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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I elevision / bd ay By Jjiy Sharbutt Ford Signs Bill To End Seat Belt Interlock Paul Sand Is Worrier NKW YOUK IAP) _ Paul Sand had just finialed a Chinese lunch •when three ladies at a nearby table arose, 'walked over, gave him a card and asked him to autograph it. He was obviously pleased. So were the ladies. One ventured a jest: “I didn’t recognize you without your bass.” But a man at the next table thought Sand was Joe Na-math. So it goes these days for the 34-year-old star of CBS’ “Friends and Lovers”, the Saturday night series in which he plays a bachelor who plays the big bass viol in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The shaggy-haired, sadfaced actor, bom in Los Angeles, was in Fun City to bow up some publicity for his show which, sandwiched between “All in the Family” and “Mary Tyler Moore”, has few ratings worries. * * * But Sand seems a worrier by nature, the sort of guy who’d probably be happiest running a grief swap shop. At the interview, he was fretting because CBS hasn’t said yet if it’d renew the show for 13 more weeks. “All the remarks are that it will be,” he said. “But who knows? I would like to be picked up because I’d like to use what I’ve learned so far to make the next 13 Weeks more solid ” Learn? There doesn’t seem much more learning needed for someone who began studying acting at ll, left home at 18 for a year with Marcel Marceau’s mime troupe in Paris, worked with Chicago’s “Second City" gang and won Broadway's Tony award in 1970 for his work in “Story Theater”. Sand now has the floor: “Well, I was totally intimidated by television. It took me years to get comfortable on the stage and then this opportunity came. ♦ * * “I’d done a couple of things, like one shot on the ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ show” — he played an auditor — “and three Carol Burnett shows, but this show was really like being in a new school.” He said he felt his timing was off initially and, although the show writers toiled, nightly, “They were writing for an actor who can tell jokes. I can do situations, but I can’t tell jokes. “For a while, next to my name, they’d write ‘joke’ in the script. Because I’d go, ‘I don’t get it. What does this have to do with the story?’” He says he’s gotten over that, is now considerably more at ease, but hopes there'll .be fewer one-liners and more of a story line in future shows — if, of course, CBS renews the thing. Although much of the show is built around the fact the hero plays and lugs around a bass fiddle, Sand is the first to admit he’d have trouble squeezing a tune out of a kazoo. * * * He said he took lessons on the bass from Don Palma, formerly with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and now a freelancer here. tion&hip,” he mused. “Because I d go to his house to take lessons and I was a student with no talent. “But he’d forget that I was just there to learn how to fake it. And he often wanted to scream at me. Thank God. he’d always snap out of it. We’re pretty good friends now.” Television Listings 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cader Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF TV, Rock Island 6—WOC TV, Davenport 8—WUST, loCroisa IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV, Pas Moints Tuesday Night 1:0®- 7—News. Weather, Sots 9— Eyewitness News 2—Action News 3— News, Weather, Sots 4—Action News 6—6 OCIock Edition 1—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots. 12— Designing Success 13—Eyewitness News «:3® •    7—High Chaparral 9—Hollywood Sauares 2—To Tell Truth 3—Candid Camera 4— Hee Haw A— (OMO Football 8— Conseauences IO—Let's Moke a Deal 12—Secrets of Deep 13—Let s Make a Deal 7:0® 9—Happy Days 2—Candid Camera 3—Happy Days A—Adam 12 1—Good Times 10—Adam 12 12—America 13-Adam 12 7:3® 7—NBC Movie— “Strange Homecoming'* f—ABC Movie— “Mark of Zorro” 2—M*A*S*H 3—ABC Movie— "Mark of Zorro” 4—M*A*S* Se Homecoming'* 12— Symphony 13—NBC Movie— •'Strange Homecoming” 8:0® 2— Hawaii Flve-O 4—Hawaii FiveO 8—Hawaii Five-0 8:30 12— Woman 9:00 7—Police Story 9— Marcus Welby 2—Barnaby Jones 3—Morcus Welby 4—Barnaby Jones A—Police Story •— Barnaby Jones IO—Police Story 12—Accion Chicano 13—Police Story 9:30 12—Burglor Proofing 10:00 7—News, Weather, Sots. 9— { ye witness News 2—Action News 3 News, Weather, Spts. 4—Action News A-IO O Clock I clition 1—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weather, Spts. 12— Day at Night 13 - Eyewitness News 10:30 J Tonight 9—Wide World of t nlertolnment 2—I HS Movie • Dirty Do/en”, Pf I 3— Wide World of I ntertainment A tonight t ‘ BS Movie "Only Oaten'*, Vt Pl I IO tonight 12 - Mon Who Made Movies 13 -Ianight 11:45 4 Mod Sound 11:43 4 Pig Valley Wednesday Morning 5:30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—New Zoo Revue I—Sunrise Semester 13—Not for Women Only 7:00 7—Today 2—CBS News 4—CBS News A—Today 1—CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 3—Lewis Fomily 8:00 9—New Zoo Revue 2—Copt. Kangaroo 3—Sesame Street 4—Copt. Kangaroo I—Copt. Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 9:1 Imum t ow I act Wet d tnmm mw I amar mw I amor t ow 7—Nome Thot Tune 9—Mike Douglas 2—Joker's Wild 3—Cartoons 4—Joker's Wild A—Nome That Tune 8—Joker's Wild IO—Name Thot Tune 12—Sesame Street 13—Name That Tune 9:30 7—Winning Streak 2—Com bit 3—Reed Farrell 4—Gambit A—Winning Streak 1—Gambit IO—Winning Streak 13—Winning Streak 10:00 7—High Rollers 9-All My Children 2—Now You See It 3— All My Children 4—Now You See It A—High Rollers 8—Now You See It. IO—High Rollers 12—In School 13—High Rollers 10:30 I— Hollywood Squares 9—Brady Bunch ,    7—Love of Life 3— Brady Bunch 4—Love of Life A-Hollywood Squares 8—Love of Life IO—Hollywood Sauores • 13—Hollywood Squares 11:00 1— Jackpot 9 - Password 2—Young and Restless 3—Password 4 — Young and Restless A—Jackpot 8—Young and Restless IO— jackpot 13—Jockpot 11:30 /— Celebrity Sweepstakes V— Split Second 7—Tomorrow 3 Spilt Second 4—Tomorrow A—Celebrity Sweepstakes 8 — Tomorrow IO—Celebrity Sweepstakes 13-( elebrity Sweepstakes Wednesday Afternoon 1200 / News. Weather 9 I yewitriess News 7 Nrws, Weather I News 4 f amily Affair t, Noun L aition 8 Noontime 10 Nrws. Weather 17 - In Sr bool |J News 2:00 7—Another 9—General 2— Price is 3— General 4—Price Is A—Another 8- Price Is IO—Another 13—Another World Hospital Right Hospital Right World Right World World 2:30 7—How To Survive a Marriage 9—One Lite To Live 2—Match Come 3—One Life To Live 4—Match Game A—How To Survive a Marriage 8—Match Gome IO—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive a Marriage 3:00 7— Somerset 9    110,000    Pyramid 2_ Tattletales 3-410,000 Pyramid 4— Tattletales A— Somerset 8-Tattletales 10— Somerset 12—Supervisory 13—Somerset 3:30 7- Room 272 9—Giiligon s Island 2—Dr. Ma* 3—Movie 4—Mike Douglas A—Jeanme I— Bewitched IO- Lost In Space 12-Cover to Cover I J—Floppy 4:00 1~ Bonanza • 9-Lucy Show 4 — Merv Griffin 8—Mike Douglas 12—Misterogers 13—Mery Griffin 4:30 9 - Mod Squad 2 Partridge Family 4— Hogan's Heroes 10—Ooniel Boone 12-Sesome Street SOO 7- Dragnet 7- Consequences 3 Newsteatunes 4 GHhgon s Island 5:30 i— 9~ 7— 3 4-A— 8-10-12-13- WARMINGTON (AIM - Pres-ident Ford .sigru*d a motor vehicle and school bus safety bill Monday that does away with the mandatory scat belt interlock system. He also signed repeals the laws I hr (>dar Rapids Gazette: Tues., October 29, 1974 Ford Lauds Veterans of '74, '29 Different as Night, Day Vietnam War NKW YOUK (AIM Wall Street Tuesday marked its gloomiest anniversary, 4 5 years after the stock market WASHINGTON (AIM - President Ford, in a Veterans day address Monday, saluted “the silent, heroes” of Vietnam and began its dizziest fall in histo , . .. .. . urged Americans to “strengthen that under our rosolvo to always walk the strong and unafraid “Without a mighty America no peace can long survive,” ry on Get 28 29. 1929. But, even with numerous current trouble*, including inflation. tight money and a slumping economy, traders can take heart that the bear market of 1974 and the great, crash of 1929 are as different as night and day, many analysts agree. some circumstances, permitted mjj° far peace 1    ann nnaFraiH police to make raids without knocking. | In signing the seat belt mea-|porcj said in wreath laying cere-sure, the President said monies at Arlington National could understand why drivers c(.m(qtTy might object to being forced by i standing near the Tomb of the the federal government to buck' Unknown and looking over a Ie their seat belts. But he said it|gr(H,n hillside dotted with white had the “laudable goal of <‘n* markers bearing the names of Pjrm ^VonOGTS couraging motorists to wear,war dead Ford said) uUt us '    ® their safety belts    make sure the debt we owe Rv^y HGT© To bond “I give my strongest recom- so many is honored.”    I aa I I A I mendation that all Americans: He singled out Vietnam veter- IOU L0TG v>0lVGS follow the sound advice which ans, saying, “They served in    niTP    cnmA    mo tells us to ‘buckle up for safe- spite of the most difficult psy- ^    by    the    National! ty.” k*hological pressures st 3 The President also took the time when many of their peers Farmers Organization (NFO) For one thing, speculators in the 1920s had free rein, untouched by any sort of governmental regulation. Since 1933 the Federal Reserve and the Securities and Exchange Commission have acted to keep the speculator in bounds, and usually have protected traders from outright market fraud. The market also enjoys a degree of stability, compared with 1929, just from sheer size. There were about 15 million people in the market in 1929 Now there are about 30 million, lf nothing else, panic would have further to spread in 1971 Another difference, though lo.st comforting, is how fast and far stocks fell in 19*29 as against 1973-74 The crash of r ef their peers I sjaugh,erM, bv Dubuque ’» was sudden almost totally denouncing sf- p.lckitl„ Co w#rfcers Monday_| unexpected and horribly se- •king hilt the firm doesn’t know what occasion to remind Americans J and elders were not to exceed 55 miles an hour, vice to one’s country as immor- which he said will save lives.jal.    it    h    th    th    I fuel and money in the operation “They are the silent heroes of °i," WI . * Wf,re ,cft over of motor vehicles.    their    generation    ...    I    intend    to    ,    ,,    /    ,' ,    .i,„, The bill authorizes $55 million see that the silent heroes, thc:    h,„,,hm<| for the current fiscal year, more than 6M million Ameri-which began July I, and $60 cans who served their country million for fiscal 1976 to carry jn the Vietnam era with quiet out motor vehicle safety mea- courage, are not forgotten.” 551 NFO vealers were butchered for .shipment to hurricane victims in Honduras. About 41.000 pounds of veal vere. In only two weeks, from Oct. 29 to Nov. 13. the Dow J ones industrial average shrank 50 6 percent, to 198 69 On Oct. 28. 1929. traders w a t c h e d the unautomated ticker struggle to keep up with a 12-milIion-share turn- sures. The act requires the establish- men wrage. are™.I from saturdays kill were loaded over. then unheard of The To the families and friends of^ ^ M(m(|ay (#r shlp_ Dow fell a still-unsurpassed ment to Miami, where the meat 38JP Points The next day. even worse in terms of the spreading panic and the volume figure — a staggering 16 million — the Dow slid another 30.57 “The market crashed at a time when almost everyone was bullish. It just came out of the blue,” recalls Analyst Lucien Hooper. “An awful lot of people were in the market on very thin margin — maybe only IO or 20 percent. When the market started drifting down around Labor day. it set off a n avalanche of margin calls,” Eldon Grimm of Birr, Wilson and Co. says. The bear market of 1973-74 a Lo has fallen about, 50 percent. The l>ow, from a high of 1,051 on Jan. II. 1973 has been as low as 584 on Ort. 4. 1974. The paper value of listed NYSE issues has gone in that period from $871 54 billion to about $450 billion now. The 50 percent drop the marke* has, suffered since 1973 has taken almost two years. The 1929 crash did the same thing in two weeks. And the 1929 crash was only the beginning. By July 8, 1932, the value of Big Board stocks had gone from a high cf $87 billion Sept. 3, 1929, to a depth of $15.6 billion. And the Dow, which stood at 381.17 before the crash, sank to 41.22 in 1932. That meant that in 1929, unlike now, drops of 50 to 60 points in an individual stock were common. Issues worth hundreds of dollars in the 1920s bull market were worth pennies in 1932. Experts Predict Colder Winter WASH I NUT (IN (AP) -Chances are 14-to-l that this winter will be colder than last year, government experts said Monday in urging consumers to begin thinking about conserving heating fuel. A statement released by the commerce department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said consumers .should start lowering their thermostats earlier this fall to achieve fuel savings, because of anticipated colder temperatures. It did not estimate how much colder this winter would be. still missing in action,: met of minimum schoolta*'Bort Mid. "I make this pledge:: L'lV. yD,.r.nKla^rr.i5    *8    *r    Honduras “We slaughtered the leftovers resolve the uncertainty of their S*lle’said ho has studied a rc>    TMKl Sawhill Defends .    ... mot told us what to do with port lo him on Veterans Admin-saj(, Kobert Wahlert, «.new school bullan-,Stratton hospitals made Pfl* Dubuque Hacking vice-president before the end of next Saturday, “and I am frank to .-VVVv:(, ^1(.n (j(,j1 Utility Increases months. But, the President said. “I think we can do the job faster.” He asked Transportation Secretary Brinegar to try ! to have the jdards out beiure mc c.iu u. ..«*■» aiuraay, ana i «... ..aim Wve deluged with tele- WASHINGTON (AIM summer.    admit    that    real    problems    ex*    1 phone calls from charitable or- America’s regulated electrical The act also sets Proce^ures:,st_    jganizations    asking for the utilities must be allowed higher for the recall of certain defec-j Tho    President said he has meaF*>    electricity rates so they can relive motor vehicles wi hou    unmasked    YA Administrator Hic -j jjefore Saturday’s slaughter,    turn at least 12 percent on incharge to the owner.    ard Roudebush to let me knowj^p^ leaders    indicated t h e y    vested capital. Federal Energy Repeal of the no-knoc    law iwhat    is needed to eliminateiW0Ujd donate    any late-arriving    Administrator Sawhill said Mon- was contained rn a drug en- these problems and said he is calves to u s organizations. A day. forcement measure that gives,determined “to do everything I|California ^ home reported-1 Mi iy ,    ,    ,      ,    Most    electrical    utilities    that the justice department an extern I can to make a good system jv may pp^jyg the meat, but are investor-owned are regulat- sion on authorized appropre j even better.” ations at levels of $105 million     *-- for fiscal 1975. $175 million for Second Man Jailed in fiscal 1976 and $200 million for fiscal 1977. $4.3 Million Heist no final decision has been made ed by state agencies, which set i according to Wisconsin NFO their rates and determine how treasurer Jim Runde of Cuba much money they can make. City, Wis.    Utility officials have argued I The NFO had predicted that they must be allowed to promise j CHICAGO (AIM — A second farmers would donate 1.000 investors higher rates of return | man has been arrested in eon- cajvcs to draw attention to low on capital so they can attract I neetion with the nation's largest farm prices, but the packing additional investments. Sawhill cash theft, from a vault of the company received wily 651. supported this idea during an Armored Express Corp. of Chi- Two weeks ago, NFO mem- address to the Atomic Industrial cago, FBI officials say.    hers shot mid buried 636 calves Forum, a nuclear-industry trade association meeting in Washington. 12:15 3“ Town and Country IO—Virginia 13—Cartoon* 12:30 7—Jeopardv V—Let * Make a Deol 2—A* the World Turn* 3—Let * Make o Deol* 4—At the World Turn* 4— Jeopardv 8—A* the World Turn* IO—Jeopardv 12—Electric Company 13—Movie    * 1:00 7—Day* of Live* g— Newlywed Game 2—Guiding Light . 3—Newlywed Game 4—Guiding Light A—Day* of Live* 8—Guiding Light ' IO—Day* of Live* 12—In School 1:30 7-Doctor* 9—Girl in My Lite 7- Edge of Night 3—Girl in My Lite 4—Edge of Night 6—Doctor* I—Edge of Night IO—Doctor* Act To Prevent Control-Dodging By Oil Firms o ' FBI agent John Housley said Curtiss, Wis., in a similar WASHINGTON (AP) — Reg* Monday night that Peter Gushi.iprotest ulations to prevent international 47 of' 0ak    j]]    t was ___ oil companies from avoiding    with bank    larceny, U.S. oil price controls have bank burglary and the illegal been adopted bv the Federal use 0f explosive devices in con-] Energy Administration.    nectjon with the haul of an es-1 Administrator John Sawhill tjmated $4 3 million on Oct. 20. said Monday that some com    pa|ph Marrera, a    security panics apparently have tried to gUard at tbe company, was ar-; dodge the regulations and o\ei- raigned on tbeft charges earlier charge U.S. consumers by ma*jMonday. The judge set bond at! nipulating transactions between I 1 their own affiliates.    WMW-_ Companies which have over* 1    .    T 11 IC charged consumers for import- Typhoon I Oil 15 cd oil will have to roll back ■ DL*I* * product prices to repay the pub- In rnilippines "^“october 1973 under'    MANILA lAP' “    Typhoon | U.S. price controls, oil com- Elal"e left 15 persons dead and ; patties could pass through the! ? Dewart, of destruction over costs of foreign oil in their do- L“zon province, weathermen mestic product prices. To dodge “I rescue offlc,als sald Tues' the controls, a foreign affiliate ay* could sell oil at an inflated;    , price, substantially higher than Let ■ w“‘ ad    s0,« U charged either purchasers, to ££,    Dialmmi “ 1 lits own parent company’s IL S ltms Piai m8231 affiliate. The affiliate then would report the inflated price as its I costs, justifying a higher income j price for its product. Tile foreign oil price would swell the parent company's profits, cir-, alimenting IL S. price controls. Momingcap. An eye-opening chaser sure to help repair any indiscretions of the night before. Straight. Or mixed half and half with tomato juice for a refreshing cocktail. Try Frank’s Kraut Juice heated with cranberry sauce, too, as a tangy turkey glaze. FRANK’S. To your health. Look for Frank's Quality Kraut in cans and jars on your grocer’s shelves. OUR NEIGHBORHOOD KIDS NEED YOUR RS K/tmqe/it For the Finest* in Paints NBC Nvw* ABC Ne** a BS New* ABC New* CBS New* NBC New* I BS New* NBC New* I leclric Compony NHC New* COME TO SHAKEY S PARTY 6:3. to 4:30 TOMORROW Wed., October 30th TREATS FOR THE KIDS in costume—accompanied by parents! COSTUME CONTESTS •Cts 1-4,7 P.M.; aget 5-1,7:30; «|as 9 an® ovar, 8:00 PUMPKIN SCULPTURING DEMONSTRATION! PIANO 8 BANJO SING ALONG! 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