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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 3 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Oct. 23, 1374 Senators, Congressmen Are Leaving Voluntarily By Gene Bernhardt WASHINGTON (I IM) - There is a time to go," sighed silver-haired Rep Julia Butler Hansen (1> Wash ), who is retiring after IK years in the house of representatives "I don’t want to hang on like some of these old goats who want power for power s sake.” snorted Mrs Hansen. K7 She is one of 3(1 house members and seven senators who are voluntarily stepping aside this vear, forsaking their $42.SIH) in annual salaries and whatever prestige a member of congress still enjoys in the hope of a less demanding, frustrating future Another 14 house members are leaving to run for governor or tin' I S senate, and eight congressmen and two senators were defeated in primary elections Vacant Seats That leaves KI vacant house and senate seats to be filled in the Nov 5 elections — the highest number of any congress in history In random interviews, many of those (nutting complained they were fatigued disenchanted and increasingly intolerant of the demands on their time and energy “I'm tired of answering the damned telephone all weekend.' Mrs Hansen said. Watergate and the erosion of public confidence in politicians — Republicans and Democrats alike — doubtless also weighs on their minds, although few admitted it A congressional survey last fall disclosed that congressmen ranked low in public favor far behind local trash collectors A Louis Harris poll last month indicated that even with a boost in confidence from the house impeachment proceedings, the public gave congress a negative rating by a 54-3S margin “It’s possible I might have stayed on a couple of more years if there had been no Watergate,’’ said Rep Howard W Robison (R-N.Y), who is resigning after 18 years. “This always was a demanding lob. but now it has become a mean and tough as well as demanding job.” Says Rep Craig Hosmer. (R-Calif ) “Ifs just not fun here anymore.’’ Hosmer, senior Republican on the house interior committee, said it was very impressive being a freshman congressman. “but after 22 years you get jaded.” especially is a Republican in a I)emocratie-controlled congress Can't Get Promotion “I ve been here 22 years and I can’t get a promotion.’’ he said “I ve been No 2’ long enough ’ Rep Walter K Powell. (R-Ohio). 43. is leaving after only four years “I guess I’m inst immune to Potomac fever he says As an Ohio stall1 legislator, he said. “I saw constituents often I was close to them, but I iii not close to them out here " Rep Harold R Collier (R ill ). second-ranking Republican on the ways and means committee who came to congress IS years ago. agrees “One of the sad things I experienced as my tenure got longer was that congress was in session so long that most members find it difficult to maintain a rapport with their district. There is a great deal lost in the personal touch,’’ he said “There is a frustration here." said 71-year-old Chet Holifield (D-( alif >. a 32-year veteran, chairman of the house government operations committee and former chairman of the joint atomic energy committee “I’m talking mainly about dealing with the senate." Holifield said. “My committee sends them legislation like the consumer protection act and the senate committee allows a bunch of Nader-type amendments and it gets filibustered to death on the senate floor " Rep    David Martin (R-Neb ), now completing    Ins    14th year, readied    the coveted ladder of the house Republican leadership last year when he became senior GGP member of the house rules committee But lie s giv mg it all up “I made    my decision when I    was elected in    I MKP    that    I would (put when I    became Ba Well I’m B7 and I'm going to quit now." Martin said Mary Jagerson Becomes Bride During a 2 o’clock ceremony Saturday at Asbury Cnited Methodist church. Miss Mary L. Jagerson. daughter of the Otto V Blackwells. H2B Second street SYV, was married to James R Rupiah Officiating was the Rev Charles Me-ha f fey. The bridegroom is the son of Mr and Mrs Joe Kopish. 339 Twenty-sixth avenue SH Reeky Blackwell, sister of the bride, and Joe Mopish, brother of the bridegroom. were honor attendants Re-em broidered    lace    ac cented the empire bodice and bishop sleeves of the bride’s gown of sheer organza A seed pearl headpiece held her elbow-length veil    and    her flowers were a nosegay of apricot sweetheart roses and miniature white carnations. Miss Blackwell    wore    an empire gown of pink dotted Swiss styled with a standup collar and fitted sleeves. She carried a single pink rose A private reception was given in the home of the brides parents following the ceremony. * * ★ The couple will temporarily reside at the Twenty-sixth avenue address. The bridegroom is employed by Cargill Inc., and Mrs Kopish by Hardees CORRECTION The wedding date chosen by Miss Ellen Scherrmun and her fiance. John Yaneff, was incorrectly reported as Dec 17 in the shower item published in Sunday 's Gazette. The couple will exchange vows Dec 7 Bridge The Skirters Winners of the rubber bridge game played Monday at Noelridge Park Christian church were: North-south — Micki Siewert and Sue Butschi. first, and Mary Ann Boardman and Eleanor E it /pa trick, second; east-west — Frau Elsea and Twyla Hall. first, and Linda Nickle and Diane Y’inquist. second Over all winners were Mrs Butschi and Mrs Siewert. The next game will lie played at 9 Monday at the church MRS. STEVEN SCHUTE HONORED AT SHOWER Mrs Steven Schulte, Hill N street SYV, was honored Sunday afternoon with a postnuptial shower given at the Cedar Terrace recreation lounge by Mrs Larry Schulte, Mrs. Donald Schulte and Miss Sandra Hunter. Mrs Schulte is the former Diane Hunter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. YYilliam Hunter of 5BU7 < (dorado drive SYY Mr. Schulte is the son of Mrs Grace Schulte, 1HU9 Central drive SYY love is AP W. Youngest in Class When Helen DeGarza goes to class at North Te^as State university in Denton so does her three month-old daughter, Carolyn. Understanding teach ers have welcomed the infant into the classes and say the child doe sn t disturb them at all . . . giving her most of the umbrella. Im    ii    $    Na*    OC*    Att    f,0i>n    *0%0* 1974 bf IGM    I    «•( *^PARTY •* •.TREAT!., BLOWN-IN MINERAL WOOL INSULATION Today - Mort Thao Ivor Effort Good Insulation Pays for Itself GREAT RUINS GAS Insulation Dept. 1101 Sacond Ave. S.i. Phone 362-1186 or 365-4647 JottyTime car JU I A water tower at Spring Lake Park, Minn., carries an affectionate message of six hearts and Norma". Thomas Schumann, president of the company hired to paint the tower with a stars-and-stripes theme, had the rest added. He said the spray-painted letters and hearts are on paper and easy to remove. Schumann said he and his wife are estranged and he wanted to show he loves her. Society for Women Features Bride of D.H. Vyskocil    Julie    Ruchotzke    Says    Vows The marriage of Mis> Sherry Tripled (if Boulder. Colo., and Donald Henry \ yskocil. son of Mr. and Mrs Charles II. Vyskocil. 43(Ni Fairlane drive NE. took place Saturday evening at 7 at the Western Fraternal Life Assn building. Officiating was the Rev Charles Mahaffey Parents of the bride are Mr and Mrs Jerry Tripod of Paragould. Ark Honor attendants were Cathy Dural of Boulder and Rnliert Homme. For her wedding, the bride chose a gown of ivory knit with lace trim on the standup collar and leg-o-mutton sleeves. She wore sprigs of baby s breath in her hair and carried a bouquet of white roses. pink carnations and burgundy-tinted baby’s breath Miss (Jurat's gown was of burgundy knit rn princess style with a scoop neckline. Her bouquet was similar to that of the bride Serving as ushers were Richard VY Vyskocil and Larrv Tripod of Paragould, brothers of the bridal couple Tracy Tyler was flower girl and Julia Vyskocil, acolyte Sixty-five guests attended a SDS WD FAMILY . VISIT J AMES HERTS Mr and Mrs James Hurt. 31U Fifth avenue SF. were hosts to their son and daughter-in-law Mr 'and Mrs U*s Hurt and their son Jon of (ireen Bay VVis . over the weekend ON THIS DATE in I9B9. the I s supreme court ruled unanimously that school districts must end racial segregation “at once ” c/sfiL; isMm Mrs. Vyskocil reception given in the YYestern Fraternal lounge at 8 The newlyweds will make their home in Broomfield, Colo., where Mr Vyskocil is employed by Fakers Clothing store He was graduated from the University of Iowa His bride has been employed by the JCPennev Co in Boulder Dancer Can t Use ‘Eva Knievel Name J At knoxville cia i aid — An entertainer who uses a motorcycle iii her dance act can't call herself Eva Knievel, a judge says Circuit judge, Sam Good-friend. Monday denied Cynthia Anne Morgan s petition to change her name to resemble that of motorcycle daredevil, Fvel Knievel. The woman didnt prove the change “would not in any way invade the good will of others," the judge ruled LOST NATION - I mon Prosy bertian church provided the setting Sunday for the marriage of Miss Julie Joann Ruchotzke. daughter of Mr. and Mrs Ralph Ruchot/ke of Oxford Junction, to Duane Arthur Buhler The 7.30 ceremony was performed by the Rev. Paul Shelley. The bridegroom is the son of Mr and Mrs. Charles Buhler of Lisbon Alencon lace accented the bride’s empire gown of silk organza over taffeta which was styled with a Victorian neckline. long puff sleeves and an A line skirt edged with a flounce Matching lace bordered her full-length mantilla and she carried a nosegay of orchid carnations centered with a white orchid Attending her sister as matron of honor was Mrs Doug Yegge and bridemaid* were LeeAnn Bemschek. Kern Latare of Cedar Rapids and Deborah Sanderson The matron of honor wore an orchid-colored knit gown trimmed in purple velvet. The of her attendants wore identically st vied gowns in light blue with dark blue velvet trim. Each wore a floral headpiece and held a nosegay of purple asters and blue carnations David Buhler served his brother as l>est man and groomsmen were Don Stork. Duane Pospisil and Jim Brennaman. Ushers included John Ris k. Gary Morehouse of Cedar Rapids and Randy Ruchot/ke. brother of the bride. Trivia Vaoek was flower girl and Ricky Ruchot/ke. another brother, and Pamela Sanderson were candlelighter. A reception for Jim guests was given at the Lost Nation Legion hull following the ceremony * * * The couple plans a wedd ding trip to the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania After Nov Bl the couple will reside at 137 Seventeenth avenue SYY in C edar Rapids Mr Rubier, a student at Coe college, is employed by Pro-Stressed Concrete «»t Iowa in Cedar Rapids. The bride was graduated from the American Institute of Commerce in Haven- By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY I have had lots of problems hut I never had one like this. so here goes my first Dear Abby letter I am a 57-year-old working man I lived with my folks most of my life, but they are both dead now. so I'm living alone When I was younger I would ask girls for date's, but I got turned down. mostly because I wasn't very good-looking and didnt have much money Being alone so much caused me to be kind of shy I never enjoyed being alone. I just got used to it Well, I took a chance on the state lottery, and won $ I im Olin I had never won anything in my life. I still can’t believe it, but It is true Now I ve got so many friends (mostly women), I almost have* to hide. I would like some female companionship, but don’t want to end up married to some gold-digger. I don’t have any experience at all when it comes to judging women. Abby, so how can I protect myself? F IC, ATTLEBORO, MASS DEAR E.B.: Don't go in for anything as permanent as marriage until you know the woman well enough to trust her completely. Then see a lawyer about a pre nuptial agreement. (HeTI explain it to you ) You took a chance on a lottery and won, and marriage is a hit of a gamble, too. hut the better yon know the can didate, the smaller the risk. it it it DEAR ABBY; My daughter and her husband (married only a few months) both go to college and live with me He is a fine young man and I like him, but he has one serious fault He will not got up in the morning for his classes It breaks my heart to see my daughter calling him, going back to their bedroom, shaking him. pleading with him, and wearing herself out trying to get him up in the morning Hi* was dropped from his 8 o’cloek class because he missed so many classes Naturally, he lost that credit Now he is sleeping through his 9 o'clock classes I have wanted to tell her to simply pour ice water on him but I ve used remarkable restraint staying out of this daily hassle Any suggestions'.’ MOM DEAR MOM: Hrs your daughter's problem. net yours. 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