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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa urn    im    i|ii    iimmi NATIONAL WI AtHt* SI* VICI fOMC AU lo 7AM l*T .JOW V V -    ?*65 •RAT U t\ IOT IO - T4 Ford Sets Free Offer In Anti-Inflation Pitch Economy— (Continua from Page !Th* Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., Ortober 9, 1974 3A I.) By Harry F. Rosenthal WASHINGTON President Ford: “I enlist as an Inflation Fighter and Knergy Saver ; the duration. I will do the very best I can for America.” I day, called it the symbol of a "Oversight" in VA Case, Government Loses Appeal (Al*j — “Dear ncw mobilization. Galvanizing Gesture year on money an individual keeps in a passbook savings account, or SI ,000 in the case of a couple. The bill, sponsored    by Rep lJue ,0 what was terrned “an    I the navy. He had been in    the Brotzman (R-Colo.) is    designed!administrative oversight” by    service one month. A modern-day V-for-Victory,,to boost the flow of funds for Asst. U.S. Atty. Robert Sikma,    Service Connected he    galvanizing    Churchillian    home mortgages. The    adminis-government has at least    Mrs. Clark contended, and    the for'gesture    of    World    war II    vintage.    I tration opposes the legislation |emporariiy lost its chance to    court concurred, that the death ^rv An economic “Remember the on grounds it would add to the 1    was service connected, and that Maine,” which whipped up en- federal deficit.    aPPeal    a    judgment    by    U.S. Dis- ^ was entitled to the insur- thusiasm for the Spanish- “To halt higher food prices, trict Judge Edward J. (McManus ance benefits. The VA had nnt your name, address and American war.    we must produce more food.” against the Veterans Adminis- turned down the claim. zip code. Send it to the Pres- Alas, the President failed to Ford said. He asked congress to (ration.    I    The    government had BO days, idcnt. He will send you a button, say what WIN means. frec    In    .showing the button, jn said only: “It bears the Ford In August. .Judge McManus untd . ^P1 word WIN. That tells it all.” I Not quit! un wi Alw* f otoc ASI *> i f. Rain is expected Wednesday night over the eastern slopes of the Rockies. Mostly fair elsewhere. —Daily Record— The Weather Hi^ih temperatures Tuesday, low tem per*tores overnight and Inches of pre cipitation Anchorage    43    31 Atlanta    74    4S Bismarck    41    34 Chicago    44    SI Denver 77 377 Duluth    47    34 Honolulu    87    7S Houston    84    70 Extended L. Angeles 70 43 Miami . IS 74 .28 Min'apotit 44 43 N. Orleans SO 54 New York 41 43 Phoenix 40 70 Seattle 44 47 Mr terloo, formerly doing business as Dunkin Donuts, 3501 First avenue SE, Cedar Rapids. Debts: $!6,767.80. Assets: $100, with all claimed as exempt. Ronald J. Haas, Dubuque, formerly doing business as R.J. Wheelhouse. Debts: $42,415.33. washington 44 4i j Assets: $17,859.42 with $6,820 Forecast — Fair to claimed as exempt, partly cloudy FTiday to Sunday. I Carl A. and Barbara A. Lows in the 40s Friday dropping! Coates. Postville. Both listed to the tinner 90s hv Sunday dcbts of $59,236.15 and assets ?• u fL: 7 Un,a u $7,051.14 with $5,000 claimed as Highs in the 60s Friday and the * exempt. Wallace Edward and An-; nabelle Goodwin. 851 Camburn : court SE. She listed debts of 76 I $10,313.11 and assets of ... $4,105, with $2,500 claimed as — exempt. He listed debts of • •• 56 $13,468.86 and assets of $3,030, ... 58 i with $25 claimed as exempt. None I 3errv L. Sicfkon. formerly doing business as Jerry’s Ser- • O.Zb|vicC and j siefken. Rudd, - .2 26 He listed debts of $31,944.95 .29 391 and assets of $22,130 with Tnt a1 fnr iQ7i~    40 93' none claimed as exempt.    She total tor 19/4 ........... on ioi listed debts of $22,225.64    and Barometer, rising .........30 18 assots of $22,000, with none Humidity at noon ......... 64% | claimed as exempt. Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m. NNW at 9 mph. 50s Saturday and Sunday. C. R. Weather High Tuesday ............ Low overnight ........... Noon Wednesday ......... 2 pm.................... Precipitation ............ Total for October ......... Normal for October ...... Normal through October Berth, 89. Thursday at 10:30, Feeney's. Elkader — Nell Z. Matey, 85. Saturday at 10:30 at St. Joseph’s Catholic church. Rosary Friday at 8 and visitation after 8 Thursday at Witt’s. Colesburg    Mrs.    Clara Holthaus, 97. Thursday at 1:30 at Emmanuel Methodist church. Appleton’s, Edgewood. Vinton — Ella Stratton, 75. Friday at 1:30 at Campbell’s. Walker — J.C. (Cliff) Hoffman, 81. Friday at IO, Murdoch’s, where friends may call after 6 Wednesday. Monona — Louise Klima, 69. Thursday at 1:30, Garden City United Methodist Schultz’. Oelwein 86. Brant-Kerns . Keystone — Dora 83. Friday atJ:30, Fellmet’s. Waukon — Teresa Reddy, 91. Thursday at 10:30, St. Patrick’s Catholic church. Rosary Wednesday at 8, Bakke-Han-son’s. Marengo —Lillian E. Hunzcl-man service The button will say WIN white capital letters on red. President Ford, in his eco- You have to look through the they need, nomie address to congress Tues- speech to find the phrase. Chnirrnain Poage (D-Texas) of “Whip Inflation Now.” It ap- the house agriculture commit-j pears twice.    tee, however, said that without A White House spokesman wore assurance of profit Ford's (said speechwriters slipped up measures would not do the job. by not having Ford explain that Ford said marketing orders I WIN referred to that phrase. and other regulations were But the button offer, nonethe- being reviewed to end or change Asst. U.S. Atty. Alan Kirshen , jCSSi js genuine. The address is those responsible for inflated of Sioux City, said Wednesday1 the White House, Washington, prices, that “litigation is contemplat- [) c 20500    Emergency    Employment ed” in his dispute with the Iowa I Tho president told the joint Those who suffer most from supreme court oyer the court-»session he will elaborate next inflation he said, are “those who administered client security week on the volunteer Inflation are jobless through no fault of food    Fighters and Knergy Savers their own.” to appeal the unless it  ......... Eigh,h    circuit court of appeals. Sikma filed the decision to 30, the Kirschen Says Suit Possible On Lawyer Fee remove acreage limitations on rice, peanuts and cotton and single soid he would allocate to farm- rid(’d that the VA ers all the fuel    and seek authori-    brings up further supportive ev-    appeaj 0ct , and on thp same tv    to    allocate    all    the    fertilizer    idence is obligated to pay    day asked the district court to $10,000 in life insurance benefits    grant a seven-day extension of to Cleo Darlene Clark. 393 pjf.    the deadline date. ♦ .u . cm    In    his    petition    for    extension, teenth avenue SW    , ,    . takes a minimum of 60 days Mrs. (larks 18-\ear old son.    (0 process and that the judg- Garth Goodwin, committed sui-    merit was not received by the cide in June of 1970, one week    U.S. attorney’s office until after he was discharged from    scven hays after it was passed Accident Seen In C. R. Hanging Death: Officia The fund was established Jan. program, which he said will be He proposed extended special I/innie J. Cox, 22, of 1811 E v .. t    .    i*    -    -    ■    avenue    NE,    died    Tuesday when , by    the    Iowa    Bar    Assn    to    pro-    manned by 18 distinguished pro-    unemployment benefits and ere-    ho    arnarentiv arridentnllv toot    clients    from    financial    ioss    ple.    „tion llf a temporary Comnlun,    “S Media Volunteers    ty Improvement Corps that    0f    his residence “There will be no big new fed-    would go into action when na- eral bureaucracy set up for this    tional unemployment exceeded through unscrupulous practices by lawyers. All Iowa lawyers must pay into the fund, at a cost of from $25 to $100 annually, or face disbarment from the association. Kirshen. who claims that in his position with the govcrn- down. Further, be stated that “an administrative oversight’’ caused his office to use the receipt date of the judgment instead of the actual ruling date Sikma claimed that an appeal in establishing the appeal deadline, No Evidence Mrs. Clark's attorney, in ar guing against granting the ex- Cox was found by his wife and Tension, said that the U.S. attor- „ , I rn. c *    ... t , two neighbors at 10:30 p.m. ney showed no evidence that the crash program,” he said. The 6 percent, providing “shor-term ~ A u ■ t 1 „f„i „,.n!    I------- Tuesday hanging from volunteers will come from the useful work projects to improve, communications media.    beautify and enhance the envir- T h e American Newspaper onment of our cities, towns and Publishers Assn. took up the countryside.” call and urged all newspapers to On energy Henry Wynhoff.j jQwa kar for neglecting to pay to the church ! ment he has no clients, in Sop- publish the enlistment coupon. tember was suspended by the Persons mailing the coupons White House will receive Graham.    int0 the fund, He Was subsc-    a three-part package by return    ne called on congress qucntly suspended from practic-    mail: A WIN button, a certifi-    regulate natural gas prices, open ing in the U.S. district court,    cate signed by President Ford,    up navy oil reserves in Califor- northern district of low After protesting high court the legality ut ix^jllglHVI aiiu Wild' 111 d lf I tell un auu JJ033 3UI1WC Illllllll^    «v.*v    mmutu    iivn: vin npi ii ^ regulations governing the fund.    hints to conserve energy and    tion balancing considerations of    17,    1970.    He    was    a    mechanic at iVl6,Th,JJ°3J!foi?4e8,i^nay«ri    Kirshen puid $25 and was re in-    beat the rising cost of living.    supply with environmental pro-    Miller's Automotive    Service. ice inur.sciay ai I .ou at ... ...  ,   „ ,1 , i—    ^_______________ On energy, Ford told    said the death wdl    probably be congress, “If you’ve forgotten    ru^’d accidental, the shortages of last winter, *ox was scen alive most Americans have not.”    hours before his    body    was Ile called on congress to de-    c*°vercd. * * * Lonnie J. Cox, 22, was born a water appeal work took 60 days or that pipe. A quarter inch nylon cord the government was notified of was around his neck.    The judgment seven days after it The Linn medical examiner iwas made* He claimed the petition examiner was made with the “desire to fur-tw0 ther delay this proceeding,” djs_ which w’as initiated with Mrs. Clark's complaint March 28, 1972. Judge McManus, in his denial, stated that an extension could Iowa.    authorizing the citizen to be an nia and Alaska, modify environ- Nov. 13. 1951, in Cedar Rapids    '. „rantpd ror ”Pvr,icahip to the Iowa “energy saver and inflation mental strictures on use of fuel He and the former Jean John-    h t did t find ithi« to Hp ’ality of tho fighter" and other material on and pass surface mining legisla- son were married hereon April .    .    .    nmwrmw’* Fires 10:02 a.m. Tuesday. Over-Sun rises Thursday, 6:41; sun turned burner to wall at 6301 sets, 7:25.    Kirkwood boulevard SW. Year Ago Today — High. 82; low, 62. rainfall, none. Traveler’s Forecast 2:17 p.m. Tuesday. Assistance day at 1:30 at Cedar Memorial call at 2618 E avenue NE.    Chapel of Memories by the 3:04 p.m. Tuesday. Flush Rev. lawrence A. Chamberlain gasoline at rear of 401 Fourth of .    ""..j!.    ,!    n‘t(^    T,r7 ' avenue SE. stated by the bar and the feder-j Overnight response to the tection.    I    In    addition    to his wife, he is a1 court.    WIN idea has been strong and a He also announced creation of survived by two sons, Chris- Wcdnesday. Kirshen said he    White House aide, mindful of    a National FJnergy Board, head-    tophcr    Michael    and Jamie !still feels thp requirement for    overworked telephone operators    cd by Interior Secretary Mor-    Allan,    both at    home; his him to participate in the fund is    in the President’s office, urged    ton. to develop a national en-    mother, Bene    Cox, Center wrong. He added that the su-    citizens to “write, don’t call.”    orgy program, with instructions    Point;    four sisters, Jeanie Win- preme court side-stepped the The aide added that Ford’s to reduce imports of foreign oil gerson, Center Point; Lcla Win gerson. Urbana; Anna and Lonna Barrows, A lawsuit, he said, may be be absolutely frank, we don't Ford asked congress to in-thc only way to resolve the have any win buttons now but crease maximum penalties for Hoover-Valentine’s Memorial Services Elias, Kathryn, Mrs. Wesley — Thursday at IO a.m. at St. Ludmila's church by the Rev. Robert W. Cizek. Burial: St. John’s. Rosary at 8 p.m. nera”homc ^Cganeba*Kuba fu': issues he brought before it when announcement had outdistanced by one nill.ion barrels a day by Williams, Harry A, Thurs- he disputed its ruling.    behind-the-scenes planning. “To the end ol 1975. case in the government’s error. The U.S. attorney may now appeal the denial of the extension to the circuit court. Surplus— (Continued from Page I.) Thursday    3:35 p.m. Tuesday. Chil- Weather, Hi-Lo dren with matches to chair at Bi.smarck  PtCldy 78-431 3108 Adel street SE. • Chicago........... Fair    81-601    4:30    p.m.    Tuesday.    Flush gas Cincinnati   Fair    78-56(at airport. Cleveland.........Fair    70-52    7:50    p.m.    Tuesday.    Unknown Des Moines  PtCldy 78-48 to leaves at Twenty-first street Detroit .......•.. PtCldy 68-511 and Bever avenue SE. Indianapolis  Fair    77-55    8:58    p.m.    Tuesday.    Needless Kansas Citv  Fair 82-60 call at 500 Parkview court SE. byterian church. Memorial. Burial: Cedar in issue. Kirshen is presently serving as special prosecutor in charge of the Wounded Knee Indian trials in Lincoln. we will shortly,” he said. Damages Asked In Crash Suit Home Burglarized While Owner Slept Driver Faces Six Charges After Chase Seickle. To have in our budgets, we have both of a better chance of getting what Cedar Rapids:    two    brothers.)we want when we work as a Larry Cox. Cedar Rapids, and team,” Jernigan said. Frank Cox of Burlington, and Ray complimented the depart-his grandmother of Oskaloosa. ment heads for their “anti-infla-Services:    Noon    Friday    at I Nonary ’policies of the last two ing and bid-rigging,” he said He said the Council on Wage The driver of a car and two and Price Stability will be “the Ralph Dunn. 1415 B avenue1 passengers were arrested Tues- watchdog over inflationary casts NE. Tuesday reported his rcsi-day after leading police on a of all governmental actions.” anti-trust violations from the present $.50,000 to $1 million for corporations and from $50,000 to, $100,000 for individual violators. Turned chapel east bv the' Rev.,years, citing the nearly SS mil “My administration will zero Jerry Wood cf the Church of the; lion in reversions that resulted in on more effective enforce-Nazarene. Burial: Cedar Memo-|fr ° m the departments not ment of laws against price-fix- rial cemetery. Friends may call “spending where it was not at Turner chapel east. Milwaukee ...... Fair    78-50:    9:30 p.m. Tuesday. Nuisance! vt a vpufrcTtrR a Mpls.-St. Paul  Fair 78-52    call at Twentieth avenue and    , MANI HEM EK A suit seek- Omaha ........... Fair    81-48    Fourteenth street SW.    mg $1,050,000 in damages has    dence burglarized after he left    chase at speeds in excess of IOO    All legislative proposals and St. Louis    Fair    77-55    5:54 a m. Wednesday. Need-    been filed in Delaware county    the doors unlocked to allow an    miles per hour through city    regulations coming from the ex- Sioux Falls    PtCldy ,9-45    ess^ra^l at >42, Contd "int    district court against a Virginia    acquaintence to drop off some    streets.    ecutive, he said, will include a 7:20 a rn. Wednesday. Assis- man    beer.    Police    charged    the driver, statement that their effect on lance call at 1605 Fourteenth Donna and Sylvia Bradley,! Dunn told police he had met a Steven P. McNeal, 22. of 5011 j inflation has been considered, avenue SW.    Manchester, are asking dam-:man earlier while playing pool Barbet avenue NW, with three He suggested congress adopt Magistrate's Court    aKcs on behalf of their teenage    at a tavern Friends drove Dunn    counts of disobeying a traffic    the same policy with regard to Speeding — Brenda Davis,    son’ David, who suffered “per-j    home after the two agreed to    signal and one count each of    its own initiatives, and that rifif. m o non I    I..I-, A I n*70    *       _    _    A    *4 1 tx____«     -J*__  I    I    _    _    1 • Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) .5, fall .1 Lansing (18) 7.7, no change Dam 9(18) 12.7, no change McGregor (18) 6.8, fall .1 Guttenberg    (15)    4.1,    no change Dubuque (71) 7.5, rise .1 Davenport    (15)    4.3,    no change Keokuk (16) 2.2, fall .6 Cedar at (MU (13) 3.51, fall Watergate— (Continued from Page I ) and other arrangements for a President's appearance. “Can’t Just Walt” “You can't just wait around until the last minute and if they haven't got a jury tell the Pres- .....  ,    .    ,    ,    ,.1    -    1    .    .    *    .    idem    to    come    back tomorrow,” 1834 Wilson avenue sW;;manent injuries July 4, 19/3, in meet later a! Dunn's residence, speeding, reckless driving and state and local governments do nunpate sajd Roge r Booth Washington; a car-motorcycle accident.    A black and white television attempting to elude police. likewise.    v    ,    r    . avenue NE*'each fined $35 and I. The suit c]aims the you^'s in- set valued at $J50 and five tapes The passengers. Donald ll. The council - still without , overdo no Broussard. iur‘es resulted when his motor- valued at $30 were missing Forrester. 20. of 2918 Danwood,compulsory powers — will con-    h costs Norman the first Pres-before a con- needed No Bonds The governor also pointed to the fact that the state was not required to issue bonds for any new buildings that are planned or for funding the Vietnam bonus for veterans. Ray alto lauded legislators for looking ahead when they made appropriations during the last session “Otherwise, they (legislators) would have spent more of that surplus down the road.” he said. As has been the case in previous years, Ray Mid budget .07 Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday 683.GO Births — Mercy . Ort. 9 — Mr. and Mrs.. Kerry Koehler, 3308 Oakland road NE, a daughter. Births of. Ltll.es j David Kurth, Des Moines;,    , Ort. 8 — Mr. and Mrs. Robert David    Kirk,    119 Southview    Ward    Donovans    of    Linn    county,I    — Unash. route I, Marion, a son. drive,    Marion; Douglas Phillips,    his    parents,    are    seeking    $155,000 KA    I    iVnntoc    1HI7 Thirfi street SW; Emily jn damage*.    1    ■    OFC* Marriage Licenses Cmeiik. bio Fifteenth street Th if    >i..jrron    1^.,., Cathy Severson and John SW;    Remojus    Petraitis, 1227    '    ‘ SiCpman. both of Cedar Rapids. I Glenwood drive NW; Margaret)'an 'osf bls    following    an 21. of 135 Twentie'h avenue .SW, priee.s and will hold public hear- hrarv of ConKre^rescS charged with resisting an lugs, he said Sunrise trailer court; Gerald cycle    was struck by    a car driv-    when    Dunn    woke up Tuesday    avenue SFJ, and    Dennis    A.    Ross, tinue to monitor wages Merf eld, Monticello; William on by    Michael Gibbs    of Virginia,    mornin" SE^Cha’lea    Wh“ W8RS    “    «*    »"?•    , »o told police he did not re- were Ronald Moore. 2400 Indian Hill "e Drad*cys claim their son call seeing or hearing the friend officer after they allegedly ran road SE; Joe Saxion, 5 Summer underwent emergency surgery    come    to his    apartment. Neigh-from the car after    police    over- cirele NE; Donna Kemp, 1385 after    the crash for    removal of    bors,    however, reported hearing    took the vehicle. chaeintKapp|K405 Norwlrt r™d his Spl<*"' ,    .    .    '    noises durinp the ni«ht    The    chase    began    at    9:05 SW; William Tcrpstra. 2022    Dunn    told    police    he    suffered a Tuesday when a police Walnut court SE;    Francis    In another suit filed in I)ela-    bump on his    head    and theorized    noticed the    car traveling    at a    _    .. Becker, 943    M street SW: each    ware court, the Robert Christen-ihe may have    been    hit by whom-    high rate    of    speed on Eighth av- Kl’mP ,irothers Trucking ( o., George Washington k*Hnd    ?osts.    Donna    j Sens, Manchester, legal guardi-    ever took the items during the    ©nae at    its intersection    w ith hangman.    Strawberry    I omt,    ans of Warren Donovan) and the    night. and gressional committee for public hrarings wjM ^ heId m the to Li-1 (ingress research. The library said it has found no evidence Abraham Lincoln testified before committees, certainly not publicly, although he met wit ii committees at the coming months to further sound out the needs and problems of the various departments. (Continued from Page I.) Cathy Mills, Cedar Rapids,"and Yancey, 2705 Matthew drive accident involving his motorcv-Frank Devine, Los Angeles, SW; Robert Lander, 1625 Park de and a ear driven by Douglas Calif. Pamela Kuba, Cedar Towne lane NE; each fined $20 y|,|jor Manchester Defendants in the action are Douglas Miller and his father. Wayne. The accident happened Oct. 17, 1972, in Manchester Spurn Lifting of Cuban Barriers Rapids, and Robert Sippel.j and costs. Marion. Marguerite    Bassett,    Traffic    signal violation — Cedar Rapids, and    Timothy    New’elI    Crow, route    three, Scheer, North Liberty.    Marion: Richard Flaherty, D ....    *    '    Fairfax; William Vozenilek. Petition tor    Walker; Kathleen Randall. 160 Bankruptcy    Hillside drive NW; Adlia Payne, Quasqueton; each fined Steven Roy and Neda Jane *    •'J* Atwood Herb, 645 Sixteenth ‘ avenue SW, formerly doing:    Escort    violation —    lawns hmtiuMc aa (Im Dunk    Inn Both    Everett,    3001 Bowling    street    WEBM listed debts of $48,467.52 and1 EW; fined $40 and costs    WASHINGTON    (AP)    —    The    the    people    Iciest    able    to    pay assets of $8,860,    with $2.4101    Driver’s license violation —    house affairs committee On rationing, he did not    di- claimed as exempt.    Lynn Volvick. Tower Terrace    Wednesday rejected, 22 to 4 an redly answer the question    but Richard Harold    Amlmg    1255    trailer court, Marion; fined $15    amt.ndment to lift legislative j said,'^“We believe the people will $9.8vY ‘-.I.A .'ct    $3 JOO.    with    ‘"‘mluYla harriers to normalization of re-1 respond to our program    the $100 claimed as exempt. James Junior Trimble, post office box 4004, Cedar Rapids. De btu:    $9,203 43, A ssets: $2,802.02, with $2,700 claimed as exempt. Douglas E. and Mary L. Mc- Ve believe the sur-    <>    a.... ore equitable ap- loping control of the ear in the jain the extra in- block of C street SW. Police I t,» fin'ini'n nm. said the car skidded about 300 taxes or gasoline rationing. Ford said, “We believe the itax is a mor proach” to gain come needed to finance pro grams for “people who are suf- ^eet jfering hardships” and to dampen inflation. He said the administration had “taken a look” at the proposals for a higher gasoline tax and felt it would be harmful to Sixth street SE In the HOO block of C street SW. police said the car was traveling in excess of IOO miles per hour in a 30 zone. Truck Firm Files m For Bankruptcy officer *>aid Kemp ot Dubuque, coowner with his brother Loras of White House. went be- has filed for bankruptcy in fore the full senate for “advice Cedar Rapids federal bankrupt- and consent'' on Indian treaties. cy court. Kemp filed both individually and for the partnership Campaign Bill Passes Senate WASHINGTON (API -Chances appear good for the But the debate was so cumber- housc to *,ve f,nal congressional some that he set the precedent I approval to a bill to curb cam-His for negotiating treaties first and P31^ spending and finance pre- mile per hour uifc.Suzannc. also filed Debts of the firm McNeal was arrested after then sending them to the senate. were listed at $89,937.20 and assets at $6 5,0 4 4.8 4. with $21,142.45 claimed as exemp’. kidded abruf 300 Kemp claimed personal debts    same time, he said, it would coming to a stop. of $107,264 55 and assets of    up the audit of Rocke- .e $24,924 13. with $21,142.45 ox- feller's income tax now under Rockefeller— (Continued from Rape I the ca before McNeal did not attempt to fie tho scene Forrester and Ross were ar rested in the vicinity by officer; who searched for them. empt. Nils, Kemp's petition listed $86,034 63 in debts and $24,482.37 in assets, with $21,142.45 claimed as exempt. Van Horne Man Held For Drunk Driving James A. Franzenburg, 30. Van Horne, has been charged Donald, 2815 Third avenue, Marion. Both listed debts of $15,703.13 and assets ot' $13,761, with $13,475 claimed as exempt. David Frank and Sally Bae Cejka, rural route two, Cedar Rapids. Both listed debts of $5,519.12 and assets of $910, with $710 claimed as exempt. Charles Phillip I loos, Wa- and costs. Di!meh'Baker a 899 Center "point lations with Cuba.    American people responded last with drunk driving road NE: fined $30 and    costs.    The    chief provisions would    year very, very well” to a far    State troopers arrested him License plate violation - have ended prohibitions on aid more drastic shortage of gaso- Tuesday about IO.; bp.rn They Paul Heidemann, Lisbon; fined to and trade with the island. I line.    reported    he    was    involved    in    a $io and costs.    The    consensus was that it    Ford said he had to confess    personal injury accident on Driving on wrong    .aide    would    he premature to adopt    lhat former President Richard    highway 30 about a half mile of the which wrong tiidr - Brenda Davis, 1834 Wilson av- .    , enue SW; fined $15 and costs. *he amendment in light Faulty equipment — Thomas meeting next month at Pope, North English; fined $10 the OAS will vote on whether to and costs.    end tilt* 10-year-old hemispheric Vehicle eontrol violation Ronaulid Plnhnik, 91R Owen street NW; fined $40 and costs. M, Nixon’s plan to achieve en- west of Cedar Rapids Details orgy independence from other about the accident were not nations had not done as well as available. “we had hoped.” He said Franzenburg was held in the ban on trade and diplomatic congress and the executive county jail Wednesday pending relations with Cuba.    branch should share the blame arraignment Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance........ 366 7654 FBI ......... 402/348    1210 Fire ............ Highway Patrol After Hours Police ......... Sheriff ........ Medical Society way by the joint tax committee and the Internal Revenue Service. “We won t be able to make a decision until we get back from recess" on whether Rockefeller will be recalled to answer questions on the gilts at a public hearing. Cannon said I See story rn page 2C > sidential races with public money. The senate approved the compromise measure overhauling federal campaign financing by a 60 16 vote Tuesday. The (ffdur lUpirU O'lifHf in IM) bv Th* Goiatr* Co find oubMAhad rtoilv end Sundov o* 500 Third av* Sf Cador Rapid*. Iowa 5740* Second do** postage paid at Cedar Rapids. 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