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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Oct. 4, 1974 By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY. I am a high school senior. I attend church regularly and am active in our church youth group My problem is a friend of mine. He’s a nice guy and we study together, but he belongs to another church, and keeps hassling me about my religion. He thinks it s his mission to go around converting people to his religion We’ve had some pretty hot arguments about this, and I’ve told him he is wasting his time if he thinks he’s going to turn me off my religion and on to something else I don’t want to end our friendship because he’s the most intelligent friend I have, but how can I convince him that I am happy with my own religion and don’t want to change0 .IS. HEAR J.S.: Scad him this quite from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to Mrs. H. Harrison Smith la IM I ti: “I never told my owa religion nor scrutinized that of another. I never attempted to make a convert, nor wished to change another's creed. I am satisfied that yours mast be aa excellent religion to have produced a life of such exemplary virtues and correctness. For it is in our lives, and not from our words that oar religion mast be Judged.’’ And J., if your friend is as intelligent as you say he is. he will get your message and act accordingly. ★ WW DEAR ABBY: My husband and I work together delivering morning newspapers. We start out at I a rn. and finish up about 5am It’s dark out at that time and many of the house numbers are hidden by big bushes, or have been painted over and are impossible to read from the street, so my husband has to get out of the truck and look around for the house numbers with a flashlight With so much meanness in the world today, he could be mistaken for a prowler. Not only that, but it’s time-consuming to get out of the truck, set the brakes, and go looking around for house numbers I hope you use this in your column to let folks know how they can solve our problem PAPER PEOPLE DEAR PEOPLE:    Yaar letter canid salve that prablem far others wha mast make deliveries at light. WW* CONFIDENTIAL    TO CONNIE: Being “Number 2” is aa better thai being “Number 99" as ling as “Namber One” is still In the picture. it it it Everyone has a prablem. What’s yanrs? Far a personal reply, write ta ABBY: Box Na. 69799. Las Angeles, Calif. 99969. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. Far Abby’s booklet, “Haw ta Have a Lovely Wedding”, send $1 ta Abigail Van Bnren. 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 99212. love is 'O H . . . buying the airplane ticket for her mother to come and visit. fM Im Ut OM § iff* t», tat    !>«•« • HAND • PACKED Frosh Fruit buckets For Any Occasion Gift ciHo wrapped I a Cheery Ion Always Un Mvery ta tither Hospital DAU’* FRUIT MARKET 3311 Cantor PL Rd. Hi •364*33I4    A Open 9 to 6 - 7 Days ™ AP Wirephoto In an effort to prevent losing her baby through a miscarriage, the mother of Janice Luder took a drug called diethystilbestro (DES) in 1952. As a probable result, Janice became the victim of cancer of the vagina, requiring an operation for removal of her uterus, pelvic lymph nodes and part of her vagina. Women s Roles Fashions Reflect Society By Gay Panlcy NEW VORK (UPI) — The arbiters of style decree that this is the year women get out of pants and into skirts Whether they succeed in the switch depends not so much on their dictates as on the changes in society involving both sexes Matter of fact, men might end up in skirts This is the viewpoint put forth by fashion historian, Moira Johnston. “It is not just women’s limited role that is being challenged but the values and priorities of an entire civilization.” says Johnston. “The barricades phase of this revolution (liberation) began for women when they put on jeans, hoping by a symbolic ‘taking-on-of* pants’ to absorb male power and privilege by osmosis Laugh At Image “Armed with the pill. these women in pants are the first in history who can laugh at the old fertility image “Pants are still battle dress for women fighting a large bank for the right not to wear ‘cute’ uniforms or take the bank’s charm course . . . “There are some signs though that as soon as basic goals have been achieved, women might not want pants; men might end up in some form of skirt . . . “Some women are convinced that long skirts can be freer than pants as long as they’re not stretched over hoops or dragging coronation trains." Johnston’s review of style changes through the centuries and the forces that created them is featured in the current issue of the “Journal of Home Economics”, official publication of the American Home Economics Assn (AHEA). She is based in San Francisco She reviews the way women got where they are in dress — “for thousands of years women of many cultures have been willing participants in their own mutilation . . . hidden under a cloak of words like fashion, modesty and femininity, this conspiracy has used body and clothes to define a woman’s role ” Johnston writes that, "we have seen pants as male symbols for so long that ifs hard for us to grasp the fact that it’s a peculiar thing to have happened " Men In Skirts Men have not rest of the world always worn pants in the — “for thousands of years the wrapped skirt has draped the hips of men in Egypt, the Middle East. Africa. Southeast Asia and many other regions.” she says. And then there arc the kilts still alive in the Scottish highlands. Most recently, in Women s apparel she cited the relationships between the silhouette and the feminine role. “Whenever there is a hint of equality or of a loosening of morals, the silhouette loosens up “In the 1920s, short skirts, shingled hair and flat chests coincided with the vote, work and education for women. “The long seductive gowns of the 1930s and the post-war “new look’ revived the ancient images, however, as home and babies again took priority." As for today, she continues. “Men are coming to meet women more than halfway as the business suit comes to seem a hollow shell. “It is the aggressive, trousers-wearing men of science and reason who have brought the world to the brink of environmental and spiritual crisis Suddenly the so-called ‘feminine’ characteristics are beginning to look like the answer, not the problem “The myths of inherent inferiority are being shot down by research ” Computer Date Found for Mr. Heath LONDON (AP) - A computer dating service said Wednesday it has a perfect mate for former Prime Minister Edward Heath, who told television interviewer David Frost he regretted never having married The dream girl? She is a 48-vear-old Estonian countess who fled to Britain when the Soviets took over in 1940 is “a perfect hostess, plays the piano and is a good sailor,” said a spokesman for the service. Dateline He said the lady’s name came from the company's computer files. He would not reveal it. hut he said she lives in London, is 5-foot-H. has dark hair and is very goodlooking Heath, engaged in an election campaign to return to No IO Downing St., is 58, plays the piano and is a sailing huff Dateline said it matched lleuth’s vital statistics with those of the countess after he Adver figment IAT WELL, LOSE WEIGHT lase 3. IO 25 or more pounds ol ext ess bt — without missing a meal - with this Plan thai can help urn slim down The X ll Reducing Plan contains a liny tablet, easily swallowed that tom times ingredient* lo combat hunger appease appetite supplement vita nuns No strenuous exert ise Ovei 300 million ot X II tablet* used all oxei America (ompaiiy founded in 14211 X ll Heduting Plan costs U large economy size $3 (iel X ll now Your money Mounded by manulacturet ll you don t lose those pounds no ques turns asked Al most drug stores. told Frost Tuesday night over the British Broadcasting Corp that he wished a wife and family had played a bigger part in his life. Dateline said that if Heath wants to contact the countess, he must pay its usual fee of $284(1 and fill in a questionnaire “If he did, it could be that he would end up with someone else,” the company spokesman cautioned “But if he wants, we can put him in contact with the lady.” Make Yow Cooer el the Welti Mere leaetilel! Now digging (had* Ithi, flowering tree* and evergreens. Wont as early as possible BIRD FEEDERS S3* tup Get the birds af your feeders early BURNING BUSH VI* I ny Bught red and beautiful SQUIRREL RAFFLES — Help* to keep squirrels out of bird feeders. Hove Grapes Ne«t Yeor — 3 Veer OM Wonts GRAPE VINES S3H Plisol Clearance — CATTLE BRANUM! Sibs. 304 IO lbs. 304 IMPORTID DUTCH BULBS IO Tulips 98*....... Mued colors large sire bulbs    IFLOWKR St GARDIN SHOPl I n— — ....   -—IV"........... Daffodils    393.5565 Mins Men IQ-M" SOBS Center Pi M. IE. DES Drug Leaves Janice With a Tragic Inheritance MONROVIA, Calif (AP) — In 1952, Janice Ludcr’s mother took a drug to prevent losing Janice through a miscarriage. “I was trying to save a life,” the mother recalled Twenty-two years later, Janice had a radical operation for cancer of the vagina — the probable result of the drug her mother took The drug is called diethylstilbestrol (DKS) and was prescribed to perhaps millions of women between 1945 and 1971 lo prevent miscarriage Then, after a link was established to vaginal cancer, the Food and Drug Administration warned against the use of the hormone during pregnancy Nationwide Cases In Southern California, one study estimated 25,000 women were exposed to DKS before birth. There have been reports of 15 vaginal cancers among them but no deaths Two hundred cases have been reported nationwide, with 24 deaths Cancer linked to DES has never been detected in males Patients usually undergo radiation therapy or hysterectomies and vaginectomies (removal of the vagina) Janice Luder might be expected to blame her mother for the cancer. She doesn’t. “Tht»re could he a chance my cancer wasn’t caused by it (DES), so why put the guilt on my mother?” she asks Her mother, Vivan MacWhirter, said until she checked her doctor’s records, she thought she had taken nothing stronger than vitamins during her pregnancy. After finding out that she had taken DES and that it might have caused her daughter’s illness. Mrs MacWhirter said she felt a stab of guilt Trying To Save Life “But very shortly, I felt differently,” she said “I had had faith in my doctor and faced with the same situation and the same knowl edge, I would do the same thing today I was trying to save a life.” Janice’s cancer was detected during a routine examination. The operation took nearly six hours Four surgeons removed her uterus, pelvic lymph nodes and part of her vagina Doctors said there is a 95 percent chance the cancer would not recur “The hardest thing for me to accept through all this was that I’d he sterile," she said “To me that outweighed the fact I had cancer." Listening to her was her husband. Larry. a college student They share a home in Monrovia, a Los Angeles suburb, with Mrs Luder’s parents “Oh, we can adopt,’’ said Mrs. Luder “Wanting to live outweighed the fact I couldn’t have children. The important thing is that my husband and I can have a life together." She is concerned about women who may have never heard of DES and who might develop vaginal cancer, which can be quickly terminal if it goes undetected Felt Great “All it takes is one trip to the doctor.” she said. “You think of cancer as being painful or causing you to lose weight I felt great even the day I was admitted to the hospital." Said a Los Angeles specialist in gynecologic tumors, “Daughters of women who were given stilbestrol should he examined regularly from their 13th birthday on.” ULLA and the University of Southern California have begun programs to study persons exposed to DES. The USU program, conducted with the I»s Angeles Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, matched 50(1 women exposed to DES against a control group which were not exposed So far. no cancers have been discovered in the USU study Judge Praises Woman Despite Mate's Murder WNDON (UFI) - A judge gave a suspended two-year sentence and words of praise Wednesday to a 40-year-old woman who pleaded guilty to stabbing her husband to death with a scissors Grace Maloney pleaded guilty at the old Bailey criminal court to the manslaughter of her husband, William. 37. when he threatened and beat her after a drinking session Judge Leslie Boreham said the evidence showed she suffered violence from her husband over a three-year period “You have been a good mother, a good wife and an excellent housekeeper. I cannot think of any more one can say of any woman,” he said passing sentence “I accept that you have suffered considerably over the years because of your husband’s behavior and you were driven to what you did at the end of your tether.” he said Wax and Shoe Polish Help Repair Wooden Floors Paste wax, perhaps with a little shoe polish mixed in. can do wonders in concealing scratches on wooden floors. The wax alone works well on light-to-medium floors — even lf the scratcher* are quite bad, according to Ruth Anne McKeown, consumer information specialist for Johnson Wax She adds that if you have a dark floor the paste wax can be darkened to match by mixing in a little black or brown paste show polish. The paste wax should be applied with a very fine steel wool, rubbing gently, but firmly, with the grain of the wood until the color has blended Then wipe off the excess wax and polish to a hard dry luster with a clean dry cloth If the recolored area of the scratch comes out too dark wipe it with a cloth saturated with creamy liquid cleaning wax or a little household dry cleaning fluid until you get the exact color you want Professional Hiir ( arr For Young Adults Hair HtjlinK, perms. rulurtnK. straighten HIK IMus professional counselinK on your hair needs PEG'S Beaute Salon Your Full Serv ice Salon 112 29th Street NE 364-4I91 STARTS TODAY Younkers 118th Anniversary Sale! You’ll bank savings of 20% to 50% on Nationally Advertised Brands! Now is the time to buy for your family, your home, for Christmas gift-giving! V ounkers Open Till 9 Tonight...he early for best selections! ‘YOUNKERS Satin faction A hen vs LINDALE MAZA ;

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