. 87 highest thin Date dust. No less than had been anticipated lowest this Date him. 54 $8 5 billion including $4 billion Mas of d tw0�?z80,08 he. Relative humidity i pm barometer to . 29.04. Sunrise 6 36 a Sunset 16. Tor defense and that revenues rented. Ted corne11 was at 8 May be As much As $7 billion Ai 0, i John Dillon and Sterling Hus ton other members of the Cru Fowler sought to show that 8ade it Eam from the Bill a Gra the proposed us increase is less Ham association were pleased .49 area forecast partly heavy than those enacted under Cloudy through tuesday with comparable circumstances in widely scattered nighttime the past. He said that during thundershowers. Little change world War ii personal income in temperature. Low tonight 60 to 65. High tuesday near 90. Topeka a partly Cloudy skies Are forecast for Kansas through tuesday with temperatures expected to show a warming trend in Eastern sections. Rain which was falling in Eastern and Southern Kansas this morning was expected to end by tonight. The showers broke out in Northwest Kansas sunday and gradually moved southeastward. Top temperatures in Kansas sunday were from 79 at it. Leavenworth and Topeka to 91 at Hill City. It was the first 90-degree Reading reported in Kansas in several Days. Taxes were raised by the equivalent of 730 per cent and the taxes associated with the korean War were equivalent to about a 28 per cent surcharge. In contrast he said a married coup e with two children and a $10,000 salary typically would pay about $111 More under the pending surtax proposal or not much More than one per cent of total income. With the near capacity crowd the first night of the 15-Day crusade. Targets just to Miles from red China a Border along the major Railroad from China to Hanoi. The attacks sunday and today were closer to the chinese Border than any previous air raids in the Vietnam War. Navy a6 intruders and a4 siding South of Lang son and target restrictions by president act officially. So Hawks from the Carrier con pilots said they Cut the tracks in Johnson Sharp ground fighting he said the state s attorney striation in the Tonkin Gulf several places. Flared in South Vietnam a North general should have been asked the pilots reported they enem is. Corps area. Hold the albums of the pers couriered Only Light antiaircraft i a Emen s m brigade of Stead of the Justice depart Anu of tied by Roger Elliott. R. 3. Chanute and a member of Hie Jolly go getters. Grand Champion Market hog went to Tom Mills jr., Erie a 203-Pound spotted hog. Kenneth Foster Savonburg with i 205-Hampshire won Reserve Champion Market hog. Grand Champion Market Lamb was awarded to Judy tipping Erie for her 88-Pound Suffolk Ewe. Reserve Champion Market Lamb belongs to Judy Roecker Chanute an 87-Pound Ewe. Other winners named in the Junior division were in a by a tractor raked the Lang son Railroad bypass Bridge 63 Miles North of Haiphong. Pilots reported dropping the Southern Span of the 360-foot, four Span Structure. A . Military spokesman said the Bridge is half a mile East of the Lang son Railroad fire. No planes were reported lost in the latest raids but the . Command announced that in saturdays 151 attacks on the North an kids thunderchief copters Roar overhead traffic fatalities Topeka apr Kansas traffic death log 48 hours to 9 . Monday�?6 august�?23 1967-377 comparable 1966�?125 Christian crusade place Royster stadium time 8 . Evangelist Lane Adams attendance sunday 2,000 inquirers sunday ten. Sermon tonight tonight is a fall Church air plane propeller is stolen Howard Anderson 717 n. Steuben said today he is offering. $100 Reward for apprehension co ters Quot As capt Vic Robinson a quiet and pleasant sunday in Chanute was suddenly interrupted about noon yesterday by the thundering noise of two huge helicopters which swooped across the City at tree top level and landed at municipal Airport. The Odd looking copters ch-37b�?Ts, brought Many curious onlookers who were permitted to inspect them. Attached to the 137th transportation company of the Kansas air National guard Topeka they were on a routine training flight. Accompanying the a copters was an Oia single engine observation plane. At the controls of one of the Cline Topeka was piloting the other ch-37band cw02 Allen Ebbers Wichita piloted the Oia. Flight commander was it. Col. Donald of Toole Topeka. The ch-37b a Mojave is of the Type used by the United states in Vietnam and one of the Craft Here had seen service there. Termed a medium sized helicopter the ch-37b has a cargo capacity of 10,000 pounds. Doors at the front of the Craft swing open for loading with space available for a jeep or Light truck. The a Mojave is an the . 101st airborne division starting operation Benton ran into a withering barrage of Small arms automatic weapons. Mortar and artillery fire from too to 150 communist troops in a Battle that raged from sunday night until nearly Dawn today. Ment because the attorney Gen Era i is the duly constituted authority to Render such opinions. Fear 17 miners trapped in pit Mieres. Spain apr seventeen Coal miners were believed the paratroopers said they Traft cd Toda a in a where a a 1u counted 35 Enen dead on the adv do on mlnln8 All around Workhorse in Viet Battlefield Southwest of coastal i t. Rep cd Nam being used for troop lift. Tam by about 340 Mies North. Tu0 Hgt later one Miner was medical evacuation Rescue of East of Saigon. Two paratroop re Mort from the a and taken cr1. Downed pilots and transports ers were killed and 19 wounded Hospital in a end Cal cond a a a Tion. Mark Neely of the willing workers Chanute was first in bicycle contest out of to entries. The tractor driving contest was won by Terry thiesing Erie and Charles Moore also of Erie was runner up. A fat Stock Sale at the close of the three Day fair saturday night ended with $19,580.41 total Sale the grand Champion Market steer sold to by Grade construction co., St. Paul for $499.80 at $51 cwt. By Grade also was High bidder for the Reserve Champion Market steer which sold for $354.60 at $36 Tion of cargo. The . Troops also reposed.,. A a a a 10 ambulances medical equip Power is supplied by two caring 18 enemy weapons. Ment and Rescue were Pratt fit Whitney r-2800-54 en-1 about 40 Miles to the North rushed to the mine but efforts vietnamese rangers sweeping to Contact the trapped miners the ridges where they had Bat have been unsuccessful so far. Led an estimated 1,000 North the officials said the expo vietnamese regulars for two Sion occurred just after the Days West of Tam by said today morning shift entered Hie pit they had killed 156 enemy sol whose main gallery was be Diers and captured 45 weapons lived to have collapsed. Gines which developed 2,100 horsepower each. The ch-37b has a top it peed of 138 a fuel Range of four hours. After a stay of almost two hours the copters took off for the return flight to Topeka expected to take about an hour. Sill i if you done to get your Tribune phone your Carrier. If he can to be reached dial he 1-3400 after iffy a office which is Investigat-8 pro. Ling the theft. And conviction of the person or persons who stole the propeller off an air plane belonging to him. The propeller was taken thursday or Friday night. Anderson said. The theft occurred on r. 2, five Miles Northwest of town. Anderson placed value of the propeller at $100. In addition to its loss he said the Cap of the planets gasoline tank was removed and the tank left open allowing moisture to enter the fuel system and making Complete draining and checking of the system necessary. This Cost another $100, he said. The plane is a Small pleasure Craft. Anderson reported the missing propeller and Reward offer to the Neosho county Sher 215 s. Evergreen who is a member of the 137th. It. Wayne Penn state Library plans soft music University Park. A. Apr the Library whisper and the quiet clap of closing books May soon give Way to the sound of soft music in a Pennsylvania state University Library. I intercepted letter dear Cha Docking strip to View political problems in South Vietnam seems to have created political controversy at Home. 45 i 4&Quot Ute yours note presenting an unusual sight in the skies Over Chanute yesterday were these two ch-37b a Mojave helicopters shown Here Over the City Tribune photo by Sam Barnhart shortly after taking off for Topeka. The above picture was taken from the Oia observation plane which was accompanying the copters. Premiums from beef sales was $3,884.38. The grand Champion Market tog was bought by Duecy Grain co., Erie Ami Galesburg for $253.75 at $125 cwt. The Reserve Champion went to Exchange state Bank St. Paul for $126.33 at $62.50 cwt. Premiums totalled $2,715.02 for hogs 72 of which were sold. Duecy Grain co. Was High bidder for the grand champ1 on Market Lamb which sold for $176 at $200.00 cwt. The Reserve grand Champion went to Bank of Commerce Chanute for $69.60 at $80 cw1. Total premiums 21 Lamb sales was $480.07. Total premiums for beef hogs and sheep was $7,079.47. A Complete list of fat Stock sales and those purchasing will be published in the Tribune this week. Chanute county budget hearings Public hearings on the proposed Chanute City and Neosho county budgets for next year will be held tonight and tomorrow. Hearing on the City budget will be part of tonight a regular City commission meeting at the memorial building. The session starts at 7 30. Hearing on the county budget will be at 1 30 . Tomorrow in the county commission office at Ute courthouse in Erie

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