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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ii s Tfcf Cedar Rapids Gazfttr: Sat.. Nov. JO, 1071 WALT DISNEY'S SCAMP (YE AM! I USED TO SNIFF OUT ALL TRE k PUBLIC ENEMIES FROM ONE THROUGH TEN.1 I NEVER LOST „ A SCENT! r »V WALT DISNEY f ...IS LIVING IN <^TME PAST/ BLONDIE BLOND! E, VMV ARE MDU PUTTING ON FRESH MAKE-UP AT THIS TIME OF < DAV^, { WHEN DOGWOOD COMES V f HOME FROM WORK, V -1 HE LIKES ME TO 'i . . LOOK NICE / WfiL > 'J ^ DOESNT mr dithers ( FEEL the SAME WAV? - <y f «*> By CHICK YOUNG AS LONG AS Dinner IS READY ' HE WOULDN'T CARE IF I WERE AN ORANGUTAN/ (Ct JU* 11-30' -V" J > BEETLE BAILEY By MORT WALKER ox Ai, WHO'S READY FOR 60N\£ REAL U CCO* /PRINKING ? MARK TRAIL Bv ED DODD MOOSE AS you CAN SEE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I HANDLE THIS WEAPON a. OUtTt WELL /    ^ Bv BOB WEBER Femininity Answer to Previous Puzz'e They'll Do It Every Time ACROS8 1 -dora Qir* 6 Goddess of peace 11 Softer in temper 13 Blackboard gadget 14 Anoints (archaic I 15 Boy s name l6E*tmctbird 11C lass of vertebrates 19 Bustle 20 formally 22 Narrow inlet 23 Terrace (ab) 24 Air (comb torn) 26 F olio wed atter 29 Actress MacGraw 31 Baseball great 32 Encountered 33 Rodent 34 Slips 37 Honey makers 40family member (coll I 41 Jamaican product 43 Male sheep (pi I 45 One of the Gersnwms 46 identical 47 Observed 48 Small finch 50 Hope tor 531 ast 54 Cylindrical 55 Chairs 56 Poorest DOWN 1 Body structure 2 Girt s name 30*idi*mg enzyme 4 Reluctance unit 5 Sue Langdon 6 Angers 7 Ethiopian prince 6 landed property 9 Required IO Mistake 12 tonner Russian ruler 13 f emtmne appellation 18 C attend 21 Knight of the road 26 Bullfight cheer (plI 27 Pierce with a dirk 28 Say 30 Repeat 34 Lass name 36 — Blake. actress 36 Total 36 Less difficult 39 Stings 40 Distance measures 42 f lesn lood 44 Sugary 46 Indian weights 49 Woody fruit 61 Stitch 52 —- and con ^ TX    / ut/, you Cf J \\/y VA / KIOS.' GLT /J- ^ / 0UTA HfcBfe ->*1    //    ILPAX WITH THAT L C2A^0 YU-P6 WMW TY-Ki&GHBOCS WPS TOGS THE PIGSKIN ABOUND-" THAM* fiMMSt,* ■*> TRumBou. CONN — ; 1 So WHATS ML yelling about uvuev SAT SUH. MOH. AMD TMW SOME ? vt VIM'Aft H ENTER 18066 WW AMANDA PANDA Bv REG SMYTHE / not ID WORRY, ) V FUD WILL -J* (PROVIDE FIRST THE GOCO NEWS - YOU PlON'T get that job I wrote atter /. . AN' NOW THE BAD NEWS ~ IT'S ^--!_.    Ti    AAP    m    CST    I    JP    Z fL iyr« rHilly Mirtur v#w<pep#rs Ltd And/ ( >pp ■    PuNsftrrs    Mb    ii PEANUTS /chuck‘looic You Didn t teu. your DAO i'm A 6IKI: LOON (HE GAVE ME A BOY'S HAIRCUT,'/ Sn I I CAN T 60 TO A SKATIN6 COMPETITION L00KIN6 LIKE THIS]! TC EASUiOiTH TEAR* LU ABNER By AL CAP* r, OH - SO&ff-AH LET" MAH FELLA BACHELORS \J>own rr- 1,000 FEET DOWN 'J- THAO' WMAR WE GOTTA SPEND /TEC REST O' OUR f natcheral V LiFEsrr- MARRy lf J' SAuV\ f f- we won rr- MARRV US UP YO*UNDERGROUND LADIES IS WORMS! AWH LICENSE POf/T* ENTITLE ME TD MAPP?/ WORMS TD HUMAN PE ANS lf— ’ TH' PACE /S OVE*, AKI'AH DIPNT make a pimg te nancy COME Y OUT AND y Explain \ YOURSELF J By ERNIE BUSHMILLER STEVE CANYON ware!!    —*"7-—^ 1    W    WNCWMSSCHVVEISEN- BERGER AND COMPASS THE SCIOTO STATE [ ARE UNM UP FOR WHAT COACH AND THC \ WILL BE TUB LAST PLAS REFEREE SEEM TV \ OF THE CAME... HAVE ENDED THEIR V rciiVCAL TY BATE >    srr^—M' Bv MILTON CAN IF 6 Is THE PALL IS SIX YARDS OUT |< FROM THE COAL USE,THE < V TALL GIRL 14 PACK... NO CNE HOLTOM FOR A DROP IK I AM TOLD That the lift SCIOTO STATE OSM TAM \y IS IN THERE TO TRY ANO YOUR RIGHTS I ls»1v<5 BUZ SAWYER THERE goes ANOTHER ONE, honey; IT / RW.WNC.^I (HI, BUT. u WHAT THC \ ^-7 fem By ROY CRANE WHAT THC HECK ARE . vYOU SHOOT ING #AnX at? PICK TRACY TlZL By CHESTER GOULD GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty MOW CAN YOU PLAY THAT WRETCHED OCARINA, WHEN THE WORLD IS FALLING . APART FOR KAE? y^tU- **6 A -    &M' V-h ZTcCF.'> u- (• »1 T^6JKl\CkMS' - I c HJO- \J 50kY7ANSVVERl THE DOOM BELL! WHAT’ I DO BRAIN?>, ^ IS I Urn 'MtSrga, J* fUWWY BUSINESS By Roqer Bollen IHE HEM MAN WONT DO J, , hie    TmE gt^HT CALIBER I ^ y: MARY WORTH r MDU AND I HAD Simp /WAV from A Class party whfn ted BECKER FOUND US ON THIS DARK STAIRWAY AND TOOK A FLASHLIGHT PICTURE / Bv SAUNDERS ANO ERNST IT'S HARD TO REALIZE WE WERE EVER THAT VOUNG AHD FOOLISH, VOUNG, YES-BUT NOT FOOLISH .' I WONDER IF WE CONCHY By JAMES CMU DRESS 16 MOUM 6l<3 <30V PMI ENO GTI LL ATLW6 WITH TUB PLANT WL*? L O 9 nee aaakin3 AN FP PO MT TO aer ovea me PRFJOOice. r IN PACT MF 6 FUFN GONF go par ag to eeoiN WFAPIN0 A CorteAGF. Bot I rtFALtv dun r ^ THINK TUAT6 GOING TO HELP IN Dl/WIN16WIN<3 ANV ILL PEELING0 C r.v    Im    . ... Al loc st the networks art helping the energy crisis by producing programs that are so easy to turn off." UMW OW ll TKF OrtCMlO MF \ picked wag    \ Z5POWING IN A PATCH Of PDieON I OOKA AC    J Y & t* ;

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