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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Beware of Furnace Phonies By Sylvia Porter NKW YORK - Beware The vicious furnace racketeer will be on the prowl during the coming winter of 1974-75 in the greatest numbers ever — bilking you out of thousands of dollars for new furnace systems you cannot afford and do not need This gypster always (Fourth in a sones.) has found it easy to exploit our deep-rooted fears of a devastating home fire. Now to this has been added our anxiety over the spiraling costs of all forms of energy and, thus, our resignation to spending up to $2,500 for a simple new heating system — and much more if one of these swindlers does the installation Persuasive Patter If heating worries in my own home are any yardstick, we’re far more vulnerable than we realize to the persuasive patter of the furnace "inspectors.” To safeguard you, here are the basic earmarks by which you’ll recognize these crooks — and the rules for keeping out of their way. A stranger appears at your door and offers to "inspect” your furnace. He may drop the name of your local gas and electric company or some nationally-known manufacturer of furnaces. If you have an older heating plant in your home, he may poke around the mortar holding the fire bricks together, discover that it’s powdery, and declare that the furnace is "dangerous.” What you may not know is that in this type of installation, it’s entirely normal for the surface mortar to be powdery. Bargain Services Or this furnace-repair racketeer may loosen a spark plug without your knowing it — then show you that your furnace doesn’t fire properly. Or he may adjust the feeder mechanism so that the oil or gas doesn’t flow properly — again claiming that your fur nace is dangerous and wasting fuel Or he may offer you bargain-priced furnace-cleaning services to save you money and make your plant safer — and after dismantling your heating plant, tell you that ifs a wonder you haven’t already been asphyxiated by carbon monoxide or that you an* extremely fortunate your house hasn’t burned down around you He refuses even to put the furnace back together. Or this fraudulent repairman may exploit what is most likely your near-total innocence about such matters as water pressure, circuit breakers and electric wire capacity All these swindlers have one key goal: To scare you into buying a new furnace or expensive parts from them — whether or not you need any equipment at all. And all will charge you prices far above the amounts which a reliable local heating contractor would charge. What should you do to avoid any furnace-repair racket or similar gyp0 Seek the advice of established local dealers on the condition of your furnace — and see if the local fire department will send somebody to check out the safety aspects of your furnace for you. Do this as soon as possible — meaning right now — for prices of new heating systems are heading up 20 to 25 percent during the next year, say informed sources, and if you wait until winter is actually here, you’ll pay peak seasonal prices. Be on guard against anybody who comes to your door uninvited and offers to “inspect” your heating plant or electrical wiring or plumbing system. Consider any offer of this sort a warning. Call your regular electrician if you have any reason to suspect wiring problems or call your regular plumber if your pipes aren’t working properly. Again, the faster your check on these aspects — before winter HEATHCLIFF BEAM. MKI my sets in — the better off you’ll In* If you do decide to pursue an offer made by a door-to-door salesman in this field, demand his credentials. If he tells you he is a state or town "inspector,” or representative of a nationally known ‘corporation, ask him exactly which agency or office sent him and then you (no one else) telephone this office and investigate his credentials. See h'*w he re spends when you tell him that, in his presence, you are plan ning to make this call and others, lf he gets out of your way fast, you've just saved yourself a lot of money. Don’t get talked into buying-an expensive new furnace (or anything else, for that matter) without checking your need, double-checking company prices, and triples hee king the arrangements for future servicing lf. despite these early warnings, you fall for one of these swindles, howl — to your local Better Business Bureau, news- Sylvia Porter papers and radio stations, the nearest consumer protection agency. Your yells may help save others — and possibly, you'll get assistant e in forc ing the gypster to make good on your deal. It took 70,128 hours to make it right. Please (torii use it wrong. We mellow Beam's Choice in charred oak barrels for 8 long years. That's over 70,000 hours of patience and effort. Then we charcoal filter every drop after aging. It s a slow, expensive, painstaking way to make Beam’s Choice right. So please don t use it wrong. Take it slow and don't exceed your limit. In other words, don’t throw 70,000 dedicated hours down the drain. Remember, too much of anything, even of a good thing, is no good. Next: How To Find A House Bargain U. of I. Gets Learning Grant 86 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Distilled and Bottled bv tHp lames B Beam Distilling Co, Clermont, Beam, Kentucky IOWA CITY—Lewis I) Holloway, director of the learning resources unit and asso( late professor of medicine and education at the University of Iowa, will direct development of medical instructional materials under a three-year $210,00(1 grant from the Louis W. and Maud Hill family foundation The Hill family foundation, of St Baul Minn , funded the project "to improve the the quality of medical education while working to control its high costs.” The ti. of I. learning re sources unit provides educational consulting and teacher education as well as media production services for the college of medicine The project involves a team approach to developing instructional material for use within the traditional educational programs of the health sciences and for use in continuing education programs in community settings The material will be prepared by the learning unit development teams conbining subject matter experts and educational specialists. Subjects for the initial year are asapects of radiology, nutrition and pediatric^ ambulatory care Among those participating in the project as curriculum authorities from the university are Dr. James Christie, head of radiology; Dr W.C. Keettel, head of obstetrics and gynecology; Dr. Fred G. Smith, head of pediatrics and Dr. W R. Connor, director of the clinical research center. ON THIS DATE in 1944, the first American troops reached German soil in World war II 'ii.. if* A *    ’ POOR OLD DETLOFF Our buyer blew it. In the tradition of Thunderbird buyers, Detloff made some good buys. But, he got carried away and bought a little heavy just before our inventory time. Now we have a lot of merchandise that must be moved fast ... so down go the prices! Why don’t you help Detloff out of a jam and get some of the best bargains ever. What about Detloff? He's not going to lose his job. 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Can be used with optional accessories! $049 Only 95 Give that room the spacious look of a contemporary home while making your walls modern and exciting These are qrade A' mirror tiles not the irregulars often advertised by others1 Only Milwaukie KITCHEN FAUCET Quality 2-handle faucet . . . easy to install! Reg. ti 7.95 ■ML #4820-2 95 Each Only OPEN: MON. thru FRI. 9-THURSDAY 9-9 SATURDAY 9-5 BankAmericmo nderbifi P W 311316th AVENUE S.W. 365- 311316th AVENUE S.W. 365-1401 MAY CITY SHOPPING CENTER r ;

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