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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., October 8, 1974 Kirkwood Dilemma: Who Pays $16,000 for Omitted Construction IE: Linn Lacks Jurisdiction in Payment Suit Iowa Electric Light and Power Co. has submitted a written ar- jBenton Hails Area Education Agencies Slate Supt, of Public lnslruc-| 100year-«ld county school sys-j3*’11^ Pr“'ess -for ,hc *Wte" tion Robert Benton hailed the terns were abolished, and 15 Bonton sa* high-priced package for you tot Broadcasting Network (IKBN) consider."    to reach all parts of the state. The system needs still more investment, not in hardware, but Accountability The AEAs will also bt' tvoiced with “a major planning, Benton AEAs established The AEAs will provide special education and media services to local IxK-al school systems were the legislature with setting up a system of evaluating education- i ial programs, determining edu- Other services such as in-ser- .    ,    .    ,    . . ... cational needs of the students, vice training, educational data ....    , processing, ____ ___________developing long-range plans to and educationalr'e”’^0"se'needs,"keeping a^'y *»« of Unn' of each student s Jones. Benton, Cedar, Washtng- progress in meeting them, andron, and Iowa counties. All bid >r them.    |H ®    .    #llo    Jones    county    were previously Benton indicated he plans to in reporting that progress lServe(j by the Joint County ppoint major state-wide task s,atet.^Partmont 0 Pu c school system. gument that Linn district court, .....    .    .    , _ . . ^ .    .    .    ....    ,.    ,    .    ,    .    j    ,    .    .    .    establishment of area education By Judy Daubenmier    approved    omitting fire dampersjtered to Directors Robert Pot-does not have jurisdiction to1.    .    . th A disagreement has surfaced f.rom «*    "J™ air    registers    ter. Robert Davidson and    Roy    consider whelher t0 bar it from    " between Kirkwood Community from ,he fourlh t,oor-    ttinga.e elected Sept. IO.    collecting penalty charges for    j,    j college and the architect for its Two weeks ago, the building The board re-elected Jensen late payment of bills    educational    structuic of the; school districts, new building over who shouldisafety department decided toas board president, and chose . '    ...    ..    .    Richard    s,a,e,.    ,,    ,    ,    ,    .. pay for $16,000 worth of eon-require installation    of    the    fire. I. e wi s J>reibclbis    as vice.    ^ died suit in    the court    0^!’la^meeto! oft    e struction erroneously o rn i t ted dampers.    president by means o    a flip of a    ,ast mo„th seeki    injunc    ^a l0 ' rea Xato, wen® from the building plans.    The    board indicated a desire com after a tie vole resulted t|on ca||i ,hc ch illegal I "aT*i Bemon notedV rZ planning can also be provided!. ”' .7. The board of directors Mon-!to appeal    that decision to the    with Davidson.    and usurious.    has    local    sctol    svsfcms    bv the    AEA if local districts aslJreCOrd day afternoon indicated it felt board of    appeals, but    decided Ken Kupka was re-appomted in a special appearance* filed    which    varv    in    ;hcir    abijitv t0    for    them the architect. Brown, Healey and against it in order    not to hold up secretary, and Robert    O'Meara,    in the court Monday    the utility    meet the needs of students    re- Bock, should absorb the cost.1 construction.    'treasurer.    contends the Iowa    commerce    quiring special education    in appoint and directed the staff to seek other change orders approved!    Regular    Bills    commission has sole jurisdiction their districts. Only about 50jforces within the next IO days tolst™ction „ . legal advice on whose responsi- were $952 for kitchen equipment!    _np , navmon,lin the catter and that the ques- percent of the children needingldeal with those three types of' Benton <;a,led J®1 ,the gr®a,‘ bilify the error is.    rn the contract of Hockenberg! °°ardKPf.^men!! tion of penalty charges is being special education services re-permissive services.    cst    mandate    that    has    been Supt. Selby Ballantvne told Fixture and Supply Co., and    regular bills, ami considered there    ceive them in Iowa presently,! ..tba Fr^mpniPH-’ handed to local school districts the board the college has only $1,112.82 for soil work around *^^2./8 in intenm bills.    it    also argues the attorney; he said.    in a long time. Accountability it $27,000 left in the budget for Iowa hall by Rinderknecht As    Certificates of payment for general has not exhausted ad- “We haven’t been able to face In-service training is present-with us. I urge local school change orders on the $2.2 mil- socrates, Inc.    I    work on Iowa hall approved for ministrative remedies that must up to changing the structure of •>’ “too fragmented.'' he said. boards to involve your constitu- lion Iowa hall About $119,000 of ,    mmniaint    payment    were:    be attempted before court ac- the school systems in the state “I think it’s time we really ents in determining needs, and the total cost is for architectural!    P    $11,978.17 to Acme Electric: tion is undertaken.    of Iowa,” Benton said. “We stilljtake a look at the whole concept to work with them to see those fees    In    other    business,    the    board    3 950 t0 universal Climate - have 450 school systems. The of how we train, re-train and needs are met. About 875 000 ha*; hem snent ratified a ProP°sal to a neighbor j Control, Inc., $26,879.45 lo Hock- Ex-AMA Head Dies AEA is a viable alternative for maintain the skills of teachers)    Television already for structural change of college who has com- enberg Fixture and Supply Napa Calif (AP) — Dwight us t0 do.something significant in in the state, said Benton.    The    state    suoerintendent    also orders for the vtuderit serves pla'ne(* about Kirkwood live- Co. S20.663.t0 to Modern Pip-;Mu^ray IB aformer Preston! re'organba,ion    I    f    educationnl    data process- °b"    Work    Together    &    ItaW «e« tccount-i.'n program said. Attending the meeting were local school board members and charged by the last session of suP°rintcncients from the seven- ' county area, area legislators and members of the new area education agency board The AEA based in Cedar Rapids will serve the seven- 'We could actually commend about vvater and sand runoff    knecht Assocjatcs.    )nc. you for the cost of the change 0nRVrt ^hlena, route two. •Tcciden lf we hadto her c- ''*">«■ >" 3 letter to Supt. nt llf T ZZ* ZZZ * Selby Ballantyne that Kirkwood cident, I do not know where we •    •    {    [ would go,” Ballantyne told Herb !vest0rSS Stone of the architectural firm. I 'hrou*th he 1fencle„“" he rents for two years. He asked Over Budget    for damages in the amount of $2    Implementation    of a    new    pro- If additional change orders per day for 730 days, or $1,460.    gram in food service    manage- come up. Ballantyne said the He a>s0 claimed that water ;ment was approved Monday af- Food Service Program Okayed For Kirkwood died Monday. He was AMA president in 1956 and had an active medical practice for 57 years. college could be over the budget on the building. “It should be a hardship for drains from the Kirkwood parking lot and cattle feed lot onto the land he rents east of the those who caused the hardship, college. Clay and sand are de-I don't feel ifs the college posited on another area of his board’s responsibility for errors;rented land south of the coliege, and omissions,” he said.    he    said. The change orders involved    New    Fence are $12,480 in the contract of ternoon by the Kirkwood Com munity college board of directors. I The two-year program will be started in September, 1975, and will extend the college’s present one-year program in food service. The curriculum will include Modern Piping and $3,350 in the contract of Acme Electric. They cover piping and wiring needed Ballantyne told the board the hands-on experience in quantity college had constructed a new preparation, related sub- 'encc alo!g,KRohlaf ?„rJ5jec,s such as safe'5'- saniia|i°" in the kitchen area in order for to p”vent *he cat,le from gcl‘ math, nutrition, business and the kitchen equipment to func-i""?'hrou,f'    management techniques, inter- yon    I    nder    the    proposal.    Rohlena    personnel relations, financial Stone indicated his firm would 'rould be. respons,ble for halt of record keeping, legal aspects of be willing to pay for 6 percent. thlnew fcnc<\ .. , . ,    . 'he food industry, equipment of the total, or about *950. He proposal stipulated Kirk-j layout and design, and humani- said that is the portion of the wood rwould n0.    "e£ total cost due to inflation since a»es„ for ,he. hJes J* '1 The program would be open to the project was originally bid. 001 lnasm‘Jch as ,he Problom about IO students the first year He accepted responsibility for I up to now has come as a result, and would operate on a first ♦hp nmicfmn    mutual contribution    year budget of about $36,600. Board President B. A. Jensen Jhe ^    „ 7   - asked Stone if his fum carried retain eros'on through a Perma-; Monon Womon Hurt insurance to cover errors and “[J .bTpay Rohlena $100 for In Three-Car Crash $5 000 *** runo^ ^ama^e t0 prop- Sharon Ray Piper. 21, of 855 erty south of the college.    Fourteenth street, Marion, suf- In other business, the direc- fered a neck injury Monday in a Culpabilities    mrs tabled a request for a re- three-car accident. “There are culpabilities in- newal of the college s contract She was treated at Mercy hos-volved, but I do not think pay-    Indian    C reek Nature pital and released, ing for equipment for the col--Center.    The    accident    at    4:47    pm lege is one of them,” Stone said.    More    Information    Monday at the intersection of adding that the college would ^    t . ..W/vnal First avenue and Twelfth street have had to pay for the equip- . Directors 'vanted additional w inVoIved cars driven by Miss ment anyway had it been im ‘"formation as to whether other Plper< Luane Lmsche.d. 39. of eluded in (he original bid.    f.rouPs ,',hlc,h ,c0n,rac,*1 h '&•« Hinkley avenue NAV. and Ballantyne, however, said the the    last    far plan to steve Robison. 16, of 3138 Blue board probably would have de-rcnew Jhe!r    J*lore    Ridge drive NE. leted something else from the *oin® ahead wlth ,he W' oon' Robison was charged with pjans    tract.    failure to have control of his In other change orders for . 0!|lcr businf1s- ,he .b('ard vchic|e after his car struck the Iowa hall. the board approved held . lts annual organization rear of the Linseheid car forc-*3.810 and *90.75 in the contracts    ...    lnR '* across the intersection of Universal Climate Control 0a,hs of office were admims-into the Piper vehicle. and Acme Electric. The changes cover installation omissions. The policy carries deductible. Stone said. of fire dampers on Iowa hall s fourth floor. Twice Approve Stone said the Cedar Rapids; building department had twice ROBERTAREADPhotographer Graduation 1133 Thirty fifth Street, NE-363 7694 Continental Alburtis Why do more doctors than ever before recommend Myadec? Myadec is a high-potency vitamin formula with minerals. In fact, Myadec contains 9 important vitamins and 6 minerals-an ideal formulation for active people on the go. That's why physicians and pharmacists recommend Myadec more than ever before, lf you want a high-potency vitamin formula with minerals—recommended by many doctors and pharmacists— stop in today and buy some Myadec capsules or easy-to- take tablets. • 215 2nd St. SE • 4416 Center Pt. Rd. • Lindale Plaza • Hwy. 64, Marion • Vernon Village • May s City He urged the AEA and local plan for fuch services. using educational television.’ school boards to work together to improve educational services. 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