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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa TOA The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thnrs., Sept. 12, 1974 W' Armed Forces Lowe Retires after 23-Years in Air Force Master Sgt. Jack A. Lowe, son serving at Croughton station,: of Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lowe, 76 England. Twenty-ninth avenue SW, has; d. l. Lapham, son of Mr. and retired after 23 years of service Mrs. T. S. Lapham. 1531 A ave-' in the air force.    nue NE, w as promoted to Lowe was last stationed at marine major while serving at Scott air force base, 111. He and Camp Pendleton, Calif, his wife and son will continue to    *    *    * reside in Belleville, 111.    Army    Spec.    4    Steven    Jirak, * *    *    son of Mr. and Mrs. William John E. Seibert, jr., son of Jirak, Decorah, was presented Kathryn Seibert, 1502 East ave- the good conduct medal in Ger-nue NE, was promoted to air many, force master sergeant while    *    *    * The following have enlisted in Fire Chief May Ask To Add 16 C0Volunteer Alert Do you ha\e a few spare hours you don't know what to do with? We have many worthwhile activities, several of which are listed below : SWIMMERS: Friday swimming classes are being held for retarded children, and we need volunteers to help the children learn. Training is provided. TUTORS: A sixth grade boy needs someone to help him learn to read. If you have a talent for teaching, you could help him. RETIRED: We have a group of children who need a “grandfather”, lf you have an hour or two a week, why not spend it visiting with them? LEADERS: There are several groups of girls who are in need of group leaders. Ages, abilities, and time requirements are varied. ADVISORS: A group of mentally retarded girls needs advisors and assistants for their monthly meetings. Training is provided. COUNSELORS: We need men who are interested in spending some time helping boys who have been involved with the law. This work is on a one-to-one basis, and an excellent training program is available. For more information about these and many more volunteer opportunities, telephone the Voluntary Action Center (365-8812), or stop in at 712 Third avenue SE, weekdays between 8:30 and 4:30. A member agency United Way of Linn county. Garrett Outlines Areas of Confusion in Credit Law Government Seeks Court Upholds Return of ll Cents Conviction on Bank Robbery By Tom Fruehling One of the most controversial measures passed by the recent American bureaucracy torney Fred Fisher said bothers again taken its toll.    highth    circuit    court of ap- the most people locally.    Last March, Cedar Rapids of-    ^as Uphf*ld the conviction This notice is sent to con-    ficials requested $994.89 from    Burton tJene Brierly, who iow7“egisUturVe    was7heTwaisun!ers V?* ,ra"sac'10"'    «* v s- OW**"*"1 of ,ab#r '°    was found guilty Aug. IC, 1973, iowa itgisidiure wa. mc iowa explaining that the account is .os„ nut as DUblic service ca- .    ,    s    ^„nnntinn Consumer Credit Code, which delinquent and providing means    .    on three counts ,n c0nnectl° became effective July 1.    of correcting the obligation. reers gra .    wjt^ robbery of a Nora Asst. Atty. Gen. Julian Gar-    Af„r    i,ue Hate    (J a| ‘^ncy rounded off the sPrinSs bank- felt, in charge of interpreting Gam„ said the notice cannot    ,    and    sent    ,995.    Tuesday| Brimly of Nora Springs had and enforcing the code for the be de,ivcred untj, d atler 1 h, (he d, ,, d (y argued that I*«<*>;<* <> upstate.    attempted    to    explain    |he    t is duc Thon a 20_    wI directori received a    fair triai in Cedar Rap ds fcder- "    "    day waiting period is in effect.    telephone call asking the ll    al court. He was sen once Only then can prosecution or ^ts be returned by check. three three-year prison ■ repossession be initiated.       —    aBer Jury The state official emphasized.    ]o YEARS AGO Britain un-    Brierly, William Burgess of aspects of it to the Cedar Rapids Consumer Credit Assn. 'Tuesday night at the Montrose. Garrett listed three areas of the armed forces: Gerald Bell, 625 Fifth avenue SE, Gary Vittengl, 428 Twenty-second street NW; Allan To Department iBankes. Elkader; Wayne Smith, '    Independence; Jefferv Garnatz, The fire department may,iowa City; David Athev and have openings for 16 firefighters james Hoskyn, both of Oelwein; if Chief Ed sci McMickle re-christopher Viers, West: ceives approval by the city Branch; Russell Becker, route council.    jone, Cedar Rapids; Mark Duna-I McMickle said this week he j way, 3403 Dunham drive SW; plans to ask the council for ap- K a t h y a n n Melsha, 931 Old; proval to hire the men to bring Marion road NE; Robert the department up to the staff-,Haines, Decorah; Valerie An-ing he feels is needed.    jderson.    Mt. Vernon, and Eliza- The breakdown of positions is beth Daringer, Shellsburg, en-as follows:    I listed in the navy. Six men needed to man the; Jon Klein, 310 Zelda drive Cobra, a mini pumper truck NW; Timothy Cornish. De-currently not used for day-to- corah; Carl Kruse. Marion; day service.    Glenn Behrends, Monticello; Six men needed to serve as Lawrence Owens, Vinton; WU-    dents Wednesday    complained    to    stock payable Dec. 15, 1974, to chauffeurs for district chiefs, ham Ford, Belle Plaine; Dannie    the city council    that a    lot    in;shareholders of record as of the The positions would entail driv- Landrus. 57 AHview drive SW; neighborhood is bein- used close of business November 22, ing command officers to fires. Dennis Bcmrose, 286 Johnson .    ..    .    .    .    1974.    I Two men to replace sick and avenue NWT; Barbara Egger,    un avv Ul v or opeia K)n    0    fi    There were 1,654.688 shares of vacationing firemen.    Manchester; Lawrence Greg-    roo^nS anh tar business.    common stock outstanding on One additional man in both orv, Oelwein; Richard Boots, Henry Woodson, of 511 Ninth Sept. I, 1974. the training bureau and the fire Toddville; Lori Loeffler, 2455    avenue SE, said    he and    other    This payment brings total div-| prevention bureau.    First avenue SW; Paula    residents have    tried several    idends paid during 1974 to 95 All the positions would be Stour ac, 3209 Ravenwood ter-’times since last January to get cents per share compared with the code that have caused the however, that the cure notice is ieased its Hunter jet fighters Marble Rock and Joe O'Rourke most confusion so far.    applicable only in consumer against Indonesian paratroopers of Wells, Minn., were convicted It is now illegal, he said, to credit transactions.    south of Kula Lumpur, Malaysia of robbing $8,013 from the bank give consumers an early pay-; He defined such a transaction anj warned that it reserved the in January of 1973. ment discount larger than the as involving : a seller regularly j-ig^ to strike back at Indonesia i A mandate issued to Brierly engaged in credit, an individual jf attacks on Malaysia con-customer rather than a busi- tinued. ness, a finance charge or more:  _____ than four installments , and less maximum finance charge. Lack of Knowledge Also, Garrett pointed out. ordered him to surrender | U. S. marshals by Sept. 23. to Group Alleges Zone Violation I — board of directors of On O. R. Land Banks of Iowa* Inc-. declared a regular quarterly dividend of 24 A group of Cedar Rapids resi- cents per share of common ; there appears to be a lack of tha„ $35 000 'knowledge on raising the re-volving-credit interest to its new    RuSs    *n    Code 18 percent ceiling.’    Garrett    admitted    that    there Any change in rates, Garrett are bugs in the code and even noted, must be set out in a writ- he can not yet interpret all the ten agreement. And two notices technicalities of the law. must be given to customers be- When a member of the audi-fore any such rate jump is af- ence asked him, for instance, fected.    what could be done when a car The third area on which Gar- buyer quits making payments rett spent much time concerns and then strips the automobile, the “cure notice,” a provision of Garrett said, “I think that’s Dividend of 23 Cents the code which Cedar Rapids at- gonna be a big problem.” The Banks of Iowa Tells RENT A NEW PIANO JI A00 PerMon,h Only IU All Rent Will Apply lf You Decide To Buy! IIILTBRI AAEIUS 116 SECOND STREET SE No Cartag* or Drayage tablet I* office approval OPEN DAILY 10-10; SUNDAY 10-6 THURS., FRI., SAT., SUN., MON. ... ait*&    a/uwyS We Accept ★ MASTER CHARGE ★ BANKAMERICARD ★ Kmart CREDIT CARDS j race NW; Scott Shank. 1218; the city to act on their com- $.90 per share paid during 1973. Fifth street NW; Michael plaint.    Regular quarterly dividends Haeder, 3810 E avenue NE; Kyle; Woodson presented a petition were raised from $ 23 to $.24 Reynolds, 2418 Ninth avenue;signed by 28 persons complain-: with the payment made June 15, SW; James Hoover and Jeffrey,ing about the use of property; Banks of Iowa, Inc., is a reg-Paxton, both of Independence,; at 517 Ninth avenue SE.    ;istered bank holding company and Jeffrey Rose, Norway, en-j City officials said charges based in Cedar Rapids, holding i that the property is being used all of the outstanding stock of | *    for purposes it is not properly The Merchants National Bank, Marine Pfc. John J. Casali, zoned for have been lodged Cedar Rapids; Union Bank and -—    I son of Mr. and Mrs. Cesaro against the operator on several Trust Co., Ottumwa; Valley Na- 10 YEARS AGO — The defec- Casali, 1611 Hollywood boule- occasions. They said the matter tional Bank, Des Moines; Coun-tion to the U. S. of Nuclear Sci- vard NE, has completed recruit is pending in court.    cil Bluffs Savings Bank, Council entist Heinz Barwich, long a training at San Diego. He has    —-- Bluffs; First National Bank of holder of key positions in Russia been temporarily assigned to Turn that unused piano into a Burlington, Burlington, and and East Germany, caused ela- recruiting duty in Cedar Rapids bike, car, or whatevtr you want Banks of Iowa Computer Ser-tion among Western officials. for the next 30 days.    j    to buy with a want ad!    vices, Cedar Rapids. AWIIIlfiAk Whiskey—a blend • 86 proof 1974 CALVERT DlST CO., LOUISVILLE, KY filled by veteran firemen. The new members of the department will start with the rank of firefighter. Applications may be obtained from the civil service commission in city hall. Completed applications must listed in the army. be returned by 5 p.m. Thursday, I    *    * Oct. IO. Wa raserve the right to limit quantities jPric# inclwd«s~l "J Gnnla ne* incl :2 Single rackets, I Shelf * • I »» I :• i J L J_JL J WALL-DEC0R SHELF MODULE 20% « Spanish look stained pine 36” shelf. Two 16” brackets. %” PARTICLE BOARD Reg. 3.36 86 s/«” PARTICLE BOARD 31 Reg. 3.8? ALL FIRST QUALITY - NO SECONDS A ////////; 4x8’ FT. PRINTED-GRAIN PANELS ON %” THICK HARDBOARD Our Reg. 6.97—5 Days Only 5.27 The rich, textured look of paneling combines beauty with a practical, scar-resistant plastic-coated finish. An Investment that adds value and Interest to your home, at Impressive K mart savings. Choice of Popular Finishes PINE LUMBER 2x4-8 I 2x2-8 2/ I00 MERCURY VAPOR YARD LIGHT Reg. 37.88—5 Days 29 88 Automatic Electric Eye. 250 watt. Protects your property while you sleep. Pro-drilled for Assembly WALL STORAGE KIT Our Reg. 16.44 13 44 S Day, Has frame, pegboard back. Pre drilled for assembly. 12x12” WHITE CEILING TILES c Each Our Reg. 13c 5 Days Only 9 Custom white, smooth-surfaced, easy-to-install ceiling tile adds beauty, value and comfort to your home. Save now! Reg. 16c Perforated 12*12” Acoustical Tile . . 12c la. 24” CUPOLA VENTILATOR Reg. 27.88—5 Days 22.77 Made of durable redwo 8.72 Weathervane, 5. • A,    ^ BK ? FIN£ STORES •    2727 I'm IVE SW .    180    COLLINS    ROAD    I    f    BK ;

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