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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Twain Would Have Liked TV By Dick West WASHINGTON (UPI) - We are now deep enough Into the new television season to confirm that some of the biggest hits are spinoffs from other shows. lf you don’t know' what a spinoff is, try to imagine Mark Twain as a TV writer and producer. Twain sells CRS on a series called “All in the River". It s the heart-warming story of a small town boy. Tom Sawyer, growing up along the Mississippi. Hock Star The show is such a smash that even a secondary character. Huck Finn. becomes a big star. Finn naturally is no longer content to play second banana in “All in the River". So he goes to NBC and gets his own series. Called "Huckleberry & Sire", it is a sociological drama about a small town boy with a n’er-do-well, drunken father. The next season ABC comes up with “Surrogate Mother”, the star of which is Tom Sawyer's Aunt Polly. A situation comedy, it relates the experiences of a spinster who is rearing her late sister’s son. CBS promptly counters with “Half Breed”, a melodrama in which the principal character is Injun Joe. who plays the villain in “All in the River". Radicalization A reflection of the plight of American Indians today. “Half Breed" recounts the radicalization of a sensitive young man of mixed parentage who becomes disillusioned and embittered by the double dealings of the white man s world. Although “Half Breed" is more of a critical than a commercial success, NBC does not like to see another network get all the credit for producing heavy stuff. So it brings out “Sissy". In this series the focus is on Tom Sawyer's half-brother Sidney, a minor character in “All in the River". A psychological drama with homosexual overtones it explores the impact of sibling rivalry and peer group pressure on male adolescence. Spinoff’* Spinoff ABC, not wishing to be left out. offers a dramatic series called “Pappy". A spinoff from a spinoff, it dwells on the struggles of Huckleberry’s father to conquer alcoholism. That, of course, prompts CBS to spin off another spinoff This one. "Strange Freedom", boldly tackles the racial theme, picking up the life of Jim, a runaway slave in “Pappy", after he escapes bondage. By this time Mark Twain Is a millionaire several times over and leads a life of leisure. But NBC coaxes him out of retirement for one final spinoff. The result is “River Rogues", the hilarious escapades of the Duke and the Dauphin, two lovable con artists first introduced in “Strange Freedom". MIU A HIW NOM! ON YOUR LOT ANV PiAN-ANY NXI ANV ITYia-ANY DIMON ANY WHIP! WI Wilt NMD ANV NAN OUT Of OUI CATALOG Of ANY NAN Of YOU* OWN PRM IftTIMATf S I—Amir minima • JO DAV DHtVftY • OUAIANTND Pf ICI • HIGHIST QUAI ITV NMI COMM CAFAIOO Ak* Itil Owmri lilt TV MNNfTT, BUILDS* R.a. MV. IOWA PM. MS-4268 U.S. ROMES SSM am WIMS HOMB Your United Way Unwit way    At Work ‘Spirit’ Makes Economic Summit Important ACA ICHBORHO ( r.STfk "I am (iladys Redmond It was three days before Christmas when I hit rock bottom — gas turned off — two children with no shoes to wear — tine sick, no money, husband without a job. "A CACAP worker came to the rescue Within hours our immediate needs were taken care of But what happened after had more far reaching results “Through whole-hearted encouragement of my HACAP outreach friend. I was given the opportunity to finish high school and get job readiness through Operation Mainstream training After completion of training. I was offered a job with HACAP. It was then that I began to believe that success could be mine too “Two years later I am a full fledged HACAP neighborhood worker, happily involved with people Hopefully. I can motivate someone as I was motivated." This kind of help for people is available because of your United Way. Thanks to you — ifs working. (This story is real, however fictitious nome has been used.) to maintain confidentiality, a By Oswald & James Jarobv The man who sits around doing nothing is very unlikely to fall flat on his hack, hut he is even less likely to get anywhere Those Fast players who sat hack and failed to stick in a one spade overcall on board 32 of the Olympiad game found this out. Invariably, West would open a club against South’s three notrump. The jack would he played from dummy After it held the trick South would lead dummy's jack of diamonds and let it ride. West would be in with his king. If he meekly made the safe lead of the queen of clubs. South would romp home with the rest of the tricks for a top score. If he got brilliant and led a spade Fast could take two spade tricks to hold South to four notrump which would still be a mighty YACRRDJta** The bidding has been    4 West North Fast South I ♦    Pass    I a Pass    24    Pass    3A Pass    34    Pass    4 N T Pass    5V    Pass    5 N T. Pass    HY    Pass    ? You. South, hold 6A K 8 4 3 YA 2 #Q4 AK Q8 7 W hat do you do nou’’ A—Hid seven notrump. Barring a very had break you can fount 13 tricks at notrump TODAY S QUESTION Instead of bidding six hearts your partner has bid six diamonds to show one king W hat do you do now ’’ NORTH    4 A .I WH f KQ.I8 ♦ .I 2 ♦ .I 8 3 3 W FST    FAST A 8 7 4    A A K    3 3 2 f 32    V 10 9654 ♦ K94    ♦ 10 7 ♦ q!0764    ♦2 SOUTH (DI A mr f A 7 ♦ AM86 5 3 ♦ ako North-South vulnerable West North Fast South IO Cass IY Casa 2 NT Pass 3 N T. Pass Pass Tass Opening lead- -6 A WMS... MIK TIK MOB Mixes perfectly with your favorite juice or soft drink. Try if. Chateaux By Sylvia Palier NFW YORK - What does the Economic Summit — the historic bipartisan conference of a cross-section of the nation’s top leaders called by President Ford to suggest solutions to today’s murderous inflation — mean to you9 Honesty demands that this report begin with three things of deepest bread-and-butter importance which it does not mean to you. It does not mean that your cost-of-living squeeze will ease in the months ahead any more than it would have eased had there been no summit. It well may Im* that by year-end our annual rate of inflation will have dropped below today's devastating double-digit level But if so, that would have occurred anyway. For what is to happen to retail prices already has happened to farm and wholesale prices. If you were dreaming that the summit could work a "quick fix," you were dreaming an impossible dream It didn’t. It couldn't. It dses att mean that the peak af unemploy ment ter this recession has bren reached. Joblessness cannot help but continue ta climb as long as our economy remains so sluggish — lf for no other reason than the fact that business is not expanding enough to create the jobs to absorb new workers entering our work force. In fact, estimates of a jobless rate in the politically-socially explosive 6 to 7 percent range were widely (if not publicly) discussed at the Washington meetings It does not mean that money again will become a cinch to get and cheap too Credit is becoming a bit easier and a hit cheaper for big borrowers (but not yet for small borrowers or for home buyers) hut the vital point is that the federal reserve hoard had begun to moderate a hrntal crunch on credit weeks before the summit. Then doesn't the summit mean anything? Yes. plenty Most significant is a meaning you can only "feel’’ — a "spirit" you can’t wrap into a package and weigh on a scale. For the first time, we as a country are facing the hitter truth that there are no simple or painless ways out of the economic nightmare into which we drifted during the final years of the Nixon administration’s do-nothing policy. This recognition of the dimensions of our dilemmas has, in turn, led to broad agreement that the time for words has passed, the time for action and attack has come. Ford dramatized this "spirit" with his plea for the best ad- Sylvia Porter vice from all sides and his pledge that this is a war “which will not end until it is won.’’ Specifically, here are good guesses of what’s ahead. The federal budget will he cut by some billions — perhaps to the $300 hillion-or-helow target, Ford has said, hut the precise total is not the crucial point at all. The rrnclal point is that this demonstration of "fiscal restraint” will give the federal reserve the grounds for further modification of monetary restraint — thereby permitting Pot Derivative May Help Terminal Cancer Patients good score for North and South. When Fast sticks in a spade overran, north and South are dead. The best any of them can hopi* for is to play a diamond part score for plus 13ft If they do wander in to three* notrump, it will he no problem at all for the defense to find a way to collect four spade tricks, one diamond trick and a whole hag full of match points. Imports Goats For Sacrifices KATMANDU. Nepal (UPI) — Nepal will import lft.(lftt) mountain goats and sheep from Tibet next month to be used for sacrifices during the Hindu Festival of Desain. The animals will Im* offered to the goddess Durga Bhawani to keep her in good humor. For the past few years, Tibet has been exporting the animals to Nepal during the Hindu festival — when demand outstrips supply. DENTON, Texas (AP) - A chemical derivative of marijuana may help terminal cancer patients endure their final days by alleviating much of the pain and anxiety, a North Texas State university researcher says. Dr. Joel Butler, chairman of the psychology department, told newsmen the finding is the result of a ye»r of study with Dr William Regelson of Virginia Commonwealth university. a cancer specialist. Butler said the study showed marijuana works like an antidepressant and patients got less morbid after taking the drug, Delta ft-THC. He said the study also showed that "emotional instability in the patients decreased while being treated with the drug." Butler said the study began with 6ft advanced cancer in-patients and was followed up with 2ftft out-patients “Treating cancer patients with the usual anti depressants is of minimal value.“ Butler said "These agents are frequently counter productive in that they produce disassociation and hallucinations. “Those patients are depressed for good reasons. And if marijuana is found to Im* an anti-depressant, it would Im* of assistance to them." Butler said the study also found that the drug was helpful in relieving pain and fighting appetite loss in cancer patients. He said a group of eight outpatients was given pills with no medicinal purposes and a similar group got capsules containing Delta 9-THC. The first eight continued to lose 2ft to. 3ft pounds per week as a group. Butler said. The group that took the drug gained three pounds during the testing period. “Marijuana is supposed to stimulate appetite, and if terminal cancer patients are losing appetite and weight, perhaps it could he used to keep them in a strong condition," he said. Highest Price TO P'M* Fr«par«* and W**l*d lur •**• CIM' Non* DiiMlln* (•<**•«?. CI*o«*ftt.Ky A D)*i»<»n H Jo mm I Nam OuMlm* Ca. Smutetaffs Jewelry Dept. Main floor    vRk    00 Open Saturday 9 am ’til 5 pm Saturday Only Special Silverplated 3-Pc. Salad Set Reg. $1 1.95 Special Sat. only This lovely 3 piece valad bowl set makes an ideal gift or buy for yourself. Sot includes crystal salad serving dish with silverplated trim, and a silverplated serving fork and spoon, buy several and save! interest rates to decline from today’s extremely dangerous levels. This is what federal reserve board Chairman Arthur Burns is waiting for — help from a curb on budget spending Any real decline in interest rates will strengthen the economy, restimulate the ravaged housing market, buoy stock prices A solid energy conservation program is in the making. We are to return to energy-saving measures, to seek aggressively for new sources of fuel, to move as fast as we can toward untangling ourselves from dependence on the Arabs. There will be special steps to lighten the burden of inflation on the poor — via tax relief for low-income groups and programs under which the government will be an employer of “last resort" for workers who can’t find jobs elsewhere. There also will be special steps to assist the horribly depressed housing industry A wage-prlce policy board, with more “teeth" than has been indicated until now, will come into being And a major drive is beginning to involve America’s consumers — you and me — in direct actions to fight inflation. This involvement, if it works as it should and It can, will recall World war B's voluntary consumer piograms at their best. Disagreement on appropriate anti-inflation policies9 Sure there was As Sen. Humphrey    (D-Minn.) remarked, that’s the nature of the democratic process I^its of talk9 Sure there was. That’s how ideas are horn. But as I sat there at the summit hour after hour, listening, thinking, writing, I came to the heartening conclusion that we have made a commitment to fight — at last. We will now involve all Americans in the battle — at last. Now I believe we are indeed hitting bottom The highest price ever paid for a sculpture is the IMO,880 given at the New York salesroom of Parke-Bernet on May 5, 1971, for Edgar Degas’s bronze Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans, executed in an edition of about 12 casts in IKM) N*w Carpet Department, lit Floor, South YOU’RE LOOKING AT TWO GOOD REASONS FOR BUYING NEW CARPET BY Armstrong Good News—The look of realistic weath- Oracle—There s long wear in your future •red"mini'' brick with the comfort of carpet with this crisp tile design HERE S ONE MORE YOU CAN’T SEE: PERFORMANCE Put Perky Prints in your most active rooms, and watch them shrug off dirt and spills. The reason? Soil-hiding nylon and a tough, tightly tufted level-loop construction that can really take the abuse Foam-cushion backing eliminates the cost of extra padding. Come in today, and choose from eight cheerful colors. SMULEKOFFfS 3rd Ave at I st St. S E. In Downtown Cedar Rapids Open Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. * sr Como in Now for a demonstration S/M95 ■ ■ SM ULE KOFFf3 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tri., Oft. 4. 1874 J ;

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