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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., October 29, 1974 School Architects $78,000 Job Fee Propose Reduction 'Isolation' of Non-Christians During Holiday Prompts Iowa City Study Petition Seeks Truck Removal The Linn county health de- of the synagogue had contacted Ludgwig. Interesting Dialogue “We have had a most interesting dialogue on    this, which    is    partment is seeking    a court I    mf’• he    Qaid    order t0 re(1uire Juan    and De- The    committee,    plus    approximal    meeting,    with    what    I    felt    wnal we want, ne    sam.    lores Cortez to remove    an unli- mately 60 parents,    met with Lud-    was    a    very    positive    exchange of    “We have received excellent    CPnsed truck from the    grounds wig at the district’s board room!i(jeas .»    cooperation    from    both the su-;surrounding their residence at At \\ ilson, an addition will be!school district will de-emphasize1 Monday night.    !    jperintendent    and    parents. We j 1022 Eleventh avenue SE. By Ford Clark IOWA CITY — It appears ! likely the Iowa City Community By Judy Daubenmier    'struction    is    less    expensive    than    ...    ------ ,    JV„W,    U1J111U    «...     *    -o -    .    . Architects for the remodelinc PreParinS Plans for remodeling constructed across the back of;chris(mas this vear    As    a    result    of    the session,    Agreed of four iunior high schools in the work'he said>    ;the building and at the site of a According to Supt. Merlin Ludwig said, “A number of Widiss agreed with de- Cedar Rapids Community' Supt. Craig Currie noted thatjCOurt. ^ n ^_____ ^    Ludwig,    “Approximately ajs^P® ar^ and(7    emphasis    of    Christmas in the sc hool district proposed a the architects are taking a T*le addition will house a new month ag0t a number of Jewish nate a feeling of isolation by $78 000 reduction in their fee at smaller percentage of total cost. g>’m« locker rooms, library, parents from Agudas Achim de-emphasizing the Christian re-i work session with the board but that total cost of the project music rooms, industrial arts, synagogue jn iowa City came to    aspect    of    Christmas    in Monday afternoon.    's rising due to inflation. The art department, and a new cafe* me and expressed concern over the school system this year. Brown Healy Bock architects architects might not end up with tcria.    'their young children being iso- Reverse Discrimination less money if the total cost con done expect changes overnight. We are very heartened with the attitude of people concerning A petition filed in Linn district court alleges that allowing the truck to remain on the grounds violates a city ordinance deal- ;j. I a t ion felt by Jewish children I alleges the Cortez have refused said the amount of duplicate work in preparing the plans and tinlled t0 rise-the amount of new construction According to Bock s recoin-anticipated at one of the schools'mendation, the architects would were the reasons for the fee be Paid shout $516,000 tor com-reduction    Plete Plans for a11 tho junior Carl Bock said the original hi*h school,s- basod on current contract had called tor archt School Board Begins Polling Of Citizens lated due to the emphasis on Christmas and the Christian religious theme during December. school system, saying, “There this issue.’    ..    ....    .    .    .... is enough of that elsewhere. I    By way of illustrating the iso- irJS w11h    dl^P°_sa‘_ would like to see a more positive approach, which I we will nowf have.” Supt. Ludwig believe!duldn* !he one parent I the group: stressed. “This -My child Christmas season, Monday night told made a Christmas a tects’ fees equal to 8 percent of the construction costs at McKinley, Franklin, and Wilson junior highs, and 6.75 percent for Roosevelt, since it is similar to McKinley junior high. Nearly Duplicate cost estimates. The board deferred action the contract change until Nov. 12 board meeting. Final Drawings Bock said final drawings have been prepared for McKinley and Roosevelt, where remodeling leaders and parents, along with songs a£ student assemblies and my administrators, at the syna- concerts ” An informal polling of citizens    deep6    and    sincere'!^    AUhou*h    Ludwig    did    not    ^ who attend Cedar Rapids Com-i * „    ^    “    ify any plans during the meet- meeting a good ex at ornament. When he came home, there was no tree to hang it Plans for McKinley and Roo- «°rk 15 underway. Preliminary sevelt were nearly duplicates ofno" ™d*d each other, he said, so he rec- for the other two bu,Id,ngs. ommended his firm be paid Remodeling of the kitchen and 3.625 percent for Roosevelt’s locker room areas of McKinley plans, and 7.25 percent of con- and Roosevelt has been paid for struction costs for McKinley. oui of the 2.5 mill levy for construction. A referendum has been scheduled for Dec. an $8.9 million bond issue Payment for plans for the other two schools could also be at the 7.25 percent rate. Bock recommended, since Wilson junior high will have a larger addition than originally anticipated. Drawing plans for new con vict. The questionnaire asks how the school system could be improved. whether more homework should be required, how the board and citizens can com-10 on municate with each other, how for the board should approach completing the work    there    and school closings,    and other    ques- remodeling the    other    two lions. schools.    I At a 4 p.m. work session    Mon- Bock said if the bond measure I day. President    Ronald Moore passes, final plans for Wilson I sa’d ,be questionnaire is an op- and Franklin would be ready portunity to gather information opecia Census lune I. and bids could be let in on “hat citizens think r    .    ju|y    Later,    board    members    may Tentatively    ..    „    work with the district’s research Cl* f* D    “Speed    I    p    staff t0 jmproVe the question- bet in U. R.    Currie    asked    the    architects    to    naire and possibly distribute it n,    „    .,    ..    •,    “speed that up.”    to a more    random sample of cit- Cedar    Rapids    city council    l,uu F ,    ,,    .    c    .    coiH members decided informally    ought    to    be    able    to    get    -    ’_ Tuesday morning to have a spe- contractors in there on the first cial census taken next year. ; working day that the kids are j All Linn county communities out of school,” he said. had been urged Monday night to1 He and Asst. Supt. William j consider such a census. Senior! Ramstad urged the architects to‘ Planner    Riley    Simpson    told    begin    final Wilson    and Franklin! members    of the    regional    plan    plans    immediately    and    not    de-1 commission the census would lay that until after the bond result in more money from the election. liquor and road use funds to “We have enough income communities which have grown from the 2.5 mill levy to pay the jn tbe iowa forecast. since 1970.    architects. Were not putting Rain was reported in many! Simpson said the cost of the him at risk that if the bond sections of the state early Tues- census would range from about measure fads, he doesn t get an(j the weather is likely to “We are.” he told The Gazette. “considering eliminating A    ...    gift exchanges between students was not a hot-head 'ii.y! _”‘!h    ■    rfam sharply curtailing religious all Batbfr> it was____ change of views . . . one of the'^rorn' best meetings of this kind I have seen since coming to Iowa on| who attend cedar Rapids com- ce[7ns    r    "    tty any plans during the meet- its munitv school board meetings Committee Invited Before Com- ing Monday night, some of those ; was begun Monday night by the I    „    ...    ; attending objected to any move it <>t nr a i nmmiHoo    t0 de-emphasize Christmas. Ludwig said    the matter was| One parent    said, “It sounds    ing principals and administra-African-ruled territory, officials brought to the    attention of the    like reverse    discrimination to    tors of the concern expressed by!said Tuesday. meeting were given a chance to parents’ advisory committee, me.” Alan Widiss, 36, professor parents of minority students. I ----- fill    out    a    questionnaire    about    comprised of    a parent from    of law at the University of Iowa,    Richard Braverman. pres- There is something    new    hap- their    opinions    of    the    school    dis-each of the 21 schools in the dis-who attended    the meeting, said    ident of Agudas Achim syna-pening everyday in    the    clas- trict.    Tuesday, “It was a very conge- gogue. confirmed that members sifted ads. . . see for yourself! board. Citizens City The parents’ advisory committee will now return to the individual schools to advise build- Plague Outbreak Windhoek. Southwest Africa (AP) — At least five persons have died in an outbreak of • bubonic plague in this South who attended the to remove the truck The petition asks that if they do not remove the truck within date specified by the court, that the department be allowed to do so and to tax tile costs against the property. It bf (feeler HnpicU (flnjrHr Established 'n til) bv The Goiette Co. ana published daily and Sundov at SOO Third ave SE. Cedar Rapids. Iowa 52404. Second doss postage paid at Cedor Rapids, lowo Subscription rotes bv corrlor IS cents •. week Bv mail: Night Edition and Sunday 0 issues S3 75 a month, 139 OO a year Afternoon Editions and Sunday J Issues 13 IS a month, S40 OO a veor. Other states and U S. territories MO OO a veor. No Moil Subscriptions accepted In are os having Gazette carrier service The Associated Cross Is entitled exclusively to the use tor republication of oil the locol nows orlnted in this newspaper as well as ail AP ntws dispatches. Continued Rain, Mild Weather Seen for Iowa By The Associated Press More wet, mild weather looms $1.50 per capita in smaller paid,’’said Ramstad. towns to 50 cents in larger ones. He said the benefits over five years could amount to between $75 and $100 per capita, however If the census shows a population decline, he added, it need not be certified so communities would not be chancing a reduction in funding.    ^    work    performed Simpson said a decision!    Lj    _i._ should be made soon, because about six months are needed to set up the census and planners would prefer it taken late next spring, to provide information If Failure “If the bond issue fails,” said board member Ed Beatty, “we could have $100,000 worrth of drawings we may never use.” j lf the bond measure is defeated. Ramstad said, the beard could tell the architects to stop immediately and pay them for The board also looked over preliminary renovation for Wilson and Franklin. At Franklin, a 1.600 square foot addition will be built at the spring, IU pruviue Huuimcuu., back q[ th(? bui,ding for seating midway between the 1970 and;(or ^    Anothcr    addmon 1980 counts. Marion has already contracted for a census in the belief it is\ entitled to more than it is getting from the road use and liquor funds. remain on the wet side through Saturday. Heaviest rainfall reported so far is .63 of an inch at Spencer, Waterloo had .47 of an inch. Dubuque .43, Sioux City .40. Cedar Rapids .25, Mason City j .18. Burlington .15 and Ottumwa! .12. Temperatures are expected to remain mild through Wednesday with a chance of occasional j . periods of showers and thunder-P‘ans showers. Late afternoon highs Tuesday were expected to be in the 60s. Lows overnight should be in the upper 40s to middle 50s and highs Wednesday are again expected in the 60s Alioto Unveils Plan For Mass Transit Use Woman Reports Purse Snatched A man grabbed a purse containing $90 Monday from Anna Rekstadt, 419 B avenue NW, while she was walking rn the 200 block of Fifth street NW. gym. will contain vocational and instrumental music classrooms, and a social studies classroom, j A 5.600 square foot library will be added above the gym.' according to Hamilton Vasey,, cam PRivnsro iapi Fv administrative a s s i s t ant for * RANCISCO AP) plant facilities.    er>one would ,eave h,s car Cafeteria, locker room, indus- one day a wee^ aiJd uae trial arts, home economics, and Puhll(’ transit under a plan to classroom areas of the schools MV,e en?r«>' and ™du<* traffic will be dated. renovated and consol!- and pollution unveiled Monday One Location Advertisement by Mayor Joseph Alioto. Alioto estimated the plan would result in a 20 percent fuel “The departments may not savings and reduce automobile necessarily have more space. use and air pollution. She told police she was walk- but the advantage of it will be It would include a program of ing on the sidewalk at 5 45 p m having it in one location, in- staggered work hours in certain Monday when the man ap- s t e a d of being scattered businesses to avoid overloading proached, tore her purse away throughout the whole building,” public transportation, and ran through an alley.    said Vasey. The suspect had long hair and “All four of these buildings a long coat. Police were ham- have departments scattered all pered in obtaining a description over. Part of what we will actualise the victim speaks most- complish is to pull all these ly German    together.” The purse was found Tuesday Currie said it turned out to be morning in the parking lot at cheaper to put additions on the Iowa highway commission these buildings than to build the offices, 430 Sixteenth avenue library on the top half of the au-SW. The money was missing, ditorium. as was done at Mc-police said    Finley and Roosevelt How To Hold FALSE TEETH Stcurely • Do false teeth embarrass you by comme loose when you eat, laugh, or talk? A denture adhesive can help. t ASTKETH* gi ves dentures a longer. firmer, steadier hold. Makes eating more enjoyable. For more security and comfort, use FASTEETH Den-.ture Adhesive Powder. Dentures that fit are essential to health. 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