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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NAI ION Al WI AINU WK Vie I JOKIC All Ie KAM fit * • 14 - Robert Stebritz Robert Stebritz, 50, formerly of Cedar Rapids, died Thursday in Veterans hopsital, Denver, Colo. Born March 27, 1924, he was employed as a systems analyst with the Collins Radio Co. in Cedar Rapids, before moving to Colorado. He is survived by his mother, Rose Stebritz, Algona; three sons, Michael, Arlington, Texas; Robert and Patrick, Denver, Colo.; two daughters, Mrs. Guy Reynold, Laughton, Okla.; Cathy Stebritz, Denver, Colo.; four sisters, Mrs. Robert Hanson, Cedar Rapids; Mrs. Richard Wilhelmi, Rock Falls, 111.; Postal Annex Trial Slated Move Studied Cedar Rapids postmaster _    ,    _ Charles Soda said Friday that a , ry ^aye    accused study is underway to explore ;of “Kgravatcd burglary, robbery the possibility of moving the wdd a88raVt,tion. and carrying postal annex in the Federal'3 concealcd weapon, pled in-building to a location across docent to all three charges in the street    *-'nn    district    court    Friday morn- Tenanta in the building are being asked to provide informa- dudge Robert Osmundson set tion about the nature of service P pm; ^ as *be t*me f°r a they would require if the postal. pre-trial hearing on the admis-sub-station were moved into the!sability of evidence- including building on the southeast corner statements and a search made of First avenue and First street. at tbe Rme d 8 arrest. Soda emphasized, however,    accused    of    aggravated Hip Cedar Rapids Gazette: Friday, Sept. 13, 1974_3 To See The Butcher Fire Scene that nothing has been decided and that it will be months before a decision is reached “We’re studying to see if the costs would he reduced. We re burglary in the June 12 incident at the home of Donald Hladky, 71, of .*1218 Bever avenue SE, in which $850 was stolen. Hladky and his 69-year-old un we Aint it roTCX Ast Chance of rain Friday night over parts of the southern Plains, from the eastern Gulf into the southern and middle Atlantic states. Mostly fair elsewhere. Mrs. Jerome Klepper, Emmets- ally have no idea now.”    wRe    Se!ma    w(>re    beaten    during burg; Mrs. Marlyn Kirsch, St. Presently, the postal service *bo burglary. Ix)uis, Mo., and two grand- rents space in the Federal build- *r,a* *n tba< cas<* *s ,sd b>r children.    ling    from    the    General    Services How To Buy Meat How To Cock It How To Carve It How To Serve It Coming Soon in The Gazette —Expenses— (Continued from Page I.) —Daily Record--- -Watergate— 'Continued from Page IJ Services: Monday at ll at St. Administration Cecelia’s Catholic church, Algona. Burial: Calvary cemetery with graveside rites by the - American Legion, VFW and national guard. Special services Sunday at 7.30 p.m. by the Catholic Daughters of America Rosary Sunday at 8 and scrip- . pARIS (AP) Reports World Inflation Easing, U.S. Still Hurt The robbery with aggravation charge against Dye alleges he robbed the PDQ store, 225 Edgewood road NW, at gunpoint on July 18. That trial is set for Oct. 28 The concealed weapon charge concerns a 22 caliber pellet pis- Proxmire Plan Senator Proxmire (D-Wis.) The rate of to1 allegedly in Dye’s possession so as to assure that public opin-ture service at^8:30 at Wilson fu-pn^at‘on aPPears to he easing 0,1 Aug. 2. Larry Chapman, 1028 Ellis ion will accept this view ...” neraj bome Algona where slightly on the average for in- Dye is being held in the Linn friends may’call after 2 p.m.!**«»■ nations, but the u S. :«>unty jai] on $50,000 bond Saturday.    was amon8 those    continuing to ___show an increase,    the Organiza- Friday proposed a constitutional .. r 0~rnt> R;n-er tion for Economic Cooperation amendment to prohibit a Pres-    Mrs*    Dinger    and    Devel0pment reported Fri. ident from granting a pardon    Frances Mae Binger, 78,    of    day. unless a person has been con- 310 Fifth avenue SE, a Cedar' The OECD said the average in a court Rapids resident    for    the    last    six    I inflation rate hit    a record 13.3    _    wpm™ r    if ap, Mnnd,,,    r    in.-.....----------------- ------- years and    widow    of    George    percent for the year ended July ’ AVK    ^    I L ,3! JjTllMnSundayVSlSS"    KOrdS    pard0"    Kfbg™    Fr!Savh°me    °'    3‘ J* ^ TJ '° I* each    fined    $30    and    costs.    Dick    Richard Nixon may meet the    son, Richard. Friday.    cent    on an annual basis for the ,    <,..nrpmp rwv,,,-* that it re Kimm,    Blairstown;    Gary    Tre-    letter of the Constitution but it    Born May 5, 1896, at Nashua,    three months ending with July.'    ‘    p The Weather boulevard NW; Michael Cham- Hiqh temperatures Thursday. low tem-1» ^ * •    r\i;-.    _____u Dentures overmoht and inches of pre-1 berlin, Olin, Donald Schrack, ac i a ,    ,, ,r (Kalona; Jerry Hankins, Mt. Anchorage to SI .05 L. Anqelet 77 45    ...    '    xu tx .x xr Atlanta . ta 70 Miami    «7 n 'Pleasant; Kenneth Bonity, Nor- Bitmarck so 38 Min'apotis ss 38 .07' wav’ P Ii i 11 i d Baldwin Chicaqo .71 54 .57 N. Orleans 89 74    . J NJ U Denver 4437 New York 8471 (Manchester; Ronald Sherw'ood, Duluth . 42 38 .18 Phoenix .10178    R24 Pawnee drive NW- David Honolulu .M 73 IO Seattle 74 50    „ r'dwnce arive ix vv , jjdvm Houston 80 7i 1.04 washinqton *171 Kurth, Riverside; Donald Extended forecast — Sunn) Hentger, 2050 Glass road NE;    ? and mild Sunday Partly clmidv i Karen Finf* 1635 B avenue vlcted and sentenced and mild humbly. I artly cloudy NE. GregK GatcnSi 3920 sher. 0f iaw. Requests Court Reject Nixon's Bar Resignation Monday and 60s by Tuesday. C. R. Weather High Thursday ........... Low overnight ........... Noon Friday ............. its spirit,” she was married March 8, 1919. Pressure on prices continues, jedt former President Nixon’s at Dubuque. Mrs. Binger was a the 24-member state organiza- resignation as a lawyer. win, Oelwein; Edward    Alberts,Ioiear|v violates gO 516 Tenth street SE; Rodneylp re said ™ Reinholds route three, Cedar Froxmire said-    dL    "VI'?*    "iaic    -    Rejection    would    leave Nixon ^    Rapids; Jack Burnell,    Central “The power of the President    member    of the    First Church of    .ticm reported.    open to possible disbarment. 58,CRy;; Arthur    pardon    should    extend to prov- gmst, Scientist and the Pythian The 13.3 percent yearly rate, ^ar pSdeirt Brcnt AbIe said .p.m. Friday .............^60 ^e$^‘ ajJfb^£ gK n’ eac en violations of the law, not to Sifters.    \    .EI    a    Thursday that the recommenda- P recitation    _........ None    ^    v|oIa||on    ._    every illegal act that an individ- Surviving is another son, For- 1973, 4 7 percent in 1972 and an tjon fey (he bar>s    of    gov. Total for    September  J    , Paul Hartl, Alburnett;    Richard Iual man might    conceivably; r e s t,    Cedar    Rapids;    eight    annual average    of    3.7 percent ernofS was made    Nlxon Normal    for    September .....3.97    Gerlach, 2931 Sixth street SW: have committed    during his    grandchildren,    one    great-during the period    1961-71.    had refused to acknowledge that Normal through Setpember 27.12 Michael Z im me r ma n, 26? period in public office.”    grandchild, four brothers, and The highest inflation rate for faced jb]e disciplinary Total for 1974    ........M®|each fnied $15 and costs.    Proxmire    said    his amendment | two sisters.    P    action by the bar At Prairie Information about previous fires at Prairie high school at I which John Westphall, 27, of Alburnett, was present can not be introduced as evidence, Linn district Judge William Eads ruled Friday. Westphall is accused of arson in a fire March 4 at Prairie high school which caused $94,000 damage. He was employed as a guard at the school. The prosecution had asked to be allowed to cross-examine Westphall concerning statements made previously during the trial that Westphall was present when a fire was discov-cep! (he tapes, which he can de- T? the wtwd-working shop stroy ” Bevill said    ()f Pra,r,e hlRh schoGl on Feb- 12 General Services Administra-    . ,    , , lion chief Arthur Sampson said ^ lud8e turned down the Nixon owns the Watergate tapes re(tucst without comment. and papers and an agreement Westphall took the stand in signed when President Ford dis own defense Thursday afterpardoned him is designed to as- noon and Friday. He testified he sure the information in them dad ignited a piece of paper in a will he preserved for posterity school hallway, believing gar-as well as for court evidence dage in the hallway was too wet . , xx—    I    t0 bUrn* ‘ 0 SSure    He    planned    to leave a door But Bevill said under terms of ajar, then notify police he had the agreement “the government found the door unlocked. When is not assured of getting any police arrived, they would find record of any kind to preserve the attempted fire and would for history.”    search the building. Westphall Sampson acknowledged that would then be able to assist in Nixon could not he compelled the investigation, under the agreement to release "Things didn’t go the way I any tapes or papers to the pub- planned.” Westphall said. “I lie. But he said Nixon promised didn’t plan on having a fire. in the agreement to release When he returned to the high some and the CSA chief said he school 15 minutes after igniting is confident Nixon will keep his *be PaPer and found the fire out word    of control, Westphall said he He also said White House law- waf. “f arfd to dea,h" and he yer Philip Kuchen has said that radl<!f ^    ' GSA would listen to any tapes Following testimony Friday The board of governors also 2 p.m. NW at 15 mph. Sun rises Saturday. 6:45; sun sets, 7:19. Year Ago Today low. 58: rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Saturday Barometer nsmg    .02    overload    Dennis    Edgcrly,    would    “preserve the essential Services: Hage funeral homes J„p(tc!n .‘Z1 010    |    ---------------------- Humidity    at    noon .........61    /0    central    City;    fined    $208.50 and    right of our    legal system    to    try    at Charles City. Turner chapel    Greece followed with 31.8 per-    asked that any acceptance of Wind direction    and velocity    at    costs.    Vaudon    Williams,    2621    jti    f    th    |    misdeeds,    yet    east was in charge of local ar-lc®nt».w,tb Tljrkey and PortuRal    Nixon’s resignation, received on ........ •Tnhn*ftn avnn,,P NW: fmed :-------      —    dewing 25-9 percent and Japan Thursday( ^ prevent the bar 25.2 percent.    disciplining    Nixon    if    he . . c    i The figures for other coun- ]ater asks to be reinstated. Memorial Services tries were: Canada 11.3 percent, The bar bas been considering Breuer, Fred Henry -— Sat-    U.S. 11.7, Australia 14.4, New    for more than a year whether day at 1:30 p.m. at lunier    Zealand IO O. France 14.4, West    to begin formal hearings on Nix- Johnson avenue x,,,    A.    . $59.50 and costs.    would preserve the power of rangements. Registration violation — the President to forgive offenses Vaudon Williams, 2621 Johnson in a spirit of charity and com- Hieh 65 avcnue NW* fined $2° and passion.” ® ’ ’ costs. Dennis Hall, 1301 Third street SW; fined $10 and costs. Driver’s license violation — n f    I Professor from that were going to be destroyed. mJ>rnm8. the Jury was to be Bevill said that vs not part of akon V'slt ‘hc,hadway at the agreement however.    Pralrie h'^ scho0' where the „ fire occurred. Deputy GSA counsel Herman Barth said the agreement does assure that none of Nixon’s papers can be destroyed for three years and that none of the tapes can be destroyed for five years. Two Keys Michael Svkora, 1425 N street SW; Reed McGregor. Hia-Weather, Hi-Lo Watha; each fined $20 and Bismarck ........ Fair    72-43    costs. Lila Barker, 5632 Ver- Chicago ...........Fair    66-53    moot street SW; Michael An- Cincinnati   Fair    70-50    derson, 1033 Oakland road Cleveland..........Fair    65-47    NE; each fined $15 and costs. Des Moines ...... Fair    69-461    Intoxication — Ernest Moo Harvard Named To Ford's Staff WASHINGTON (AP) Omaha St. Louis Sioux Falls unlay ai i:xu p m. « lui.n-i /calami iu d, France 14.4, west to begin formal hearings Canon D.'a. Lfe?ski'Burial: fJer“any. ““ly '*'*• and on’s conduct in the Watergate af- Linwood cemetery. Friends Unitea Kingdom 17.1.    *    fair. may call at Turner west.    During the three months end- Nixon’s attorney, Dean Butler, Jarosh. Mrs. Charles —;ing with July, Sweden, West I disclosed on Monday that Nixon 10:30 Saturday in St. Wen- Germany and the Netherlands planned to resign as a lawyer showed consumer prices in- and not pratcice law again, but creases of less than 5 percent at I he denied that it had anything to an annual rate. Austria, Nor- do with possible disciplinary ac-way, Spain and Japan were run- tion. i _x x .. xJd ■ l.o*    iHing between 6 and 12 percent.    - one-time law partner to cabinet Bun.1 .- Job.    Above the 12 percent OECD pa|r Accused of ceslaus Catholic church by the Presi-iRev- Clarence Frana. Rosary: Parish and Cadets of St. George Detroit V.'.V. PtCldy 68-46 mey, 2911 Gateway Gardens Ford added a Harvard pro-    “J    thc CaU>°l& Work- Indianapolis  Fair    69-47 jSW; Rodney Joslin, Wendy    fessor to his White House legal    man 7 30 p m_ Friday,    in the Kansas City ..-..PtCldy    67-54jOaks trailer court; each fined    staff Thursday and elevated a    Kuba funeral home    east. Milwaukee  PtCldy    65-50 $30 and costs. Mpls.-St. Paul ^PtCldy 68-45| Faulty equipment - James ^    Johnson,    Chester    S.    _ Pri-.    1T    c Fa!r    hIhow    9ns    Par!)    Mnrt    cl'.    A    .    t    ,    vate services Saturday by the avera8e were U.S., v y $“47 I VrSfm    i    o5fLCZl    J*’    I    ActinS    secretary    John    Rev. Alvon Nelson. Burial: zerland. United Kingdom, Fin Fair72-471 John    Hushen said Phillip Areeda. ajCedar Memorial cemetery.[ jand< France, Canada. Den- Swit- Coralville Lake Pool level Friday ..... 683.55 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets:) Lacrosse (12) 4.7, no change Lansing (18) 8.2, fall .1 Dam 9 (18) 13.2. rise .1 McGregor (18) 7.1, no change Guttenberg (15) 4.4, fall .1 Dubuque (17) 7.7, fall .2 Davenport (15) 5.2, rise .5 Keokuk (16) 3.1, rise .6 SE: each 4fii^d°$mTiS1    Harvard professor since 1961,1 Friends mayealljt Turner east |marb    and    Itaiv costs.    will become counsel lo the Pres-    un,‘l    9 p m'    F«day. Meter violation    Marvin    ident on Oct. 14. serving until Gish,    Davenport;    fined $30    then as a part-time consultant, and costs.    J Right-of-way Violation — Philip Buchen. the former law Ruth Buckles. 309 Thirty-sec-1 partner who holds the title of street NE; fined $15 and ^^^j    President,    was Accident, damage to vehicle given cabinet rank bv Fwd. John Kreict, 1265 Thirty- Hushen said Buchen, who play- Theft at Firm Search Warrant Hearings Yield No Objections Two persons were arrested by Linn county sheriff’s deputies early Friday on a charge of larceny. Jeffrey Morgan Wise, 19. of .    3424 Adeline court SW, and a Rocky male juvenile were arrested at Case Implement Co., highway WASHINGTON (AP) — Call-139 west 0f Cedar Rapids. President Asks Cut in Spending, Vote on Cedar rise .04 at C.R. (13)    3.46, third street SE; fined $20 and ^ a    roie    jn    events lead-    'nS    i°r a    era    °f    Amer-    They    are    accused    of    taking    tergate    material. co’«J»s'i.*- n    L,    ion    inc to the pardon for former ^ attorneys at hearings jc>an achievement, P r e s i d ent SOme eas a fjre extincuisher fighting --Gene Clark, 320    10    paroon    1 w iwmer inVolving forfeiture of items ob- j Ford has sent eontrress a list of T    t    * I avenue NW; fined $15 and President Nixon, will continue to \ -    ,    J    .    co„r,.h    waf-.Qntc    congress    a    USI    Of|and    a    can    of    motor    oil    from    a Birfns — St. Luke's Sept. ll — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doubek, 3000 J street SW. Apt. 805, a son. Sept. 12 — To the families of Tim Mel.aud, 325 Fourteenth street NE. a son; Randolph tation costs.    report directly to Ford, whiIe *1    ii!    h,'*!!!,( tbe ^efiLS^ation be wants it to Tnxrk belonging to Case Imple- Ha5? Areeda will report to the Presi-    ... ®    ,    (    ,    . this year.    ment. «n^eiio «nrt    Wnue    '■ dont through Buchen.    a car of three youths accused of Ford gave top priority to cut- wise was released Frid fin d... and co. I..    murdering    a    6l*yoar-old    man,    tinp    fwloral    snondinn    in    tho    mos-    w ,    Areeda    is    described    as    an    ex-    ...    *    ...    ,    (g    ieaerai    spenaing    in    me    mes    morning    0n    his    own    recog- lowa Deaths    Kll,    Defense    attorneys    did    not    ap sage sent ITiursday. and indi per on anti-trust law. but    UIUI ^    ™    “^'nizance    and the juvenile was Waukon _ Florence Ro- Vwu.,, sald tfus wasn t the P"1*1" at ,he heann«s held Fn'Icated ^ has Rlve" up ^ for held for juvenile authorities, minger, 88. Saturday at IO at    f    ..    annninfmpr>t    Hr    day mornm8 in Llnn district passage of a comprehensive    ___ B'irst Presbyterian church. Visi- ‘ ‘    1    JPP®    ;    .    e    .    court,    and Judge August Hon- health insurance plan in this ~    _x    1    tation    after    2 Friday. Martinisaid Areeda will be a prime ’    6    nft!    -An VogeI. 4420 Bowling street SW, | Brothers’    assistant    to    Mr    Buchen    in    all    *    ’    ^    r    38 sesslon a daughter; Wendell Reece,] tmi» — Mrs. John Morgan,larvas ”    reason    why    the    items    seized)    Ford    urged prompit confirms- (Continued from Page I.) should not be held by the state, i tion of Nelson A. Rockefeller as    -- -resident The items seized can be used vicepresident.    fleer    in    C«lar    Rapids, author!- resident j.    ..    .      .    I    And    he* urgtxi congress to re-1 ties said. Smith took part-time -Warrant- U. S. Declines To Try Jacobsen in Spite of Judge WASHINGTON (AP)-Dcspite Sampson said his assurance of ,ht rcfusal of a ,ederal judRe access to the Watergate tapPS agre,v the just.ee department and naDers which are to be ^ ]t wlU keep lts word and stored in a'*110.000 vault near P™c“te mlk-fund flRurc San Clemente, is the fact that '    * ‘lf0 ^    „ he has one of two keys needed The department said Thurs-,    two    xets    neecea    prosecute Jacob- to open it, while Nixon has the J . _____ ,■ ., ^    ’    sen on charges of misapplication 0 r‘    ^    of funds of a savings and loan Rep. Royball (D-Calif.) re- association, a move agreed to in sponded that ‘the federal gov-return for Jacobsen’s guilty plea ernment has ended up with the a bribery' charge and testi-second key to Mr. Nixon’s vault mony against former Treasury and that is about all we get.” Secretary Connally. GSA counsel Harold Trimmer A move to drop the charges said if Sampson tried to get was rejected last Friday by court-ordered tapes out of the Judge Robert Hill of Dallas, vault and Nixon refused to use who said justice would not be his key to open it, he could be served, forced to under penalty of con- Nevertheless, the1* justice de-tempt of court.    partment said it will not prose- Rep. Stokes (IM)hio) also ob- ^ the case against Jacobsen, jected ta the money, partly be- a f(>rmer lawyer for Associated cause Nixon gets control of Wa- Producers, Inc. Neither Jacobsen nor Hill would comment on the action. However, in his earlier opinion. Hill indicated that his court had the option to appoint a special counsel to prosecute the increase in the holding period case required for a capital gain to be    __ long-term from six months to one year. The panel approved extending to all taxpayers, regardless of —Taxes— Continued from Page I ) Coast Guard Seized 5 Canadian Trawlers WASHINGTON (AP) The ,    .    j    .    .    ’    lama    —■ ivirs. ,Jonn morgan, areas route I, Marion, a daughter, 55    Mesquakie Indian Steven E*er. 700 Sixth street Settlement Graveside services; Areeda. 44, was an assist; r- \ a n°n* rry    Friday at 3, Mesquakie ceme- special counsel to Preside tery. Mason-Hand’s.    Eisenhower    and    in    1969 serv Births — Mercy Monona — Melvin Smith, 65. The items seized can be used I vice-president j in evidence against Eddie Ayers.    -    -    ,. .. os expfnitivp director of tho A o( 816 Twelfth avenue SE. j9'st lcmplations to add lo spend- duties as J Tama jxJiceman cls executive cillectoi of tnt Lr^n.# IaLm  tn AV.  in^ totIsl on Wislation undpr April 15 whorl 6xtrn help was age. a tax relief currently going    arin0UJlced    that    it to people over 65 who sell their ^ seized five Ctinadian trawl-home. Presently, those over 65 ers suspected of fishing illegally selling a home used as their jn u s waters. Kelly Johnson. 16, of the same I to* ,otals "" l<‘K|sla,1‘m under,Apnl address, ami Steven L. Wash-1 consideration. •    needed. He joined the depart- ington. 16. of 907 Fourteenth av-! He iLskfd 'he congress to sup- ment full time on June I worked enut* SF    *s    tbree    nlon^ delay in until July 30, then failed to pay raises for federal workers report for further duty, authori The three are accused of “as a matter of highest prio- ties said. murder in the shooting death of L^y    gave    no    notice that he was John P>eving, who was shot onces (>ri (rade legislation, which resigning his Tama post. in the head with a .22 caliber bas    up    by    a    dlSpUte    However,    he    worked    as    a po- pistol in tlx front room of his over soviet policy on the emi- lice officer at Garwin for about residence. 919 Sixth street SE, Jgfgtion of Jews, Ford said “this three weeks. OB afft. I.    legislation is close to enactment.    —-- According lo Ilk* return of the It would bt* a tragedy not to    Stone    Seeker Sentencing of George junior |search warrant, a pair of man’s I pass it ”    j    U)NDQN    (Ap, _ A new Office of Public Liaison. Nowlin Sentencing Set in Murder Case .Saturday at 1:30 at Volney, .... t ,    ... Sept. 12 I o the families ol Methodist church. Visitation 4- cabinet task force on oil import Myrl Schulte. Amana, a son; 9 Friday at Schultz’.    control. Jkm H.MIU IMW Twelfth street Ti|*m _ Abner A. Potmen.! Kord ^ nam.d holdover NL. a son.    72. Sunday at 2. Visitation after    ,,    ..    _ l L    p*    1    l    9 Saturday at Sheets and Sons’. (White House aide William Ba- tjuf °T town Dirms    Ladora    — Ida Dietrich,    86. roody. as a presidential assistant At Spirit Lake Mi and Sunday at 2, Mc Aninich’s. Vie- and placed him in charge of a Mrs. Hon Martin, a son Sept. 5 tor. Martin is the son of Van Mar- ,\it. Vernon — Leo A. Thorn* tin. 2860 Thirteenth avenue SE. sen. 46 Monday at 2:30 at the and LaVellc Martin. Iowa City. • Methodist church. Visitation Mrs. Martin is the daughter of after 2 Sunday at Morgan's. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Long,]Casket will remain closed. 3010 Center Point road NE    Memorial    fund established. Marriage Licenses iulVi^n!\7 ”7*," ? j)daw 91. Monday at 2 at White- Carol I .a Ko se and Rickey Phillip’s. Burial:    Big    Grove    i-    .    ~    .    ,    .    nlaid nant« and a nmr of man's Kellogg Sheila Holland .Bd cemetery, Garrison. Memorial ho, JI of rural    YEARS AGO    Chinw S«H atx-iued of tn’ing to remove Ricky Lyons, all of Cedar fund established.    has been set for 10:30 a m. .Sept. h™*!1 snots were tak(n during 26 \ KAILS AGD Chinese rnmMtlAn    an,.uvit Rapids. Rosannc Martin. Cedar Luxembourg    John M. 20 in Linn district court    tbe search of the Washington Reds reported three Americans    ‘    «lu®ni Rap J J s, and William Al- WeHer, „8ffornle„v 0( ,,uxenl.    Now|jn wafi 1 jcWd , , residence.    had    been released but lhey-VottLshkmgs from W«dm^ter ther'Tnd Krvin Mohwinklr. [ HfUy^Tia nltv’^rgtlHd,,- ihlinh' month of first-degree murder in Taken from the    and    failed    to arrive in Hong Kong both of Marion. Debbie Bartels Visitation after 2 Friday at the death of Michael Servey of Johnson residence were a coffee and Charles DeShaw, both of Kramer’s, Dyersville. Parish Cedar Rapids.    can, five smoking devices and j *    -j,    j scripture Friday at 8.    i    ||t»    still    faces charges of a woman 's purse containing '    0 murder and rape in Jones dis- identification of Leona Stine- 04 pm Thursday \>»ti Ten Persons Perish in met court in the death of man Madrid Bomb Blast ^aur<‘en Connolly of Cedar A small amount of marijuana ma IU,..a .aul Rapids Mear Anam0*sa m Mardl was listed as found in a 1965 car MADRID (AP) — A bomb rig blast rocked a Madrid restaurant near police headquarters , n .    Friday, and the Europea Press Magistrate s Court    news sprrdiir,'    Ralph Leich* sources, said at least IO people seining,    ,    (    aMI    were killed and another BO in- _ wotho: “ueH »» anti ....... .lured    our flowers speck for you main residence for at least five of the past eight years can exclude the whole capital gain if the sales price is less than $20,000 The $20,000 figure would be boosted to $35,000 The provisions are to bt* part of a wide-ranging tax revision bill which would make changes in more than 50 arca** of tax law including some individual tax cuts and a boost in oil industry taxes. c» he (feline Rttpi(U (fhueffe Established In 188) bv Th* Gazette Co. ana published dolly and Sunday at SOO Third ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa S7404 Second class postoee paid at Cedar Rapids. Iowa Subscription rotes by corner 95 cents a, week Bv mall: Night Edition and Sunday 4 issues 53 IS a month, 53* OO a year: Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 Issues 53 85 a month, 540 OO a yeor. Other states and U S, territories 540 OO a year No Moil Subscriptions accepted in areas haying Gorette carrier service. The Associated Press Is entitled exc lusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well os ell AP news dtspatches. Abbey was released on $1,320 bail Friday. Amoke at 1726 Park avenue SF 6:12 p.m. Thursday. Resusri-tator t all at 1014 F avenue NW 5:08 a.m. Friday. IH*fertlve furnace at 521 Second avenue SW owned by Avers.  ---\    22    caliber    pistol    believed    to 20 YEARS AGO    The death be the murder weapon was not toll mounted to 20 in New Fug- found during any of the Express Your Sorrow With Flowers from Flower Shop 3028 Mf. 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