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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., Sept ll, 1971 New Machinery for Federal Financing By Mike Beupree City officials besan setting up the machinery last week to enable Cedar Rapids to get in on the ground , floor of a new system of federal financing for local projects. The new system goes into effect Jan. I, 1975. and was created by the housing and community development act signed last month by President Ford la theory, the pravisians of the new act. abbreviated CD. will let local governments ob tail federal money with less red tape and fewer delays, as well as give local officials more control over how the fonds will be spent. In a way, CD is sort of a cross between revenue sharing and categorical grants. “ Like revenue sharing, the money will come in a block instead of in specific amounts earmarked for specific programs Like the old categorical grants it replaces, though. CD money will not come automatically but only after an application has been approved by* the federal department of housing and urban development (HUD). The big difference seems to be that under the CD legislation. HUD acts more as a reviewing agency and less as an administrative agency. • • • IN FACT, if applications aren’t acted on by HUD within 75 days of the time they are submitted by a local government, the applications are automatically approved — and that’s a switch from the way most federal programs are handled There are five basic categorical programs that are being replaced by CD: Urban renewal, neighborhood facilities, open spaces, basic water and sewer facilities, and model cities. The amount of money available to cities under CI) varies depending upon each city’s qualifications (more about that later) but the intent of the legislation is clear. It is ta develop viable urban communities, by providing good housing and a good living environment and expanded economic opportunity, principally for low and moderate income people. ‘‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece of legislation with such a clear intent,” said Elmer Smith. HUD regional Mike Deupree administrator from Kansas City. The emphasis on aiding low and moderate income people is repeated several times in the act; then* are five main criteria a city must meet to obtain funding. A three-year plan    for community development    must be submitted A budget for that development must be submitted A housing assistance plan is required. An environmental review    of proposed activities is    re quired. A community wide citizen participation system is required. OOO THAT LAST requirement will be handled in Cedar Rapids by a group of four committees, one in each quadrant, with about 15 members each. Mayor Don (’annoy called for volunteers Wednesday for those committees, and initial response was encouraging, with about 50 calls the first two days. The committees will determine what the needs of their quadrant are. assign priorities to the needs, and help guide the mayor and city council in deciding how the CD funds will be used “What we’re doing is requiring a discipline of local governments that the federal government never required of itself,” Smith said, “that of identifying the problem before starting the program.” The CD program has been authorized for three years, and the authorized funds total 12 5 billion in 1975 and $2 95 billion in each 1976 and 1977 No money has yet been appropriated. and although there is some concern that an inflation minded administration may pare the expenditures, Smith said ‘‘we believe the full amount will bt* appropriated.” If (hr full amount is available, the Cedar Rapids share is estimated at $1,285,000 for the first year, $1.327,(HH) the second year and $ I..Ii®. MO the third year. Camp Good Health Elmer Smith are those estimates How made? There are four funding methods provided in the CD legislation To start with, 2 jMTcent of the total appropriation is taken “off the top” for the discretionary use of HUD That can be used for disaster relief, new communities and special, innovative, CD projects. Twenty percent of the remainder goes to non-metropolitan areas The remaining 80 percent goes to metropolitan (cities of 50.900 or more) areas. Each city is entitled to a certain amount of funding each year. based on population, poverty (double weighted in the funding formula) and housing overcrowding Obviously, this formula would result in a loss of funds to a city like Cedar Rapids. which has lieen very active in various categorical grants but which has a relatively high median income and relatively little housing overcrowding For cities like Cedar Rapids, a “hold harmless” fund mg formula is included It guarantees the city will re ceive roughly as much annually under CD as it averaged under categorical programs J • • • Previously reported................................. Anonymous............................................. la memory of my husband, Kelsey, son. lies    and    daughterinlaw from Flossie M Fry, Oelwein.............. In memory of Gladys YI. Hustle, Perry. from “The Group”............................ In memory of my wife, Kathryn, brother. (ieurge and his wife, Lena from Harry Chambers........................................... son. Gregg F. $10,029 77  25 0® Darlyne  25 OO  20 OO IS OO of our APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT IN NEWSPAPER COURSE "IN SEARCH OF THE AMERICAN DREAM" I wish to enroll at: University of Iowa Tuition Fee Enclosed Course Number 45:71 ($60. OO) Address: Name (Print) Address Instructional Services C-109 East Hall University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa 52242 Social Security Number Birt bd ate Phone First Registration at University of Iowa? Last Registered at University of Iowa? Has name changed since last registration7 Former Name ? Enrollment Details for Course The Gazette will liegin carrying lectures fur “In Search of the American Dream-' Sept. 29. The course, which can be taken for two hours of credit from the University of Iowa, will have IM lectures. Persons interested in enrolling can use the accompanying form and send a check for the tuition along with it. Persons enrolled for credit will also Im* expected to attend two Saturday morning sessions on campus after the 9th and 18th lessons are published Prof Tom    Zynda will instruct under the course number 45:71 of the American Civilization department at the university, Enrollment can lie made now, but will Im* accepted at any time during the first six weeks of publication The two hours of credit will be given on the same basis as extension class credit that does not require the usual university admission procedure A grade will Im* provided aud the credit will Im* recorded for future use as an elective The lectures, written by six men. will cover the impact of history on our society, the new world as utopia, the aspirations of the revolutionary era and the progress and change of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries. The course being offered in The Gazette is aimed at three types of readers; those interest wl in college credit, the casual reader interested in information and the reader who reads the lectures and sends for the supplementary material to further explore the topics. Chamber Board Meeting Reports on a variety of activities, including participation in the delegation to Washington. DC., seeking Amtrak service for Iowa will be submitted Friday at the first fall meeting of the Cedar Rapids-Marion Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors Session will be held at noon at the Chamber office. Chamber officials and Mayor Donald Canney were among those who participated in the Washington conference with department of transportation officials last month it was the first step toward seeking approval of an Amtrak train which would use Northwestern trackage from Chicago to Omaha. The Chamber directors also will review the current status of the community center project and will receive a report on the Cedar Rapids Charity Horse show The latter is eo-sponsored by the Chamber and the Jaycees with process going to the charity foundations of the two groups President John C. Rice said that final plans also will be* mapped for the < lamber s one-day    membership cam paign Sept 24 Chamber representatives also have been conferring with various state and national officials about energy problems and other legislative matters. Rice said, and summary reports of those activities will be submitted to the directors / J EX. - 309 lit Avo. SI rj’ « Writers of lectures will Ik* Robert Penn Warren. Pulitzer winner for fiction with “All the King s Men”, two articles; Historian Michael Kammen. winner of the 197? Pulitzer award for history, four articles; William ll Goetzmann, another Pulitzer winner, four article's. Jay Martin, professor of English and comparative literature at the University of California. Irvine, four articles; RolM*rt (’. Elliott, professor of English literature ut the University of California. San Diego, one article; Historian Winthrop Jordan, winner of the Ralph Waldo Emerson award, three* articles The lectures will Im* published every Sunday in section A of The Gazette starting Sept. 29. This is the* second such course The* Gazed ti* has carried. The* first “America and the* Future of Man”, was carried last fall and winter. A total of 41 persons enrollee! in that course for credit from the U. e»f I The* supplementary articles persons taking the* course for credit will ne*ed are* the* American Dream Reader ($4 50) aud Amene an Dream Study Guide* ($2 50) (these*, along with the article's from The* Gazette*, will se*rve* as your te*xt) These materials can Im* orders! by mail freon The Ne*w American Library. Inc , PO Box 999 Bergenfield. N J., 07621 Those ordering should semi name* and ad-dre*ss, a check or money order tor materials oreiere*d plus 25 cents pe*r copy for handling and mailing feists Tile* courses by New spaller program was developed bv University Extension, University «»f California at San Diego, and funded by the* National Endowment feir the* Humane tie*s with additional support from the Exxon Education foundation The* course is dis-tributed by the Ce»ple*y Ne*ws service. Persons wishing additional infestation can write to the* Instructional Service's address liste*d em the* enrollment form. Baroness 1st Woman To Get Peace Prize Hareme*ss Be*rtha vein Nutt* ne*r, duughtc*r of an Austrian field marshal, was the* first woman lei re*ceive the* Nobel Peace Prize (1905). the World Almanac notes. She* was Alfred Nobel’s secretary, and influenced him to establish the* Ne>bel Prizes Her pacifist novel. “Lay De»wn Ye»ur Arms”, published in 1889 had great se Ria I impact. Openings on Art Center Tour Cedar Art Rapids a guided Florence The center will sponsor tour to Rome and Nm I tee ll' The tour will feature visits to outstanding monuments, museums and areas that wen* the result of the Italian Renaissance and the genius of such artists as leonardo Davinci and Michelangelo The Vatican, the Old Ruins, the Coliseum and Pantheon Rome; Uffizi Gallery and Medici chapel in Florence will be highlights. The group will also visit the hill towns of Perugia and Assisi. Reservations can be mad« by calling Pat l*awson at the Art center, 399-7503, by Sept 25 The trip is open to both members and non-members in the EVEN SO, as mentioned here in earlier stories, the net effect will Im* a big reduction in funds to Cedar Rapids about $3 million per year. Th* “hold harmless” formula is bast*d on the average funding received annually from programs approved between 1967 and 1972. Two of the city’s biggest fund-getters, the urban renewal programs, were approved prior to 1967 Unfair? Smith d<K»sn’t think so “Hopefully, the cities were solving some of the problems they had with the money they were receiving.” he said “Over the next five years. I’ll bet Cedar Rapids will be much better off under the formula system than it would have been under a competitive system,” he added Smith was referring to a well-known aspect of programs that have only a certain amount of funding available. If a Midwestern city and an Eastern city both apply for the same grant, the Midwestern city seldom rf ceives it. The final form of the CD regulations had not been published as this was written There are still many questions to be answered regarding the form applications must take Otlkr aspects of the new act will probably become appar ent later. There’s a good chance some city departments will have to bf* reorganized, for instance Additionally, the new committees in each quadrant may replace special committees set up to administer defunct programs, such as the urban renewal board and the Oak Hiil-Jackson liaison committee If it works the way it is supposed to. ( !) could end a lot of the complaints regard ing the paperwork and “strings” attached to obtain ing federal funds. At the same time, it will still retain enough federal control to make sure the money is being spent wisely, according to priorities set after the average citizen has had plenty of opportunity to give his opinion about what should be done. Most important, it will continue the work of thf programs it replaces toward a goal of ending blighted urban areas and providing a better environment for urban dwell ers In In memory Lam................................................. In memory *f m> husband, Russell, on his birthday, from Rachel Balr. Yft. Vernon........................................... In    loving memory of Clark S.    Green,    on kis birthday, Sept. 13. from    his family.............................................. cherished memory of brother Robert F. Mllota from Jan Hus Lodge No. 5! IOOF................................................ Mr. and Mrs Ronald K Moore............... In    memory of Mrs. Floyd H.    Weis    and George R. Bever from    Floyd    H Bels................................................. In loving memory of my husband, our father and grandfather. Albert Banes, from Kila Banes. Gene and Donna Banes and family, Judy and Jim Sankot and family  ............................ In memory of J. (’. Beatty from Floyd H Weis.................................................. In memory of Edward Dvorak from Golden Rule lodge No IMS................... In memory of my husband, ( harks J. Jasa.................................................. In memory of Pearl Kuauer Root from Maude Miller. Lisbon........................ In memory of Alberta Seal from Ernest H. Etzel family.................................. In memory of Alberta Neat from Hazel and Opal............................................ In memory of Ike Rosdail from friend and family.......................................... In memory of Elizabeth Smith from Gertrude Phillips, Florence Siggins and Maude Miller............................... In memory of Julia Stefau from Mr. and Mrs. James Blavnev. Maquoketa........................... 5    OO Tout............................................................... $10,229.77 1974 Bodger.................................................... $2UM OO Yet to be raised............................................... $11,270 23 15 OO IO OO IO OO IO OO IO OO IO OO OO OO 5 Oft 5 Oft 5 Oft 5 Oft 5 OO 00 Oft Get Surprise, Order Scrod s no the up BOSTON (AP)-Then such fish as serin! in mean. “Yankee”, the New England magazine, declares “Scrod” was dreamed by a Boston maitre d\ He was determined to serve daily th* freshest catch from the re turning fishing schooners. But it would be anybody's guess which fish would find itself on the top of the hold after th* boats had been out IO days —cod, haddock pollack hakt Since menus were printed a day rn advance, “scrod” was coined to make sure the very b**st from the lastest catch would bi* featured or Jigsaw Puzzles Jigsaw puzzles have their origin    in the “dissected maps” produced by John Spitsburv on Drury Lane, London, in the 1760s. mounted on wood panels and cut into pieces. willy’s does it again! One dozen gorgeous CARNATIONS V. IN A RAINBOW OF BEAUTIFUL ASSORTED COLORSI Your choc# of boxed arranged, or centerpiece Iii'lllv’c Floral Design* nill J a 3501 let Av*. SI I tether? Xenic* - Kl 2»7i - Ope* Mw Ok. Sal Hi Style & Comfort ON THIS DATE in 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev arrived in Washington to begin a 13-day visit to the United States Report Women More Tolerant guilt} a» Thn til I im III EXOTIC end UNUSUAL FOLIAOI A BLOOMINO U-L-A-N-T-S I 0 Floret cr*o*'0"$ br Do™'T1 • Terrorism pion** grid UPP ti O fr#»h Cut flower* f    for    All    Oceano"* * • v Thlt wk 11peeled i i I V / Social scientist* at the t rn varsity of Connecticut have concluded that women tend to be more tolerant than men when it comes to dealing with ex-mental patients. The researchers reported that a series of studies done over a five-year period have shown that normal females more often accept persons with histories of mental illness but normal males tend to reject them However, the researchers reported, females are just as prejudiced as males when it conies to dealing with nervous and tense persons The latest study was conducted by Dr Amerigo Farina. professor of psychology, and Henry Mage la uer, a graduate student from Norridge. Ill Titled “Sex and Mental Illness: The Generosity of Fe males”. the study was conducted to learn more about the social consequences of mental illness Their research was funded by the National Science Foundation’s Division of S4M*iai Sciences RA ll Voyage Proved Egyptians Theory RA II. a papyrus reed boat, made a 57-day,    3,200-mile journey from Morocco to the Barbados, West Indies, during 1970 By successfully completing this voyage, Thor Heyerdahl and his seven-man crew demonstrated their theory that early Egyptians could have reached (his hemisphere thousands of years be , fore Columbus and may have) founded the Aztec or Inca cultures, the World Almanac says. 1974 SLPTE Vt BFR V »    t 1    ww    'v.    -*    ^ ' 1    2    3    4    9    0    7 '    9    IO    ll    12    1.4    h ie    17    IM    19    20    21 23    24    25    2b AO Seven Moaning days hath September bration in honor of it * appropriately ca have orted It » a vve**k long cc (teamv and nature. \»u National Flower Vt »-ek. 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