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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa _jB J'1' * **dar Rapids lia/rttr: Sal., Oil J is;I WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP By WALT DISNEY BLONDIi f sir, would ■ \ vou CONSIDER ( letting me have By CHICK YOUNG vou MUST RE OUT OF ) f VOUR MiND . j J V A k Av EVEN IF I MAD $25COoT crvin -    / r mad vc j figured "J POP ATifiHTWAO/ MARK TRAIL THIS IS A BAOBAB TREE.. .ITS HOLLOW AND AT TIMES NATIVES CAMP INSIDE/ Bv ED DODD V UKE TO TAKE A FACA WAY SHOT , •wf'-r’ .•*// .« A.-0W' Unknown to catherine, a cape buffalo, SUFFERING AGONY FROM A POISONED ARROW, LUCKS IN THE TALL GRASS BEHIND HEB. Al KOSS I Fla# flower 5 Sweet-- 8 American Beauty-- 12 Protuberance 13 Masculine appellation 14 Cry of bacchanals 15 Aperture 16 Pitch 17 Shaded w alk 18 Javanese skunk 20 Bornan magistrates 22 Boll 23 Bornan #od of underworld 24 System of dialectics 28 Sacred son# 32 f‘ub brews 33 Vestment 35 Recent icomb form) 36 Pacific turmeric 37 Salt (pharm ' 38 Fillip 30 Certain records 42 Greeters 44 Massage 46 Friend< Fr > 47 Shrub of caper family 50 Flowers of Holland 54 Nobleman 55 Mohammed s son-in-law 57 Appearance 58 Irish river 59 Male child HO Toiletry case 61 Disorder 62 Coat 63 Mend socks DOWN 1 Present month (ab > 2 Drama part 3 False god 4 Shakespearean deity 5 Fringed flowers 6 Guido's note 7 Broadcast 8 Negligent 9 Ellipsoidal 10 Foot part 11 lampreys 19 Payment demand 21 Immerse 24 Two-wheeled vehicle 25 Athena 26 Kind of tide 27 Mollusk 29 British queen 30 Shakespearean kin# 31 Cleanin# implements 34 Cry in#, as a lamb 38 Quietened 40 Eats aw ay 41 Total amount 43 (Htrichlike bird 45 Animal 47 Boy's name 48 U'urmn# 49 Sea eagles (var I 51 Jot 52 Gush 53 Epidermis 56 Card #ame >I£W SHE FINOS our SHE MAS -to f*y FOR IT- 1HANX TO GERMAINE FERNANDEZ, ip# AN0CL6.6, CALIP. 'NILL, PONT forget irs COMINO OUT Of VOOR ALLON-OANCt! A WHOLE POLM# Nwery-flatf? OO \nu WAVE GRIN AND BEAR IT PEANUTS7 nj WH'Aet HI NU HI ’OI'.( AH0N I FUNNY BUSINESS JTfvFfK^n ■ MC'MT NU N't / By Roger Bollen rQC3 IT ! WMKTM WMiMOe Mc -J*® I r WHI AP© INVtTCO OS v WTR vWUKDkU  —Ill—lim I  Bi   And if mink you re going to strike you'd better read the fine NANCY By ERNIE EICHMILLER WHAT ARE YOU DOING, NANCY ? F~A?*/ /£' &<J SAYA* ti I /w STEVE CANYON I'M WORKING ON MY STAMP COLLECTION WELL, COME IN HERE ANO WORK ON YOUR STOMP COLLECTION *    „*-L By MILTON CANIPE BUZ SAWYER 'that FOOFY'S putti A GAU BUZ. WAVING A SUN DAV COMIC SECTION AT MC... A CARTOONIST... TO LET ME KNOW SHE'S KEEPING UP WITH THE COMICS. DO VOU I HAVE AN I ENGLISH-i LANGUAGE 1 NEWSPAPER - WITH A * COLORED ‘ COMIC J SECTION? THIS SUNDAY ^ ? BANGKOK POST. iii By BOY CRANE WILL vou Ysorry, sir, ^ SAVE ME WE GET ONLY A COPY, OWE COPY. IT PLEASE V IS RESERVE? -^T FOR THE WARDEN ^\*T THE PRISON. DICK TRACY By CHBSTBR GOULD By Lichty MARY WORTH Bv SAUNDERS ANO ERNST ... 6UT NEVER    ^ ITO THE GREEN NE EPL E^. y, FALL FROM OUR ~4 ( SPRUCE Tree ' J AMANDA PANDA By MARCIA COURSE LEAVES FALLING From our OAK EACH FALL i we see... y & /TV a ;

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