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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa **ATNl* SftVICI ^Otic AS? i* FAM it I 9 -ll - >4 Mrs. Dean A. Vogt    Fred    H.    Breuer Kathryn M. Vogt, 42, of 2317 Fred Henry Breuer, 73, of 220 Aspen lane NE, and a resident, Twenty-fourth street NW, died of Cedar Rapids for the last 15 Wednesday in a Cedar Rapids years, died Thursday in a Cedar hospital following a brief illness. Rapids hospital.    H()rn    Mar(>h ^ 1901, in Cedar She was born Aug. 18, 1932, at Rapids hc had been a lif€|onK HW WI A? Mf I f OIC* AM ® ; Minden    and was married to Dean A. Vogt, Sept. 3, 1954, at Minden. Mrs. Vogt was a I member of the First Congregational church, the Women's Fel-| lowship, and had assisted part (time as a secretary at the church. Surviving in addition to her husband, are a daughter, Lyn-,    .    ..  __, „ Jette Key Vogt, at home; hor V™1' member of the Typograph- 300( parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph    1(11 unH,n- Schnepel, Minden; a sister,! Surviving is a sister, I Mrs. Robert Mauer, of Aurora.IOougall, Davenport. [SNOWI Colo ;    and two brothers, Bu    Services:    130    p m.    Saturday | dolph    R. Schnepel, Council    at Turner    chapel    west    by    the Bluffs, and Cary E. Schnepel of Very Reverend Canon D. A. I/>- ferski. Burial: Linwood ceme- resident of Cedar Rapids. He had worked for Metcalf Printers and in later years was foreman in the composing room for St a mats Publishing Co. Mr. Breuer was a member of Mizpah lodge, Cedar Rapids Consistory, El Kahir Shrine and the Folks club. He also was a 50- Bertha The Butcher How To Buy Meat How To Cook It How To Carve It How To Serve It Coming Soon in The Gazette Civitan Fall Meeting Set, Speaker Told Senate Hearing Set On PRS Operations A deputy U.S. marshal Thurs- PRS was given the contract beday morning served a subpoena cause of favoritism and accused on James Rossie, vice-president its operation of being “an enor-of the now-defunct Cedar Ra- mous foul-up.’’ pids-based Park Reservation Rossie has said that Metzen-System.    baum and officials in the NPS The subpoena, issued by Sen. undermined the PRS operation Henry Jackson, chairman of the because of interests in competi-senate’s committee on interior tors for the contract, and insular affairs, ordered Rossie to appear at a Sept. 19 hearing on the national park reservation operation, The senate subcommittee, led by Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D-Ohio), is investigating the    °Pera^on- A National    Park Service’s    award-    mi*bnn dollar ing of the    contract to PRS.    mentioned. In a related roduee Records    was announced Threaten Suit PRS officials have claimed that contractual violations by NPS and individual national parks severely hampered its nearly one-half lawsuit has been Rain is expected from Colorado and New Mexico across the Plains and Mississippi valley through the Ohio valley to the North Atlantic states. Rain is also expected in southern Florida. The past president of Civitan featured In told Omaha, Neb. Services: 2    n    m    Sunday at    tery- Friends may call at    International will bt _______ the First    Congregational    Turner chapel west and may, if    speaker for the fall    district    documents, correspondence church bv    the    Rev Glenn    they wish, make contributions    meeting of the Min-Owa    district    anything cise pertinent    to vt,,    tn the cancer fund    of Civitan International    Siatur-    association with PRS, day in Cedar Rapids. — Selassie — (Continued from Page I.) The Weather High temperatures Wednesday, low temperatures overnight and inches of preci pitation: 65 56 .03 L. Angeles 83 67 87 68 Miami 66 79 55 38 Min'apolis 74 50 .70 84 50 . 01 N. Orleans 89 78 63 34 .32 New York 82 69 64 44 Phoenix 104 78 90 75 Seattle 71 53 13 76 .03 Washington 13 73 Anchorage Atlanta Bismarck Chicago Denver Duluth Honolulu Houston Edith Jarosh, 78, of 1215 Fifth street SE, died Wednesday after a long illness. She was bom Aug. 8. 1898, in Fort Atkinson, Memorial Services and had been a resident of Huh, Carl W. — Turner Cedar Rapids since 1932. chapel east at noon Friday by Mrs. Jarosh was a member of St. Wenceslaus church and the William Haehnel Arnold Hcrbst. Graveside Bender. Interment: Cedar Me-jto the cancer fund, morial. Friends may call at the Boatty-Beurle chapel after 1    Mrs. Charles Jarosh p.m. Friday. Friends may if they wish contribute to a memo rial fund. controlled the country of em-    --- NE; Barbara Barger, 4303;bezzbng millions of dollars, en-Mt. Vernon road SE; each finedlcouraging bureaucratic corrup-$30    and costs. James Doyle, | tion and doing nothing to    allevi- 109    Eighth stivet SW; fined $25jate effects of the    drouth| Dr n costs- Marvin Dense rid, h- ,    .    ^    .    vears    services in Strawberry Point at Bertram; Timothy Garbow, wiuin in irK Pdb,1 1 *edrS;i-3o nm Friends mav call at Catholic Workman. 1119 Third street SW; Marilyn:killed an estimated IOO,(XX) per*]Tum^r^ untif 11:3^ a.m. Fri- Surviving are her husband,! Terry Pettit, 1135 Hubbard Selassie’s Dower    begari    to fade    oDenedafter^e service ^    i Charles, to whornshe was mar-    William Haehnel, jr., Austin, avenue NE; Elizabeth Mills. Selassie s power    began    to fade    opened    M -‘ Turner    ried APril 25• 1921» at Fort At*    Texas immediate past president Iowa City; Dollecn Clapsaddle, in 1hc ean> Part    01 tbls >ea‘    chapcl ’cast at 3 * Friday by    kinson; a daughter, Mrs. Louis    0f Civitan International will Mondav    Lows    in    40s    and    highs    ^    Eishth    BraciIeylw en the armed forces    served | a jebovah*s    Witness    represent- Drahos, Cedar Rapids,    three    speak    the    dav lone    event Moi^ay. Lows rn 4°s and highs Johnson 2p Sixth avenue notice that they    were    deter-    alive. Burial: Linwood. Friends    erandchikircn- three sisters.    ^ u J . , a1 k 60s    Saturday    and    Sunday    NE, Valhe Lucas, Mt. Vernon, mjn(M] fft pnd F.thionia,«?    feudal mav call at Turner east.    .____  •»*:______i-.J    which    begins at    9.30 a.m. Haehnel    has    been active    in Civitan for over 1ft years, and SIR. Mehaffey of Asbury United Rapids.    has held several t0P 0,fices in -Methodist church. Burial:! Services- development, it in Washington the subpoena, Rossie was that Ronald H. Walker, director to produce any records, of the National Park Service, or has resigned, effective Jan, I. his Walker had been under fire since it was revealed that he is Rossie handled the day-to-day a personal friend of L. Donald operation of the service in Middleton, president of PRS. Cedar Rapids until the NPS re- R()tb have denied, however, fused to extend its contract in that this relationship had an in-late August.    fiuence on the awarding of the Metzenbaum has charged that reservation contract. 17 Indictments, 7 No Bills Returned Extended forecast - is expected Saturday in warming to lows in 50s highs in Tis by Monday. C. R. Weather High Wednesday and 80 $ /•    ^    j    *    non,    mjned (0 end Ethiopia’s feudal each fined $20 and costs.    1 Traffic signal violation — \p,( m    .    •    ,    , Thomas Jedlicka, 1300 McGow- The emperor retained the alan boulevard, Marion; Steph- legiance of the landed barons en Graham, 5215 Barbet ave- and millions of illiterate nue NW; Russell Eberle, Fair- Rapids, grandchildren; three “sickles*1 Raymond’ I.. -    S?*0™-    Minneapolis. Turner chapel west at 1:301 N'linri.; Jessie Lacer' and Mrs. p.m. Friday by the Rev. Charles Willard Walton, both of (k?dar The Linn county grand jury has returned 17 indictments and seven no bills. In its report Thursday the pea Low overnight ...............59    fax; each fined $20 and costs. |f.anls'    bu‘«*    young    army    of- Yiw.n ThnrJLv    HO    Robert Paul, 3019 D avenue    hoers    and    technocrats    turned '    1    •      co    NE;    Steve    Boardman,    2452    against    him,    demanding    free - P ni..................... Lauren    drivt Precipitation ...............0.50    $15 and costs Total for September  .....102    Striking fixtures adjacent to Normal for September .....3.97    street — Gary Long, Hiawatha; Normal through Sept. ... 27.12    $2-mfin(lnC0sts‘ Jon Ed~ „ . , . ,n-a* r    or    wards,    3000    Pioneer    avenue Total for 1974 .............. 38.8a    gjp. fjned $15 and COsts. Barometer, steady' ....... 29.88    Driving on wrong side — 96% Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Turner west. Jfur™ ^ri4ve sw: cach fined speech, land reform, democratic government and an end to corruption. Until then, the bearded ruler had survived all Grand Jury Clears Officers of Brutality sisting execution of process; Willie Love, robbery with aggravation; Martha Ruth Turner and Marvin Pederson, both on jury also found that no indict- charges of larceny, ment should be returned in con- The jury recommended that nection with    an Aug. 17    traffic    the non-indictable charge of as- the organization.    accident in    which John    Curtis    sault and battery be filed by the The district meeting will    also    was killed.    county attorney against Chavez, include a report from the five Facing trial now as a result of youth delegates who recently at-|indictments are the following! Kuba funeral home east where friends may call after IO a m. “No criminal offense was'Friday. committed by any member of    - longes to his rule, although he tbe cedar Rapids police depart- Chester S. Johnson Saturday at 10:30 a m. in St. Wenceslaus church by the Rev. Clarence Frana. Burial: St. John', cemetery. Ro-ltended lhe civitan th cj,ian-1 persons; sary friday at 7:30 p.m. in the „u:_____:___kA....    !i. little chal- 2 p.m. NNW at 12 mph. Sun rises Friday, 6:44; into exile in 1935 ship seminar in Adrian. Mich. Cathy Jane Schad. Theodore The delegates, selected on the Wilbur Gould, Ernie Moomy. basis of their leadership abib- Zelda Zerbe and George Welch, ties and interest in the problems all charged with resisting ex-of today, were Dawn Berchen- pcution of process; Michael Coo-briter, Jefferson high school; per. assisting escape from an Iowa Guard To Modify Gun Policy sun Due to a rash of weapons thefts from several military armories recently, Iowa national guard officials have announced Humidity at noon ......... 96%    I    Daniel Bernaski 1815 Eastern ”r Mussolini's arrnv invaded ™eni\jnn county snerm s chester s Johnson( 78t o{ 345 Michael Grady, Marion; Bruce officer; Darrel Treece, escape; Wind direction and velocity    Mop,' and capered Addis    Twenty-seventh street drive SF Revers, Prairie; Sandra Stall- era,* Gardner, assault with in- Remington. 700 Thirty-fifth Ababu.    ,    ,    F    '    died in a Cedar Rapids hospital man, l,aSalle. and Jeffrey Peck, tent to inflict great bodily injured, Marion; fined $25 and Selassie took his case before    "J?:    “unanimous    Thursday    Chowing    a    short    Kennedy.    ry; Sally Freese, James R sets, 7:20.    JDuanJP }uf#    the League of Nations but the    „    f    ,, T.    '    a    Illness. He was a retired em- The Linn county Civitan club stout. Clarence W. Breuer and that the state’s units must re- Year A*. Today - High, 73;    «^his    p!«    tot rcZt S P^e of-he Quaker Oats Co^ will host the event for the IO Michael D. Richman. all low, 51; rainfall, 0.16    j    fined SIO and casts.    that it retain the economic sane- lav of iK investigation of a Horn y 1896 m ^ort c*1*] *a ?? IVfc0!? U charged with possession of a Parkin}; violation — Elza tjons    v0te(j    aeajnst    italv    i    r    a    i,    ii    Hodge, he had been a resident the Sirloin n Brew, 4116 First controlled substance. Traveler’s Forecast SW^iined $15^andco’sts    ^yUAof^letSCd.    ^    ^    ,0r    ^    aVCnUe % ,Ab0lf Fri^ ,, ■ hi I, ■lESlSiTlJuii.n -lit took World war ll and It* ^'nbTaonatthc mn tunty    Surviving    in    ad,dition    to    are expected to attend, ll"David Corbett, 407 B avenue British army to return him to    I?,J    J    his wife. Lugema, is a daughter, NW; fined $10 and costs.    Dower    i-    Donna Jeanne Johnson of Cedar Driver’s license violation —' County Atty. William kaches R iH Deborah Lederle, 57 Nintecnth| withstood another crisis in and sheriff Walter Grant hads privale services- Saturday at avenue SW; fined $2“ onH I960 when members of his lmDC-1_____ ,    a.    a..__rrivaie services, ^aiuruay ai costs. Richard Ross Twenty-first fined $10 and cost Prohibited passing — Wayne j rc.luI„l!eu ,UUi Ud^s d,iei l"c Grant said Johnson had been Buelow, Palo; fined $20 and rebellion and crushed the revolt. taken to (he jail bv Cedar Chamberlain, The rebel troops were hunted Bismarck .......PtCldy    63-40 Chicago Cincinnati ... Cleveland .. Des Moines Detroit Indianapolis Kansas City Milwaukee .. Mpls-St. Paul Omaha..... St. Louis ... Sioux Falls . Shwrs 67-52 ■ Tshwrs 78-58 .Tshwrs 71-53 . Cloudy 58-40 j ... Rain 73-521 ... .Rain 75-54 ... .Rain 60-48 ..Cloudy 59-50 . PtCldy 58-40 . Cloudy 59-42 ... , Rain 65-50 . PtCldv 59-38 Certified Coordinator Named for Program OELWEIN — Bonnie Murray. move all firing mechanisms from their guns and have them Gary Lee Nortrnan. going st0red b-v law enforcement armed with intent; Bobby Lee agencies. Palmer, failure to return a rent- First SgL Jack Myers, gamed vehicle; Robert Cage, rob- son sergeant of the 234th Signal bery with aggravation,aud, Battalion rn Cedar Rapids, I'Oren Bolson and John Calvin said Thursday that all bolts Brooks, both charged with re- have been removed from the $20 and IWO when members of his lmpe-    fA    «.uhmit    tho    matter    Pnvale    services:    saturday    ai luiu jigs*? 2560 rial Guard rebelled while the ^ ,    submit    mat    r    jurner    chapel east by the Dr.    .     ,    -    „ - I ^v.. avenue, Marion; emperor was in Brazil Selassie1!® u g.rand )ury’ as su8gested George W. Carlson of First Lu- of the Northeast Iowa Mental moval of safeguards or danger weapons under his control. C0St?' - returned four days after the byr^fnt lohn.on hah been thCran ChUrCh' FriendS m3y CaU HCaUh CCn^r’ ^ ,W°rk; fRna,S (0ri«ina,ly Charged WitH And ho ^nt inned tho, r.rant gatd .inhn^on had boon.at Turnor cbap€l Cast untii 9 mg as certified coordinator of larceny down and square. Coralville Lake Pool level Thursday .. . 683.36 Births — St. Lube s Sept. ll — To the families of Wayne Hoist, 1922 Central drive SW. a son; Michael Neil-ly, 357 Twenty-second street NW, a son; Robert Doubek, 300 J street SW, Apt. 805, a son. Births — Mercy Sept. ll — To the families of Daniel DeMeulenaere, 5748 Gordon avenue NW, a daugh-j ter; Larry C’herveny, Van Horne, a son; Ronald Baldy, Amana, a daughter; James Jones, 3524 Redbud road NE, a daughter; Jack Davis, 1141 Fifteenth avenue SW, a son. Out of Town Births At Amberg, Germany — Spec. 4 and Mrs. Franklin Klima . a daughter Sept. 8. Mrs. Klima is the daughter of Mary O’Brien, Hiawatha trailer court. Hiawatha. costs. Raymond Hiawatha; fined $15 and costs. Iowa Deaths Marengo — David A. McLennan, 96, Indianola. Saturday at 1:30 at Hoover - Valentine’s Masonic graveside services. Waukon — Frances Wheeler, 83. Friday    at    IO at St. Pa trick’s. Martin Brothers’. Waukon    —    Florence Ro- minger. Martin Brothers’. Belle Plaine    — Sidney L. Root, 78. Saturday at 2 at Halverson's. Military rites graveside. Norway    —    Leo Ed w ardj cult /vt “    "    *e Sonka, 64. Saturday at ll at St. Shenff Norman Popenhagcn in Michael’s Catholic church. Visi- connection with incidents at a tation after 11 Friday at tavern parking lot and at Hiden- inan's residence early Thurs- wen, iiumcu jlapids poiice on an intoxication t fh t fri d    if    th^    gram hanged' rn a public    V~t    h..    fiehiine    B<!s,    ,n .    ,nfy    K p.m. Friday. The family sug-Jbe Dolwein alcoholism pro- No longer facing charges as a charge and he started fighting wjsb make a contribution to the Man Jailed After Assault On Deputy with sheriff's officers as soon as police removed handcuffs from his wrists. The grand jury said it questioned 16 witnesses in its inves- charitv of their choice. Mrs. August Cramer Dena Alice Lay Cramer, 87, ligation concerning the assault. alleged widow of Cramer, a And, he continued, these devices are being placed in the .. .    ....    .    .,    .,    custody    of the Cedar Rapids result of no bills returned by the .. % .__.    r J    police department, jury are the following persons. '    ,    . with the charges which had Myers explained that the two been placed against them list- companies in the unit have M-16 with alcoholics on Mondays and cd:    rifles, .45-caliber pistols and M- Tuesdays.    '    Jose    Chavez,    assault    with    in-    machine    guns. In addition, she will be avail- tent to inflict great bodily inju- Ammunition for the weapons Her office will be located with the Chamber of Commerce and she will be available to meet the Rev. August able on an on-call basis for j ry; former resident of emergencies with the Oelwein ed Paul H, Brosh’s where parish Rosary will be recited 7:30 Friday. Clermont John Alfred Erickson, 91. Saturday at 10:30 at West Clermont Lutheran church. Muehlethaler’s, Elgin. William sbur* — Emma Grant said Thursday that one Cedar Rapids, died in Tempe, police department of the witnesses in the matter Ariz., Wednesday following a _ Hidenman, 22. route aiso testified about alleged bru- brief illness. Born April 22, 1887. at one,    Lisbon,    has    been    charged    tality by a deputy in the airest    at Hastings, Neb., she and Mr.) with    assaulting    Linn    Deputy    of four Cedar Rapids persons at    Cramer were married on Aug. a Fairfax quarry on the same    3, 1910, at Hastings. She was a day.    member of Kenwood Presby-[ The jury, however, was ad-jterian church. vised that it should delay any: She is survived by five daugh-investigation of that matter, be    ters, Mrs. C. F. Gill. Palm cause the FBI is investigating    Desert, Calif.; Mrs. J.C. Adkins. it on the basis of a complaint    Salt l^ake City. Utah; Mrs. L.E.j that the incident violated their    Lowe, Cedar Rapids; Mrs. How-, Kenneth F. Webb. aggravat-|will continue to be stored in sep-burglary and breaking and arate, locked areas in the armo- entering; Lyle Wade Tiegen, re- ry Davis, 78. Saturday McAninich’s, Victor. at 2 at Marriage Licenses san Draker anti Edward G. R. We+laufer Rites Friday Gerald R Wet- tu.san DraKer and Colby, Mary Peterson and trick Callahan. Betty N< and Lewis Merritt, all of C Rapids. Marriages Dissolved Olivia and Leoncl Gutiem Salana C. and James Michalcc. Patricia and Young. Pa- tion v'ak day clar day. Poponhagen reported he broke up a fight involving Hidenman and another man after he was called to the Road House civil rights untier a federal stains and that Hidenman then hit tute. him in the back as he was re-j turning to his patrol car. He said he then hit Hidenman on the shoulder with his flashlight and that the two then wrestled for several minutes belie broke loose to call 830,000 Loss in Rohner Farm Fire Joseph Rickie Pi res 9:34 a r in electric .sixth strc< 2:28 p.r n. Wednesday cord at 119 Twenty-*t drive SF'.. 1. Wednesday Drfec- line at 803 F’ir.-t ave- I’aper at 115 live ca* nue SW. 4:42 p.m. Wednesday. Iii ash tray to dashboard Eighth street NE 8:49 pan. Wednesday. Flushed *as at accident scene af Eighth avenue bridge. 11:19 p.m. Wednesday. Flush spilled can at airport. 12:18 ain. Thursday. Ventilate gas fumes from home at I HDD Higley avenue SF;. Magistrate's Court Speeding Wayne Buelow, Palo; Ray Meeks, Central City; Thomas Woerdehoff, Dubuque; Daniel Voelker, rural Marion; Arnold Barsema, 116 Seventeenth street NFI; Robert Gerber, 1415 Wiley boulevard OELWEIN - aufer, 62. a business and educa- fore leader here, died Wednes-in a Park Rapids, Minn., hospital after a lengthy illness. Mr. Wetlaufcr retired as president of the City Laundering Co. in 1972 and also retired as director of the Oelwein State bank driveway, the same year. He had served With the help of a Mt. Vernon as president of both the Oelwein police officer and a Cedar short and Fayette school boards, and county deputy, Popenhagcn had been a trustee for Upper went into the residence to arrest Iowa college at Fayette He is survived by his wife. tacked three children, his father, two Grant said Hidenman nearly .sisters ami two brothers and six bit off Popcnliagen's left ear. grandchildren. Services will be held Friday at 2 at St. Mary’s Episcopal church. ard Beatty, Atkins; Mrs. D.D. Peters, George; a son, Marvin H. Cramer. Tempe, Ari/.; nine grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren and two sisters, Mrs. William Grossheim, Quincy, 111., and Mrs Howard Merritt, Hastings. Neb. Cnrui/»0i: • 'Tumor /*h$jn<>l east GUTTENBERG - A Wednes-f°r    day afternoon fire at the Don    Services:    Turner    chape helo on the radio.    Rohner farm seven miles north    at a    time to    be    announced. Hide n rn a n then allegedly    of Guttenberg resulted in Un es- drove off to his residence. Po-tincted $30,000 lose. pcnhagen followed him and Hi- Destroyed in the blaze were denman allegedly drove his    (he barn and hog house. Several truck into the patrol car in hie    hogs. sheep and horses were killed in the fire and a large quantity of hay and straw was also lost. Thr Cf filar llnpiih t siabii$hed in 111) bv The Go/ette C <•> ann puDHthed dally and Sunday at SOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids iowa S7406. Second clots pottage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa 20 YEARS AGO - France Hidenman and allegedly was at- promised aid to Vietnam a< again Sheriff Walter French rule ended in south In-do-China. Subscription rotes bv cot tier 95 cents a week Bv mail: Nigh! Edition ond Sunday 6 issues S3 15 a month, $39 OO a yeor: Af ter noon Editions and Sunday I issues S3 IS a month. $40 OO a year. Other states and U S territories $60 OO a year No Mail Subscriptions accepted In areas having Ooretfe carrier service The Associated Tress is entitled exclusively to the use tor republication of all lhe local news printed in this news paper as well os all AP news dispatches. IO YEARS AGO President Johnson, taking sharp issue with Sen. Coldwater, said no U.S. president can give up his responsibility over use of nuclear weapons. Popenhagcn received stitches at a Cedar Rapids hospital and was released. Hidenman was charged with assault and battery, assault with intent to inflict great txxlily injury, injury to a motor vehicle and having no license on his vehicle. He was held in the county jail in lieu of $3,750 bond flowers for every occasion Cl iXVKS .KHUN i: 7    I*    jfrvil    7' basion! ^    ( (•nvtmtnl downtown location 308 3rd Ave. SE 365-0511 flowers can say everything for Any Occasion FLORAL ARRANGE MI MTS PIERSONS FLOWER SHOP Tour f I h Ho rut OW I lits Blvd. NW I I OWI It PHONE MEINTS <c o FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364 8139 Plione An$HCic4 ?4 Hows heir Day floral artistry 'N FLORIST c Town and Country Shopping Center 364-2146 Earning a living It’s no easy matter. .. and you have every right to expect va/r/e when you >pend your hard earned dollars. We believe that anyone serving the public should keep this iii mind. Murdoch J** j, '"7une*iaf Homei 'llpL MARION CENTER POINT CENT RAL CITY SPRINGVILLE WALKER    COGGON and in Cedar Rapids The Beatty-Beurle Chapel ;

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