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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Television Today By Jay Sharhutt Burtons Churchill NEW YORK (AP) - lActor Richard Burton makes one of his rare television appearances Friday on NBO in ‘"Hie (lathering Storm”, a dramatization of the first volume of Winston Churchill’s history of World war II. Burton, who portrays the late English .statesman in the years immediately preceding the outbreak of war with Nazi Germany, labors mightily to bring to life Churchill’s soul and character. Unfortunately, he and his acting colleagues are saddled with a stiff script! by Colin Morris which, while touching all the key historical points, falls as surprisingly flat as the direction by Herbert Wise. Ifs a disappointment because this (Hkninute program, made in England for showing both by NBC and the British Broadcasting Corporation, had many things going for it — among them adequate financing, a good cast and the opportunity to film and tape the show in the actual locales in which Churchill lived and worked. ♦ * * * Rut all this goes for naught because of the script’s tendency to reduce the major and minor figure of “The Gathering Storm” to onedimensional players in an often harrumphing historical pageant. The crises, from the abdication of King Edward VII in 1936 to the outbreak in war in September 1939 come and go with suitably grave and important sounds from the participants in the drama. And there are brief personal glimpses of Churchill in private life, a man advised by his gentle wife, challenged by his quarrelsome son, Randolph, and counseled by his close friend, Lord Beaver-brook But the only time the special seems to come to life is towards the end, when Churchill, as Britain’s new war time prime minister, makes that famous 1940 speech to Parliament and tells England: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” * * * It may be that too much was undertaken in this show, that it tried to cover more than it could handle in the 90 minutes allotted it. Or it could be that it too slavishly followed the dialog and sweep of Churchill’s first world war II memoir. Whatever the reason, “The Gathering Storm’’ neither captures the essence of the man nor the atmosphere of the times in which he returned to power and assured himself a lasting place in history-. You might tune in Friday, anyway, if only to compare the ^how with the original work. If you haven’t read the book, the program might interest you in reading it later, a worthwhile project indeed. Incidentally, Saturday will be the 100th anniversary of Churchill’s birth. And you might check your weekend TV listings for a rebroadcast on pubic TV of "Hie Finest Hours”, an excellent British program based on Churchill's complete wartime memoirs (Saturday at 8 on KITN.) Red Terrorists Kill 11 Thais BANGKOK (AP) - Eight po-I icemen and 3 university students died and IO officers were injured seriously in an ambush by Communist terrorists on a road in northeastern Thailand,! I rf MUcilo ^ilrtc police said Friday. Three per-lw,a    Olios sons were reported missing. Proxmire: More Hikes in Steel Price Unneeded WASHINGTON (AP) - The vice-chairman of the senate-house economic committee says any further price increase by the steel industry in the near future would be unjustified. \ Senator Proxmire (D-Wis.) said Friday that the industry is in a very strong position to proceed with its expansion plans without any additional price increases in the near future.” Proxmire said the committee staff found that utilization of steelmaking capacity dropped by 1.7 percentage points in the first half of 1974. "While this decline is not large and some of it can be related to deficiencies in raw materials, I find it fc>eculiar that utilization has declined to 94 percent in a period of the most sharply rising steel prices in the nation’s history,” the senator said in a statement. He said the staff estimated the total raw steel capacity of the industry at nearly 163 mil lion tons a year, adding this is almost IO million more tons than generally acknowledged by the industry. Proxmire said announced projects to expand capacity by 18 to 20 million tons a year should be sufficient to meet the demand for steel for the rest of the decade. The staff compiled the data from questionnaires sent to ai major steel companies. Proxmire said the survey marked the first time in 15 years the industry had made capacity and utilization data available to the public. He said all companies cooperated. Opposition to Accord Growing in Coalfields CHARLESTON, W. Va. (AP) — Opponents of the tentative United Mine Workers contract appear to be picking up strength in the coalfields. At a Thanksgiving day meeting in Bellaire, Ohio, Local 2262 President William Yost joined the growing list of low-echelon officials voicing opposition. "The contract doesn’t add up to snuff,” Yost charged. "It’s really a sad day when coal miners get sold down the road.” Specifically, he said the pay scale is too low and there is not enough vacation time. He also criticized UMW 'President Arnold Miller for failing to win increased medical and dental benefits. Rallies Set A protest rally was scheduled for Friday at the union’s District 6 headquarters in Bellaire. And another is to be held when local officers gather Saturday at Wheeling college in Wheeling, Official: Mexico May Quit OAS, Wants Reforms Are Tough Job The victims were attacked, _    .    .    .    . last Wednesday in Ubon Rat- poT    rockers Chatham province as they rode in a Jeep to inspect the body of a villager killed in a blash earlier in the day, police said. They said the vehicle detonated a mine as it rounded a bend, and terrorists hiding in roadside jungle caught the survivors in a crossfire. The attackers escaped Television Listings 9—KCRG-TV, Cedor Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa A—WHBF-TV,Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WK BT, La Crosse 10—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KUN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV,Des Moines Friday Night 6:00 9-A8C News 2*Action News 7-News, Weather 3-ABC News A- Action News 6-News, Weather 8-News, Weather 10-News, Weather I 2-Aviation Weather 13-Eyewitness News 6:30 9-Eyewitness News 2-To Tell Truth 7-Hee Haw 3-News, Weather 4-Let's Make Deal 6-Hollywood Sqs. 8-Consequences 10-Treasure Hunt 12-Zoom 13-Hee Haw 7:00 9-Hollywood Sqs. 2-Planet of Apes 3-Price Is Right A-Planet of Ape* 6-Sanford and Son 8-Planet of Ape* IO-Sanford and Son 1^-Washington Week 13-Great Expectations 7:30 9-Merry Cricket 7-Gathering Storm 3-Merry Cricket 6-Gathering Storm 10-Gathering Storm I 2-Wall Street Week 13-Gathering Storm 8:00 9-Six Million Dollar Man 2-CBS Movie 3-Six Million Dollar Man A-CBS Movie 8-CBS Movie 12-Masterpiece Theater 9:00 9-Night Stalker 7-Police Woman 3-Night Stalker 6 Police Woman IO-Police Woman 12-Lands, Sea* 13-Police Woman 10:00 9-Eyewitness News 2-Action News 7-News, Weather 3-News, Weather 4-Action News 6-News, Weather 8 News, Weather IO-News, Weather 12-Day at Night 13-Eyewitness News 10:30 9-Movie-"Creoture Walks Among Us" 2-Movte- ' Hell Is For Heroes" 7-Tonigl.t 3-Wide World 6-Tonight 8-Movie-“Husbands" 10-Tonight I 2-Movie "Candide" 13*Tomght 10:45 4- Mod Squad 11:45 4-Big Valley 12:20 9-Movie-"Curse of Undeod" 2-Lost Word 7-Midnit* Special 6-Midnite Special I O-Midnite Special 13-Midmte Special Saturday Morning 6:30 2-Sunrise Semester 8-Sunrise Semester 13-Agriculture 7:00 9-Yogi’s Gang 2-Speed Buggy 7-Addams romily 3 Yogi's Gang 4-Speed Buggy 6 Addoms Family 8-Speed Buggy 10-Addams Family 1 3-Addoms Family 7:30 9-Bugs Bunny 2-Scooby-Doo 7-Chopper Bunch 3-Bugs Bunny 4- Scooby-Doo 6-Chopper Bunch 8-Scooby-Doo IO-Chopper Bunch 13-Chopper Bunch 8:00 9-Hong Kong Phooey 2-Jeannie 7-Emergency 3-Hong Kong Phooey 4-Jeannie 6-Emergency 8 Jeonnie IO-Emergency 13-Emergency 8:30 9-Gilligon 2-Partridge Family 7-Run, Joe, Run 3-Gilligon 4-Partridge Family 6-Run, Joe, Run 8-Partridge Fomily 10-Run, Joe, Run 13-Run, Joe, Run 9:00 9 Devlin 2 Valley Dinosaurs 7 land of Lost 3-Devlin 4-Valley Dinosaurs 6-Land of Lost 8-Volley Dinosaurs 10-lond of lost I 3 land of Lost 9:30 9-Korg 2 Shalom 7-Sigmund 3-Korg 4-Shoiam 6-Sigmund 8-Shalom 10- Sigmund 13-Sigmund 10:00 9-Superfnends 2-Globetrotters 7- Pink Panther 3 Super!fiend* 4-Globetrotters 6-Pink Panther 8-Globetrotters 10-Pink Panther I 3-Pink Panther 10:30 2-Hudson Brothers 7-Star Trek A-Hudson Brothers 6-Star Trek 8-Hudson Brothers 10-Star Trek 13-Star Trek 11:00 9-These Are Days 2-What * Inflation 7-Jetson* 3 These Are Days A What’s Inflation O-Jetson* 8 What's Inflation 10-Jetson* 13 Jetson* 11:30 9-Bandstand 2-Fat Albert 7-Gol - 3-Bandstand 4-Fat Albert 6-Go! 8-Fat Albert 10-Go! 13-Gol Saturday Afternoon 12:00 9-NCAA Football 2-Children's Film 7-Floyd Warren 3-NCAA Football 4-Children's Film 6-Laramie 8-ChikJren's Film IO-Dusty'* Trail I ^-Wrestling 12:30 7-Untamed World 10-Victory at Sea 1:00 2-CBS Sports 7-Movie-'Color Me Dead" 4-CBS Sports 6* Movies-"For Love • Or Money", "Sins of Rachel Code" 8-CBS Sports 10-Lost in Space 13-Movie—- I 0-Movie-"lively Set" 2:30 2-Thii Week NFL RIVER HILLS, Wis. (AP) -It cost a bit more than expected for this Milwaukee suburb to demolish three underground missile silos where Nike rockets were once stored. The Milwaukee suburb purchased the 40-acre site from the General Services Administration and is developing it into home sites. The city had to shell out an additional $3,000 to a contractor hired for $12,000 to destroy the silos. Village engineer Wallace Nienow said the first problem was that the concrete silos were bigger than the army said they were. United Contractors, the firm hired to do the wrecking, discovered that the army flooded each silo with one million gallons of water. It took several weeks of pumping to empty them. Then, Nienow said, a 1,009-pound demolition ball bounced off instead of smashing into the steel-reinforced, concrete silo walls. It took four drops of the wrecking ball to crack the Indian Marchers Win Bones from Pilgrim Museum PLYMOUTH, Mass. (AP)-A group of Indians who staged a peaceful Thanksgiving 'day march on the Pilgrim Museum have won the return of an ancestor’s bones. The bones of a 16-year-old Wampanoag girl were dug up on Cape Cod in 1863 and later were put on display m a show case at the museum in the town where the Mayflower landed in 1620. "We ask you what your feel ings would be if they were the bones of your mother or a relatives on display,” Frank James, co-president of the United Alii ance of Indians of New England, told a rally of about 75 Indians and 150 onlookers before the march on the museum "We want them from the museum,” James said. "Put them back in the sacred buria ground where they belong.” Museum Director L. D. Gel ler gave up the bones after signing a "treaty” with the Indians. They "were in such force, We had no choice but to hand over the bones,” he said. Ceiler said the museum woulc make no effort to get the bones back. The Indians said they would be taken to Barnstable on Cape Cod, for burial. W. Va., to hear an explanation of the accord. The Wheeling meeting is one of several set up to explain what Miller calls "the fattest labor settlement in this decade.” The local officials are then expected to sell the pact to their members. The contract was approved by the union bargaining council Tuesday night. Critics say an earlier rejection the same day indicates the council was pressured into the action. "They (tho council) know what the rank and file are thinking,” said one local official, adding that most miners feel the IO percent pay boost the first year is not enough. Car Caravans Militant miners in southern West Virginia are organizing car caravans to spread their campaign against the settlement because it contains no provisions allowing them to strike over local grievances. Opposition is also developing because of the union efforts to speed ratification. Officials lave said that, if the voting could begin Monday, the union’s 120,000 members could be back on their jobs by the end of next week. Miners are complaining that he Monday vote gives them wily one or two days to study the complicated 126-page agreement The effect, they charge, is to nullify the assurances of democracy Miller vowed! when ie was seeking the union presidency. I The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., November 29, 1974    9 Oil Nations' Meeting Backs Current Prices MEXICO CITY (AP) - Foreign Minister Emilio Rabasa says Mexico might quit the Organization of American States       _    „ _ unless the OAS is drastically exporting nations have recoin- Oil has become too important to overhauled. ^    mended that their governments be manipulated.” Rabasa briefed Mexican sen- the price of crude oil at VIENNA (UPI) — Represent-ted consumers from the erratic alives of the world’s major oil and harmful price fluduations. More Efficient ators Thursday on the foreign    the present level and adopt policy of President Echeverria’s    ncvv pricing system to protect government. Afterward, a news- consumers from manipulation, man asked if Mexico planned to The recommendation, made triter the interest of producers leave the organization to protest 'Thursday by the economic com- and consumers than the existing its failure to lift diplomatic and mission of the Organization of one ” Petroleum Exporting Countries.    OPEC    officials    said    the he replier! "But will be submitted for approval present system is "too complex is not drastically to OPEC’s ministerial meeting and has many loopholes permit-consider here Dec. 12.    ting the oil companies to ma* "We recommended the main- neuver prices at the expense of added tenance of the present oil price the consumer.” legitimacy to the answer by re-    level for the sake of economic    They    said    the    new    system leasing it in an official state- stability,” an OPEC delegate would have no immediate effect men!    said. "We did not propose an (>n oil prices but it would even- trade sanctions against Cuba. "Not now, if the OAS overhauled, we may it.” The foreign ministry He said the new system will be more efficient and "serve Rabasa told the senators the increase for 1975.” recent OAS meeting in Quito, Ecuador, failed to lift the sanc- Hc "Longer Period” said the recommendation! lions against Premier Castro’s was a ionger period” than government because "predom- the usuai three months but that inant hegemonies” within the or- ^ Pipe Bomb Mars Auto's Running PEKIN, 111. (UPI) — A serv ice station attendant opened the hood on Andrew Schott’s car Thursday and told him why the auto wasn’t running properly. A pipe bomb laid across the motor block. Pekin police, 1 aided by the ganization preclude free expression. This seemed to be a slap at U. S. influence on smaller OAS members, Rabasa said one way the OAS could be overhauled would be to do away with the two-thirds system, which he called absurd. He said that on the Cuba question the will of a minority "blocked the will of a majority.” was up to to the decide ministerial how much meeting longer. "We want to make this and future price proposals for longer periods than three months in the interest of price stability,” he said. tually determine the real value of crude oil. 2-Heart Patient Is Out of Bed; Good Appetite CAPE TOWN (AP) — Ivan Taylor, given a second heart in a historic operation this week, is out of bed, chatting with nurses The current posted price of an<^ s*PPm8 c0^ beer, South African newspapers reported Friday. Authorities at Groote Schuur said the 58-year-old Three Children Fall Through Ice, Drown COUDERSPORT, Pa. (UPI)-Three children walking on an ice-covered gravel pit fell through the ice and drowned Thursday. State police identified the victims as Stacy Bauman, 7, her sister, Jody, 5, and their brother, Harry, jr., 3, children of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bauman of Lock Haven, Pa. Police theorized the children had walked onto the ice from different points but then con crude is $11.65 a barrel. OPEC’s economic commission met here from    Tuesday to Thursday to draft new price hospital proposals for 1975    and to study m^n*n8 engineer is    making a recommendations    for a better raPid recovery and    has an ex system of pricing crude oil. ;cedent appetite. . „    But    medical    bulletins    have    not "Better Protection    ^    Taylor’s    system has ac- "We recommended a single cepted fully the 10-year-old PARIS (AP) t— The national Pr*ce system that would be gov- girl’s heart that made him the fl^emblv Friday approved a bill ernefl supply fend demand,” worlds first person with two relaxing Fibre’s    Exertion    laws    the delegate said.    "It will give hearts or if there are any signs despite heavy church    opposition,    better protection    to producers;^ rejection. The senate takes next Tuesday. French Assembly Passes Relaxed Abortion Law un    the bill    ^ consumers and prevent    Taylor’s    second heart    was price manipulations by the com-    from Jennifer Schrickker,    killed The bill would allow abortionspanies.”    |by    a    car    a    few    hours    before    the before    the    loth    week    of preg-!    ^P'an^^PP^^I^c-hour    operation by    Dr. nancy    if    two    physicians certify    the oil ministers of OPEC before    Christiaan    Barnard that the pregnancy might en- becoming effective danger the health of the woman ^ Eoneral out1”63 or that the child might be bom n e *    PncinS system defective. Before having an worked    out    at a meeting    of    ex-;from terminal heart disease, abortion, the woman would be P*£ '«*"    0PEEs 13 member required to seek consultation a il’n's    month. from a social service or family,    ,______. alarming group    erned by supply and demand dust and sand. French law now permits abor-and "f1 f‘xed    Ale<:    mana8fr    a lion only when a mother's life ,he ck',eRale said '* wl" P'0' company of morticians that ar- Barnard who performed the of the first heart transplant in 1967, were said Taylor had been suffering rt disease. The child was buried Thursday during a windstorm that "The new system will be gov- covered the area in a cloud of is endangered. Communists and Socialists Yule Will Bring WIN 1 wanted the new bill to provide n,r-,j ,~;Co ■ reimbursement for abortion Buttons, Ford Praise ranged the burial, said the funeral was donated without charge. "All monies collected can be given to the family *— verged at one spot about 20 feet cos^s s^a^e social security MOSCOW, Idaho (AP)—Sixty *bey need it, he said. from shore. The combined system but they dropped this pupils in the seventh grade at Jennifers father, 38, earns weight of the children caused demand and voted for the final Moscow junior high have de- about $42 a week as a forklift Hie ice to break. The Baumans had driven to bill as a compromise. .    .    Most    Gaullists and Indepen Costello for a Thanksgiving visit Republicans, who normally Peoria police department bomb walls, which varied in thickness squad, disarmed the bomb. They from I to 4.5 feet, Nienow said. Defies Officials; Plans Yule Light Show BATH, Ohio (AP) — Much to the chagrin of local authorities, Dr. Dean Jones plans to resume his elaborate Christmas light display this year, saying he’s doing it “strictly for the children. ” The Akron dentist says he will 4-To 8«^nounc«d erec* $20,®°0 display despite rmoufK | official protests that tho city cannot afford to police the staggering traffic jam it creates. Jones, who canceled last year's display because of the energy crisis, said he would shut down the display this season only if the coal miners’ strike directly threatened Ohio Edison’s ability to serve its customers. "Halloween has beeri cut out. and unless someone tries to hold the line, five ^ears from now everything else for children will be cut out, too,” he said. Jones has decided to light the display only four hours a day for 19 days instead of seven hours a day for 42 days, but officials of the Akron suburb say that isn't good enough. "Even if you have 50 men down there and the road is still blocked, how would we ever get a fire truck or emergency vehicle in there?" asked Police Chief Robert Ferguson. ~    Advertl**m*nt    _ The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. said it was live. Police were investigating the I incident. Victim Says Thieves Can Keep Garbage ROSEBURG, Ore. (UPI)-Ed Chytka doesn’t care if police catch the thieves who stole three bags from his car. Chytka told officers that the bags contained compacted gar 8-Untamed World 13-Virginian 3:00 7-focol Point A Women’s Tennis . 8-Honk Thompson 3:15 9World of Spt*. 3-World of Spt*. 3:30 2-Orson Bean 7-Bobby Goldsboro 8-Jimmy Dean IO-Daniel Boon* 4:00 9 NCAA Football 2-' Ride 'Em Cowboy" 7 Porter Wagoner 3 NCAA Football 4-Formby's Refin. 8-Nashville Music 1 2-Villa Alegre 13-Human Rights 4:30 7-Wrestling 4-Tony Bennett 8-Bobby Goldsboro 10-Film I 2-Seiame Street I 3-Police Surgeon 5:00 4-Jimmy Dean 6-High School Bowl 8 Penpective IO-Wild Kingdom 13-lowa Talent 5:30 2 CBS New* 7 NSC New* 4-CBS New* 6 NBC New* 8-CBS New* IO-NBC New* 12- Electric Co. I 3-NBC New* with Mrs. Bauman’s parents The Baumans told police the children had been out playing and when Mrs. Bauman could not hear them she Went outside, accompanied by her mother. When the children could not be located they immediately went to the pond where the bodies of Jody and Harry were floating on the water about 20 feet from shore. Mrs. Bauman went into the frigid water and recovered the two children and she and her mother drove them to the Charles Cole Memorial hospital here where they were dead on arrival. Neighbors notified state police and with the aid of scuba divers | the body of Stacy was located in about 20 feet of water about 20 feet from shore about 3V4 hours after the bodies of her sister and brother had been recovered. cided to forego Christmas and birthday gifts this year to fight inflation. After the operation, he said he was too poor to pay for the fu- support President Valery Gis-card d’Estaing, voted against the bill in the 284-189 tally. Officials estimate as many as j WIN 300.000 illegal abortions are per formed each year in France. Their stockings won't be com-- nc^al* and scores of offers to pletety empty, however. President Ford sent them 60 buttons and a letter of praise after they wrote him about their campaign. help with expenses poured in. Subversives Convert MANILA (AP) - Philippine News Agency reported Friday bage and he was only headed I that 43 subversives Hie military for the dump to get rid of them j described as converts from the when his car was broken into Maoist New People’s Army sur- in the downtown section rendered on Thursday. Bank open until 8 pm. RADN) KOO SUPER November 29, 1974 I. KUNG FU FIGHTING Carl Douglas I 2. RIDE ’EM COWBOY Paul Davis 2 3. I CAN HELP Billy Swan 6 4. WHEN WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN The Three Degrees 3 5. CAT'S IN THE CRADLE Harry Chapin 5 6. PROMISED LAND Elvis Presley 8 7. YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET Bachman-Turner Overdrive 4 8. AFTER THE GOLDRUSH Prelude 7 9. FAIRYTALE The Pointer Sisters 12 IO. SO YOU ARE A STAR The Hudson Brothers 15 ll. LIFE IS A ROCK Reunion IO I 2. YOU'RE THE FIRST, THE LAST, MY EVERYTHING Barry White 16 13. ANGIE BABY Helen Reddy 17 14. EVERLASTING LOVE Carl Carlton 9 15. I’VE GOT THE MUSIC IN ME The Kiki Dee Band ll 16. MORNING SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN Don and Marie Osmond 27 17. ONE MAN WOMAN/ONE WOMAN MAN Paul Anka 25 I 8. LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN Neil Sedaka 22 19. HONEY HONEY Abba 14 20. FIRE, BABY I’M ON FIRE Andy Kim 23* 21. SKIN TIGHT The Ohio Players 13 22. WISHING YOU WERE HERE Chicago 18 23. LOVE ME FOR A REASON The Osmonds 20 24. ONLY YOU Rmgo Starr 26 25. LONGFELLOW SERENADE Ned Diamond 19 26. BACK HOME AGAIN John Denver 24 27. SOMEDAY Dave Loggins HS 28. DANON' FOOL The Guess Who HB 29. MY EYES ADORED YOU Frankie Valli HB 30. PLEASE, MR. POSTMAN Carpenters HB HIT-BOUND c First National Motor Bank 7th Avenue and 3rd Street In Marion GET DANON'    Disco Tex SHA-IA-LA (MAKE ME HAPPY)    Al Green BEST OF MY LOVE    The Eagles ! YOUR BULLDOG DRINKS CHAMPAGNE . Jim Stafford Records listed en the KCRO RADIO 1600 “Super 30" ar* selected by KCRO after evaluating and considering record sales, listener requests and the station's own opinion of their audience app**!. 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