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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 A The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Sept. 12, 1974 The Girls Foer*rYol°eted'wftU'fw” lEvel Waves Fake Check, Still Prospers On Murder Count North Americans NEW YORK (AP) —■ Re- between one million and one a year anyway member that $6 million check    one-half million persons using ^ my name Four . r- .    i    watched    him    fall    into    the can-mons, he says. “ that Eve! Marvel was waving! ^ ^ ^ tos, of $|0 a Arum-S |atest estimate of $21 vel a net earning* would come closed circuit theaters million is $5 million lower than to between $.! lo 2.5 million aftei 7 from people vel’s share of the gross will b€ for promo- about $9 million, If that figure holds, then Kme- A hearing on whether Steven HOLSTON (AP) — “H, TZrt'rZ« K°r,h Ame,fCanS he'd h‘ls,a^es    around before his rocket launch    _ m _........................._ _ . has been delaved until certain * 3 g™Tl “    in ^thl0P,a    into the Snake river canyon?    throughout the    country.    Gate    he had predicted    only days he    the 50 to KO percent.taxes he ex^- diK-uments arrive from Florida slnce March 26 have be™ re‘Well, it was a fake.    receipts at the    canyon    itself    fore the jump,    however, and    peels to pay, plus the $1 million even the revised figure may bv1 he has already laid out for the tm tin. high side    *    launching ramp, three “Sky- are cycles,” leasing the canyon and |for consideration by the judge, sleased, a spokesman for Ten-    promoters only gave came to about $600 OOO The hearing was scheduled neco lnc- reP°rts    Knievel a $250,000 advance, The    Various Expenses    un    tile    high    sidi for Wednesday before District! The four include three Ten- check was pure rubber — part Robert Arum, the New York A Her proinoio a c.    #,vn#.ncps Associate Judge John Sieben- neco employes and a U N. geol- of the publicity that both Knie-i lawyer who heads Top Rank, subtracted, . r maim, but was continued to 0gist    jvel and the promoters dreamed Inc., the promoter of the motor- jaw’ait arrival of the documents. I 4 m ___,______ j    up    cycle    jump, has guaranteed A Tenneco spokesman refused up The 16-year-old Cedar Rapids A-    w    ,    "j * *    .    Theres    another    thing    that    is    Knievel the larger of either $6 boy is one of three persons ac- cuss on ms ay repor > s^,jj fjoajjng ar0und in their million in cash or 60 percent ofj cused in the shooting death of a ransom had txH'n paid to rninds: the actual amount of receipts, including the the-61-year-old John Reving at the 8ai° release of the men.    money the whole extravaganza afer gate, promotional sales and; victims residence at 919 Sixth There had been reports that earned.    j    other income, minus various unstreet SE Sept. I.    the Eritrean liberation Front,    Firm    Figure*    specified promotional    expenses Washington is being    held in    which seeks independence for    Th    nrom(,t~rs have    released    t0 be paid to Top Rank    .    . the countv iail rending    a ripfer-    th* nnrthprn Fthionian nrovinre    promoters    nave    leieasea    }n ^ ^ before    Knievel s ne county jail pending a deter the northern Ethiopian province vanous estimates of the gross, .^t .,    »„mhiprf    too    feet ruination whether his case (rf Eritrea, had been seeking $3.1 ^ ^ jar nobody has produced •    tumbled    Hi should be transferred from ju-million in ransom.    any    j,rm    fjgUres    All    that    is venile court. 9 AZ ‘Is there any kind at all I can wear to a luncheon and not be sorry by the time I get to the baked alaska?” Homes with ID Stickers Are Avoided by Burglars into the canyon. he had been IT™ "........... .    .. anv "rm "*urfs; -V* lT “ dissaving the $6 million check. The other two kneels Kelly ,kT    °    T    7    '“n    kn0Wn    iS    V8'    ^‘n ')robabl1y offering, for instance, to pay for Johnson iii and Eddie Whne h<> .’“a ""I    !    i"V    ear"ed    a    '0t    °f m°"ey 7 a round of drinks with it. That, ’3 (Th Of'cedar Raoid are    r    L    ,    J,    '    lions    by    "*    accou"' ” bUI n°' was a promotional gimmick it s st: sr.’T.'LSuV.trir ^.■r- J- '■»    ^    H p*nd“(    . I N ... Ire,,.,I from Calif.. ...    , rocky .uarf.r re, c.cn.a.y, .-.rum re. heanngs.    nia; Clifford James of Walker- mile ride earn6d him $8.666.671 terated his earlier estimate that ton. Ont.; and James William ^ foot _    taxes    and    ex-    theater    receipts would total Rogers of Greenwich, Conn. penses, that is.    about $15 million, with promo te Canadian foreign min- Reached at his home in Butte, tional sales and other monies j istry announced that the four \lont., Knievel savs he believes bringing total revenues to some A    I    were t0 ha.ve ***" taken t0 -    --521 million Advisory UmiT Khartoum, Sudan, for a direct    .    ^    Knievel    made a similar es Alice Schwiebert 150 Thomp- Hight back to Houston.    I    01381(3    jT0rT$ limate of theater receipts, but son drive SE, has'been elected The four men were captured Western Swing (,edined to come up with a C. R. Woman Named to Iowa The number of Cedar Rapids property taken in a residences and businesses pro- since displaying the breakin I w indow the items Reinecke Heads Coe tarting movable propertv with st!jJers. indicating , ,    ...    . . within have been marked with an identification mark is now elthpr the name of fhe resident over 4.000, according to Capt. or a social security number. James Barnes of the police de- The program was started in partment's crime prevention March. 1972. ^ufeiu    Residents    may borrow a . ..    . ^ marker free of charge from the Barnes said none o lie .    department. When the homes and businesses has had marker js retureed (hf resjdcnt is given stickers to display as a deterrent to burglars .    .    . In Cedar Rapids there are an Alumni Giving Project estjmated 26.000 households and Warren Reinecke, who joined businessess which could utilize the Coe college staff last month the program. Barnes said. as director of annual giving, Two public schools that par-wili assume the joint position of ticipate in the project have been director of alumni relations and burglarized, but the missing annual giving effective Thurs- items were recovered and reday, according to Jack Laugen. turned to the schools, Barnes vice-president for deevlopment added. at Coe.    The use of the marking tool to Reinecke replaces Robert identify movable personal Greene, who had served as property discourages burglary director of alumni affairs at Coe a's0 al<*-s rP lirn since 1971. Mr. Greene has or stolen items, ho said. joined the staff of MorAmerica #    *~ Fmancial Corporation in Cedar primely To B© T Guest Day I Friday will be “Guest day” at the Central branch YMCA, Larry Lutz, program director, .    ____ . said Thursday. James W. Wheeler, 3859 Lost ^ frpe ^un swjm W1jj be held Valley road SE, has received a fr0m ]0:30 t0 11;30 a m whUe doctorate degree in organic t^e gVmnasmm and lobby game chemistry from the I Diversity room wi]j be open from 9 30 to of Illinois, Urbana.    a    m *    *    “Members are invited to par- _    ticipate in the extra activities Faisal Delay    and l0 bring along a guest with- BEIRUT (AP) — King Faisal out charge.” Lutz said. Friday of Saudi Arabia has decided not js an in-service day for the to visit the U. S. until there is a Cedar Rapids public elementary’ “just settlement'’ of the Arab- and junior high schools. Israeli conflict, a newspaper re- Regular classes will be held ported Thursday.    {Friday afternoon vice-chairman of the state advi- while prospecting for oil. sory council to the Iowa com-    “—* mission on the aging.    Soviets    Watched George Marsh of Sioux City was elected council guess of how much the whole TOKYO (AP) - Prime Min-event would be worth, ister Tanaka left Thursday for    “Just    Glad” WASHINGTON (AP) — A So-    a two-week swing through the    “At this point I don’t    know chairman    viet naval task force is cruis-U. S. and other Western Hem-    and I really don’t care    how and    Agatha    Funke    of    Greeley    mg in the Pacific off Hawaii and    isphere countries to promote    much money I made. I’m    just was    named secretary.    Is being watched by a U. S. war-jcloser economic and cultural    glad to be alive,” he says. The council consists of 32 ship, the Pentagon says.    {ties.    I    “I’m    making    a    million    dollars members representing 16 area — ...........  —.........      -...................—...................................... . units in Iowa. All members are over 60 years of age. The council advises the state commission on community programs for the aging, recommends policies and programs for the elderly, and assists in drawing agendas for the state commission meetings. Miss Schwiebert and Perry Hummel of Vinton were recent ! ly elected by the .Area Ten agency on the aging advisory’ council as representatives to the state council. CERAMIC 88 FLOORS 67 Calor* A Patterns Q Q ^ “*• **• »up    x    O    a    up Do it Yourself or we install WALLS 101 -Colors Choice c sq. ft. Plastic Wall Tile 4Vj ... 6 Colors in Stock SLATE for entries 160 sq. ft. in Stock Oprn Thursday till 7:30 — Park In Hear Workshops Set On Job Seeking Regional workshops on job seeking skills training have been scheduled by the Iowa department of public instruction,) through its special needs section and rehabilitation education and services branch. Activities will include viewing persons under actual interviewing conditions, discussing retar-1 dates’ responses under inter-! viewing, techniques for stimulating positive self-concepts and ability to identify skills, and planning job-seeking skills programs. Thirty persons will be admitted to each session. The workshops scheduled are Ottumwa. Sept. 24-25; Davenport. Sept. 26-27: Waterloo, Oct. 23-24: Cedar Rapids, Oct. 30-31. and Marshalltown. Nov. 13-14. 30 YEARS AGO - Russian troops were reported fighting within 90 miles of Belgrade. 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