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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., Oft. 5, 1974 Marion News Mt. Vernon Man Charged After Chase HEATHCUFF Thomas B. Conner, 24, of rural Mt Vernon, was brins held in Marion jail Saturday morning in lieu of 41.875 bond after he was arrested following a high speed chase. Marion Churches Antioch Church of Christ — Marion YMCA. Lawrence W. Merritt, pastor Sunday school 9 30 Worship IO 30 and 6 Bethel Baptist — INO Fight h avenue The Rev Calvin Thorpe. Sunday school 9,30. Worship 10 30 Sermon: “Love Sought and Found” Evening worship 7:30 Communion First Baptist — 2895 Fourteenth avenue The Rev Lyle W U*<*. Worship 9:30. Sermon “The Kingdon Comes”. Sunday school 10:30 Evening program, ‘fantasy in Magic”, by the Jarona’s, 7 Grace Baptist — 449 South Fifteenth street The Rev. Don R Martin Sunday school 9 45. Worship 10:50 and 6.30 Squaw Crc th Baptist — Wilkins school The    Rev Kermit W .homeland    Wor ship 9 Sunday school IO Robins Faith Bible -Corner of Main and Mentzer The Rev. Ed Bateman Worship 9:30 and 6 Sunday school ll St. Joseph's C atholic — NS Fifth avenue. The Rev    .John R. Gallagher, the Rev. J. David Pepper and the Rev. Martin W. Pfah will celebrate Mass Saturday at 7 p.m. at the school, 1430 Fourteenth street and Sunday at 7. 9 30 and ll a rn and 5 p m. at the church and 8 30, IO and 11:30 at the school Marion Christian — IIN McGowan boulevard. The Rev Peter M Morgan Sunday school 930. Worship 10 45. Communion. Robins Church of the Brethren — 355 Second street The Rev Gene Burry. Worship 9. Sunday school IO (birch of Christ - 1N7 Eighteenth street. William Cain Bible school IO Worship ll and 6:30 Ascension Lutheran — 2211 Grand avenue The Rev Denny J Brake. Worship 8 and IO Sunday school 8 50 Sermon “It’s Impossible” Lutheran Church of the Res urrection — 2770 Eighteenth avenue. The Rev Otto A. Zwanziger. Worship 8 and 10 30 Sunday school 9:15 St. Paul’s Lutheran (Missouri Synod)— 915 Twenty-seventh street. The Rev John D. Huber, jr. Worship 8 and 10:31. Sunday school 9:15. First Lilted Methodist — 1277 Eighth avenue The Rev. Glen W Lamb, the Rev Gene Crossett, jr and the Rev. J M Steffenson Worship 8:30 and 11 Sermon: “God’s Family Meal". Sunday school 9:45 Prairie Chapel tilted Methodist — Route 3. The Rev Clive Cook Sunday school 8 45 Worship 9:45. First Presbyterian — HOI Twelfth street. The Rev Jay A Miller Sunday school 9:15 Worship IO 30 Communion. Reformed Presbyterian — 865 South Fifteenth street The Rev John M McMillan Sunday school IO. Worship ll Evening study group Church of God (Seventh Day) — 600 Ninth avenue W J Kuryluk pastor Song Service 9 45 Sabbath school IO, worship ll. Saturday. Friday. Bible study 8 tatted Seventh Day Brethren — 24(81 Second avenue W Allen Bond, pastor Worship IO. church school ll Saturday Marion police charged Connor with five counts of speeding, two stop    sign violations,    reckless    driving, atempting to elude police, failure to control vehicle, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and resisting arrest Police said Connor was chased early Saturday morning on    Marion    boulevard, through    residential Marion and on three miles east of highway 13 where he ran into a ditch. Connor is set to appear Oc t I rn Marion- magistrate’s court it it it First Baptist Features Program Of Magic First Baptist church, 2895 Fourteenth avenue, will feature a program of magic Sunday at I p m. . “The Jaronas” will present “A Fantasy of Magic”. The group features illusion, ventriloquism and escapes in its program The even is open to the public. * n * Speaker Set—Lyell Smith, representative from Trans World Radio, will speak Sunday at 9:30 a m and 6 p m. worship services at the Robins Faith Bible chruch. Trans World Radio was founded in 1952 and is an interdenominational, non-profit organization, specializing in the mass communication of the Christian message. Buys Old Fire Truck At Auction BUFFALO, N. Y (AP) -Alexander Leslie went to a recent police garage auction to buy a motorcycle. He drove away in a 1941 fire truck “I paid 1357 for it. which was $50 more than anybody else bid,” said i^esiie a 20-year-old college student I figured it would be a sound investment and. besides. I just liked the thing " me International Harvester fire engine is complete with two rolls of black hot**. a functioning shiny chrome siren and emergency lights The truck had been used by the Buffalo fire department until two years ago for battling grass fires Owning a fire truck can have its moments. Leslie said. “Last week it caught on fire." he said “It was only the insulation around the battery cable, and the fire was out by the time fire fighters arrived “They thought I had responded to the call and it took some explaining to convince them that my fire truck was on fire They said it was the most interesting call they had hbd all night. “I took the truck to Canada twice, and the first time they held me at Canadian customs and thoroughly searched the vehicle. “The second time they were going to go through the whole business again But a customs agent thought for a second and said ’Who the heck would try to smuggle anything in a fire truck'*’ and waved me through ” Big George Virgil Partch Researcher Sees Dogs As Increasing Menace NOW/ Status Offense Label Hit by Rep. Lipsky “Status offenses should not be used to label a child delinquent ", State Rep Joan Lipsky told the Linn County Law Wives at their meeting Thursday, at Elmcrest Country club. About half of the girls being held at the state training school in Mitchellville have been sent there because of status offenses, she said and this type of offense is charged againsf girls much more than boys and so may constitute sex discrimination in application of our juvenile laws Mrs. Lipsky is a member of the legislative study committee which is reviewing the Iowa laws dealing with juveniles She outlined changes which have been proposed by that committee “The committee agrees that status offenses should be placed in the neglected and dependent categories rather than be charges of delinquency,’ Mrs Lipsky said. Status offenses are acts which would not be considered criminal acts if performed by an adult. They include such charges as running away, disobedience to parents or acting in a manner injurious to himself “These status offenses should be under the neglected and dependent section of our juvenile laws” Mrs. Lipsky said “This means that these children will not be placed with others who have committed criminal acts and they will not have the label of delinquency following them through their school and community life." Mrs. Lipsky stressed the need for the provision of appropriate places and programs to hold children “The continued use of jail cells is both illegal and deplorable" she said “But law enforcement officers are not to blame. They can use only the facilities which the community provides." Mrs. Lipsky said the use of “contract beds” is expanding in Iowa. This is an arrangement where the community pays for one or more beds in the home of an individual who has the ability and willingness to take emergency custody of young people who have bw*n lucked up by the police “I think the (.real Waldo has been nipping again Show Goes On Despite Wife’s Death B(INN. West (lermany (I’IM) — The drums rolled, the spotlight flashed and Gerd Siemoneit made his glittering entry into the circus ring riding the backs of two tigers Arms spread wide, Siemoneit beamed and waved to his applauding and cheering audience Just an hour before he went on, Siemoneit had broken down weeping. His wife, Inge, had lost her fight against cancer She was buried in her home town cemetery. Siemoneit and Inge met 20 years ago when she answered his ad for an assistant lion tamer They married two years later and they toured the world with the circus He tamed lions, tigers and panthers, appearing in more than 60 television shows Four years ago, Inge saved his life by distracting a panther that had attacked him. When friends brought the news of Inge’s death. Siemoneit fell into the arms of his helpers getting ready for his appearance in the port town of W ilhelmshaven They wanted him to cancel his act “But I looked out at the people coming to see the cir-(us. Siemoneit recalled “I saw the expectations in their faces and I knew these people were not to blame They had paid and I knew the show had to go on ” Mexico Offers Unleaded Gas SAN DIEU) (AB) - Mexico will offer unleaded gasoline at government-owned Pernex sta tions beginning next month says Jose Sales Mexican tourism director here Pemex will add the ne* gala dine required in most iv75 American-built cars in an at tempt to expand tourism Sales said Signs iii Eng I IM and Spanish will identify tin new pumps carrying tin 92 o<*un« unload od ga.1- Mexican station?- now sell Hi-octane H-guiar and 93 oclam premium ga Judge Rewards Suspended Cop PEORIA. III. (AP) - A judge in Ohio has sent HU to a Peoria policeman ordered sus-t>ended after he hit one of two gunmen over the head with a milk bottle container “I do not believe you should suffer personally in terms of a financial loss,” said Toledo Judge John Connors in a letter to Sgt Elmer McIntosh. McIntosh received a letter of commendation and a two-day suspension after breaking up a dairy store holdup Sept 20 He was suspended because hr violated a department regulation requiring police to lie armed at all times Because of another regula Hon prohibiting contribution* McIntosh will also have to return Connors’ IIH LAFF - A - DAY * I his is Ina ids’ straw Martha. My own dog!" BERKELEY, (alif. (AP) -Man s best friend is fast becoming man’* biggest pest because dog owners are letting their pets spread disease, pollute the environment and wound millions each year, a veterinary researcher warns. “The traditional American view of the pet dog as a benign companion is undergoing a change,” says Dr Bruce Max Feldmann. director of the pet clinic at the University of California h*»re “Dogs are posing a threat to neighbors and to general community welfare ’” Feldmann said In an interview that the problem stems Irani the fart that an increasing un in ber af the nation’s 4$ nvi 11 ion pet canines are becoming "free-roaming dogs." dogs whose owners let them ma wild or no longer want them. He said many dog owners refuse to keep their pets confined. apparently from a misguided sense of kindness. “Some people are so alienated that they identify with their dogs and want to give them the kind of freedom they’d like to have but can’t," he said. "More than 49 diseases in the ll S can be transmitted from dog to man,” said Feldmann. “And there s been a rise in the number of dog bites. More than I mil lion dog bites are reported annually and at least as many go unreported And there are increasing reports of a ne*’ Fall Festival At History Farms DES MOINES—The Fall festival of the Living History Farms will be held Saturday and .Sunday from IO to 5. The annual event is held one-quarter mile east of interstates 35 and 80 on Hickman road. Various arts will be demonstrated in handcrafts, and homemade products will be produced including sorghum. apple juice and cider. Persons will also demonstate how rope, lye soap, candles, natural dyes, pottery and other items are made. The Farm House will be open in which persons can see the daily routin of an 1800’s farm family. including, house building, roofing, and cooking Stanley Hammers At Absenteeism State Rep David Stanley continued to hammer away at congressional absenteeism in his campaign for U. S senator Friday. Speaking in Des Moines, the Republican candidate compared the U S. senate to the Bureau of Missing Persons and repeated his plea to dock the pay of those who don’t show up for work Stanley, who said his own voting record in the Iowa house is 118) percent, accused his Democratic opponent. ( ongressman John Culver, of missing 28 percent of all votes this year Meanwhile, in Washington. Culver expressed satisfaction that the house foreign affairs committee of which he is a memiKT, Thursday approved a world food aid resolution which he had sponsored The resolution calls for worldwide cooperation to increase per capita food supplies Culver said the C. S should not carry the fight against famine and malnutrition alone, that other countries, “including those prominently endowed with oil and other natural riches,” should help too Photo Exhibit on Display At Joint County Offices A photographic exhibition designed to develop perception of the visual world is currently being shown at the Joint County school system, 4401 Sixth street HW Photographs The Better to See With ’ is a touring exhibition of 12 Wark arid white pictures by Marjorie Hufnagle, Des Moines The photographs atUnnpt to present beauty of composition arid the detail of familiar objects such as a tennis shoe, win dow shades a closet, a coffee cup. and trees Marjorie Hufnagel, 32, is a free-lance photographer Her work is primarily in the areas of education children polities arid social comment She received a bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburgh and has pursued graduate studies She received the I HANA Memorial award for photographic excellence at the university Do exhibit is s|mrixured under the auspices of the Iowa State Arts Council a stat? agenc y It is available for public viewing Hum 8 j m to 5 p iii on weekdays and 8 a in to noon on Saturdays during the month of October at the Joint ( ounty building menace — the* free-roaming dog pack “Pet fecal littering, also, is unaesthetic and a nuisance as well as a public health hazard.“ he said. “For example, the 500,000 owned dogs in New York City deposit about 150,000 pounds of feces and 90,000 gallons of urine eac h day on the streets ’’ Feldmann, whose* views were also published as an editorial in the current issue of Science Magazine, said he doesn’t own a dog but has built a $200 dog house and is looking for a pet to fill it “It’s my great love for dogs that prompts me to warn people what a menace dogs are becoming.” he said. He warned that unless enforcement of leash laws is coupled with canine birth control, nondog owners will “start organizing and resort to harsh, punitive, drastic things," including poisoning Security Zone At Key Biscayne Cut 75 Percent KEY BISCAYNE. Fla (AP) — The coast guard says it has reduced the security zone on Biscayne hay in front of former President Nixon’s Key Biscayne compound by 75 percent A coast guard spokesman said the secret service has asked boaters still be kept out of an area 475 yards in front of the compound. The restrictions previously closed the waters in an area I.OOO yards to sea and 1.200 yards wide The coast guard will continue to patrol the new restricted area. The area was first closed to boat traffic after Nixon was elected in 1968, touching off complaints from fishermen who said the security zone cut them off from some of the best sea trout flats in Biscayne bay Cancer Grant to USC Announced IX)S ANGELES (UPI) - The USC school of medicine has received a $900,000 grant to support training programs in the study of cancer it was an flounced The award, given by the National Cancer Institute to cover a four-year period, continues a clinical cancer training grant which has been in effect since 1965 The award also funds yearly visits of approximately 12 cancer specialists from across the country and abroad who spend up to three* days at the university participating in undergraduate and graduate instruction Snails Forecast Bitter Winter TEKIN. Italy (AP) - More than 1(8) snail breeders in the Turin area arc* predicting a long and very cold winter because their snails have already dug their hibernating holes — and dug them twice as deep as usual Breeder Luigi Muss?* says snails usually hibernate early in November and stay down through March “No breeder around here remembers such an early hibernation." he said 21 YEARS AGO - Ann«*un-ceinent was made of the engagement of Film Actress Pier Angell and Singer Vie Da Ilion?* +Nrtf*-«rLn_t- SPECIAL- OF. THE.WEEK! 2-SPEED AUTOMATIC WASHER 'PHAN KA CENTER r Your United Way At Work I’m Florence Halverson, a (’amp Fire Girls volunteer Your United Way contribution has helped mc and 124 girls have a more fulfilling summer. Each summer your United Way funds have helped the children of low income families to go to camp Last summer 124 girls had all or part of their camp fee paid at the ( amp Fire Girls resident camp. Hitaga There they had the pleasure of living and learning in the out of doors Under trained counselors they learned t?i work and play with other girls their own age They learned concern for others in the group and respect for the young adults in charge New skills were acquired, new friends were made and positive values strengthened.’ Please* help us to continue to help the youth ?if our community to gr??w into happy useful adults. Thanks to you — it s working Television Listings 9—XCtG TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT TV, Odor Rapids 7_KWWl TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHRT TV,Rock Island 6—WOC TV, Dover*poi* 0—WUST, la Crotie IO—KROC TV, Rochester 12—KUN TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO TV Get Moines Saturday Night CM J- Action News 7— News Weather. 9 Lawrence Welt 3—Lawrence Welti 4—Lawrence Welt Movie On .awrence Wen* 5 OO Goes the Sat* A M .r____ ii-fsrfe, ll-- Eyewitness News CM 2—McMasters of Sweetwater 7— Decisions 74 to Police Surgeon Ii- World of Animals it— Inside lowo 9— Kung Pu 3—Kung Po 4—Mory Tyler Moore 4— NBC Movlech or lev Varnell 8— Mary Tyler Moore 10— NSC Movie 'Charley Varrict Of Week „ .. ovie hortey Varrick I ting: C hortey •* I I* Newhort Newhall Newhort Tt — All in Porn tty - Emergency 9—New Lond 3 New cond 4- All in Fomiiv Emergency All in Family Emergency Symphony ■—Emergency -Pout ♦- Paul »- Paul jnd md md ti ry Tyler Moore C Movie-honey Varnell Corol Burnett J— Nap ta 3— Nokio 4—Corol Burnett 8 Corol Burnett I—To Be Announced IIM 2— Action Newt LBfs 9—Movie— Wild Seqso 3—Film Festival 4 8 Movie Rampage ’ IO - Movie — Crazy House 12- Sherlock Holmes 11:45 )— Movie — Return to Peyton Place 6-Movie— Art of Love ll— T o night IHM 12 Changing Phythms ll 36 2 - Movie Tr nit ness New , _, tews 4—Action Newt i-Nfw ‘ 12- Who Spit t Mo*- W earner rapped in % Tanglers Rock Concert Theater Macabre M 0— Organ 16:15 7—News Weather Sots 3— News, Weather Sots J - IO O Clock Edition id- News Weather Sots Ii—Eyewitness News 12,15 TO < 4 Saint 16:36 2— Mission impossible 12:36 t' Wide World of r mertainment 620    P    ion* 2nd Av*. 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