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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa !S'gfi Harry A. Williams Harry A. Williams, 70, of 525 Thirty-second street NE, died Monday following a short illness. Formerly of Shellsburg, he had been a Cedar Rapids resident 50 years. Born Aug. 12. 1904, at Urbana, he was married to Grace Fran-cik .July 28, 1926, at Cedar Crock Wins Photo Award Duane Crock, a Gazette photographer, has been named first-place winner in the feature section of the Iowa Associated Press newsphoto contest. His prize was for a picture of a cow on a Cedar Rapids golf course. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., October 8. 1974 — City Briefs — , , , I Winner of the sweepstakes Rapids. He was employed at tho p and fjrst ,ace jn Re or Ran Bakery for 25 years was Bnb Modmohn of'thc I)cs and worked in the sheet metal \b)lnr.s Ite'Histor and Tribune. department at Collins Radio Co. First-place winner in spot news ^ ' Alateen — Kenwood unit will Story Hour — Weekly story C. R.    Man    Fined    $20    meet    Tuesday    at    6:30    p.m.    at    hour for preschoolers    will be Thomas    Dietz,    212    Twenty-    ^e    Lovely    Lane    United    Meth-    Wednesday from 1:15    to 1:35 ..........p.m. at the Edgewood    branch library, 221 Edgewood road NW. * * * Hickory smoked barbecued ribs, shrimp and chicken, served Wednesday, 6 to 9 p m. The Stickney^ Scoreboard, Marion. ninth avenue SW, pled guilty <xiist church Friday in magistrate s    court to    *    *    * a charge of manner of    convey- j    Buresh Rental    —    Rent    an ance and was fined    $20 and Amana Radarange, 7    days    a costs.    week.—Adv. * *    * Bertram Fire District He was charged with improper conveyance of a 22 cal. pis- for 18 yours prior to rot,nr,* in;and sports was Bob of lhc ’ ’ urn    u    I    Dubuque    Telegraph-Hcrald. Mr. Williams was a member .... tm wi Atm fotocAst •    ....._______ Rain is expected Tuesday night over Nevada, Arizona and southern Florida. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. NE; fined $12 and board of directors of Bertram —Adv. fire    district    two    will meet    Fri-|    *    *    * day    at 7:30    p.m.    at the    fire    sta-    Medical    Society    —    Dr.    Azmy tion    Boutros,    U. of I. professor in the department of anesthesiology'  _________ wtii    Ken_    ^rocerjes    delivered    6 days    will    speak    on    the    “Rational    Ap- United Presbyterian church. Ro;members of the’’lowT'Associat-!crest'drive Nh"waived a pre-    Grocery    and    proach    ,oward    Management    of wa. a member et lh,. E..U.    .    ^    Managing    ,imlnary    hearing    Monday    in    Mea,s magistrate’s court and    was bound over lo the grand jury on »rn""(or'Reia'rd'ed'ritizcns in a charge of drunk driving.    Assn' Ior KelaraM linens in ' of Shellsburg and attended tol and shotgun on Oct. 3. Drunk Drivinq Case was « "icH.uer Tb(1 awards wcre to be pre- e._,    lllr„ Baptist church, s(.ntf.d at a banquel Tucs'dayl Sent to Grand Jury Kenwood ark . „ ; „ i, ♦ jn |^os Moines for Raymond Jacobs. 3741 He was arrested Sept. 23. night was a member of the Eagles ™ club; Retired Club of Eagles: Assn" Collins club; and IBEW Local Surviving in addition to his 43 Ordinances wife, are a daughter, Mrs. £    •    O    • James Turpin, Earlville; three +>6611 ll7    upenmg sisters, Martha Schlotterback, kl-    f*    n    v,wwrT    dismisses Shellsburg; Ida C a r b a u g h .    DrlOge    QrUg Law Violation Atkins: Lula Benesh. Loveland. The Cedar Rapids city council I A charce of D0ss„sl0n    a Colo., and one grandchild.    js expected to act on 43 separate 'controlled Possession of a Services: Chapel of Memoriesjordinancfs Wednesday, all Adv. * Respiratory Failure’’ Thursday at a meeting of the Linn County Assn. for Retarded — Iowa Medical Society at Mercy hospi- Court Dismisses The Weather    Magistrate's    Court Extended Forecast — Fair to Speeding — Jay Atwood, partly cloudy Tuesday through!1022 Regent street NE; fined Thursday. Highs mostly in the'J40 ancl wSt*’»?u cit. » ,    ma w    ■    hammer, West Branch; Edward mid 60s to low 70s. L/nvs in Hie I Quester, 1231 Twenty-ninth street NE; George Gebran, Oelwein; James Seevell, Center Point; Kim Gaining, 1709 Keith Anent**** ii so 07    12 73 05, drive NE; Colleen Kelley, Brent Bismarck 40    Mm'apolit    54    4S '* **’    ... Chicago 47 41    N. Orleans    ll    41 Denver .. 7*40    New York    7143 Duluth ... 40 37    Phoenix .    04    70 Honolulu . 07 74 .04 Soot!lo ..    70    43 Houston . 02 *4    Woshinqton    71    4* 40s Hiqh temperatures Monday, low tem Dentures overniqht and inches of pre ciDitation Hailing, 1202 Oakland road NE; | Marilyn Schubert, 3237 Mound avenue SE; Archie Niches, 200 I Thirty-fourth street drive SE; Gary Hennick. 2033 D street C. R. Weather SW; William Ste pa nek, 336 Hi oh vfdnHu.r    ta:    Twenty-fourth street NW; Da- nigh Monday .................56    id Noehl, 1801 Eleventh avc- Low overnight ...............41    nue SE; Doreen Wilkerson, 2102 Noon Tuesday ........    58    Eighteenth street SW; Harold 2 p m    *    ggjRapp,    105    Tenth    street    NE; iw. •    ................’ ‘Charles Riehm, 1856 A avenue precipitation .............^one|NE; Carl Hoyt, 1200 Twenty- Total for October .......... 0.26,eighth street SE: Frederick Gos- Normal for October .......    2.26    Rn, 407 Sinclair avenue SE; Normal through October . .29.39 Do”ald    'n!2?9    nh!rt^r m , , , n_a    I    sixth street SE; Thelma Petrak, lotal for 1974 .............. 40.23.route two, Marion; Donald lins road costs. Right-of-wa.v violation Donald Strunk, 1450 Country oi Kenwood rarg united pres- month Cllib. dl!ive’ Marion; fined 515 byterian church. Burial: Cedar substance against Lawrence, Alburnett, at 1:30 p.m. Thursday by the them related to the opening of ;was dismissed in the interest of Rev. Lawrence A. Chamberlain Twelfth avenue bridge next V    j    interest    or Countryjof Kenwood Park United Pres- month    justice    Monday    in    magistrates    st.    George    Annual    Lebanese tai at 6:45 p.m. The talk will be preceded by a social hour and dinner. ♦ * * Give your home new beauty cir    «    i/,,-    with    paint and wall coverings nue Sh,    Thursday    at 7    p m.    rur-    ,    v- l. r* r» • * j ih„r int,—.linn    ,    ,.i,    from    f ashion-Par Painting and formational meeting for legislative and county officer candidates will be held at the specialized services of Linn county headquarters, 305 Second ave ner information can be ob tained by telephoning Lorraine Snider. 362-1293. ♦ * * Barometer, falling .........30.06 Humidity at noon .......56% Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m. SW at 12 mph. Sun rises Wednesday, 7:12; sun sets. 6:35. Hughes. 765 Old Marion road NE; Willard Wagner. 1510 Eighth avenue SE; Pauline Sou-kup, 2460 Brockman avenue, Marion; Michael Smith, 340 Eleventh street. Marion; Shirley Sedlacek, Fairfax; each fined 4    rf    uini,    -ye    530 and costs. Joseph Kahuc, ' ear Ago    Today — High,    to,    I Hamburg; Terry Eaton, 1941 (Eighth avenue SE; Stephen Brown. 2411 Second avenue SE; John Cochran. Coralville. Gary Hennick, 2033 D street SW; David Noehl, 1801 Eleventh av- low, 71; rainfall, none. Traveler’s Forecast Wednesday Weather. Hi-Lo Weather. Hi-I.o Bismarck ........ Clear    82-50 Chicago .........PtCldy    70-51 Cincinnati ........Fair    73-50 and costs. Fighting — Gary Knoke, 1018*2 Seventh avenue, Marion; fined $40 and costs. Kevin Greeve, 943 Twelfth street, Marion; fined $15 and costs. Iowa Deaths Blairstown — Glenn Hartz, 57. Thursday at 2 at Calvary United Methodist church. Visitation after IO Wednesday at Halverson’s. Monona — Alvina Taake, 95. Wednesday at 1:30 at St. Paul’s Lutheran church. Visitation at Schultz’. Ryan — J. Robert (Bob) Paullins, 56. former Ryan resident. Private services Wednesday in Ellenton, Fla. Independence — Florence Zimmerly, 69. Thursday at 1:30 at White’s. VFW auxiliary service Wednesday at 7:30 followed by Declaration chapter of the Eastern Star memorial service. Keota — Joseph Clifford Ludwig, 73, former Keota area resident. Thursday at 1:30 at Powell’s. Burial: Bethel cemetery west of Harper. ordinances deal with C0Ur*‘    Dinner Sun. Oct 20th, informa- Memorial. Friends may call at;p a r k j n g bmiuitions,"'loading s,Wi*s charged wi,h p#sses' Hon 3*44812. - Adv. Cedar Memorial funeral home zoncs stop signs and sion of an amphetamine on   _______ one-way: v^,nt 94 after ll a rn. Wednesday and at;streets jn the arca imm<,diat0]yi pl' the chapel after 9 a rn. Thurs- af(ected by tbe npw bridge.!..    “ day-    which is expected to open in Vehicle Damage Case bl xi in I ii late Novt"'bef    Dismissed    by    Court Robert L. Mitchell The ordinances, however, will Decorating. Call our new manager at 377-7357 for free estimates “Those who know quality, know Fashion-Par.’’—Adv. * * * Coin Club — Truman Ramsell will present a program follow- Robert L. Mitchell. 61, 402; be in force by next week. City Twenty-third street NW, died officials hope the additional Monday following a sudden time will give motorists a illness. He had been an employe chance to get used to the of Iowa Electric Light and changes before the bridge opens Power Co. until a year ago and traffic flow increases. A charge of injury to a motor vehicle against Paul Heidmann. Lisbon, was dismissed on a mo- and winter hair fashions. KCRG-tion of the state Monday in TV. 8:30 a m . Wednesday, Oct. magistrate’s court    9. by Peg s Beaute Salon. — * * Civil Service - The civil ser- election of officers of the vice commission for Linn depu- Owiar Rapids C oin club Wednes-ties wil meet Tuesday at 7:30 day ^:30 p.m. at First Trust p m. in room 103 of the court- and SaY!n«s bank’ 1820 First av' house. * * * Hair styles! Hair styles! Fall Workers Still Off Their Jobs At LeFebure He was charged in connection Adv. • unci v/v. Ullin a y%:ai ci^v aim ii ai i iv, i iuvy iiu;i cases.    'with    19    i A when he moved to Arizona for The principal changes to be a‘ p incident, health reasons.    implemented    Wednesday    are Born May 20, 1913, in Brook- making Fifteenth avenue SW ings, S D., he had been a resi-westbound one-way from C dent of Cedar Rapids for 131 street to Ninth .street and mak-years. He was a member of the ing Sixteenth avenue SW east Elks club, and was a former bound one-way from Sixth street member of First Presbyterian to Hamilton street. church.    ---- In addition to his wife, lie is survived by two sons, Jack Mit- ” MTCl^yTC che!I, Cedar Rapids, and Robert, (Continuedjrom Page I.) ih Scottsdale,^ Ariosi* grand-1 ^ (wmJ ap opmjon frpm Grain— (Continued from Page I.) enue NE. ♦ * * Best Rental Rents The Best. -Adv * * * “Your hairdresser does it better” National Beauty Salon Week, October 7-13.—Adv. * * * For rent, hairstyling booth. Adv. * * * Mail Taken — Katherine W Gilmore. 711 Tenth avenue SE. Monday reported $118 worth of    365-7376 or    366-4724. - food stamps taken from her    *    *    * 7777”.    ., ..mailbox    Games Wed., Montrose—doors pretty severe political problem’’    *    *    *    *    6 30-proceeds. Camp Courage. so the sales could not go for- Suspicious Person — Linda —Adv. ward-    McGaffey, 2922 Woodland drive    *    * * Admitting    he    felt    “uncomfor-    SW, Monday reported a man    We may    have your    Birthyear table about    quoting    the    Pres-    wearing a green uniform came    gold coin.    Jerome’s--Adv. ...    4a klor /I AAI* onH iflnnt iii Ari him. children; three sisters. Mrs. J. J. Bertsch, Cedar Rapids; Mrs. J. O. Burright, and Mrs. what they had read, seen or heard about the case or defendants; or knew about the pardon H. J. hamerman, both    of Wa-    .    XIlVAM    . .    ...    XI. „ . .    . v .I.    ti ij    of    Nixon,    or the    fact    that    N xon terloo, and a brother,    Harold Mitchell, Waterloo. was named by the grand jury as Services: 1:30pm. Friday at “..“."‘f Turner chapel west by Dr. Ar-    ’ idem of the United States,’’ Cook continued: “He said there was a political problem with congress and with the people of the United States who would be irate about this amount of grain going to Russia.” to her door and identified him self as an employe of the gas company and .said he wanted to check the meter. The gas company said after the man was refused admittance that none of their employes were in the area. Cleveland  PtCldv    64-43] Gregory    Britchel-, 700    Thirty- Des Moines ........Fair    76-48! fifth street, Marion; Jerry Detroit ........Cloudv    63-43 Harms,    1719 Grande    avenue Indianapolis    ....    PtCldy    6R-47    SE:    Donald Yirkovskv,    895 Kansas City..... Fair    77-56    Eleventh    .street. Marion;    each Milwaukee  PtCldy    65-47    fined $20    and costs. Mpls.-St. Paul    Fair    71-50;    Faulty    equipment — Brenda Omaha ........PtCldy    “ __    _    An    unax'horized    work    stop-j    JdlierterBuriaL    Cedi    “^(bT^S    <^Wa"hT    Ort    Mid 4«0CB^wiinf*. r«,*Sw7S    «**    ,r0m    A    ZLn    Lm P**"    memorandum said there was no request from Bu.z PevnotH,    Pa,n-    Pa„,    Shx„t,v    metdenl between    a spective juror should be asked whether    he    could return a verdict based    solely on evidence Reynolds, Palo; Paul Shanley, 2050 North Town? court NE; Corp St. Louis ......... Fair    73-48 Sioux Falls  Clear 80-50 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5.1, rise .3 Lansing (18) 7.7, fall .1 Dam 9 (18) 12.7. rise .1 McGregor (18) 12.7, rise .1 Guttenberg (15) 4.1, rise .2 Dubuque (17) 7 4. rise .1 Davenport (15) 4.3. fall .3 Keokuk (16) 2.8, no change 73-43, Engel. Mt. Vernon; Miles Fish er, 1532 First avenue NE; Donald Lehner, 3008 Second avenue SE; Wanda Bell, 625 Fifth avenue SE; John Heppcr-lc, 812 Third street NW; each j fined $10 and costs. Striking fixtures adjacent to street — Roberta Wisdom, 536 Ninth street SW; fined $25 and Weed said. i vosts.      _    The    incident Traffic signal violation—Doug ,Burklo. 92 Florida avenue SW; Quentin Dudley, 1800 Edge- supervisor and an employe continued Tuesday, officials of the United Auto Workers said. Charles F. Weed, director of the UAW local, said the work stoppage began at noon Friday. The work stoppage stemmed from an accusation of an employe that a foreman shook him by the arm, and then shoved him toward his work area, opened after the service. OC- Cedar rise .08 at C. R. (13) I wood road NW; Carole Cost-3.58. ] icy, 1835 Fourth avenue SE; (Gordon Kohl, 510 Fifteenth street SE; each fined $20 and I costs. Steve Hahlen, Dubuque; Poollevel Tuesday  683.47 Jack Simmons, 3005 C avenue | NE; Douglas Hesser, 1428 I Twenty-ninth street NE; Donna Oct. 7 — To the families of S p i I k e r, 1322 Meadowview John Fetzcr, Vinton, a son;!drive, Marion; each fined $15 David    Rundr,    3104    Pebble and costs. James Fitzpatrick, drive    SW,    a    son;    Stephen 202 Twenty-seventh street NW; fined $10 and costs. Resisting an officer — Sheryl Ixathrop. 1018*;. Seventh ave- Coralville Lake Births — Mercy Brainard, Anamosa, a son. Births — St. Lute s Ort. 7 — To the families of Robert Van Deveer. 2705 Northview drive, Marion, a .son; Neil Palmer. Swisher, a son; Roy Torode, 1605 A avenue NE, a daughter; Wallace Sheets, 2341 Ridgeway drive SE, a daughter. allegedly curred last Wednesday. A griev ance was filed with the company, said Weed, but the company has not disciplined the supervisor. Weed said union representatives have been “conferring with the company to try to rcxsolve” the grievance. Don Wolmutt, personnel manager for LeFebure, said about one-third of the plant’s 1,300 workers are involved. Mrs. Wesley Elias heard in court and his inclusion Kathryn J. Elias, 70. formerly on the panel predicated on that of Cedar Rapids, widow of Wes- answer, ley Elias, died at her home in Sirica and lawyers for the five Chicago Monday. She was born in Cedar Rapids Oct. 6. 1904, and lived here until 1972 when she moved to Chicago. She was employed by the Affey-Tapple Corp. She was a member of St. Jerome’s Catholic church in Chicago. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Anthony Bengal, .Montgomery, Ohio; a son. Harold Elias. Sheyboygan, Wis.; 18 grandchildren; five greatgrandchildren: a sifter. Mrs. George Stritesky, Cedar Rapids, and two brothers. Robert Gatewood, Marion, and Wesley, Davenport. Services: IO a m. Thursday in St. Ludmila’s Catholic church by the Rev. Robert W Cizek. Burial: St. John’s cemetery. cover-up conspiracy defendants spent two extra hours in court Monday to get through their slow-moving task. A spokesman for the judge said he had not about the Ford appearance. that the company obtain government clearance before making the sale final. The sale was completed around 11:45 am. CDT last Friday. Prior Approval Nemer Gets Four Years, Suspended Admitting he had “no great enthusiasm’’ to place Everett Sam Nemer on probation—and adding that he was giving the Cedar Rapids grocery store Urgently needed sheets and blankets for mens Half-way House. 1120 2nd Ave. S E. 363- 4355 —Adv. *    *    * Free affectionate male puppies, 362-2821.—Adv. *    *    * Experienced beautician for established clientele. 363-1949 — Adv. *    *    * Shampoo living room $1195, bedroom $8.95. Diamond Carpet 366-6226.—Adv. Recommends No Change in Truck Routes Truck routes in Cedar Rap- On Monday, Butz announced a owner just “one more chance’’ voluntary system designed to — U.S. District Judge Edward J. keep track of major grain sales McManus Tuesday reduced * .    a    •    x__Nemer s previous 10-vear prison to foreign countries. The system scn(enc0    , suspe>ndedPfive. . u ... „    ,    ,    calls for Prior agriculture de-; vcar term and placed Nemer on ,ds "2** Probity remaini un- been in (ouch with Hungate oripartmcn( approva| for large ex- four years'probation.    changed,    despite complaints by house judiciary admittee:    Nemer.    47.    owner    of    the    Fifth,,ru<*ers .ha! ttw routes are Chairman Rod.no    volu    ^    Street grocery, was found guilty    »<* ad<* *» 'W 8    by a federal jury in July of ta*,0fn expenses. The search for a jury was in that if traders do not cooperate its sixth day Tuesday. Thief Gets Two Coin Collections receiving and selling cigarets i congress is likely to impose st0jcn from an interstate ship- mandatory export controls. | ment in September of 1973. “There is no use kidding ourselves, this is a modified form of controls,” Butz said. But he Two coin collections valued at *nsisted    fhe U. S. will continue approximately $1,250 were re- as a    ^arm exporter. “We inported taken Monday in a break- *end 10    keeP tbat market open    go    medical    examination    at a in at a residence at 1034 Tenth and healthy,” he said.    federal hospital    in    Missouri. street SW.    Older    Program    Nemer has been at the facility ,^"17,fn'c"engineering”depart Police received a report at; The voluntary system will simce late July.    mcnt    Th€    alternates    involved As part of the sentence imposed after just IO minutes of jury deliberation following the one-day trial, Judge McManus had ordered Nemer to under- Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck recommended to the city council Tuesday that no changes be made in the truck route ordinance, which was adopted earlier this year. A public hearing was held after the routes were adopted, to hear both sides of the controversy, and two proposed alternate routes were studied by By Forestry Unit Adoption Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bald-ridge. Solon, a son Ort. 8. Out of Town Births , , , New Bids Asked nue, Marion: fined $69 and costs. Richard Flauchcr, 1524 A avenue NE: fim*d $25 and costs. Terry Leonard. Ely; fined $20j    forestry    department    Will and costs.    !    make    yet    another    attempt    to    get Drivers brens** violation    //    .    ....    r    .    .JL. J. C. Pritchett. Cedar Terrace!3 maintenance building at 2200 trailer court; Bessie Joslin,! A street SW. Wendy Oaks trailer court; each! Construction of the building, which will be used to hou,se 22 forestry vehicles, was approved Rosary’: 8 P-m. Wednesday at 156 p.m. .Monday from Richard supplement an older program in Janeba-Kuba funeral home west. T. Birnley, who lives at the which exporters are required to where friends may call after house, that a coin collection j report large sales to the agricul- 1 p m. Wednesday. - Randall fined $40 fined $15 and costs. Reckless driving Noble, Mt. Vernon; and costs. Attempting to elude police -(Larry Swartz, 5510 Ohio street At Kooskia. Idaho - Mr and SW: fined $40 and costs. Mrs. Mike IIaye«i. a daughter) Vehicle rontrol violation Sept. 29. Mrs. Hayes is the* Steven Brown, Riverside; Wil- daughter of Joyce Mathews. Anaheim, Calif, aiWI Bob Mathews. 4420 Bowling street SW. Hayes is the son of Mr. and Mrs! Paul Hayes, Decorah. At Rochester, Minn. Ham Baker, 4933 Midway drive NW; each fined $20 and costs. * Failure to dim lights Eugene Teton, route two, Cedar and Mrs. Robert Khlinger, a daughter Ort. 6 Mrs. Ehlinger is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Anderson, 1608 N street SW. Mr. Rapids; fined $10 and costs. Memorial Services Willson. Grace Virginia — Tuesday at 1:3o p m. at Turner chapel east by Dr. John P. Woods. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Gorman, Frank J. — Services, valued at $250 was taken from Jure the attic. When Jerome A. Olson, who lives at the same address, arrived home a short time later, he discovered his coin collection valued at $1,000 also was missing from the attic. department within 24 in July and $86,000 in revenue] were Tuesday at 10:30 am. at, sharing funds was allm alod for St Patrick s ralhoh,' rhurch by | C. R. Man Arrested the project. When bids were opened July 31. however, the low one was 71 percent above the allocation — $147,221, by Loomis Brothers Construction Co. The bid was rejected and a revised, less expensive project. with heating, plumbing and electricity omitted, was set for bids. Again. Loomis had the low bid hut again it was too high, this time $110,695 Overweight — Darrell Rci-zecka, Rucking ham. two charges: fined a total of $259 40 and costs. Failure to leave park Jan-.    ,    -%• I j    if*0 Alnutt, 1112 Tenth street Marriages Dissolved    SE; Rebecca Harms. Sumner; Cories F and Mabel F. Long. j each fined $15 and costs. Ann M. and Ixawrence D Kim- Intoxication — Dong I a s ball. Irmtraud I. and Charles A.[Lawrence, Alburnett; fined Kirkpatrick IU.    *$100 and costs.    Richard Prosser, version    of the building (1627 Eleventh    street, Marion:* Marriage    Licenses    ! forfeited $30    bond. Richard * enue NE: car!? The best buys are the Rev. Martin Laughlin. Burial: St. John’s cemetery. Mitvahky, Vera May — Wednesday at noon at Turner chapel west by the Rev. Frances King of Olivet United Presbyterian church. Burial: Fairview cemetery, Cedar Falls hours.    prisons official that Nemer be It includes “prior clearance’’ I returned to his wife and family. bv the department and possibly) The U. S attorney's office connie White House for each daily icurreel in this opinion order involving 50.000 metric Nemer's lawyer asked that tons or more of wheat, corn, his client be given the chance sorghum, soybeans and soybean “to make a decision to play it meal to any one country.    square” rather than “continue Richard Bell, deputy assistant to operate on the shady side In sentencing N^me1, Tues- using Edgewood road or Center day, the judge noted that it was p0jnt roy(j the recommendation of a hospi-; steinbeck sald lhe Edgewood tai psychiatrist and a bureau of road Nw a|ternate was rejected •Triinn l* a1 iiniol that tv nnrlAi* Ka    9 ”... strictly on the basis of the safety factors of the thing ” The Center Point road alter- For Marion Breakin secretary for international affairs and commodity programs. Frank Carter, jr., 31. of 16071 said the new plan will be “very Second avenue SFL has been loosely administered,'’ and that charged with breaking and en- in most cases an exporter can of the law.” Nemer. in 1973, pled guilty in federal court to nine counts of unlawfully obtaining food stamps. Calling Nemer a “border-line nate was rejected, he said, because it would probably lead to the use of Oakland road NE — the other half of a one-way couplet. Steinbeck said the objections to Edgewood road NW as a truck route would end when the road is upgraded in the future. “We would recommend . . . at that time there is a need for tering in connection with aget agriculture department j case.” Judge .McManus ad- Edgewood road as a circumfer kx.ik.LU      —    a    a1__:    n    I    MI..    U.    .    «    ni    rvi*    I    c    h    Avrl    Film    f    hot    "‘♦kiic    it©    ♦    La    ..    . at 2 p.m. Friends may call at breakin Saturday night at theiclearance simply by a telephone monished him that “this is the ential truck route,” he said last time I want to see you in 400 farmers from five this court." at 1:30 p.m. by the Rev. Maurice Gamble of Center Point. Burial: Czech National. Friends may call at Turner east until I p.m. Wednesday. The Peace Prize to Sato, McBride Cynthia Robinson and Don-! J1 lmjc,T,f!' ^24 } av rl Baljanrk, Jaw, Pcsek and ald Donald Wiedemeier. all of Cedar Rapids. Diane Van Fop sen. Cedar Rapids, and Brian Willia, Norfolk, Va. Fires 7:42 a rn. Monday Unknown to rye in bins at 436 G avenue NW 11:34 a m. Monday Defective furnace at 222 Johnson avenue NW 4:54 p m. Monday. Flush gasoline at First avenue and Twelfth street W. Meter violation Jones, Davenport; and costs. Terry Truahoheff, j Toddville; fined $30 and costs Paul Steitzer Leasing. 1510 Col- Turner west until 11:30 a ni. Merle W. Blair residence, route |call. Wednesday. The casket will not:0IM, Marion.    ,    About h^VlcL^Vlillam *—’’wednesday . I!°",s valucd al ab~t *300.'Midwestern statesgathered in including    two    guns    and some'Diamond, Mo.,    Monday and hardware, were reported stolen called for Butz’ dismissal. The in the burglary.    farmers said Butz did not un Carter was arrested Monday (derstand the problems of small Parks Commissioner Stan casket will not be opened after\n * 8 h t Linn deputies also I farmers. Reinis said Tuesday bids will be lho -sCrv,t (>-    charged him with possession of The farmers — who came smaller Lnenirka, Dwainc M. a controlled substance They re- from Missouri, Kansas, Arkan- Peace Prize for 1974 was award- ! .Mmv™’*' witness; 'Vt”’Turner    P°r,e<* he    bad    some    rnar‘Juani<    sas'    Oklahoma    and Texas —    od Tuesday to former Japanese * chapel    west. Burial: Cedar Me-1**1 h*s possession when he was    said    they would    send a delega-    Prime    Minister Kisaku Sato and Need a compact, economy ",u>nal    Friends may call at    arrested    Hon    to Washington in hopes of    the U.    N high commissioner for * *r  .........  He    was    held    in    the county jail meeting with Ford to talk about South-West Africa. Scan Mc* their problems.    i    Bride of Ireland. OSLO (AP) The .Nobel invited Oct. 30 for fea Turner west until 2:30 p.m. Edmund;tuned in the classified ads fined $45   - —- Wednesday. 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