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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa tot: ai NAI ION A WI A1 MI ft if KviCf f Oft CAST Ie ?AM IST *0 -3o~ M SOOD DEATHS UTI WlAlHfMOKKASlt) Rain and snow are expected Tuesday night in the mid Rockies, while rain is expected from souiheastern Texas and the Gulf coast, northeastward through the mid Mississippi valley, the Ohio-Tennessee valleys, the mid Atlantic states and into the Lakes area. Nixon— (Continued from Page I.) Julie Nixon Eisenhower* said the NW; Gerald Nagel, Center!sur8eons had wanted to operatej may call from 2 Point; Donald Carrington, 911 Monday night, but "he was too Wednesday. of pre- Old Marion road NE; William weak. He’s exhausted.”    1    - nkI' limnan'Tl>omTpsm‘, ™23 Nixon, who entered the hosp!-.    Saxion    Infant “ Si.!«{?'or'Ki*. if JI i:i! I Chestnut lane NE; Timothy >.al reluctantly last Wednesdy Samuei steven Saxion, infant The Weather Vern E. Usher Vcrn Elwood Usher, 74, of 446 Eighth avenue SW, a life-long resident of Cedar Rapids, died Tuesday after a long illness. Bom Nov. 15, 1899, in Cedar Rapids, he was a member of St. Patrick’s Catholic church. He was married to Myrtle Duffy April 12, 1920. He was a retired employe of Penick and Ford, and a veteran of World war I. He was a member of the American Legion and the Veterans of World war I. In addition to his wife he is survived by three sons, Lester, Cedar Rapids; Everett, Denver, Colo.; and Earl, Minneapolis, Minn.; three daughters, Bernice Usher, Mesa, Ariz.; Mrs. Thomas Cunningham, Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. Laverne Perry, of Hazleton; 18 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Services; Thursday at 10:30 a m. at St. Patrick’s church by the Rev. Martin Laughlin. Burial: MU Calvary cemetery with military services by Hanford American Legion post. There will be a prayer service Wednesday at 7:30 p m, at the Teahen chapel where friends 9 p.m. Air Pressure Test for Piping Proposed in C. R. Six Are Burned In Explosion at Waterloo Plant There won’t be any question soon whether Cedar Rapids) building inspectors have the WATERLOO (AP) — An right to order air pressure tests explosion and fire rocked a of piping in new buildings. I knife factory here Monday and Building Official Ed Winter;burned six employes. Tuesday submitted to the city The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., October 29, 1974 Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) suade Mitchell to approve the plan. In early April 1972, Hunt said Biddy told him, ‘‘the big boy okay Nuclear Curb Is U.S.-lndian Aim NEW DELHI (UPI) - The U. S. and India agreed Tuesday to work together “to prevent further deterioration of the world to! Injured in the blast and fire (Mitchell) has given 'his    . . . . and the word is go.”    economic structure” and to    pre vent nuclear energy from being Hotel Bugging    diverted    into new weapons. Hunt said Kiddy told him of) A communique, released on council a proposed revision    .      —------,    —      _    „    TrT-........ the city code that requires the’were ^usan Christiansen, New: Mitchell's concern about a plan the eve of Secretary of State lusts Hoc ion at! tn chou/ loalrc Hartford, and Jackie Eastman, tn hup tho "Miami Rr*arh hotel vi    o»n» tests, designed to show leaks Hartford, and Jackie Eastman,    {to bug the Miami Beach hotel Kissinger’s departure    for Bang- before water is put into a sys-j Cedar Falls — both transferred    room of former Democratic Na- ladesh, also announced    that tem.    serious condition to an Iowa t ion a I Committee (hairman prime Minister Indira Gandhi °I the ra cily hospital, and Vickie c*w, lawrence O’Brte.. By coinci- has accepted an invitation to code was ambiguous and caused J *    dence,    when    O    Brien    left    the    pay    an official visit to the U. S. disagreements among building!24’ Waterloo, in serious condi-!room at end of the Demo- and that President Ford inspectors, who wanted the tests tion at Waterloo. Also Minnie    cratic national convention, Mit- visit India in 1975. made, and contractors, who did Ayers, 22, Washburn, serious,    chell was to take over the fame--- Janelle Whitefeli, 32, and Mary    suite for the Republican convex ■ ngQ Nelson, 23, both of Wa-/1™ will not. for the piping system to be .    .T1    00    , ,u c !tion. Kl a/' iv n a Lo .nA    Ann Nelson, 23, both of Wa-, .    ...    .    .. . mocked off and air pressure    ’    .    Hunt,    said    he    was    told    that applied. If the pressure does not,    and    k°{h    m fa,rly g°od, while it was all right to bug the drop. the system is considered1 condition.    I    suite.    Mitchell    had    said,    “be airtight. Dick Robert, Cedar Falls, saw sure to get those bugs out be-: Mid-East— (Continued from Page I.) fore I go in. Once the Watergate burglars were caught inside Democratic to low tem- Hiuh temperature* Monday, peratures overnight ana inches Ciliation: Anchorage    4}    16    L. Angeles    it    54    .4J Atlanta    .    79    55    Miami    82    74 Bismarck ....... Chicago Denver    63    35    New York    to    SI Duluth    58    50    Phoenix    72    58    .44    .... Honolulu    87    76    Seattle    48    46    .32    NU; Houston    .    80    TI .ti Wash fton    72    51 the explosion in the one-story brick building as he drove by. “Everything just blew out,”  _Robert recalled. “There was    national committee    header a e I i    newspaper Yedioth    smoke everywhere.”    quarters, Hunt said he traveled j I Ahronoth    “This decision puts!    Robert said he and other by-    first to New York, then    to Los 'an end to    the possibility of re.    stan‘lers formed a buman eta®    Abeles, then to Chicago,    where . 4U ,,    ,    to rescue people inside the he met with his wife, and told: i g ie Jeneva confc'ronce smokc-fillod building.    her all about his involvement. in the foreseeable future, “We pulled two women out While in Los Angeles Hunt The newspaper Ma'ariv said)who were burned real bad,” he sail ho met with Kiddy, who I editorially that the conference ^    '|    “assured    me everything was) action threatened both the cf-1 Dave    who was at i*oin* *** taken care of conv .    .    .    work in a photo shop in the pany style, or CIA style ’ smR°r and the building, said the blast “just Hunt said that phrase meant to him, and, he was sure, to I Kiddy, that family and legal I son of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sax- Burke, 1210 Thirty-fifth street for a second time since he re- NE; Donald Bartlett, routeisigned as President Adp q    . ,    ... three, Marion; Mark Ekstrom.    tn    ,m,|„rnn    tho    enroot!*011’    ®    Summer    circle NL, died 700 Thirtv-fifth street Marion- ^    undergo    the    surgery    i^ bjrtb Tuesday morning. forts of Kissinger and the efforts of the Geneva conference, j rocked the entire building. "This will not weaken the DeBlauwe said rescuers tried strong position of Israel to de- lo enter the structure, but were expenses would be taken care fend its existence and the lives torced back bT heavy smoke of Surviving in addition to his parents are the grandparents, Harold Saxion, c. R Weather    700 Thirty-fifth street, Marion; ll- U *1-1    ea,ner    Nancy Karr, 834 Fourteenth!;recommended by his own physi High Monday    .....73 street NE; Glenn Ashbochcr, cian and consultants. Low overnight ...............58 Toddville; Daniel Trenkamp,! rpn„rai Noon Tuesday    .    .    .    62 1035 Thirtieth street, Marion: (,eneral anesthesia - total Mr and Mrs .y n m *    -jo    Phillip Zwanziger, 2524 Glen    unconsciousness — was ordered    Q^ar Rapids,    and Mr. and Mrs. 0 95    HS dJ?,ve NE:    IWe,stt    for the ailinR 61-year*°ld    Nixon-    Harold Burkhart, Hiawatha; the . ii T>    m    ;    Ricky    described by a close associate prpat-irrandDarents Mr. and 2 26 2™“^. * Mario,'^Donald'Mo.n^y ,as *in*J" Rreat Pain Mrs. Harold 'McLaughlin, 09 39jSpaethe, 900 Third street,    and displeased about his    second    prewer Me.;    Harold Saxion, 41 ffi    ^ar.'?ni T'm.°.,hv: Davif, 1044    hospital stay.    Tice Fla .    Evelyn Saxion, 41.uo Tenth street, Marion; Milo Ger-    „    ,    . .    Qrif\ \*rc 29.90,ricke, Walker; Patrick Hen-    Very    Upset”    Sandy Lake, I a., Mr. and Mrs. 665 South Eleventh! H e ' s very uncomfortable Dennis Moline' Fort MadlS°n' of its citizens,” Ma’ariv said. p.m................... Precipitation  ........ Total for October ...... Normal for October ____ Normal through October Total for 1974  ........ Barqjneter. rising ...... Humidity at noon ..........90%jnesscy» ____-    strict “There just wasn’t much you There began, Hunt testified, could do.”    months    of contacts with a man “The (Rabat) conerence cannot pjre chief Harold Smith said known only to Hunt and his wife decide with whom we will nego-jdust generated by grinding may Dorothy as “Mr. Rivers.” The tiate and whom to recognize and have touched off the blast. |senate Watergate committee Marion; Roy Ilben, jr.,    t t» y , onaDI!lilid Mr and Mrs. Lyle Burkhart Wind direction and velocity dt|2325 Jjori drfve s£; Nora NeaJ most of the time and very upset    ’    ,,, 2 p m. S at 15 mph.    ^    route    three,    Marion;    eachjined    about    needing    more    tests,”    the    Privatc    >services    were held in Turner chapel east. There was a to whom to give the territories j (on the West Bank).” The newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth called the Rabat decision, “a heavy blow to Geneva.” The Arab decision at Rabat came as Iraeli troops along the Jordanian frontier entered the More than a half hour after    has shown    Rivers to be    the fire fighters rolled up at the    pseudonym    for    retired    New factory, dense smoke continued    York policeman    Anthony    Ulase- to billow out of the plant.    wicz. Mrs. Odette Firbes, who lives.    “Seamy Things” in a mobile home near the! Hum said ,hat gradual]y (he plant, said the explosion “rat*'monev tied our windows and rocked the D;_____ whole trailer. A flash fire; Sun rises Wednesday, sun sets, 5:04. Year Ago Today — High. 55; low’. 42; rainfall, none. 6:37; $30 and Traveler's Forecast . costs. Brian Barry, source said earlier Monday, be 1005 Thirtieth street SE; David    f    x lparnori    tho**    ted Van Corp, 1745 Valleyview    IOre    ‘ ,0n *earnccl    taose    tejsl drive, Marion; Rnssell Toller- results dictated immediate sur- son, Hiawatha; each fined $20 gery. an~,c.ost?’, ..    “He's    still    very depressed and Disturbing the pcare — Scott Wednesday Weather Iii Bismarck ...... Shwrs    53-34 Registration v i o I a t i on —    sa‘d Chicago .........PtCldy    71-55 I Gary Myers, 2060 Sylvia ave- Cincinnati ....... Clmg    70-49 j nue NE; fined $10 and costs. D^Mmnos “r. 65-50' wFa",ty ^,ulpment - Gregory pressions, such as flowers, has Des Moines Shwrs 65-00 Wlggins> Center Point; Leland J . u-’ nubliclv since he Hepker, 5410 J street SW; Crc- no1 Deen.se.*n    *“lce cremation committal. provided by “Mr. Rivers” dwindled to “dribs and final day of war maneuvers and [seemed to follow the explosion J?1?’ troops on the Golan Heights con-and we could hear a woman    ^ tinued their war games in full screaming.” force. Israeli troops killed three The building is in a commer- Disturbing the peace — Scott f    renorts    that    hp isn’t Winge jChadima. 401 Red Fox road SE; P ’    ,    rePPriS    tnat    ne is ^ 10:30 li.Lo fined $25 and costs.    aren’t true,” the source, ries by t Memorial Services Wingert Ethel C. — Tuesday at Chapel of Memo-the Rev. Denton Ericson of St/Paul’s Methodist church. Nixon, who has received I Burial; Cedar Memorial. Ar- arrangements by Cedar Memo- many letters and get-well ex rial. Castek Stella Sindelar Wednesday at IO a.m. at Jane- 11 was readmitted to the hospital I ba-Kuba funeral home west by I. 4. nr j • L, r, l The Rev. Clarence Fra na Detroit   Rain 65-48 Indianapolis Cloudy    gorv Harger, 1707 Twelfth ave-!  ----------- —    —    —r—,Th R_ [X f/f 5    ....    so    nue BW; Gary Myers, 2060 Syl-last Wednesday night. But a Spuria! • Czech National. Roaary Mn Is-St Paul ‘.‘.Cloudv 63-50 avenue NE; each fined $10 garbage man on duty outside;^ T30 p.m. Tuesday at the fu- Oniaha ......    .    Cloudy    66-52    an cots‘    :the hospital said Nixon greeted' neral home where friends may St. Louis    PtCldy    73-58;    Excessive    smoke    —- Rickey an^j ba(j a smi]e< although: cal1* Sioux Falls    Cloudy 59-36    iaua    a*    inc    11    anc    he appeared tired and iimping.    Ll Degree Days    Disobeying    police    officer    —    Nixon    was    readmitted to Me    rGtlCllty Monday .    .    .    4    Edwin Clark, Mt. Vernon; fined mortal hospital medical center . prrinnenrj \n Total to date    636    $25 and costs.    after an oral anticoagulant IS rfOpuo t?U ill Through October 28. 1974 310    Trafflr    vJ10,ati”n    ~    drug proved ineffective in treat- f"    nanik ?^Tnc?m“ry«ry0ar . 6.63? MMK ^ 'b^    Nixon    was hos-; COVe-l/l Death costs. Darrell French, Robins: pitalized for 12 days in late Sep-1 pexa Construction Co infiltrating Arab guerillas Tuesday in a gun battle near the northern frontier with Lebanon, to the military command said. ' women. Arab sources m Rabat said there was no indication whether the Palestinians would set up t their government-in-exile before! the start of the U. N. General Assembly debate on Palestine next month. The PLO has been i invited to join the debate despite Israeli objections. cial section of town west of the business district. It employs 20    . 25 people, many of them ’ U.S. Officials: Ban on Fiber Pipe Is Okay White House. Hunt said that because “we were protecting the men who were responsible for Water-he made repeated de-1 mands for cash to White House [officials including Colson. Hunt said cash came to him ! in amounts as high as $40,000 de-1 j livered to William Bittman, then his attorney. When, on March 12,1973, Hunt met with Nixon re-election committee lawyer Paul O’Brien, Court— (Continued from Page I.) Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5 0, rise .2 Lansing (18) 7.6, no change Dam 9 (18 12.4. no change McGregor (18) 6.7, no change Dubuque (17) 7.1. no change Davenport (15) 4.1, no change Keokuk (16 2 7, rise .1 Cedar at C. R. (13) 3.36. rise .01 Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday  683.37 j Births — St. Luke s Ort. 28 To the families of    and    ^°st of- Robert Dunsworth, Swisher: tember and early October. Phle- fjcjais declined to comment eastrikinr "unattended' vrhirlf b*bs’ an inflammation of the Tuesday on whether the com-— William Slocum. 2726 West- ve,ns* has bothered Nixon since pany pjans to appeal a citation wood drive NW; fined $35 and June when he was in the Middle.from state Labor Commissioner costs.    East on a presidential trip. Jerry Addv. A-,?;;1- ^wroM^lde™' • Durin® his firsl hosPi,al- Addy said a proposed citation SW: fined $20 and costs.    ization, a small clot broke off and penalty of $943 was given Vehicle control violation — from a larger clot in his left (be company Friday in connec-Jack Fcnnern, Atkins; fined $25 thigh, traveled through his tion wjfb a trench cave-in at a ■'‘"prohibited Parkin* _ Rich- !’cart and ,odgcd in his nghl construction site in Cedar ard Appleoff, 226 Twenty-ninth ! nS' street drive SE; fined $15 and    Serious    Threat Resisting an officer — Ron- The decision to release Nixon Jhe company was charged ald Cashman, 2900 Mansfield to home convalescence at his|w‘1^ violating rules by not huv- seafront villa at San Clemente,i®8 tbe ,r'nch ,shorcd' braced- If you’ve been holding your breath waiting to see if Cedar    ,funt said he demanded $130,000 Rapids will be forced to allow    before his sentencing for the the use of bituminous fiber or'-inal burglary. sewer pipe, you can start Hunt said he told O’Brien, “In breathing again    case be didn’t know it, I had Mayor Don Canney said Tues- clono some seamy ,hinSs for ,hc before legislation extending the ^av statement* hv tertial of.    White    House    ...    I    would have benefits was enacted.    n(.ja|s indicate the city won’t    lto ooDsidd*    my    options-.’* I pheld James Earl Ray s ef- have to change its codes, which fort to    obtain    evidence about the    ^ prohibit use of the pipe, circumstances    of    his    plea    of    jbe fiber pipe has a history of    R‘ttrnan n*ne days fater> Hunt guilty to the murder of the Rev. mT durabiiity Building *Of-    said- Martin Luther King. jr. The fjcial Ed Winter said records court let stand a U.S. district sbow more than 1.000 have been court order requiring Ray s replaced — at considerable exformer attorney, Percy Fore- pense (0 ^ homeowner— in the The result of that meeting! was $75,000 cash delivered to site in Rapids Oct. 16 that took the life of Edward Sweeney, 27. Man Held for Assault on Bus Driver Samuel Gark, 1235 Fourth av- Meter violation - XaMcljo n^l*, south of Long Beata, or    , Addv said citations for similar Mvers, 626 Second avenue SW; fined $20 and costs. Terry was made after Lungrcn con- Mifhacl Ryan, 2828 Thirty-third avenue SW. a son; George M°rSi twin daughters'- k!w^“^/avenue'Tit eluded"^ lung* ckTno 'longer “nous violations have ranged Ome)! 1328    venue    NL a fined SIS and costs.    ,posed    a    serious    Threat.    |from AUO to the legal maximum daughter; Daniel Remarki, IRIS    F'res    The    doctors’    fear    was    that    °f    The    amount    of    the in 46 a m. Monday. Burning without an operation Nixon>proposed penalty is based in »m oiled street at 1422 Thirty-    suffer    a fata] pulmonary Part 011 the Pasl hls[0rV 0 the obstruction of a company, number of employes Eastern drive SW, a son. Births — Mercy Ort. 28 —- Mr. and David Merck. 68o7 Inwood NE, a son. Marriage Licenses Mrs lain third street NE 3:13 r.Miline "at" JamVo' drivc’'and    bl°<*< vas“' ln ,h^ >ua& b7 a Johnson avenue NW.    blood clot or an air bubble. 4:17 pm. Monday. Car fire at Lungren had told a news con- The^compMy has I Y Polly Rohwedder and Jack    3141 Sixth street    SW.    ference    Sunday    that    an    opera-    appeal the citation to me McClure, both of Cedar    Rapids.j 5 44 p m Monday. Needless    tion would be needed immedi-    occupational    .safety    and he.i 1 Mu^Unr    ranted SL" 3t ll?' C^vcmic and    ately if any more “active” clots    act review committee. and Randolph MueiU r, Ctnn r 1 Thompson drive SE.    J" Point Debra England. Cedar    *    Monday    Ciearei Were foUnd' Rapids and Donald Parsons,^ ”;J5 paper    ft 19J But Lun«ren Cautioned that North unghsh.    Pir>.t avenue jsjjt    operating    also    posed    a danger    to Out-of-Town Births „ S3 pm Mondilv firi. Nixon. At Frankfurt    West (iermany    Forty-fourth street and Mt — Mr. and Mrs,    Hubert H. Neff.    Vernon road SE. embolus, an exposed to the hazard and size of the company. man of Houston, and others to jast jj vcars produce correspondence and, The pipc was outlawed loca|]y other records. Ray^ contends in im m m year Mcith « _________________________ that Foreman persuaded him to federal department of hous- enue SE, was arrested Tuesday plead guilty to killing mg 0 jnfi[ an(j urban development after he allegedly beat a bus enhance the sale of books abou (BLD) said it would* probably driver after an argument over I the slaying.    have to be permitted again if bus fare. Let stand a PeMislyvania su- tbc city was tQ remajn eligible Clark was being held on a ipreme court decision that an in-    for fe<jerai funding.    preliminary charge of assault vocation and    benediction at a    Technically, that was    because    with intent to do great bodily in- public high    commence-    a **wor|ta|)ie program”    outlining    jury. iment    program    afd    not    violate    cjty    c0(jes fln(j    practices muS(    police    said the driver, Ivan the    ban    against    prayers    in    pu    be    approve(j    before federal    Studcr,    48, of 1625 Brockman; funds are released. Cedar avenu . Marion, was taken to Rapids has a program approved Mercy hospital after the assault exercise was    a ceremonious    through next June.    shortly after 9:30 a.m. Tuesday /xiiont f onH rfirf BAT filii linflpr    ,    ,    ,    .    ,    ,    ,,,    ,    . Canney said    the question of    near Kirkwood . Community the    pipe becomes moot after    college.    Hospital officials said) then, because the “workable he may be admitted. Studer program” requirement is not reportedly refused to allow .    ..    ...    being extended under new fed- Gark to ride the bus without payment compensation so that , , islation    paving the proper amount. ?? I ms family can be eligible for ^    ,hj stand now. ' C ._T7" _    _ lie schools. The Pennsylvania court said the commencement a “e« event” and did not fall under the ban against prayer in the classroom. Agreed to decide if a father can decide not to accept unem- a son Oct. 13. Mrs. Nuff is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tfslow, formerly of Cedi r Rapids, and now* of Turlock Calif. Neff is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard O. N« ff, 612 Thirtieth street drive SE. At ('(iiilicit Bluffs Mr. and Mt John Cofizrmius, a son Ort 29 Mrs. Conzemius is Urn daughter of Mn L. B. Davis, 2409 I) avenue NE. Maqistrafe's Court Niehf n 6:28 a rn. Tuesday. Ashes front leaf burning to dwelling at 3608 Terrace Hill drive NE. Iowa D^a^hs "Whenever you talk about surgery, you’re talking about risk.” Lungren Public To See Amended Rights Unit Ordinance welfare payments which often are higher. no fiber pipe. said. “It would, An amended ordinance es* T .,a KTul“‘    tablishing    the    Cedar Rapids We dont want him to undergo ........... *    .    . require a general anesthetic. — Mattie Thursday at Nettie Sprrdiiu Center Point; Terry fined W'cst Liberty Smallwood. 88. 1:30 at Snider’s. Independence Mohring, 76. White.'s. Martelle Nit k Kost 65 Thursday at It at GoettschV, Anamosa. Alburnett Emma Thomas, 82 Tuesday at I .    .    human    rights    commissi    will be surgery unless we know nothing    onK(lle    for    |(U|,|ic    jnspfc. tion Wednesday. Hostages— (Continued from Page 1.) ages freed by the prisoners on Sunday. The inmates, including Pales- G. R. Tavern Film Ban Repeal Seen Movies may soon be legal in Cedar Rapids drinking establishments — at least those else will help hun.” In his Monday night medical The ordinance differs from co Ste Milo Hemrosc, 322 St c-o rut avenue SU, Michael Dundee. 2405 McCarthy road SE; each fined $35 and costs. Steven I arson, 1410 Highth struct. Marion; Allan . Pierson, IRIS Lite road NE; Terry Ar-mitage, 1423 Highwood drive $40 and Chapel of Mcinorie Toledo Joseph E Pru sha, 74 Wednesday at 2, Hen der son’s. bu! elm taw™ *a«l 'tat duo    ,    ordinance    by    speci. to the blood thinning caused by    ,    the    de{endants' ant,-coagulant drugs, ‘there is    ,)(    ,    through thc inmoutnal mnro ntk than nor- .    . court system if the commission finds against them.. The absence of the provision caused the state supreme court to rule recently the commission somewhat more risk than B. mal for this type of surger) at    _ ___ Air Crash Kills 5 KETCHIKAN, Alaska (UPI ____Five men were killed Thursday is improperly constituted. Turn that unused piano int,, a *» «* , rasb of 8 *>»&    , Th.* ordinance will be on file hike car or whatever you want a,nphthious aircraft chartered for one week before the city to buy with a want ad! to the U, S forest service. council acts to adopt it. For 61 years . . , flowers for all occasionsI John j    E.Lopes 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 Convenient downtown location z < 2 o tell someone you care with flowers Florist and Gift Shop 364-8139 phone ciniwereo ie noun every oaf tinian hijac ker Adnam Ahmad that obtain a special license. Nun, originally demanded the Safety Commissioner James transfer of another guerilla from Steinbeck said Tuesday he plans the prison hospital to the chapel, to recommend repeal of an ordi The hospitalized guerilla, Sami nance prohibiting the display of Hussein Tamimah, threw nego- nims or slides in businesses tuitions into contusion Monday where liquor is served when he refused to join tho rebel He said reports from the fire, inmates in the second - floor police and building departments chapel,    show there are probably suf- In an emotional conversation ficient ordinances on the books over prison walkie-talkies, Tami- to allow regulation of safety mah said he no longer felt the hazards, same way about the Palestinian The action is in response to a cause and wanted to serve cut request by a local pizza parlor his jail term.    I    to show old-time movies. Jurist Dies CLEVELAND (AP) — Thomas J Herbert, 79, former Ohio gov-! ernor. state supreme court justice and state attorney general, died Saturday, GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS Far Hawi, Sport), laokkaaputf Canard Info* met ton end Often* Net luted Inlaw loll    ................... (mutation Subunptton Dept Mon thru Sot I e m ta I p.m Sunday* Until 12 Nom Holiday* 11 o rn. ta J p m Want Ad*    ...... Mon thru In lorn to Sp rn. Saturday until 12 noon Ot*piay Adverting    ....... I a rn lo S p rn Marion Often 341 1211 348 1331 3411214 341 1222 (Continued from Page I.) ommendation may be enough authorization to permit engineering work to proceed. Even before the commission took its vote Monday night it was apparent more delays would hit the project. The only question was whether the delays would come from the highway commission or from legal action by opponents of the Hiawatha route. Possible Setback Highway commission officials warned last month a delay in accepting the route could set the interstate project back a full year. Monday night lawyers for opponents of the route, although stressing they weren’t making threats, made it clear legal action would be taken if the commission accepted the route. Hiawatha City Attorney Clinton Moyer said the controversy is “a legal quagmire of magnificent dimensions” and urged further study to prevent a court fight. Poorest Place “The courts are the poorest possible place to Fettle this issue,” he said. “I can foresee far more delay if we end up going that way.” Bill Riley, planning commission member from Marion, said he voted for the route last month but would vote against it now for several reasons. He said cost was one factor, because the Hiawatha route would eventually require a three-mile stretch of highway to link the interstate with a proposed circumferential road northwest of Cedar Rapids. Tho actual effect on residents of North Twin Pines, who opposed a western alternate, needs more study, Riley said. He also said he was influenced by figures submitted Monday by Hiawatha Mayor Dale Guthridge. 12 Signed Guthridge said of 58 business men in his city, wily 12 signed a letter favoring the Hiawatha route. Three of those 12 have sold their businesses and three others have relocated, he said. Commission members were told last month 95 percent of Hiawatha business men supported the route. Cedar Rapids Mayor Don Canney asked why Hiawatha did not raise more serious objections earlier. The interstate has already been 13 years in development, he said. “I would like to see us get on w’ith it.” A lawyer representing opponents in Hiawatha said his clients were not aware of the decision to go through Hiawatha until relatively recently l egal Action He said legal action will definitely be taken if the commission approves the Hiawatha route. Richard Phillips, Cedar Rapids public improvements commissioner, said the route through Hiawatha has always been shown in the major streets plan, and opponents have had many opportunities to raise objections. “How 1< ng do we keep continually delaying the streets plan?” he asked, 348 84X) Sympathy m the burden! ti ord Ut write, JU* it with flonert PIERSON’S X" law ULIS HLVD. NW LlOWI KPHOM MV-IVW floral artistry ’N ed>e Hen FLORIST Town ana Country shopping Cantar 364-2146 Only one service... our best to all. Cost is entirely a matter of personal clioice. John ii'll irixT&Son Turner's Las Turner s We ■t. 800 Second Avo. SC *t. 1221 First Ave West ;

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