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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Magistrate Court two Water— (Continued from Page I.) problem is tin the mains,’’ hi said A team from DEQ is expected in Marion on Friday to work on the problem. Painter, in making the announcement about the water The money was held while the date’s court to an amended;^. tbere is no danger. bot ,he me i nui ie \ was ut IU billie me    boiling    is    to be done as a pre- 2 The Cedar Rapids Casette: Thurs.. October IO, 1974 $4,000 Bilking Told By C.R. Woman, 82 An 82-year-old Cedar Rapids^ When she returned, she told woman reported Wednesday she    man    would    like    to    ln    magls. was bilked out of 14.0(10 in a con- S[WaK    ner' Charge Reduced to Disturbing the Peace Walter Carter. Des Moines. victim went into the building. j charge of disturbing the peace; cautj *nary measure When she returned to the and was given a 12-day jail sen- The .probiem caused fidence scheme worked by "^Virtim (Ald nnthv, wa,    SB<“    "'“H1*1.10 ,n* dml g,ve” a    jail    sen-1 The .problem caused a shut The victim told police .ne wa. storc ajter fa||{ng j0 find Mr. tence with credit given for time down of classes in Marion Inapproached by a woman in front white’s office, the two women served.    dependent school district. No He was charged with mali-'school was held Thursday. of Armstrong’s department store at about 1.30 p.m. Wednesday. were gone. The couple working the con- cious injury to a building Sept.! Linn-Mar had school Thurs- The woman, who was described;fidence scheme apparently tried 24 when he broke the windows day. The main campus has its as white, with blonde hair and unsuccessfully Wednesday to of a building at 4444 First ave- own water supply. Water was between 20 and 30, asked the    bilk another woman, who    revictim for the name of    a good    ported the incident to    police,    but attorney.    refused to identify    herself    or The woman said she    needed    furnish details. an attorney to handle settlement nue NE. of en accident in which her six-year-old child had been injured. The settlement was slow in coming and she did not like the way it was being carried out. the victim related. While both women were walking on the sidewalk, an-other woman approached holding an envelope. The second woman, who was described as black and also between 20 and 30. said she had just found the envelope containing approximately $20,000. SpanolIi Asked To Seek Italian Party Accord ROME (AP) vanni I^one Thursday asked Senate President Giovanni Spagnolli to talk with the na- Assault Case Bound To Linn Grand Jury Michael Johnson, no address. was bound over to the grand jury following a preliminary hearing Monday in magistrate s court on a charge of President Glo-! wdh in,en',0 d° bodlly in'ury He is charged with assaulting David Lint on June 15. Two Men Appear On Assault Charges I lion s political parties in an cf-1 fort to form a new government; to cope with Italy’s economic problems and a strong hauled to the Wilkins building in northeast Marion. The Bowman Woods building is tied into the Cedar Rapids system. St. Joseph's St. Joseph's Catholic school also had classes. Water was being brought in for drinking assault PurP°ses Cooks in the hot lunch program were boiling water for cooking. Dr. Clark Stevens, Marion Independent superintendent, said he expects classes to resume Friday in the district. Stevens said he has received Purchase of Flood Plain Land Okayed Daley Ally Found Guilty Hearing Is Tuesday Carberry Heads On Sueppel Appeal C. R. Coin Club Dr. J. W. Carberry, Newhall, CHICAGO (AIM — Thomas IOWA CITY — Judge Harold top political ally „( I) Victor has sot Tuesday as a has been elected preside* of office. floor Francis I Bud I Sueppel Isl Frank Dean was elected vice- , challenging the legality of his president, Stan Miller, treasurer T “    (iring    Ile    had been ordered lo and ^ Sears, secretary. >as found guilty Wednesday    lhp R ^ office of Nam(,d djroctors were strnad_ Robert Douglas, John Kelso and Keane, a top political ally <>i " vieior rum sn    -    « Mayor Richard Daley, has    been,hearing    date    of    a    petition    (tied    the    Cedar Rapidsloin cuh He The Iowa conservation corn-'convicted on 17 counts of    con-;by    a    discharged    Iowa    liquor    suceee mission has approved an option spiracy amt one of mail fraud, control agent. to purchase 220 acres of flood Keane, the Democratic plain property adjacent to Linn leader of the Chicago city councounty’s Matsell Bridge natural cli, was found guilty Wednesday t() tbe pt [y^gc office environment unit.    of charges he used his position;^ jjqUor control commission! The land is being obtained as alderman to profit from three by Sept 16 or face dismissal, and is to be turned over to the land speculation companies. Sueppel has protested his dis- . im am mg_________ county    conservation board! Keane’s lawyers saidI    they    h^enJas    sugpendH    It    takes only    a    minute    to    get under a    management agree-'would appeal the verdict. Keane.IWpdncsdav    with his    discharge    lhe    buy    o(    a    lifetime    .    .    . ment through the state open 69. faces a maximum sentence not 0f|jciaj until a hearing be*!throUgh want ads. spaces acquisition program. of TO years in prison and a fore the state executive council. The land is being purchased $27,000 fine.    Sueppel,    in his petition filed from Marvin and Opal Brink on During the month-long trial. | Thursda>, notes his suspension an option for $48,600.    one of Keane s partners in the was without pay and reques sa Flood plains are one of six I firm of Alpine Investments, testi-1 ruling on the legality ot is types of land that may be ac- fied under immunity from prose- move-quired under the acquisition cution that Keane used informa-program initiated by the 64th hon obtained through his    city general assembly. Programjpost to help the company    pur guidelines require that the seller J chase land at a 1966 county    tax and the commission agree on delinquency property sale. the price.    - The first appropriation, for There is something new    hap-    Wednesday    provides    maximum 1973, was    for $2 million. The pening everyday in the    clas-    punishment    of IO years’ impris- (.ambling Ban JAKARTA (AP) - Indonesia's parliament has banned all forms of gambling in the country. The bill passed The second woman said she nist bid ,or po"cr ‘ excellent cooperation from the Two persons appeared in city and the county civil defense magistrate’s court Wednesday department.” The district is being provided with a l.OOO-gallon water tanker terv. was going to see a Mr. White, who formerly worked for the In After failing to find an accept- Richard Henry, jr., 1720 for Friday classes, along with  v ________________ a*>le candidate for premier in Grande avenue SE. was found two 400-gallon trailer tankers. temai Revenue Service, and whoi^ree days of his own political (innocent. He was charged with had an office in    the Dows build-    consultations, Leone named assaulting    Gerald    Tuffel    on ing, 210 Second    street SE. She    Spagnolli to hold ‘‘exploratory” sept. 6. talks with the party leaders and j h Gaa] 1700 Fift4tn,h report back to him A successful avenue SE M m and was outcome of the discussions1    r    J reportedly said she would share the money if they were interest-ed. At this time, the first woman would enable Leone to designate reportedly said she needed the la political leader to form the money immediately and would new government, give up her share in return for a Spagnolli, a Christian Democrat like outgoing Premier Mari ne given a seven day jail sentence with credit given for time served. He was charged with as-sanding Linda Edgelon. on Aug. Xt’etareh*^ use commission acquired 7.328 acres sifted ads under that appropriation.    - The state has management agreements with county conservation boards for 437 acres of that land. The appropriation for 1974 was $500,000. The Matsell acquisition was one of three proposals from the Linn board in 1973. which were resubmitted after they were not approved last year. The acquisition and management agreement are expected to see for yourself! onment. Strategic Sites “These will be located at strategic sites in the district. One 400-gallon unit will be at high school ” “The other one will be in the be completed in a few weeks, area of the city hall. First Presbyterian and First United Meth-by city employes and junior high school students attending classes at the two churches. ano Rumor, said. ‘‘I hope that! _____ all political parties, in such wana jury Receive* two churches    CORVALLIS,    Ore, (AP. a difficult moment, will contri- Forged Check Cose "1V ,ank ,ruck »lM )* us,fd Fritz Wilhelm. 12. jumped more blite to make this attempt con-i Darrel| McCro_. ,„7 Firsl ,0 transport wa(er tojthe ele- than 23.000 times on his pogo ctrnrtivft “    i warren McCrory 19Z7 first mentary buildings. We have stick and thought he had set a D . .. '    ..    avenue SW waived preliminary portable water dispensers in the new world's record. Then he Political sources said    hearings Tuesday in magis-sjx ,,emen,aries. ,    |read    ,he    |ate„ fdltlon 0, noil, would try to braChria!-j(rates court and was bound ..civi, defense also is making Guinness Book of Records and |lait Democrats and Social sis to-.over to the grand jury on avaUable to us about 20 five- learned he hadn't set a record gether rn another center-left i charges of forgery and uttering gaMon water containers which after all coalition government Rumor s a forged instrument.    will be used to bring water from_____ cabinet, Italy s .38th in the last ••     * loan from the victim. / The victim told the woman she did not have $6,500. which represented each person's one-third share of the envelope’s contents, but she did have $4,000. The two women agreed on the deal and went to the victim’s residence to get her bank book. After the withdrawal was made, the pair went to a store c*binet‘ Italy’s 38th in the last    He is charged with forging a    the tank truck    t0 the    Nvater across the street from the Dows J? yc^. was based on such a    check for $210 to Robert Voeltz    dispensers. building to await word from the Catho ic-Socialist alliance before    on the account of Manufacturing    ..0ur school board meeting, second woman who had re-    C0^aPse ^as* Thursday. jSpecalities, Inc., Swisher, and sej for tonight in the adminis- tumed to Mr. White’s office. *n Turin. 70,000 Fiat workers uttering the check on July 28. traticn offices at starry school. ............ began    a    24-hour work week in    -- will go ahead as planned at 7.” $hf (ferltir RnpirU    the giant company affected by Trespass Charge "fitSbtiisrt IR iiirsv'Vh. co the worldwide slump in the au-  .    .    .    *1    . •It* MliitMI Nutt on* Sunday at SOO ,    .    ,    rr-i    •    UlSfTMSSed DV LOUn Third av* SE Cader Roald*. Iowa 5)406 lomoblle industry, the move IS ,    **¥ •••*••• Ml< °* c#-,f expected to have a snowballing    A charge of criminal trespass    ^Jjll See    Ford sua.cr.at.on rat., av carrots cont. a j effect on other sectors of the against Colin Moomey, 1231 rff..VenaItalian economy, creating still Fifth street NW, was dismissed    WASHINGTON tAP) — West isViTmtrtalow.Na« mTToir*    further problems    for    a new    Wednesday in magistrate s    German Chancellor Helmut Sch- eno u.s.NrriforiatiM.Ma vtor n.Mail    (government.    court in the interest of justice    midt has accepted an invitation Subtenant accootod In aroa. Bovina    ..    ,    ,    , ■*    J,.    , Galootcarrior .aryico--He was charged with trespass- to make an official visit to the Tho A,.eclat#* ere., I, entitled Easy to use and hard    to beat..    mg on property at 1201 First    U. S. for talks with President I‘ctffViIl;Vdr^,ffr^T*thi»*’n^t!    • that’s the want    ad    combma-    street SW. the property of    Ford Dec, 5-6. the two govern- paoer a* won a. all ap na«. di»ootChe..    tion. Dial 398-8234.    Frances Cornish on Aug. 17.    ments announced Thursday. His Marathon Proves in Vain AND FEEDING OF A WATERBED A waterbed need only be fed once. You simply attach a garden hose to the valve in the mattress and let the water flow. The water never needs changing, unless of course, you should decide to move. Since the mattress is air tight, it cannot collect pollen, dust, or odors like a fiber filled mattress. The surface can be wiped clean with a mild detergent. Unlike a conventional mattress, a water mattress never needs turning and never sags. Inner Space has decorative waterbed sheets, imported bedspreads, and of course, the finest in waterbeds and comfort furniture. Inner Space—for new ideas in comfortable living. INNER SPACE INC. 829 SECOND AVENUE S.E. • 36S-477S Spedalliing in waterbeds A tontnmporory furniture Diamond petals encase center diamond in an 18k gold band ‘ Spring Song" • a garden of loveliness made only by Orange Blossom. $100 and up l)ounl»wn,22ii 2nd Iff nile Since J MV i cdnr Rapids fine Jeweler *. Bonn’s Schmidt FUE (Rjr Saving at MNBJ) free to new account cl $200or morp. An original stgnt*d metal sculpture by one of Iowa’s most innovative young artists can be yours for opening a new Savings Account, or adding to your present account at Merchants National Bank. These delightful, whimsical pieces were created by Kick Poldberg, a native of Garrison, Iowa, whose work has received critical acclaim across the midwest. Larger Poldberg pieces will be on display at all five MNB locations in the Cedar Rapids Fhee when you save $1000 or more. area, and are available to savings customers at substantial savings. 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