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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I)#*    *    ut ttMai Kaplan uaa ik.    UCI. if, bn FDA Reforms Sanitation Grading for U.S. Restaurants Warn Children About Dogs A MKS - Kvery full drivers are warned to watch for WASHINGTON (AP) -Federal officials doubt that American diners notice or understand the sanitation ratings posted in restaurant windows and are suggesting the A. B. and (' signs bt* scrapped. The Food and Drug Administration recommended this move to state and local governments although a high agency offic ial conceded that sanitation is generally bad in the nation's HOO.(HIO food establishments Doesn't ( are William Bower, acting director of the agency's food service division, said the optional sanitation grading provision was dropped at the insistence of the restaurant industry when FOA announced a new version of its 19H2 model ordinance “The public just can't tell the difference between A and B and doesn’t much care anyway." he said “There is little interest among enforcement agencies and courts feel this is a nuisance thing ” # The federal government’s model ordinance is not binding on state or local governments but Bower said 29 state's and 244 municipalities adopted the 19H2 model. Many of thorn grade inspection reports with an A. B or (' and post the grades in front w indows Rating standards vary widely among the cities and state's that have such laws In general, an A rating means a restaurant is satisfactory, with no significant sanitation problems, a B rating means that there are problems, and a (’ rating means that the sanitation situation is seriously deficient (Iowa has its own system) The new federal model ordinance and comprehensive food-service regulations are open for public comment the next 90 days About 450 copies of an earlier version we're circulated among local governments and the restaurant industry nearly two years ago. All Aspects If adoptc'd by local and state* governments, the model law would govern all aspects of sanitation in the nation’s restaurants. catering establishments. cafeterias and fast-food carryouts. “We will not have grading iii the model ordinance.” he declared. "In all fairness, the* staff just didn’t believe we* could make suc h a recommendation. It just doesn’t work " He said the National Restaurant Assn opposed grading in 19H2 and helped convince* him to drop it now Over a period of time, through a combination of pressure by restaurant owners and lack of qualified inspectors, the grades tend to become meaningless or misleading, he said "We find most of the* graded establishments are very poor from a sanitation standpoint, but all are graded A,” he said. “This seems to be what happens, when pressure is put on by the operator and the* government goes along " More Abandoning Bower said more governments are abandoning grading than are adopting it Most state's which didn’t embrace the 19H2 model ordinance arc* following a 194.1 version and five — Texas, Iowa. Maine, North Dakota and Nebraska — have their own systems Bower said the new model ordinance will be promoted heav ily to the state's Besides dropping the* grading provision, the new ordinance consolidates the* present maximum of HS violations into 44 and establishes a new point scoring system, starting at IIH) and going down Presently, scoring starts at zero and moves toward a maximum of 29S demerit points "Easier" "This way. ifs always positive." Bower said "I think ifs .easier for operators and customers to understand ’’ 1’nder the* new ordinance, a copy of the inspection report would be* left with the1 restaurant operator. It would be* seen by the public only on demand "I am kind of against public posting because without explanation its not too meaningful,’’ Bovver said. Asked to assess sanitation in the nation’s food service industry. he said, “In general ifs bad.’’ children on their way to and from school. But a new warning has been directed at school children concerning stray dogs on the school ground, according to Iowa State university extension veterinarian Dr. Johnny Hoskins Children seem to attract stray dogs. A simple hug or pet can coax a dog to follow students through the neighborhood to the school grounds. School hallways are not uncommon territories for stray dogs. Children should not pot strays or tease confined dogs with rocks and sticks. "Most dogs will not bite unless teased." said Hoskins. If confused or excited, dogs may react by biting the near est person Children should be warned of that possibility All animals on school grounds should Im' reported to the recess supervisor or classroom teacher who will inform the* proper school authorities Dog owners are fully responsible whether the dog is confined in the home, van! or runs free on the school ground If a child is bitten, first wash the area well with soap and water. 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