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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Sept. 13, 1974 BIG GEORGE! - Virgil Partch Dr. Andelman “Once you start reading it, this new nose! of tours is hard to get down ... er ... Pl I down." For Better Health Septal Defect Is Abnormal Opening in Walls of Heart By Dr. S.L. Andelman “Please do a column on septal defect,” a reader writes. “Our doctor says our baby-must have surgery to correct atrial septal defect.” A septal defect is an abnormal opening in a wall (septum) that separates chambers of the heart. If the hole is in the wall which lies between the two atria or receiving chambers of the heart, it’s called an atrial septal defect (ASD). A similar hole in the wall between the two ventricles or pumping chambers of the heart is called a ventricular septal defect (VSD). These disorders are present at birth and are therefore types of congenital heart diseases. Overload In cases of atrial septal defect, blood flows through the abnormal opening from the left atrium into the right atrium, since the left side of the heart has a higher pressure than does the right. This overloads the right side of the heart and forces it to enlarge. The blood pressure in the right side and in the lungs, which receive blood for oxygenation from that side of the heart, increases. This, in time, will damage the lung tissue. If it is allowed to progress, the pressure in the right side of the heart will be greater than the pressure on the left side and the flow of blood through the opening will reverse. This vyill prevent adequate oxygenation of the blood and the patient will become blue or cyanotic. Surgery is the treatment for atrial septal defect. In the early stages of this disease. surgical risk is low and the results are excellent. Atrial septal defect is the most common form of congenital heart disease which can be surgically repaired. Valve Damaged V entricular septal defect, the most common heart anomaly, may occur alone or in combination with other heart abnormalities. Sometimes the heart valve just above the ventricular septum becomes damaged as a result of the defect in the wall A VSD is one part of a major heart disorder called the tetralogy of Fallot. Advanced ventricular septal defect results in poor oxygenation of the blood and blue discoloration of the skin just as in ASD. Ventricular septal defect, like atrial septal defect, is treated with surgery. Minor defects can sometime* be repaired with a few strong stitches; larger ones are usually closed with pieces of woven dacron. When these are repaired early, the results are very good. First Librarian The first librarian of ('(ingress was engaged in I HOO at $2 a day to organize the 740 volumes ordered for its fledgling library. John Zachar, Jr. Realtors CAREER NIGHT WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 Have you considered the challenging and rewarding career Real Estate has to offer? • What does getting started in Real Estate really involve? • What to expect your first year in income? Your second year? Your third year? • Learn obout our Seven full days of Basic Training for New Associates, • Learn about our continuing education program, called Successful Practices for Professional Sales Associates. • Let us tell you about your future in Real Estate3300 JOHNSON AVE. NW Phone 366-7651 The Investor s Guide HEATHCLIFF By Sam Shulsky Q — In a recent column you said you didn’t understand putting money into savings at 4 percent. Please go on A — I can’t understand why anyone today should deposit money at 4 percent when even day-to-day savings accounts pay from 5 percent up and when long-term certificate deposits earn up to nearly 8 percent. You live near one of the financial centers of the world Haven’t you ever checked out the rates being paid by the savings institutions there? (And even if you live in a small town, far from any-banking center, there is no reason to pass up the generous yields available for long-term savings — money you aren’t likely to need on a day-to-day basis — at many government-agency insured savings banks and savings and loans around the country.', Q — Over the years I’ve accumulated about $400,(HK) in stocks and bonds — all held by my stock exchange Sam Shulsky member broker They are fully paid for Am I protected? What would it cost to have the securities sent to me? A — Your account Is protected for up to $50,000 by Securities Investors Protection Corp. Some brokerage firms carry additional insurance, for varying amounts. But in case of trouble any part of your account above SI PC and firm insurance would not be protected and you would then become a creditor of the firm Generally, there is no charge for .shipping securities to a client, although some firms have recently begun to impose such charges in keeping with the trend toward breaking down brokerage fees for different services. Unless you are an active trader, it seems to me the firm would welcome the opportunity of getting these secruties out of its vaults. When you get them, put them rn your safe deposit box. Q — I think it is misleading for you to say that you don’t know of any    “AAA”’ bond defaults. How    about    AAA bonds which    have    been downgraded and have then defaulted? A — I suppose there have been some. But I don’t see how that affects the statement that bonds rated AAA have not defaulted in many, many years. Q — Are the    new bonds issued by banks insured by FDIC? A — No. They are backed by the bank itself. * * * Q — I’ve read your column for years. About four years ago I sank over $15,000 in a small oil company. Now they tell me they aren’t going bankrupt, but are winding up the business . . . settling debts, but that there will be no money left for investors. They say I can get most of my money back via tax rebates. A — I can find nothing on the company, so have no way of knowing what goes on. Generally, to take a tax lovss, you must sell the security or get some legal definition of its worthlessness It seems to me that with this much invested, it would pay to get some legal help * * * Recent Fitch Investors bond ratings on new issues: AAA — American Telephone and Telegraph 8 8 percent debentures of 2005; Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone 8 7/8ths of 2009; Cleveland Electric Illuminating 9l4s of 2009; Commonwealth Edison 9s of 1979, N. Y. Telephone 9s of 2014; Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Stys of 2008; Pacific Telephone and Telegraph 9l£s of 2011 Floating rate bank notes: Chase Manhattan Corp of 1999, Citicorp of 1989; Mellon National notes of 1989 and New York Bank for Savings notes due 1981 — are all rated AAA by Fitch. "HERES your trouble.* RENT A NEW PIANO $11)00 Per Month Only IV subject to office approval All Rent Will Apply lf You Decide To Buy! IIILTIIRimER^ IIC SECOND STREET SE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANJt Cedar Rapids, Iowa 123-45678-9    10/75 ACCT NO    GOOD    THRU Sybil Smith A    »    §    # senior Vee PrpsnJen, CHECK GUARANTEE CARD (Guarantees Your Checks!) Retailers in the Cedar Rapids area are becoming more and more concerned about the number of bad checks which are being written today. Understandably, they're becoming reluctant to cash checks for people they don't know. And they're reluctant to cash checks for people with what appears to be perfectly good identification. 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